Zombies at Tiffanys

Zombies at Tiffanys Kat Lightfoot Thought That Getting A Job At The Famed Tiffany S Store In New York Would Be The End To Her Problems She Has Money, New Friends, And There S Even An Inventor Working There Who Develops New Weapons From Clockwork, And Who Cuts Diamonds With A Strange Powered Light This Is , After All, And Such Things Are The Wonder Of The AgeBut Then Events Take A Turn For The Worse Men And Women Wander The Streets Talking Of The Darkness Bodies Vanish From Morgues Across Town And Random, Bloody Attacks On Innocent People Take Place In Broad DaylightSoon Kat And Her Friends Are Fighting For Their Lives Against A Horde Of Infected People, With Only Their Wits And Ingenuity To Help ThemA Steampunked Story Of Diamonds, Chutzpah, Death And Horror From The Blood Drenched Pen Of Sam Stone

Mistress of the grisly and the glutinous GRAHAM MASTERTON A deceptively readable date with darkness watch your step This book is lit for the much discerning chick and cock who likes to walk in the shadows Relax with it, but be prepared for sudden jewels and little masterpieces and the rug to be pulled from under your feet TANITH LEE on Killing Kiss.GENRE AUTHOR.BIOGRAPHYEDUCAT

[Ebook] ➩ Zombies at Tiffanys  By Sam   Stone – Uc0.info
  • Paperback
  • 185 pages
  • Zombies at Tiffanys
  • Sam Stone
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9781845830724

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    Zombies, steampunk and diamonds I knew when I saw this book at the Sci Fi weekender that I had to read it It s set at the time of the American civil war where a zombie outbreak starts spreading in New York Kat Lightfoot, a young woman who has just started working at Tiffany s, takes refuge from the zombie hordes at work with a mismatched group of her colleagues and customers.I like that Sam Stone has not followed the usual zombie rules, and has created something different and unexpected here The heroine is intelligent and interesting, and I cared about what happened to her The mix of steampunk and horror works well and results in a short, exhilarating read that I enjoyed every moment of.

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    kindle The Walking Dead script writers should read this there is a cure for zombie bites.

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    This is a cute and quickly read young adult zombie and steampunk book Sensible ladies, interesting weapons and a unusual take on the zombie concept My teenage self would have loved this one as an adult I find it an ok and pleasant read but would have preferred a deeper and longer story to really become engaged in it.

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    I m a huge fan of Sam Stone and after buying this book, couldn t wait to crack on with it On Saturday night, I started reading Zombies at Tiffany s her steampunk Zombie Novella, and despite being extremely tempted to stay up reading all night, I reluctantly put the book down at 11pm and returned to it the next day By mid afternoon on Sunday I d finished the 180 page novella I simply hadn t been able to put the book down I m not normally interested in Novella s if I m honest I can count the number I ve read on one hand There s just something about them that doesn t appeal to me But now I m thinking I just haven t read the right ones This novella was fast paced, had the speed and momentum of a short story and yet still maintained the breadth of character and well developed plot that you usually only find in the best novels.The heroine of the novel, Kat Lightfoot is instantly likable You can tell from the moment you meet her that there s to this woman than being a shop girl at Tiffany s She s beyond her time She s destined for something I like heroines like that They re few and far between in horror literature these days, gradually being replaced with weak women in need of rescuing by Supernaturally powerful men Sam Stone doesn t go there with her literature She s all for empowering her female characters It makes her books much interesting reads.I m being careful not to reveal too much of the plot here, but the Zombies in this Novella are brilliant, a real surprise They jump off the page, feel real, in that, this could really happen kind of way And there s a whole aspect to do with cats that I thought was really inspired.For anybody who hasn t read any of Sam Stone s books yet, this is a brilliant introduction to her work Everybody, go out and buy it If not for yourself, then as a Christmas present for the Horror fan in your life.

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    Having previously read all of Sam Stone s other books with the exception of Silent Sand, which I will be reading very soon as I have just ordered it, I had to pre order Zombies At Tiffany s as I just could not wait to read it I have to say I was definately not disappointed with this I sat and read it from start to finish as I could not put the book down I was so engrossed in it I loved everything about the book from the amazing cover art to the zombie who would only eat kosher brains which I thought was just brilliant and possibly my favourite part of the book as for me it just brought a bit of humour into all the horror The whole story is brilliantly written and I love that Sam does not shy away from the blood and gore like some authors sometimes do Sam Stone is definately right up at the top of my favourite author list and I would definately recommend her books to anyone that loves to read horror and doesn t mind a bit of blood and gore.

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    Zombies at Tiffany s is an enjoyable novella and a thrilling new world to be plunged into.It s set in the US at the time of the civil war and features Kat a young lady who is employed at Tiffany s Sam Stone has put her own spin on the zombie mythos with some interesting features, that I hadn t come across before I m not a Zombie expert though.Added to the mix is a smattering of steampunk which makes for a heady enjoyable mashup of genres.It s a pacey read and short, with plenty of gore for the horror fans, some inventive machinery for the steampunks and a few knowing winks to fans of Holly Golightly I read it in two bursts and had a great time One I would definitely recommend, I d love to hear from Kat, Martin, George and Holly the cat.

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    The writing is really well done and the story kept me engaged the whole time The concept of dialight and diamond bullets was really interesting and I am always a sucker for any kind of steampunk and this book had some cool guns and an airship The only thing keeping this from being a 4 star for me is the cheesy idea behind the cats That was just a bit too silly for my taste.

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    Loved it

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    I have to say that the description tells you everything you need to know about this book The setting is wonderfully done, and the author did a pretty good job of making me care for the characters That being saidI really wanted from the book somehow The end resolution took place very quickly, in almost a Deus Ex Machina kind of way which was disappointing to me as the build up of the story had been so well done I really wish that there had been time spent on the ending Overall I love this book, but wish that there had been time spent on the finish.

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    I had been very curious to read this book, since it had been ages that I had read anything in this Genre I was not disappointed, the story held me spellbound until the last page and my appetite to read now the whole Saga of that adorable character Kat Lightfoot and her friends Miss Stone knows how to keep her readers entertained The story takes place in the 19th century in New York yet the writer chooses a fresh and modern writing style which is delightful and suits the heroine.As a reader one would love to be just for a day Kat Lightfoot We wonder what Kat s reaction would be if she would be catapulted into the 21th Century to walk in New York of today She who feels evil like no other I loved the book and I will recommend it to my friends who have an open mind to get to know this very talented Author.

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