Marked (The Wolf's Den, #1)

Marked (The Wolf's Den, #1)2.5 5 3 stars C This book was ok I like Aline Hunter s writing voice and that probably is the main thing that kept me reading I didn t hate it, didn t love it I wish there had beenstory and character development It felt a lot like many PNR I ve read in the last year or two. Enough with the neanderthalism my God what s up with that Maybe it was that I read 32 of the authors books before this one and since this was a new series I was hoping that I d get a new theme but nope, didn t happen and if I read onebook where the guy thinks that the height of his hers pleasure is for him to convince her to have anal sex I will truely vomit Really So if your the kind of person who likes to read books where to keep a woman in line is to fuck her good then this is the book for you I d imagine and as it was in my case if your the kind of person who reads a book and screems at the characters because you can t shoot them in the face because this is a book then this is also a good bad book to read LOLThis series is dead for me but I will read the next book in the authors other series Sorry I couldn t get into this but the author didn t give me enough on any other character to actually give a crap to continue reading and I don t wantof the same..yuck Fantasy Becomes Reality If You Carry The MarkChloe Bryant Doesn T Know What To Expect When She Enters The Wolf S Den Drawn To The Werewolf Tattoo Parlor For Reasons She Can T Explain, She Soon Discovers The Sexy Man From Her Dreams Isn T A Figment Of Her Imagination Not Only Is Jackson Donovan Real, But He Explains The Dreams They Shared Are Due To Their Destined Mating It Can T Be Possible She S Not A Werewolf Even If He Swears The Mark On Her Wrist Indicates OtherwiseJackson Is Stunned To Discover The Beautiful Minx From His Dreams Isn T A Full Blooded Werewolf But A Halfling The Only Way To Uncover Chloe S Past Is To Stake A Claim To Her Future By Taking The Delectable Female Into His Bed, He Ll Unlock Every Secret She Has To Hide As Well As Awaken The Passion She S Tucked Away For Too Long By Exploring Her Mind, Body And Soul One Sweet Inch At A Time A very quick read You will find that you will not care for any of the characters There is little to no character development There are four perspectives that you will read from Chloe and Jackson being the main focus and then Rachel and Declan being set up for the sequel, I believe The problem is that both Rachel and Chloe s stories are relatively the same Chloe is supposedly going against her nature with how things go down with Jackson but, that s hearsay, because her current behaviour is all you ever know in this book You don t meet the before Chloe Now, Rachel, on the other hand the way she responded to Declan is how I expected Chloe to respond to Jackson And quite honestly, I would have enjoyed Rachel s story better She just seemed like an edgier version of Chloe Chloe was boring The only things I liked about her, were when her wolf was involved Chloe as Chloe was just not what I like in a character Now, I couldn t tell the difference between Jackson and Declan They read as the same character Not good Again, boring.There were also a lot of typos in this book As for Chloe s back storya 22 year old not only living with her grandparents, but ultimately answering to them like a 15 year old That put me off a lot I couldn t picture her as an adult so I was deeply disturbed by the graphic sexual nature of this book.As for the sex That was the only thing that had anything working for it in this It wasn t just missionary Hell, it wasn t even just vaginal My only gripe was the use of sex in place of vagina Now, normally I would be all over that, because it comes across as prudish which let s get this straight you have no business writing a sexually graphic novel if you re a fucking prude however, Hunter proves to you that she is not scared of the word vagina, nor is she scared of the other vulgar terms for it And she earned my respect there But as you can probably guess, most of the effort was spent on the sexual content in the book and not the story The story was half assed at best It wasn t even really explained in a manner that could leave you hanging on a cliff to knowIt was just BLAH, and you re left feeling like you couldn t give a shit either way, really Am I even remotely lured to read the next one No I might if I stumble on it But since romance isn t really my thing, and this was all romance and no story, probably not. ENJOYED IT, BUT.Chloe Bryant has been having dreams very erotic ones, the man in her dreams calls to her She has a mark on her wrist that has recently become painful, Chloe decides to get a tattoo to cover the mark So she makes an appointment at The Wolf s Den it s there she meets Jackson Donovan the man from her dreams.I normally love everything this author writes, and while this was an enjoyable read it felt underdeveloped The characters were well drawn, but after a strong start the plot did fall way a bit It s a very quick read and I feel that s where the this falls down The sex in this is hot and well written There are a number of threads in this story that are left unresolved, so I m hoping they will be followed up in the next book This is definitely not a stand alone story. I love Aline Hunter s writing style Her words know how to connect me to her characters and story This was a fun, quick and steamy read Weres, animalistic mentality, pack hierarchy and politics fascinate me so I m looking forward to readingof this world. I did enjoy reading this book It is very well written and descriptive with lots of steamy parts I like how the main character walks into The Wolf s Den and meets her fate The werewolves are different with the dream sharing part, I enjoyed that a lot To me this book wasn t bad, but it wasn t great either it was just an in between that I enjoyed For just a short read it did have a lot of character to it though Props to the author. I actually really loved this book I wish it was a little longer though its reason for only being 4 stars I loved Chloe and Jackson and hope to seeof them in the second book It was a nice, entertaining read that I recommend 3 3 3.5 StarsSafety Gang view spoiler Aside from one occasion were a woman turns up wanting Jackson to mate with her for their packs were Chloe actually kicks her arse just for touching his arm there is no OW or OM drama hide spoiler I love when a book can pull you in with an interesting story and great characters that make you not want to stop reading, have you forgetting all sense of time, and leaves you smiling and wantingMarked was definitely one of those books and another AWESOME read from Aline Hunter I m so addicted to her stories She writes some of most swoon worthy shifter males and her females are pretty awesome too Her stories make my heart melt with the depth of emotion between the heroes and heroines I love how the mates find each other through their shared dreams first Jackson sigh I loved his character He was the perfect Alpha male strong, smart, protective, charming, arrogant, but at the same time so sweet to Chloe Chloe was so cute I loved the differences in her human side and her wolf side She was a great character Oh and the sex scenes were KILLER HOT WOWAline sure knows how to write dirty talking males lol p And she also knows how to write some of the best heart pounding, sweat inducing, glasses fogging sex scenes that I have ever read Whew lol Definitely a pantie soaking read The things that Jackson says and does to Chloe sigh Such an interesting story I was immediately sucked in I was definitely not ready for the book to end Oh..and that epiloguewhat a teaser Rachel and Declan are going to be so much fun to read Cannot wait I m also interested in finding outabout Shane Marked definitely left me wantingAline has me hooked on yet another of her series and I couldn t be happier Just the right amount of heart melting romance, smoking hot sex, lovable characters, drama, suspense, mystery, laughter, and a HEA I can always tell a great book when after I m finished reading, I m still thinking about the story and characters and have trouble moving on to another book So good Definitely a keeper to be reread BEST OF THE BEST rating Copy provided by Ellora s Cave thank you so much

Aline Hunter is the alias of multi published author J.A Saare, who has written stories featured in horror magazines, zombie romance anthologies and flash fiction contests Her work has a notable dark undertone, which she credits to her love of old eighties horror films, tastes in music and choices in reading, and has been described as full of sensual promise, gritty and sexy and a breath of

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