The Throne

The Throne Cole Hart did that enough said This was my first read by Cole Hart and I am pleasantly surprised It was a great read from beginning to end even though I hate to be continued , this author paint a lovely portrait of a family in turmoil He vividly shows what happens when the lion of the family gets to big head for the jungle and has to be de throned, for the well being of all involved Can t wait to start part 2 For Years, Falisa Walker Stood In The Shadows Of Her Husband Timbo As He Ruled Over Their Drug Empire They Lived Lavishly As King And Queen While Calling Shots From New York To Augusta, Georgia Their Columbian Connect In Miami, Ensured Their Place At The Top Of The GameThey Lived The Dream, Until The Feds Raided Their Mansion And Snatched Falisa And Her Husband, Leaving Their Twelve Year Old Son To Hold Down The Throne He Did Everything His Father Asked Even Placing His Own Life In Jeopardy To Prove That He Was Capable Of Walking In The Shoes That Were Left For HimOne Simple Mistake Turned Their Entire Family Upside Down, And Their Son Was Left To Swim The Waters With The Great Whites Loyalties Are Tested, And Bonds Are Strained As Young Fly Learns That The Road To The Throne Is No Cakewalk a young boy is put to the test to hold his family down.Do you think he will be able to uphold the throne This was a interesting read although at times I felt that it was unrealistic.It grabs you in right from the first sentence and before you know it you are finished with the book.I will continue to follow this story just because I m interested in finding out what happen hopefully part two will berealer. A really enjoyable read The ending was intensely explosive The author did a good job My only complaint was the the realism of Fly s age 4.38 Awesomeness one of my favorite books ,this young man was Smart courageous with a great spirit I love the development and process of the the STORYLINE have me open no matter how many times I READ this Series..ENTERTAINING AND CREATIVE WELL DONE Loved this book, I couldn t put it down Im glad they took care of timbo I m upset I don t have part two I enjoyed this read cant wait to read part 2 Cole Hart has done it again in his latest release The Throne This is the story of Falisha Walker and her husband, Timbo The two are at the top of their game and have solidified their place on the throne of one of the biggest drug empires the streets have ever seenthat is until the feds raid their home thus leaving their 12 year old son, Fly, to take over the family business.Will Fly have what it takes to hold onto the throne or will his life forever be changed What can I say about this book Cole Hart has crafted a tale so intricately designed, it will leave you breathless and wanting .It pulled me in from the very first page and didn t let me go until the very last.There were so many twists and turns that I truly did not see coming My only complaint I need part 2 Job well done 5 stars Black Faithful Sister and Brothers Book Club Wow Cole Hart has done it again I read this book from beginning to end with no breaks It kept my attention from the first page all the way to the dedication page at the end I love how he includes suspense in to his style of writing Urban Fiction Yes There is street action in the book, but it actually tells a story A story that will have you on the edge on your seat, talking to the screen and breathing fast wondering what will happen next I promise you , I will be one of the first if not the first to get The Throne II as soon as it is released Great Job Bravo

Cole Hart is a National best selling author that has written at least twenty novels under the streetlit, and urban romance genre His writing career began in prison in 2001 and to the date he s sold nearly two million ebooks just on alone With a hot roster of female authors he s ready to take the publishing industry by storm Check out his website

[EPUB] ✰ The Throne  ✶ Cole Hart –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 231 pages
  • The Throne
  • Cole Hart
  • English
  • 07 October 2019

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