Fly Away

Fly AwayPure emotional torture That about sums it up. Firefly Lane is one of my favorite books and I couldn t wait to get my hands on Fly Away, I mean to hear from Tully and Mara and Cloud again Amazing right No The first quarter of the book describes and stretches every agonizing detail the moments after Kate s death It revisits, and revisits, and revisits, the first book exhaustingly I understand, this was maybe made to be a stand alone book But give me a break What about the rest of us fans Who remember the story vividly Anyways, moving on For the rest of the book we face every obstacle a human being can face From a teenager who is a cutter to Vietnam to molestation to addiction, these people got it all Ok ok Kristen usually packs her books with drama but give us SOMETHING positive There really was nothing It was a punch in the face after a punch in stomach over and over again Me heart and my head hurt the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME Phew, well a few things I did like Still love the characters All of them Enjoyed watching Mara grow up of course I mean we were there when she was born Really liked Clouds story which made everything come into perspective and made me hate her so much less Still love the way the story spans over 40 years and how we got to see all the events from different point of views Really well rounded I feel guilty for giving it such a low score But I m drained and tired and now need some fluff Sorry Kristen I generally like Kristin Hannah s books Fly Away annoyed me took me forever to read I felt like I was reading the same paragraphs over over This book is a sequel to Firefly Lane I think Kristin Hannah was wrote this book backwards making sure the readers that didn t read the first book knew everything It picked up in the last few chapters. Please do not read this review unless you ve already read Firefly LaneThis book concluded the story of the Firefly Lane Girls, or should I say girl Tully We also come to learn the story of Cloud, Tully s mother Cloud kept popping in and out of Tully s life, never being the mother Tully so desperately craved In this book, we see Kate s family disintegrating In Firefly Lane, Kate lost her battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer and passed away We see Kate s daughter, Maura really develop in this book She transforms into a combative, rebellious teenager She runs away from her family, dyes her hair pink, and pierces her eyebrow with a safety pin We also see Maura turn to darker,dangerous behaviors such as drugs and self harm What Maura doesn t realize is that she is just trying to run away from herself, from the pain of losing her mother We also see the dissolution of the friendship between Kate s husband and Tully It is Tully however, that has the hardest time moving on She spirals into a pattern of overeating, isolation, and frequent pill popping In Firefly Lane, we saw her meteoric rise to fame as a reporter, and in Fly Away we see her undoing For the majority of the book, she is in a coma In the coma, Kate comes to her in a vision, and talks to her, reminds her of things Tully needed to hear The way Kristen Hannah executed the conversations between Kate and Tully was nothing short of beautiful.In my last review, I shared that I was not ready to let go of the Firefly Lane girls, and in this book I found the answers I so desperately wanted and needed This was a great sequel, but it was no comparison to Firefly Lane If you read Firefly Lane, I do recommend that you read this sequel I think it will leave you feeling refreshed and restored. First I want to thank Goodreads for selecting me as a winner of an advance reader s copy of Fly Away Winning and getting to read a Kristin Hannah book before it has been released really made my year With that said it wasn t my favorite I hate to even say that because I love Kristin Hannah s books so much, especially Firefly Lane Firefly Lane was the very first book I read by her To be honest, I only picked up because I really liked the cover Who knew that I would fall in love with her stories and have to read all of her contemporary novels Anyways, Firefly Lane moved me in a way that few books do I have thoroughly enjoyed many other Kristin Hannah books but Firefly Lane remains my favorite and perhaps, my favorite book of all time Unfortunately, Fly Away did not move me like Firefly Lane did.I think the first 300 pages were just too much for me to handle It was too sad, there was too much depression, and drugs, and cutting, and anxiety and it was just too much Perhaps Kristin Hannah wrote too well for those parts At times, I had to close the book and just do something else because it was just too stressful The last 100 pages were awesome That s where the real story was I even stayed up