Miss Nobody (Shaw Family Saga, Book 1)

Miss Nobody (Shaw Family Saga, Book 1) Deception, Greed, And Fame Dismantle Their Lives Charlene And Raven, Mother And Daughter, Are Woven Together By Blood, But Separated And Haunted By Circumstance Personal Struggles, Concealed Demons And Uncovered SkeletonsFifteen Year Old Charlene Shaw Is Frustrated With Life And Decides To Leave Her Troubles Behind She Embodies Every Young Woman S Starry Eyed Dreams And Heads For Hollywood On Her Rugged Road To Fame, Charlene S Using Everything In Her Might To Erase The Past Even At The Point Of Compromising Her Own Love Story Charlene Still Can T Wipe Away Her Deepest Fear That Shakes Her Very Core RavenRaven Shaw Grows Up In Her Mother S Tiny Christian Town Bellwood, North Carolina She S A Feisty, Confident Young Thing Who Won T Hesitate To Use Her Fist When Bullies Mock Her As A Bastard Overcoming Teen Depression, She Finds Love A First Love, A Teenage Romance To Die For Now, Raven Can T Be Fully Committed To The Man That Has Her Heart Until She Learns Shy She S Been NeglectedWhen Their Path S Collide, Raven Asks To Questions Two Family Secrets That Can Ruin Their Lives, Leading Mother And Child On The Road Of Feeling Like A Miss Nobody

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    How far will you go for fame Fifteen year old Charlene Shaw runs away from her small hometown in North Carolina to become an actress She meets a truck driver, the gold cross around his neck is a good sign that he will get her closer to her dreams right On the self destructive road to stardom, Charlene s using everything in her path to erase the past and the baby she abandoned her daughter, Raven Just thinking about Raven sends chills of fear down Charlene s spine Raven Shaw grows up in her mother s tight knit town and has been dubbed Miss Goodie Two Shoes Though she is head of the children s choir, nothing can pacify her rage when someone gossips about her mom she takes up for a woman she doesn t even know The gossip just can t be true, so Raven decides to learn about her mom Learning about mom brings her closer to love Now Raven knows she can t be entirely devoted to the man that has her heart until she learns why Charlene neglected her.Mother s and daughter s path collide, Raven asks her mother two requests two family secrets that can ruin both of their lives Leading Charlene and Raven down the shadowy road of feeling like a Miss Nobody I received this as an e book from the author, Nicole Dunlap, to read and review Thanks goes to Nicole for allowing me this opportunity.Nicole describes herself as the gumbo genre novelist a little bit of everything As a guidance counselor, she has worked with teenagers with issues of abandonment and low self esteem and took aspects from these beautiful teenagers identities and have seasoned my characters from Miss Nobody with them quotes courtesy of Ms Dunlap s website.This book, being the first in a Family Saga, opens with 15 year old Charlene Shaw making plans to run away from home after hearing an earth shattering conversation between her mother and father although we only come to learn of that conversation later in the book She wants out of her small hometown and would like to make it big in Hollywood as an actress.Charlene s story parallels that of her daughter, Raven the result of a sexual assault at the beginning of her journey to Hollywood or so she thinks Charlene deserts Raven when she is 6 months old in order to pursue her dreams of stardom determined not to allow anyone or anything to get in the way of the selfish pursuit of her dream With Charlene s parents not having heard from her for almost a year, a telephone call from an orphanage alerts them to the existence of Raven.Throughout Charlene s story, she is continually haunted by nightmares of her rapist, thoughts of Raven send chills through her, her best friend is murdered and a long term relationship fails due to her feelings of unworthiness and fear of having children Charlene s journey is one filled with guilt, sadness and self hatred but ultimately she feels betrayed by God and sinks into a world of alcohol and prescription drugs.On the other hand, Raven has had a very stable upbringing with her loving grandparents and although continually subjected to nasty comments and conversations about her mother by the local gossip mongers in their small town, this has not deterred her from wanting to find out about the mother who deserted her As I m sure any other young girl in her situation would probably feel, she has a lot of questions about her mother and with her grandparents unwilling to talk about her mother, sets off in search of the answers with devastating consequences.There is a thread of Christianity throughout the book, but it has to do with the moral fibre of the characters rather than being an outright Christian read and, unlike many of the Christian fiction books out there which generally steer clear of anything sexual, Nicole has done a wonderful job of creating subtle sexual moments between the characters allowing the reader s imagination to do the rest.With the chapters alternating between Charlene and Ravens stories, and Ms Dunlap introducing us to a number of characters, at no time did I feel lost in confusion as to which character was being portrayed and I believe that it takes a skilful writer to be able to do this There were a few places that seemed to be rushed and others where a bit elaboration would have been appreciated but overall, for a first novel, Ms Dunlap has done a marvelous job Rape, guilt, incest, betrayal, secrets, lies and greed all intertwine to create a salting of intrigue in a Family Saga that is bound to keep you turning the pages in an attempt to discover the answers Unfortunately, as Family Sagas go, you will need to await the release of Ms Dunlap s next book, Miss Scandalous, due to be released in 2013.

