Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment

Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment With US Intelligence Agencies Wracked By Internal Power Struggles And Paralyzed By Bureaucracy, The President Has Been Forced To Establish His Own Clandestine Group Covert One It S Activated Only As A Last Resort, When The Threat Is On A Global Scale And Time Is Running OutWhen Dresner Industries Unveils The Merge, A Device That Is Destined To Revolutionize The World And Make The Personal Computer And Smartphone Obsolete, Covert One Operative Colonel Jon Smith Is Assigned To Assess Its Military Potential He Discovers That Enhanced Vision, Real Time Battlefield Displays, Unbreakable Security, And Near Perfect Marksmanship Are Only The Beginning Of A Technology That Will Change The Face Of Warfare Forever And One That Must Be Kept Out Of The Hands Of America S Enemies At All CostsMeanwhile, In The Mountains Of Afghanistan, CIA Operative Randi Russell Encounters An Entire Village Of Murdered Afghans All Equipped With Enhanced Merge Technology That Even The Agency Didn T Know Existed As Smith And Russell Delve Into The Circumstances Surrounding The Afghans Deaths, They Re Quickly Blocked By Someone Who Seems To Have Access To The Highest Levels Of The Military A Person That Even The President Knows Nothing AboutIs The Merge Really As Secure As Its Creator Claims And What Secrets About Its Development Is The Pentagon So Desperate To Hide Smith And Russell Are Determined To Learn The Truth But They May Pay For It With Their Lives

I grew up in Oregon but have lived all over D.C., Virginia, Maryland, London, Wyoming My father was an FBI agent and I was a bureau kid, which is similar to being an army brat You tend to spend your time with other bureau kids and get transferred around a lot, though, I fared better on that front than many others.One positive aspect of this lifestyle is that you can t help but absorb an enormous

[Reading] ➿ Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment By Kyle Mills –
  • Hardcover
  • 422 pages
  • Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment
  • Kyle Mills
  • English
  • 25 May 2019
  • 9780446539890

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    I normally avoid reading books in the Ludlum franchise , but The Utopia Experiment was given to me as a present and I thought it would be a good way to spend some time I was pleasantly surprised Kyle Mills is a natural storyteller who has that gift of combining plot and characters in a intriguing and entertaining manner, and combining them with topical elements like cutting edge technology This is a very good action thriller I strongly recommend it.

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    Plot 4.5 StarsCharacters 4 StarsSetting 4 StarsThis is one of my favorite in the Cover One series Action and humor are my cup of tea This book has Lt Smith and Randi Russell team up together and their back and forth banter is great Their friend Marty should get his own stand alone book He is a funny yet exasperating hacker.I like my spies to be smart Bourne etc and Smith fits in that category Normally he is one of the smartest yet in this book, he gets the Merge technology Very advanced computer system that is implemented in your body and studs in his head no problem This is unusual, for John Smith would have normally been very hesitant to use it for the fact of hacking etc He would have covered all his bases One of the best parts of this book is the question they ask If you could take out all the bad guys corrupt world leaders, financial and political, murderers, etc and only sacrifice thousands of innocents lives, would you and if you could take out the biases of doing such an act to make sure it is mainly the bad guys who would die Yeah Interesting Of course would always have to worry it wouldn t be used for evil but interesting.Overall, I loved the moral dilemma, action, humor and of course Marty and that guy Smith and Russell.Would I read the next book If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

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    I really enjoyed this book The first half was likable but a bit hard to follow due to all the point of view changes and a somewhat difficult to track passage of time But the second half really took off and had some very enjoyable wow moments I considered not reading this book since it s part of a series and I haven t read any of the preceding books, but since it s my August sci fi book club selection at my library, I decided to give it a chance And I m very glad I did There seemed to be a few references to events from the previous books, but not having read those books turned out to not be a problem On the contrary, this story makes me want to read the rest of the Covert One series More books for my TBR shelf, what a shock I really liked the characters in this story Colonel Jon Smith and CIA Agent Randi Russell were wonderful Randi especially was fun I really loved her spunk or should I say her piss and vinegar, lol And Marty Zellerbach was really great, too He had a couple literally laugh out loud lines in the dialogue The plot to the book the Merge and what Christian Dresnor planned to use it for was quite chilling The premise behind the technology was quite intriguing I wonder if scientists are trying to create such a thing now I sort of hope not, since I m having trouble thinking of a way to make it work without any adverse effects It seems to me that such a thing would have a high chance of abuse.For a fiction story, though, it was wonderful The story was really suspenseful, especially once I got past the first half I m very interested in reading the rest of this series, and I very much hope to see of Jon, Randi, Klein, and Marty.

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    What if something emerged that made the smartphone, with all its apps, an obsolete piece of plastic Could the body, specifically the mind and eyes, become a living and breathing battery to run this live in app and lets people make connections with others based on numerous key criteria, all shown as an aura around the bodies in front of them Mills presents this in his latest installment of the Robert Ludlum Covert One series Filled with strong and ongoing characters, a great plot, and thoroughly intriguing medical and scientific possibilities, Mills presents an exciting case and leaves the reader to wonder As things heat up and this technology the MERGE turns out to be than anyone bargained for, lives are in the balance and the world could be in jeopardy, if our dashing hero cannot save the day cue timpani drums Mills uses the book as an excellent way not only to inform the reader of the possibilities when it comes to technology, but also its dangers, should it fall into the wrong hands While many have said that cell phones and smartphones will soon become a part of the person, this novel pushes the envelope ever further Not overly technical, Mills keeps the reader hooked and funnels information and surely opinions into the story from all angles Well worth it, especially for Covert One admirerers.Great job Mr Mills If only you could help resurrect the dying dead Bourne series

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    I was really surprised by this book After the last one I didn t expect to enjoy this one as much I m glad to see Kyle Mills back writing in this series He wrote The Ares Decision and then the next Covert One book The Janus Reprisal was written by Jamie Freveletti, which wasn t bad but somewhat disappointing I like his use of the main characters of Jon Smith, Randi Russel, and Fred Klein I also like the inclusion of Marty Zellerbach in the series again he s one of my favorite side characters The story was fun with the invention of the ultimate user computer interface and the somewhat crazed plan of it s creator Overall a fun book and I had a great time reading it I hope Kyle Mills is able to return to write the next Covert One book if and when it gets written.

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    Kyle Mills has done an excellent job carrying on Ludlum s heritage I love Dr Smith and Randi and especially Zellerbach the hacker It s like meeting up with old friends after a long absence The plot was solid and carried through to the end I especially liked the bleeding edge technology Where do we go from the smartphone This one has the answer Although they advertise the Ludlum books as being from the creator of Jason Bourne, I like these guys better less shoot em up and techie Great book, if you like the genre.

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    Thank you, Kyle Mills, for making Marty Zellerback very famous in this installment

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    interesting very close to truth

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    Good read but too much tech talk The author has not been in enough close calls to express the proper emotions that you feel when they happen.

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    This well written story contains interesting leads who contribute significantly to make this techno thriller a good read 8 of 10 stars

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