Big Girls Do It Wilder (Big Girls Do It, #3)

Big Girls Do It Wilder (Big Girls Do It, #3) I M Going Going To New York City To Be With Gorgeous, Mysterious, Rockstar Chase Delany Seemed Like A Crazy Dream, A Fantasy Come True The Bright Lights And Music, And His Tight, Sexy Leather Pants Called To Me And I Answered Chase Might Want And I Just Might Give It To Him, If I Could Only Forget What I Started With Jeff Back In DetroitI Thought I Had My Love Life All Figured Out, I Thought I Knew What I Wanted, And Then Things Went And Changed On Me All Over Again Wow if I had any doubts about Anna being a shallow bitch it only took one line into this book to have that fact reaffirmed One glimpse of Chase Delaney in leather pants, a tight T shirt and shit kicker boots was all it took to get my libido raging and drive away any lingering doubts about coming to New York AnnaNow don t get me wrong, that is one hell of a HOT picture right there, Chase in his leathers and shit kickers is sexy as hell, BUT Anna, seriously One look and you forget Jeff, friend and business partner for years, lover for 2 weeks and you forget him because your one night stand looks delicious Oh no the doubts are still there just pushed down by a torrent of lust What the fuck are you, a teenage boy She is driving me crazy There is a lot of hot sex in these books but the story doesn t have enough depth and even though I like Chase, Jeff and Jamie s characters I m not sure that they are enough to balance out the pain in the ass that is Anna. 3.25 stars STOP READING NOW Spoilers from here on out Also, this isn t so much of a review but a cry for common sense I don t understand why some authors can t do the socially conscience thing and add a tiny putting on a condom scene it can basically be just a sentence , because it s reality folks I ve read hundreds of stories that got it right and its really not that hard OK, there are a few of reasons why an author wouldn t write a putting on a condom scene, but the point is, there needs to be a reason I can only think of three reasons right now a Pregnancy or STD storyline or if the characters were monogamous SO AUTHOR S I want to see a putting on a condom scene EVERY time unless it s one of the reasons mentioned above If the characters are monogamous, evendiscussion needs to be had The story is actually good but I just couldn t get past the ick factor If you ve read the book, then continue on view spoiler I HAVE A BIG PROBLEMANNA IS POTENTIALLY THE SEXUAL EQUIVALENT OF TYPHOID MARY Big Girls Do It Better, Book 1 Anna first has sex with Chase without a condom, saying I m clean and he just believes her She doesn t seem to care or even ask if he s clean which should raise red flags in Chase s mind but he s thinking only with his little brain at this point So they have tons of unprotected sex except for The Pill while taking each other s word that they are both disease free after knowing each other for only ONE DAY How stupid is that I wouldn t trust Chase at this point since he s a rock star most likely has pussy thrown at him constantly, but I digress Anyway, then Chase leaves Big Girls Do It Wetter, Book 2 Anna then gets with Jeff convinces him to go bareback too I m thinking she COULD be spreading VD HIV to her best friend since she basically jumped in to bed with him like 2 days after being with Chase never got tested Then she drops Jeff like a safe Big Girls Do It Wilder, Book 3 Anna then goes back to Chase yup, you guessed it, NO CONDOM Now she could be infecting Chase if Jeff unknowingly had something I personally think she shouldn t be jumping into bed with Chase rubberless when she doesn t know where Chase s dick has been for the last month she doesn t even ask before she jumps in bed with him neither does he about her Chase even admits he wasn t celibate for the few weeks they were apart but doesn t seem to matter to Anna or the petri dish she calls her pussy.I guess I will see who else may get infected in Book 4 hide spoiler Hmm..Di ending buku dua,di ceritakan kl si Anna galau cz dpt kiriman tiket pesawat dr Chase yg memintanya utk dtg ke NY.Pergi kah Anna menyusul Chase ke NY Yep, she did it Anna meninggalkan Jeff dan menyusul Chase ke NY.Di sana, Anna di bawa Chase jalan2, nemenin dia ke mana aja, rekaman di studio sampe ke backstage dan make love like bunnies every time..anywhere..Uh,si Chase ini emang hot and nasty booo Si Anna jg ga kalah nasty and bitchy nya.Berdua,mrk melakukan hal2 liar bersama.Tapi kenapa eh kenapa..Bayangan Jeff kerap mengantui Anna di saat2 tertentu..Membuat pikiran Anna teralihkan bbrp kali ketika bersama Chase.Mengapa Anna merasa dirinya seperti sdg menghianati Jeff dg nyeleweng bersama Chase Pdhl Jeff bukan apa2nya Anna..Gada kesepakatan di antara mrk.Mrk hy..fuck buddies..Iya kah Entahlah.Yg jelas Anna galau.Apa mungkin ia menyukai kedua nya secara bersamaan Dan ketika Chase mulai menunjukan perasaannya.Anna panik.Apakah Chase yg dia