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    This was a book that kept me turning pages I like that Once those pages start speed turning, I know I m in for a treat This story incorporated drama, humor, love, pain, surprise, suspense and shock value Dunlap paints an unforgettable picture of drama between two families, emphasis on unforgettable From the beginning, there are twists and turns starting from when Charlene ran away from home as a bitter but hopeful teen chasing her dream of becoming a movie star Being raped during a hitchhiked ride by a truck driver with a nice smile is her second real life lesson that seriously scars her but doesn t sway her from her dreams The first lesson is what made her leave home Just when I thought this was the brunt of the story, it made a turn and captivated me into her pregnancy and abandonment of her baby, thought to be that of the rapist The audacity of her just bemused me the whole story She seemed to selfish and immature, not to mention a nasty attitude This will be somewhat justified later in the book But at times, I just wanted to hold her and smack her Her parents ended up with her daughter, Raven, which was yet another twist to the story Raven was a feisty, confident young thing who didn t hesitate to use her fist when bullies mocked her as a bastard in their small town She grew up under privileged but well taken care of, nonetheless.What is most intriguing about the book is that it seems very realistic and made me think of people in real life I know who resemble some of the despicable yet lovable characters We ve all been through family drama, but this one is about five times the norm, and anyone who loves gossip, whether he admits it or not, will fall for that vibe in this book It made me feel like I was eavesdropping on juicy gossip at the barber shop, and that is part of what makes it a fun read SPOILER ALERT Raven ends up falling in love with Jon, a member of the rival family, and their relationship has a disastrous chip on its shoulder They develop feelings as kids, best friends, then lovers, and seem like the perfect love story until this deep secret comes to light, devastating them both and their families I have to say that Jon was one of my favorite characters until the end when he just bails on his responsibilities After Raven gives up everything for him, he just cuts out without a word or warning, leaving his evil mother to rip Raven s heart out even further The half sibling issue was nasty at first, but it sickly started to grow on me with these two, and I sat hoping the paternity tests would prove it false Jon s mother s little secret about her unknown fling resulting in Jon, I must say, was a little bit overkill to the story at first, BUT since it made the half sibling issue NOT an issue after all, I realized it was yet another twist that Dunlap clever injected into the story line There are many of those Almost everyone in this story had a dirty little secret, and all of them weaved together somehow I can tell Dunlap put a whole lot of thought into this story, and her creativity shined through The flow of the book was perfect She managed to juggle a few different ongoing scenes between all the different characters so that I didn t have to wait long to find out what each was doing in their corner of the world The character descriptions were delicate and not overdone, and she provided enough that it was easy to keep up with all of them Dunlap sprinkled in just enough lovable ones vs despicable ones, which gave the story a good balance When Alice died, I literally felt sad and sorry for Charlene Damien wasn t perfect, but the greatest guy ever I have a Damien, so I know how real life he is I love how Dunlap created a world full of interesting people, dramatic events, memorable moments between friends and lovers alike, encounters that could happen to anyone, and a whole lot of Wow I am happy to report there were NO boring parts in this book If anything, some parts just seemed too rushed through, and I wished there was elaboration That says a lot when you WANT the author to do some rambling I rate this book 4 stars I would recommend it to anyone It s a great read, and I loved it and enjoyed every page of it GO GET IT

