IntetEste chico Pierre me hizo entrar en una reflexi n que si me pon a a pensarla una y otra vez me desalentaba de todo, una historia corta pero con mucho significado, reflexiva y que pone a pensar y a explorar las grandes preguntas que no tienen respuesta. Buy two copies Burn one and keep the ashes in a matchbox on your desk You ll want the second to reread.A fearlessly written novel Every time I turned the page, I thought is the author really going to go there And then she did.I m adding it to my list of all time favorite books Not because I liked it I m still not sure whether I did It s inherently an unlikeable novel, populated by vicious and unsympathetic children But it made me think. Libro aceptable pero que se queda corto no va m s all de lo mediocre y conocido Recomendado, pero solo para pasar el rato No aporta nada. just this week i was riding the bus on my way to school and as i was sitting there and pondering about life aren t i the intellectual , i noticed this guy who was sitting in the row in front of me, who was doing something with his hands he couldn t seem to stop his nervous gestures so i looked of course i looked dude was scratching on practically every exposed skin surface on his body he generously liberated his ears from earwax picked his nose as if there was no tomorrow rubbed his eyes till they were red ran his fingers through his hair, yanking some in the process a minute ticked away ten minutes a solid hour passed he did not stop and i tried desperately not to see anything out of the corner of my eyes so, this is what nothing is feels like to me you can t help but stare, no matter how disturbing try as you might to distance yourself from things that make you uncomfortable, but they are still happening. On the first day of seventh grade one kid realizes that nothing matters He stands up, leaves and starts spending his days sitting in a plum tree and jeering at his former classmates about the meaningless of everything His classmates are not happy with him Displeased Angry Furious The plot sounds kind of like Calvino s Baron in the Trees, another tale about a boy in a tree that annoys people just by his being in the tree The kid in Nothing doesn t live in the tree though, he just spends his days there But he does spend it with, say I use this word , evangelical spirit of letting other people in on the truth he has found The jacket copy and some reviews talk about this book as being like Lord of the Flies It s not Except that kids do revert to a sort of savagery, but it s a different kind of savagery in place here Lord of the Flies is about the flimsy constructs of civilization and how easily it is to Fall into a natural state of savagery It s like a big fuck you opps I just cursed in a children s review to Rousseau and his noble savage When these kids go all savage their fury isn t because they have stepped been thrown, to appropriate a Heideggarian term, which is ok since this novel is existential in many ways to a point past civilization to a malaise that could be appropriately called post survival the idea that life is meaningless and what one does when they are confronted with this proposition This is like Plato s allegory of the cave, but the dude who escapes and comes back to spread his gospel isn t saying that the world you are seeing is all an illusion but there is a better,pure world out there rather this world is all an illusion and there is nothing beyond it There is no meaning to any of this, and what this is isn t worth anything either Anyway all of this philosophical bullshit aside, this book is much bleaker than Lord of the Flies It s another one of these YA books that surprises me with its edginess jeez I hate that term, but I m getting sick with myself for all the putting words in quotes that is going on in his review, this one should have quotes around it too, but now I can have my ironic cake and eat it too , and for the quality of the book A great dark book about meaninglessness, what people do when they are confronted with the idea that maybe there is no meaning, and through the different children many of the ways that this question is side stepped answered by people in our society are shown to be empty shells of delusion. ZERO STARS. less than ZERO Shame on this author This book is creepy creepy creepy Disturbing and irritating NOTE I would NEVER suggest this book for ANYONE of ANY age to read I read a few reviews who wrote SPOIL ALERT before writingof what they had to say However, nothing they could say would spoil this book any than its ALREADY SPOILED I could tell you every little ugly nasty yucky detail about this book in 5 minutes if you are really THAT curious ask me if you need to know but don t waste your time or money supporting this book That is MY STRONG OPINION I know I m just one person here but I feel VERY STRONG about this I have no problem with the concept the philosophical question of whether life has meaning or not by 7th grade kids I think its a little silly for adults to debate this question but this book can t handle this question without manipulation shock you to keep reading YUCK YUCK YUCK but this book offers NOTHING of VALUE The BEST part of the book is the title NOTHING REALLY the author should be ashamed of herself This is her best writing contribution I m ANGRY about this book I m angry its getting awards something is very wrong in our world if this book is getting awards I would NOT want my 7th grade child to read it Its WAY to violent also, no consequences for the crimes of these kids And as an adult I do not need this book either WHY WHY WHY do we need books like this TODAY.with all the already horrific brutal killings of children in the news today This book makes NO positive difference AT ALL Most of the time I was dying for this twisted book to end, and the other parts were when I was eerily fascinated by the utter creepiness that was going on in the last half of the book Anyways, the review Nothing is about a group of 7th grade kids, trying to prove that there is meaning in life One of their ex classmates has challenged this view, and they re desperate to prove him wrong As the story goes on, each in turn forces another to give up something that means a lot to them As this novel continues, the objects become a lotsinister Honestly, I was creeped out by this Not a good creeped out, but the creeped out that