Ente, Tod und Tulpe

Ente, Tod und TulpeEs un libro muylindo, pero que al llegar al final, como adulto, te deja una sensaci n de que aun queda algo m s que decir, una palabra, una frase, un p rrafo, un algo Pero no, el cierre es tan abrupto como lo es la muerte misma Aunque tiene un mensaje muy poderoso la muerte siempre esta ah y debemos aceptarla, abrazarla y vivir con ella.Ideal para ese incomodo momento en que los ni os preguntan por primera vez sobre la muerte. A touching picture book about a duck who befriends death and they peacefully live together before the duck finally dies. This is not your usual picture book about death The story is simple Death, wearing a fashionably long plaid coat and bearing a black tulip, comes to stay with Duck Understandably nervous, Duck asks, Are you going to make something happen But no Life takes care of that, Death tells her The two pal around, going to the pond, perching high in a tree Duck wonders about dying and Death listens to her speculate Winter comes, and one night Duck lies down She does not get up Death gently places her body in the river, the tulip resting on her chest.Written and illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch, a German author, and beautifully translated by Catherine Chidgey , the book s simple text and sparse, elegant illustrations combine to create a moving yet unsentimental treatise on death It also has a sly, deadpan humor throughout, as when Duck first notices Death s presence Duck was scared stiff, and who could blame her A strange in the best sense , moving book, it isn t for every child But I wish it had been around when I was one. . Duck, Death and the Tulip written and illustrated by German author Wolf Erlbruch synthesises the presentation of human, animal and nature forms and sensitively presents death through metaphorical pictures as the eponymous title suggests The picture book offers all types of readers the opportunity to learn about death in a unique and accessible way whilst presenting death in the form of a character carrying a black tulip which begins to naturally die along with the Duck, as the story progresses Throughout the story, the pictures and words effectively work together through the words and pictures complimenting each other For example, the book opens with the narrator describing how for a while, Duck had had a feeling and noticed something always creeping behind with the simplistic illustration of the duck curiously peering behind On the opposite page, stands death as a figure which our eyes our instantly drawn to which simply answers the duck s enquiry as to who they are as, I am death By presenting these two characters as opposing each other from the start, this awakens curiosity in the reader to find out why Death is following Duck whilst perhaps hinting to older readers that Duck is dying In the book, Erlbuch s use of language alongside the simplistic pictures effectively depicts duck and death sharing conversations about duck s impending death and death answering questions about Duck s ideas on the afterlife whilst having fun together Personally, I think if I were sharing this with children I would choose to read this in smaller shared or guided reading groups due to the various chances for zooming in with children and exploring certain parts such as, Duck s ideas on the afterlife or the poignancy of the final page Additionally, I think the amount of opportunities for rich discussion this book provides children should be given time and attention, particularly if children have not experienced or understand what grief is I couldn t recommend this bookit takes a difficult subject and effectively provides a beautifully comforting story. I don t know what I was expecting, I didn t read the blurb but requested it at work after a colleague told me about it Is this literary fiction for children Death is a dark subject of course, but I m not sure I d read this to my 5 year old It s a great concept Just not for me It s not harmful, but quite confronting, as are the illustrations This would be excellent for the right time, a good resource for the subject of death. slikt een brok in haar keel weg Wat een prachtig verhaal Zo mooi.Maar wel een beetje naar en ouderwets getekend. Siempre Llega Un Momento En Que El Ni O Se Pregunta Sobre La Muerte Ingenuamente, Con Toda La Naturalidad Del Mundo Los Padres Lo Saben, Pero Pocas Veces Tienen Preparada Una Respuesta Simple Y Convincente El Personaje De La Muerte En Este Libro De Erlbruch Es Una Acompa Ante Silenciosa Y Leve Como Una Pluma, Siempre Presente Aunque No La Percibamos Desde Hac A Tiempo, El Pato Notaba Algo Extra O Qui N Eres Por Qu Me Sigues Tan De Cerca Y Sin Hacer Ruido La Muerte Le Contest Me Alegro De Que Por Fin Me Hayas Visto Soy La Muerte El Pato Se Asust Qui N No Lo Habr A Hecho Ya Vienes A Buscarme He Estado Cerca De Ti Desde El D A En Que Naciste Por Si Acaso Por Si Acaso Pregunt El Pato S , Por Si Te Pasaba Algo Un Resfriado Serio, Un Accidente Nunca Se Sabe S , Nunca Se Sabe Pero Si De Algo Podemos Estar Seguros Es Que Wolf Erlbruch Responde Con Sencillez Las Grandes Preguntas Con La Poes A De Sus Ilustraciones Y De Sus Historias Para Ni Os Y Adultos Now translated into English, Death, Duck and Tulip.Well after I found my way into the issues section at the library searching for childrens laureate Anthony Browne I came across this book.Id heard the title recently after a librarian friend told me how they had ordered several of them to help children deal with death, but after reading them they had doubts they would be appropriate for children The blurb says adults and teenagers and I think that if intended for younger age groups extreme caution must be used Death is with the duck from page 1, shown as a skeleton face thing but clothed in beige colours not your black grim reaper The duck asks lots of quetions and is not afraid and welcomes deaths presence, even warming death with his own body when death becomes cold and wet in the pond If your in the unfortunate position of having to explain to a child about death, maybe a family member is dying then this book hopefully would take the fear of death away But as I read it under normal circumstances it really does give you the creeps and I would not recommend for very young children.

Wolf Erlbruch born 1949 in Wuppertal, Germany is an award winning illustrator and writer of children s books He combines various techniques for the artwork in his books, including cutting and pasting, drawing, and painting His style is sometimes surrealist and is widely copied inside and outside Germany, and some of his story books discuss adult topics such as death and the meaning of life Th

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