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    Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children s children unto the third and fourth generation.Deserted at the young age of six months, the young girl, Raven, grew up with her birth shrouded in mystery She was raised by her grandparents, and unaware of the fact that she was the product of a love affair gone bad, by the interference of a jealous woman who wanted what her mother already had, and a grandmother who was running away from her own secret.Miss Nobody portrays in many ways the childhood dreams of teenagers who run away from home to find stardom Many of them land on the streets as prostitutes or die of drug abuse Some of them attain enough success to live from their talent, but years passed by before they reach their goal By the time they have arrived, they are bitter, cold and uncaring They have sold their souls So is it with Charlene Shaw The love struck teenager, who does not know she is already pregnant, slips away during the day as her mother is working She runs to the bus stop and she leaves behind her the Bible she never reads, and family morals she learned to seek her fame in Hollywood The story opens up with the dreams of the mother, Charlene Shaw, being destroyed Having missed her bus, she consents to riding with a truck driver who looks harmless and helpful Ignoring the warning signs rising up within her, she pays a high price for a ride that was supposed to be heading westward to Arizona.Dunlap writes a story about rape, incest, disregard for friendship, and the perpetuation of a family curse, which continues throughout the generations in two families It shows how hideous it is to hide the truth and it displays the results that spring out of one woman being raped by her husband s best friend Dunlap also tackles jealousy and class difference through the character Elise who goes to extreme measures to get the man she wants at any cost.What does a young girl do when she seeks answers about her birth How do you explain to a child her mother s first name is not Harlot, Whore or Hoe This is one of the main themes, which runs through Miss Nobody, and the author, Nicole Dunlap, tastefully handles this issue.Rape, a word, which is often shunned in our society, raises it ugly head throughout her book and destroys the life of a grandmother, mother, and a daughter Each one living a lie while the truth remains buried, hidden deep within their souls However, the protagonists are not the only ones that suffer The antagonist, Elise, also has a hidden secret she has never revealed Whether or not she reveals, her secret can only be found out by reading the book.I see a running theme throughout the entire book Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children s children unto the third and fourth generation.Even though rape and incest is finely interwoven in the story, the woman is not the weak character Dunlap shows the strength of the female Her female characters, although struck down by events in life, gain strength, and they survive Her male characters play assistant roles Their lack of integrity and love of money cause a generational curse to continue on because they refuse to take responsibility The men s indecisiveness is quite obvious in Dunlap s book Thus, the main protagonist, Raven, thinks about the fate of the one she loves, and whether or not she will let him live.Miss Nobody, A Shaw Family Saga, Book One is well written The story is engaging The suspense built into the book by Dunlap carries the reader through a saga where you are constantly wondering who is the father of whom She does this wonderfully without using any detailed sexual scenes, even though sexual intimacy is not ignored.It is a worthwhile read, a book that will take you away from your day to day activities as you enter into Dunlap s alternative world.Again I come back to what I consider to be the overlying theme, a theme, Nicole Dunlap handles beautifully Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children s children unto the third and fourth generation.This theme alone is a reason to buy and read the book.Ciao, Pat Garcia

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    Miss Nobody Book One of The Shaw Family Saga by Nicole Dunlap is the expertly woven tale of Charlene Shaw and her daughter Raven Shaw Fifteen year old Charlene has dreams of becoming a famous actress After having her heart broken by her true love and not having a good home life, she decides to run away from Bellwood, North Carolina headed for Hollywood Unfortunately, she accepts a ride from a truck driver who sexually assaults her and leaves her for dead A little over a year later her parents finally hear of Charlene s fate and go to an Iowa orphanage to retrieve her However, Charlene has left for L.A to pursue her acting and in her place is a blue eyed baby girl named Raven The Shaws take their granddaughter home to Bellwood and so begins the intertwining stories of Charlene and Raven Shaw.I really liked the story The emotions are believable and I like that the author expertly keeps the characters separate but connected Charlene and Raven both have their own distinctive voices as the reader follows them both over an eighteen year period I also appreciate getting to know Damien and Jon, their respective love interests, by getting into their heads a little I believe Charlene s trauma from her encounter with the truck driver and I m satisfied that it encompasses a fear of freeways as well as men Her love hate roller coaster emotions with her faith are believable and well played as well.There are minor questions I have about Charlene spending over 14 years trying to become an actress without trying to improve herself in other ways But I haven t been that obsessed with anything so I can t relate on that note I also thought that Charlene and her ties to Bellwood over the years is a little orchestrated The pattern of assault in the Shaw family does seem a bit overdone too.There are endearing moments in between Charlene and Damien as well as Raven and Jon Their lives, although filled with much drama, do get reprieves I like Raven s strong character being a stark contrast to her mom Charlene doesn t have the strength Raven does which eventually pits them against one another Can they reconcile The secondary characters are entertaining and useful I enjoyed Ms Jenkins She is funny and familiar Elise is a perfect Ice Queen and plays her part to the last.The dialog is smooth, believable and interesting The setting is well chosen and skillfully used The description and use of plot devices, especially Raven s blue eyes, make this a rich story Speaking of rich, I was impressed by the dynamics of wealth in the small town of Bellwood and how it plays a major role in the fate of many characters I liked the presentation of facts that created suspense and foreshadowed much throughout the plot It was like a puzzle except than one piece could fit Miss Nobody has great drama worthy of its own miniseries If you like the drama and shock factor of daytime soap operas and now some of the prime time dramas, Miss Nobody is for you.Rating 4.5 5Read reviews by Cherese Vines at www.cheresevinescharmingwords.wordpre