while reading, I kept thinking This is awful Make it stop, make it stop I didn t necessarily care for the plot, but the writing style was good and it was an interesting concept Like I mentioned before, eerily fascinating The first part that positively annoyed me was the translation It was awkward, and broken It didn t flow right, and it pissed me off.Another issue I had was the characters weren t interesting or likeable at all I thought they were awful And it was also positively horrible that I learned essentially nothing about the main character, Agnes, who s name I couldn t remember at all throughout the entire book It may be mentioned possibly twice The other students were horrifying as well AND THIS MAY BE A LITTLE SPOILER, SO DON T READ THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH I WARNED YOU The worst for me started when a girls innocence was demanded I was completely irked by this The little girl was demanded to give away her virginity I mean, how could that ever be demanded It was practically rape, and it broke the girl But that might be why it was added, just to make this storyimpressionable maybe I don t know And also the awful part about cutting the dogs throat I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after reading this, I just want to forget about it. Original review posted on The Book Smugglers HEREWarning This review contains spoilers Do not read if you don t want to know what happens You have been warned Nothing is an award winning book including an ALA Printz Honor and has received tons of very positive reviews but it wasn t until John Green raved about it on Twitter a few months ago that I decided to buy it A few weeks ago in the middle of a reading slump, I looked at the book, it looked back at me, and I thought surely this is a safe bet, all things considered Well, that only goes to show how much reading is like a box of chocolates you never know what you going to get I didn t like this book at all.The story is set in a small town in Denmark and it starts this one day when 13 year old Pierre Anthon stands up in the middle of the classroom and says Nothing matters I have known that for a long time So nothing is worth doing I just realised that.He then leaves school to sit in a plum tree from where he taunts the other students day after day with things like Everything begins just in order to end The moment you were born you began to die, and that goes for everything else as well.The students grow uneasy about what Pierre is telling them What if Pierre is right and nothing has meaning So his classmates decide to show him that things do mean something and set out to build a pile of meaning to show him They start working at this closed mill, where they start building said pile by adding things that matter to them, willingly giving them up They start with simple things, like someone s favourite shoes or someone s new bike But then they realise that these are not meaningful enough.They also realise that one does not have the strength to give upmeaningful things so they decide to choose on behalf of each other and they start to demandin a horrifying crescendo they dig out the body of a dead brother and add the coffin with its contents to the pile and they add this kids beloved pet The stakes are amplified with every subsequent pick a devout Muslim s praying rug, a Christ in the cross, one girl s innocence she is raped by some of the boys, who put a rag with her blood and their semen in the pile , a guitarist s finger.This goes on for months and months until eventually one of the kids breaks down and tells the adults The media creates a circus around it, although the kids suffer no real consequences after all they ve done A museum declares the pile to be Art, and therefore the pile does have meaning The kids agree to sell it for millions of dollars And just then Pierre finally gets around seeing the pile they built for him and promptly declares it meaningless because they sold it so easily The kids get really fed up at this point, and they beat Pierre to death, set the barn and his body on fire to make it seem an accident and they go on their merry lives The end.I will just start by saying that I have no problem with the fact that the book is bleak, violent and works as an expression of extreme nihilism That s not the reason I disliked it I also have no problem with the philosophical questioning the question of whether life has meaning or not is an important question to be asked even though I am not personally fond of existential nihilism.No, the reason why I disliked the book is simple I don t think it is a good novel I think it is flawed in terms of executing its basic premise, the development of the story is contrived and manipulative and the writing is irritating to say the least.The reader is supposed to accept that a bunch of 7th graders gets around their really small town over a long period of time months and months doing these things completely unnoticed and unchecked by their parents, neighbours and teachers because one kid is up in a tree yelling things at them I am supposed to suspend disbelief and accept the premise that this kid just sits up on this tree day after day after day and no one does anything where are his parents Am I supposed to accept that every single student is equally distressed by what Pierre tells them and that not a single one of them offers a dissenting voice I am supposed to accept all of that as part of the philosophical aspects of the novel But I can t this is NOT a philosophical essay it is supposed to be a work of fiction, set in our time and in a really small town This is not speculative fiction, and there s nothing that is even remotely fantastic about this story which could help with suspension of disbelief it is not a fairytale it is not set in the future or in a dystopian society I am sure that the point is to show how group mentality works and how searching for the meaning of life could happen anywhere, anytime but come on, these kids are not isolated and therefore the comparisons with Lord of the Flies are not exactly apropos , life goes on, they go to school every day, they go home every day I don t buy how this could have happened So therefore, in terms of a fictional story it does not stand against close scrutiny.Further some things really bothered me There are no consequences for the crimes yes, they