Closer Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here HereCloser Is A Stand Alone Novella That Is Based In The Same World Of The Mageri Series, But Is Not Part Of The Mageri SeriesA RIVETING PARANORMAL ROMANCE From USA Today Bestselling Author, Dannika DarkTime Is Running OutKane Never Believed In Things Like Fate Or Karma Not Until The Night He Took A LifeA Secret Society Of Immortals Lives Within The Human World Kane Is One Of Them A Sensor Who Experiences Emotional Energy Through Touch But Despite His Good Looks And Easy Going Personality, Kane Lives A Solitary Life Unlike Other Sensors, He Is Unnaturally HypersensitiveTouch Brings PainFate Throws A Curveball When A Woman S Life Is Placed In His Hands Kane Is Suddenly Faced With Making A Choice, And Each Comes With A Consequence That Will Wreck Him Forever Time Is Not On His SideWill She Be His Salvation, Or His Ruination

Dannika Dark is a USA TODAY Bestselling author and Audie Awards Finalist of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels THE MAGERI SERIES is an exciting urban fantasy romance about a young woman s claim to immortality Passionate, humorous, dark, and full of unpredictable twists, the Mageri series will take you on an unforgettable journey of love, friendship, and the hidden power within us all C

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  • Closer
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  • 15 October 2018

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    Kane is a sensitive Every touch gives him the feelings and emotions of those around him Never trained to control these emotions, he has isolated himself from physical touch.He accidently has contact with a man on the street and immediately feels his evil intent this man has murdered and enjoyed killing women Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Kane kills this man Now he takes the man s car in attempt to hide his actionslittle did he know that in the trunk was his next victim.Closer was amazing Novella Most of the story is during a mental link with another character in the story I can not give any away but at around 80% in I hit the AW, crap this book is going to make me cry With tears running down my face I ended this story, and if a novella length story can bring that kind of emotion out of me its getting 5 HUGE STARS

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    This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Even if Closer is set in the Mageri universe, which I know and love, it took me a while to invest with the story, since most of it happened over the span of just a few hours, and Kane and Caroline were the only characters.Closer is a strange little story, where most of the action happens inside of Caroline s head, while she is unconscious She s not hallucinating, either, what happens is actually as reals as can be Kane was on his way home, just needing the paper before he brought his beers home, when a stranger brushed by him and made him lose his last quarter As a sensor, Kane could feel the man s emotions, and also feel some of his memories What he saw and felt made his blood freeze, that man was a serial killer Even if one of the worst things breed can do in the Mageri world is killing a human, that is exactly what Kane does He will not let a serial killer continue his bad work.In order to not be caught and put in breed jail for the next 100 years, Kane swiftly lifted the dead man s wallet and car keys, then drove to his house Only when he arrived there did he realize that there was someone in the trunk and that was the unconscious Caroline After putting her on a bed, he touched her, and somehow entered her sub conscience, and she was not happy to see him For the next several hours, they hang out in Caroline s head, getting to know each other, falling in love and all that What I had some trouble with was when they started saying things like It s always been you for all of the four hours they knew each other I m all for suspending disbelief, and I can even get the paranormals who fall in love or less instantly But saying things like always and meaning in the past up until now that threw me.I would have enjoyed this if less time was spent inside of Caroline s head, because then getting to know them would have felt quite a bit realistic The story is well told, though, and of course, Poole narrated it to perfection If you re a Mageri fan, you will probably enjoy this short trip into that universe.Kane wondered if any man in her life had really noticed how beautiful she was.

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    Closer is what I would call a sister book to the Mageri series It is a stand alone book or rather novella, but, I am glad I read the Mageri series first because it helped me to understand the Breed world In this book we have Kane and Caroline, both of whom are sensors Kane is extra sensitive, though, so the emotions he picks up are magnified As a result, he has cut himself off from touching others He wears gloves to protect himself Caroline is the opposite She can t transfer She can receive but not transfer emotions through touch At about halfway through the book I finally realized that Kane has a connection to a character in the Mageri series but you ll have to read it to find out what it is All Kane wanted that night was to get some dinner Little did he know how this one night would change his life He encounters a human man but when they touch, Kane realizes this man is the worst kind of evil He is a serial murderer of women But, through this encounter, he meets Caroline Can he save Caroline s life or is it Caroline that will save his life This was a very sweet story and it added another dimension to the Breed world I would love to see Kane show up in future books of the Mageri series.