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    Miss Nobody by Nicole DunlapShaw Family Saga Book 1This story begins with Charlene Shaw As a fifteen year old girl she leaves Bellwood, North Carolina to go to Hollywood Things don t quite go as planned on her first attempt She gives birth to a daughter and then leaves her behind for others to raise so she can once again continue on the road to become somebody Charlene walks through life feeling like a failure, unworthy to be loved, to afraid to trust, guilt for leaving her baby and other secrets from her past that continually haunt her Raven, Charlene s daughter, is equally a part of the story We see her life growing up in Bellwood with her grandparents and her best friend Jon As the years go by we see Raven grow up and deal with rumors in her small town Her grandparents have removed any part of her mother from their home and refuse to speak of her but as Raven gets older it becomes important for her to find out why she was so unwanted.This was such a good book The characters are so realistic and easy to connect with, their life experiences took my emotions through the ringer The reader has a clear picture at the end of this book on how Charlene is doing but there are unanswered questions as far Raven s life, and the reader will have to wait for the next book to find those answers Definitely a series I ll look forward to, Kleenex in hand Sensual situations and languagehttp justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com

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    Family LiesCharlene Shaw is a teenager with big dreams She decides to run away to LA to become an actress Along with hopes of becoming an actress, she takes a few secrets with her as well Having missed her bus, she accepts a ride from a truck driver Where will this ride lead her Raven Shaw was abandoned by her mother Raven is being raised by her grandparents in Bellwood, NC She has great potential to do great things She wants to know about her mom After constant rejection for her mother s information, she sets out to get the information herself Is she ready for the truth Nicole Dunlap gives readers just enough info to keep them on edge Everybody has secrets and they are revealed just when you think you have it all figured out The ending gives the hanging for a great start to a nice sequel Miss Nobody could have been a 5 star read, but there were many grammatical errors that caused me to lose focus.Reviewed by Jas

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    Although this story had an explosive beginning the middle was a little slow for me, but definitely picked up and became a page turner The plot had so many twist, turns and surprises I m usually pretty good at figuring out a story line before I finish reading the book but Miss Nobody has been the exception The author did a great job keeping the story engaging I m ordering Miss Scandalous today, I can t wait to read it

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    I really loved this book a lot of secrets I m almost done with the book and slow down because I don t want it to end Can t wait until the book New Member of the Shaw Saga comes out and any other books come out by Nicole Dunlap she is a really good author I m so glad I was able to read this book.

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    This charecter driven family saga is field with twist and turns espeically the ending A fun readI m ready for the second bookMiss Scandalous

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    Review of Miss Nobody Shaw Family Saga Book 1 I requested permission from Nicole Dunlap to give a review of Miss Nobody Shaw Family Saga, Book 1 , and she was very gracious, replying, yes, that would be great Well, that was June 15th and I have just now been able to complete the review Not once did she bug me or tweet me about the review, which is one of the reasons I am so excited to share these next four to five minutes telling you about the amazing gift she has as a writer.First thing s first the cover seizes your attention The images draw you into the book and the story They make you want to read the first, second, and third page, and so on You get the urge to connect with the characters from the very beginning For those of you who may not be familiar with the writing process, the author is responsible for the ideas and images that go on the front cover This can either draw the reader in or make them pass by your book Nicole Dunlap did her homework and came up with an intriguing and intense front cover Okay, now that I have that off my chest, let s move onto the heart of the story.The rawness of the real truth always seems to shock oneself This is just what you get with Miss Nobody The character Charlene makes you re read a few lines to make sure you heard her correctly in the prologue The author entices your interest with the questions of how could she and what happened She takes you back to the years of reckless abandonment of bad choices and the consequences of those choices You are in for a ride.The adventurous story is easy to read and relate to, even if you haven t made the same choices Charlene made Human nature is something we can all relate to The character Charlene allows you to live vicariously through her mistakes Judgements wait at the door, and you can t tell where this story will lead you You can only hang on for the ride Nicole Dunlap has a passion for the interpersonal workings of the human spirit She captures the imagination of the unsuspecting rationale of the everyday person Unable to stop wondering, what happens to this character or where will this person end up gives the reader a healthy dose of anticipation Miss Nobody will give you than you are expecting and then some I can t wait to read the sequel, Miss Scandalous Shaw Family Saga, Part 2

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