are crimes committed by the kids Apparently only one of them has to face his parents and it is the Muslim kid who is severely beaten up After all of that happens, only one of them completely loses it and goes insane in a very sociopathic way the girl who was raped and lost her virginity Because apparently you can get over everything in this life and you don t really lose your innocence if you do despicable things, you only lose it if you lose your virginity I am not saying that she shouldn t have severe emotional problems after the terrible thing that has been done to her, but I do find it problematic that she is the only one But who knows, maybe I am missing some philosophical point here But because of all that, I felt the development of the story and the amplification of the tension to be extremely contrived, and felt as though the events were being manipulated to fit the philosophical premise It never felt like a natural crescendo.Finally, there is the writing Its minimalist writing, full of short, staccato sentences was extremely grating and they happen every 2 3 pages I understand this is a translation from Danish maybe this sort of writing sounds better in the original language Examples All of a sudden I was scared Scared of Pierre Anthon Scared,scared, most scared We d win Victory is sweet.Victory is Victory We didn t reply Not one of us Five zero two He was going to see right through us Squat Zilch Nothing Then I noticed how quiet it was in the mill Quiet Quieter All quiet.So yeah, Nothing did not rock my boat and I know I am the minority when it comes to this one on top of awards, it also got starred reviews from Booklist, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly But, hey what the hell do I know I quoted Forrest Gump in my intro to this review. You ll find out you re a clown in a trivial circus where everyone tries to convince each other how vital it is to have a certain look one year and another the next And then you ll find out that fame and the big wide world are outside of you, and that inside there s nothing, and always will be, no matter what you doI have been saving this book for years It s one of those books that had enough glowing reviews and literary accolades to make me almost certain I would like it Not only that, but it is about the subject of existential nihilism which, frankly, fascinates me and has for a long time I m rather inclined to believe the world is meaningless or at the very least has a certain abstract meaning that is defined by individual perspective and experience So, really, Nothing had me at the premise But it just didn t deliver for me.I can see some of the attraction it s a complex book that once again proves YA doesn t have to be shallow or lacking in literary value It demands that you step outside of your normal mode of thinking and ask yourself questions is everything pointless Can meaning be found anywhere If nothing matters, is it better to just do nothing It all starts when Pierre Anthon stands up in the classroom one day and declares Nothing matters I have known that for a long time So nothing is worth doing I just realized that He then parks himself up in a plum tree outside the school, refuses to come down, and spouts constant odes to the meaninglessness of life, the universe and everything His classmates grow increasingly uncomfortable with what Pierre says, so they decide to gather a heap of meaning a pile of what is most precious to them, in order to prove that certain things do have value As they are required to give upandof what is important to them, soon they start to turn on one another and the sacrifices become everextreme It is this part of the book that I personally found most effective the gradual disappearance of morality and the way the children turn to violence Despite the simplistic sentence structure a possible side effect of the translation , this is a very mature piece of YA that contains many disturbing scenes.What I didn t like began with the short, choppy sentences and continued to grow worse with the complete lack of realism in the story Nothing feelslike a philosophical essay than a novel I never developed a connection with any of the characters, nor any sympathy for them not even the narrator And there was no way I could believe that these young teens were allowed to run about digging up graves and stealing from science labs over the space of several months without some adult questioning what the hell was going on I understand that this novel is primarily intended to provoke philosophical thinking, but I believe it would have been fareffective if we were allowed to warm to someone in the novel and develop an emotional connection with them something I personally feel was lacking And there was another thing I didn t like I don t want to give away any spoilers, but certain characters equated female virginity and innocence with the self As in if you lose your virginity, you also lose yourself, which is ridiculous.And maybe we should call it irony or something, but this whole book felt a little pointless In the end, it seems I took nothing from it At first I actually wondered if that was the whole point serves you right, Emily, for spending a couple of quid on Nothing Ha Ha, you fool It would ve been quite cool if somewhat infuriating if the book had delivered its promise and carried no message because there is no message because everything is meaningless but no, I think there was something we were supposed to get here that was obviously lost on me.Blog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Pierre Anthon Aznap Hagyta Ott Az Iskol T, Amikor R J Tt, Hogy Semmit Sem Rdemes Csin Lni, Ha Egyszer Am Gy Sincs Rtelme SemminekMi, T Bbiek MaradtunkB R A Tan Rok Igyekeztek Gyorsan Elt Ntetni A Nyom T Az Oszt Lyteremb L S A Fej Nkb L Egyar Nt , Valami Az Rt M Gis Megmaradt Benn Nk Pierre Anthonb LTal N Ez Rt T Rt Nt K S Bb Minden Gy, Ahogy R Szet A Reg Nyb L

Danish writer and essayist Austro German origin.Educated as a macroeconomist, Janne Teller worked for the United Nations and the European Union in resolving conflicts and humanitarian issues around the world, especially in Africa She began writing fiction full time since 1995 She has lived in various parts of the world, such as Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Mozambique No

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