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    So I saw the author of this book post the book on one night, I read the synopsis and something was tugging me to give the book a try even though I had other books I should have been reading I have not read anything else by Dannika Dark and later learned that this book is set in the same world as a series she writes I am so glad I gave this book a try It is a fairly short book as it is a novella, but it packs quite an emotional punch for not being a full length I have a rule, that you may know about if you follow this blog If you cry, you get a five and let me tell you, I was balling I was a blubbering fool during part of this book It took me a little bit to get a feel for this new world that I was in, if I had read the series, I probably would have known but as it is I didn t so I had a new world to learn about I picked it pretty quickly so you don t really have to read the series to grasp the world in this book Kane was raised as a human and his Sensor abilities are off the charts sensitive, so he has a really hard time dealing in the real world He can t touch anyone and it s hard for him to be in public, because he picks up all sorts of things that he doesn t want to know He is basically all alone in the world with only a human sister he can t see because he s not aging and because of his abilities His abilities also make it really hard for him to keep a job and make a connection He is struggling with his loneliness when his fate changes forever He passes a human male and once again he sees something he wishes he never had to see and he can t keep himself from reacting and than he does the forbidden and ends up on the run Kane has never done anything like this before and makes mistake after mistake which leads him to Caroline, but by the time he finds her he may be too late Caroline is also a Sensor, but she has the opposite problem as Kane, she is defective She can receive emotions but she can t project them This makes her defective and she remains on the fringes of their society much like Kane She also lives a fairly lonely existence, since her father disappeared When Kane first touches Caroline, he is pulled into her mind For that she soundly pummels him for entering her scared space, go Caroline Once she figures out that he s not doing it on purpose and we never really find out how he can do this, which remains unresolved she settles down Most of this book ends up taking place in Caroline s mind which ends up creating an extremely intimate setting, because of this these two get closer to each other than they ever would have been able to otherwise Caroline is a fantastic character, she is feisty and holds her own I loved that she gave Kane as much ish as she did, but she is also venerable and sweet Her circumstances are incredibly dire, but she tries to maintain hope in a desperate situation In the end, her hope may not be enough and it will be too late Overall I really loved this book, it is emotional and meaningful Two people find themselves in an unlikely situation and have to make the best of it The characters are very likeable and the story intriguing I did have an issue with a couple of unresolved issues and would have liked an epilogue with a one year later, I felt we could have used that closure, but I guess Ms Dark is also leaving it open for a possibility for a sequel I have no idea If that is even in her thoughts, but I m throwing it out there Also, we went on a few unnecessary tangents, with as short as the book is, I think these could have been left out Other than that, fantastic read I will than likely at some point go back and read her series because I enjoyed this one so much Great job

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    4 I Sense You Stars for the story and 4.5 Stars for the narration Having fallen in love with the Seven Series, both from a writing and a narration point of view, I was delighted to hear that the dynamic duo who wrote and narrated that series Dannika Dark and Nicole Poole were releasing an audio version of a standalone novella from Dannika Dark s previous Mageri series Needless to say I enjoyed the fabulous narration and was intrigued by the intricate world that Dannika Dark gives us a peek into in Closer.In Closer we get a glimpse at a secret society of immortals that include sensors, like the hero of this romance, Kane Sensors can feel the emotional energy of the people they touch, basically experiencing and capturing others emotions Kane, however, is hypersensitive and instead of this transference of emotional energy being a positive experience, it actually leads to pain, causing him to have to wear gloves before touching anyone As you can imagine, this disability leads to Kane living a pretty lonely life.Until he comes across Caroline, a sensor who has a different type of disability, and whose life hangs in the balance When they meet in this tenuous situation, Kane is forced to make a decision between taking the safe path or exploring the unusual chemistry between them, even if in saving Caroline from imminent danger, he may cause his own demise.As in the Seven Series, Dannika Dark knows how to write romantic suspense into her PNR UF stories The immediacy of Kane s and Caroline s situation, and forced contemplative nature of their interactions, leads to a highly intense connection Moreover, though I haven t read the Mageri Series, this glimpse into the intricate PNR UF world that forms a backdrop for this series has certainly piqued my curiosity I can t wait to explore of this series Source Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Loved it Dannika Dark you are amazing

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    5 Closer Stars If you read the Mageri series then you already know Kane is Sunny s brother The jail scene in the last book has always been on my mind Why Kane Why the girl Even the first time I read the books it was always a question I wanted to know Well if I had known Closer was going to give me those answers I would have picked it up a heck of a lot faster than I did Kane a Sensor, who knew, I won t give you details it s a short story so pick it up But I hope to see a reunion with Sunny and the twins and Uncle Kane This novella really ties in that whole jail scene and why it was or had to be Kane Can we just lock Dannika in a room so she can give us of these amazing characters Is that asking too much lol Yeah I know it is but damn this just makes me want to have , , Again great narration Can t say enough good things about Nicole Poole s performance All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.

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    Kane is an unusually sensitive Sensor, someone who experiences emotional energy through touch and touch brings him pain, forcing him to live as a recluse.When he felt the evil radiating off a man one night, he acts on his instincts to stop this menace permanently Faced with what he has done, he flees, in the man s vehicle, not knowing that another victim was stuffed in the truck He senses the thoughts and terror of this woman, Caroline, feels her pain, so much like his own.The ending is amazingly real, the story emotional, the characters so in need of happiness

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    Closer is a novella in the Mageri universe, of which I m certainly a fan Unlike the Mageri novels, this novel stars not Mages, but Sensors, a different kind of Breed Sensors are basically empaths that sense and transfer emotions through their hands Except for our stars, Kane and Caroline, who are both slightly impaired as Sensors.On the whole, I like Mages better Something about them resonates for me Which said, this was a great read It s of a straight up love story, where the other Mageri stories are in addition to being romances , complex tales.I can t say this novella is simple, though Just when you start thinking you know where it s going, it kind of pulls a 180 I d love to explain that, but it would take spoilers What I can say is, Dark has a compelling voice and style that almost instantly has me invested in whatever story she s telling, including this one So I recommend this to her fans, not as an intro to the Breed universe though it could be that , but as an expansion to it.

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    Normally I don t seek out Novella s I love series because I love to see so much change and growth in the story and characters However, I love Dannika s work so I could not pass this by.This book was touching and sweet just a beautiful love story It wasn t cheesy, not overly heroic but just about perfect for what anyone would expect from a novella.Sorry this isn t much of a review but I defiantly give it 5 stars

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