inginkan Hingga suatu hari,Anna memergoki Chase dlm keadaan mencurigakan bersama groupies nya di gang sesudah konser..Anna shock.Lalu pergi meninggalkan Chase tanpa terlebih dahulu mendengarkan penjelasan Chase.Anna pulang ke Detroit dlm keadaan patah hati.Akankah Anna sanggup bertemu kembali dg Jeff Apakah Jeff mau menerima Anna kembali Lalu..bagaimana dg Chase Lanjut ke book 4 nyooo. o Now that I am rereading the series I am definitely looking at it differently and I have had to change my rating on the books I have reread so far Anna is really starting to work on my nervous with all of this unprotected sex between the two guys Would it have been so hard for her to ask them to slap on a condom every now and then She has definitely becomeself centered in this book than the previous two and I really ain t feeling this new Anna but I will read the other books again because I seemed to have enjoyed it the first time. WARNING This review if for book 1 5.5 in the seriesAnna DJs and sings at local bars with her friend Jeff, she loves her job and although her family are dysfunctional she has some great close friends, but she is also plus sized with serious body image issues So when gorgeous budding rock star Chase starts pursuing her she doesn t know what to think, guys like him don t go for girls like her right But as Chase shows her how beautiful she is, she also starts to notice her best friend Jeff, she can t imagine a life without him in it Chase and Jeff are both such different men, but who is she meant to have forever with This review is a little bit of a cheat as it is for the books 1 5.5 in the Big Girls do it series series order at the bottom of the review Each book is a small installment in Anna s journey to find her happily ever after, a very HOT journey as she decides between two delicious but completely opposite men.I read the first book in the series just because I loved the title and the cover, but I found once I started reading it, I just kept going to the next book and the next to see what would happen then BAM before I knew it, I had gone through all of them And, although the sex in these books was hot and had me drooling over Jeff and Chase, I found I carried on reading as I needed to know which man she would pick, and I liked that Wilder kept you guessing at the beginning of this series it wasn t that obvious who she would pick.I really enjoyed this series, it was quick but really sexy and sometimes sweet read and I will definitely be looking forJasinda Wilder books in the future.The reading order for this series is Book 1 Big Girls Do It BetterBook 2 Big Girls Do It Wetter Book 3 Big Girls Do It WilderBook 4 Big Girls Do It On Top Book 5 Big Girls Do It MarriedBook 5.5 Big Girls Do It On Christmas Jasinda does a great job keeping on the edge of my seat with this story Anna s intense relationships between Chase and Jeff.How could she possibly choose I do feel as though she strings Jeff along which is frustrating Which path will Anna choose A hot, emotional roller coaster I have no idea where this series is going and I love it This is where I jump off this series I just can t keep on reading when I keep hating AnnaandAgain with the unprotected sex, and then we find out Chase has hooked up with other women He s not safe And I really hate how she broke Jeff s heart What a biatch And no, I don t feel sorry for her Not with the way she s been acting Serves her right.Reading this is just making me angry, and having to review this is making me angrier still I m out. At the end of Big Girls Do It Wetter I wasn t sure how to feel about Chase s letter It seemed rather presumptuous, but off to New York Anna went Getting to this book is where we can really see the differences between sex with Jeff and sex with Chase Upon getting to NY, Anna and Chase f k like bunnies as she so eloquently puts it in book 4 Honestly, I spent most of the book waiting for the other shoe to drop Chase, while seeming to truly care for Anna, has achieved rock star status and all that entails In other words, he has women throwing themselves at him left and right Needless to say, I was not at all surprised by the compromising position Anna found Chase in near the end On two occasions Chase s wording really said it all First is after the first show she attends where he tells the groupies he is busy tonight but has another show coming up soon and that they can find the details on the band s website The second is in the alley when he tells the women that he doesn t want Anna to find them, seeming to indicate that his main concern is getting caught, not being faithful to Anna While actions he might be able to explain away Oh, they cornered me in the alley They were coming onto me, not the other way around etc etc , his wording pretty much condemned him.

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  • Big Girls Do It Wilder (Big Girls Do It, #3)
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