until 2am reading because I could not put it down Had the book beenbalanced, had the characters not been in a haze, had Cloud come back earlier, the book would have been better However, it just didn t work for me.Even with the craziness in the first 300 pages this book is at least 4 stars The ending was amazing everything andthan I could hope for The fact that Kristin Hannah even wrote a sequel to Firefly Lane made it at least 3 stars While this wasn t my favorite of hers and I wish that the plot had gone differently for the majority of the book, I am so happy that she decided to write this book I am thrilled that I got to follow Tully, Johnny, Marah although I never liked her , the twins and Margie through another great adventure In the end, Firefly Lane will always be home. sigh Ohhhthe disappointment I m well aware my opinion is going to be an unpopular and rare one But, oh, this was so not what I was expecting or wanting out of this book My least favorite part of any sequel is the the recap Yes, I understand the need for the recap, but that doesn t mean I have to like it And the way this book was written was just one recap after another I feel like so much time was wasted rereading each scene from a different perspective That there could have been so muchto the story had we not had to keep going over and over each event I also did not like the Tully in the almost afterlife If this accident coma had been only one incident in the story, it could have shortened it by so much and then there could have beenstory I feel like the last page where you have Kate s voice would have been a better story filler Instead of those things being an afterthought, show us the year after Kate s death, and continue on with Johnny finding love again, Margie Dorothy having a friendship blossom, Marah getting married, Margie passing, the twins going to collegeFirefly Lane coveredthan 30 years I wanted the the next thirty years Not the next screwed up one year I kept feeling like because the topics were so heavy death, cancer, drugs alcohol addiction, runaways, cutting, sexual physical emotional abuse, early mental carethat I was supposed to besad and depressed than I was None of it seemed real I also had a hard time picturing Dorothy Cloud s mother the way she was described in FA because of how she was portrayed in FFL It felt like a total shift in character to make it work for the second book Also, switching from first to third person throughout was distracting What I did like I loved the Dorothy story coming to life That was the one redeeming thing about this book for me It is what pushes it to two stars, and not one. It s been awhile since I read Firefly Lane a book that stayed with me as an incredibly emotional read Fly Away follows on from Kate s death and the impact it has on her family and best friend Tully.Kate had been Tully s best friend for 30 years She waslike a sister than a best friend She was really all the family Tully had and now.she s gone.Marah, Kate s daughter is missing her mother terribly too she doesn t know how to handle her grief she s made bad decisions and needs help to move forward.Johnny Kate s husband is trying desperately to keep the family together Not only is he not on good terms with TullyMarah has ran away and he has twins Will and Lucas to think of as well.When another tragic event occurs how will Kate s family come together to support each other with love,understanding and forgiveness.This story is incredibly moving I found myself really rooting for Marah hoping that she would learn to accept her mother s death and find peace.Tully s story is equally heartbreaking for all her fame all she really wants is to have a family who loves her.It was interesting to learnabout Tully s mother Cloud and how her decisions had come to effect her daughter so greatly.Kristin Hannah did an amazing job with completing the story of TullynKate.Her writing is so emotional I m not not ashamed to say it was impossible for me to finish this book without shedding a few tears Although you can read this book as a standalone I would definitely recommend reading Firefly Lane first so you get the full experience of reading the wonderful story of best friends forever TullynKate. Fire Fly Lane is one of my favorite books Kate and Tully had an epic friendship between two completely different young women that lasted a lifetime After the first book I had so many questions about Tully and her Mother Cloud There were several places in the first book that eluded to a story line to explain how Cloud could leave her own daughter I was so pleased with the detail and depth that Kristin Hannah used in this book to reveal the True Clouda.k.a Dorothy I wondered how Kate s family would continue after her death Kristin Hannah did a wonderful job of depicting the true life grit and grief that befalls a family after the death of a loved one Some people have commented that it was too depressing.when is death not I felt the strength of this book came from the redemption of the characters as they endure and come through the fire even stronger My favorite thing about this author is that she makes you feel her story and form a personal connection with her characters She shows a realistic example of what can happen to a family and friendship after the death of a matriarch It may not be all flowery and pretty but it is real life. Sometimes there should not be sequels to books This was one of them.What did I like about the book It finally ended Maybe a little that Cloud aka Dorothy had some redemption.The first 300 pages just dragged on and on and on and forever Finally, a real story was beginning to take shape I was getting so frustrated with the story that I wanted to just quit How many times can we go back and forth about how Tully was so unloved, that Marah was a brat, that Tully missed Kate, that she was unloved, that Marah was ungrateful, and that Kate was missed Poor Tully Poor, poor Tully It took 300 pages to say that As far as a death experience I ve read Sunday cartoons that haddepth.I was so absolutely disappointed with this book and nearly jumped for joy when it was finally finished.I have enjoyed Kristin Hannah s books and will probably read one again, but this one was awful If I could give it a half star that s what I would do. Once, A Long Time Ago, I Walked Down A Night Darkened Road Called Firefly Lane, All Alone, On The Worst Night Of My Life, And I Found A Kindred Spirit That Was Our Beginning More Than Thirty Years Ago TullyandKate You And Me Against The World Best Friends Forever But Stories End, Don T They You Lose The People You Love And You Have To Find A Way To Go On Tully Hart Has Always Been Larger Than Life, A Woman Fueled By Big Dreams And Driven By Memories Of A Painful Past She Thinks She Can Overcome Anything Until Her Best Friend, Kate Ryan, Dies Tully Tries To Fulfill Her Deathbed Promise To Kate To Be There For Kate S Children But Tully Knows Nothing About Family Or Motherhood Or Taking Care Of PeopleSixteen Year Old Marah Ryan Is Devastated By Her Mother S Death Her Father, Johnny, Strives To Hold The Family Together, But Even With His Best Efforts, Marah Becomes Unreachable In Her Grief Nothing And No One Seems To Matter To Her Until She Falls In Love With A Young Man Who Makes Her Smile Again And Leads Her Into His Dangerous, Shadowy World Dorothy Hart The Woman Who Once Called Herself Cloud Is At The Center Of Tully S Tragic Past She Repeatedly Abandoned Her Daughter, Tully, As A Child, But Now She Comes Back, Drawn To Her Daughter S Side At A Time When Tully Is Most Alone At Long Last, Dorothy Must Face Her Darkest Fear Only By Revealing The Ugly Secrets Of Her Past Can She Hope To Become The Mother Her Daughter NeedsA Single, Tragic Choice And A Middle Of The Night Phone Call Will Bring These Women Together And Set Them On A Poignant, Powerful Journey Of Redemption Each Has Lost Her Way, And They Will Need One Another And Maybe A Miracle To Transform Their LivesAn Emotionally Complex, Heart Wrenching Novel About Love, Motherhood, Loss, And New Beginnings, Fly Away Reminds Us That Where There Is Life, There Is Hope, And Where There Is Love, There Is Forgiveness I purchased an ARC copy of this book on eBay.If I could give this book 6 out of 5 stars, I would.This sequel to FIREFLY LANE exceeds the original story of TullyandKate I read the book in one sitting, accidentally I wanted to stretch my reading time out for days, but couldn t do it I encourage readers to peruse FIREFLY LANE before beginning this book, although FLY AWAY is also a stand alone novel The story begins four years after Kate s death from breast cancer Told primarily from Tully s POV, we learn that in the years following her best friend s death, Tully has been in a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol Johnny, Kate s husband has all but abandoned Tully, and Kate s daughter, Marah has just sold the story of Tully s downward spiral to the tabloids Then Tully crashes her car and hovers near death on a coma, where she meets Kate, sort of.When I first read this plot twist, I thought, oh no, this book is going to be a disappointment But, a few pages later I was hooked again All this happens in the first 50 pages of the book, and I don t want to sayabout the plot, except that with each passing page, the book gets better and better I m not usually a crier in books, but the last 100 or so pages I could barely see the words I won t say if they are happy or sad tears, but that I LOVED THIS BOOK, this future best seller.Don t miss out.

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