Jagannath Enter The Strange And Wonderful World Of Swedish Sensation Karin Tidbeck With This Feast Of Darkly Fantastical Stories Whether Through The Falsified Historical Record Of The Uniquely Weird Swedish Creature Known As The Pyret Or The Title Story, Jagannath, About A Biological Ark In The Far Future, Tidbeck S Unique Imagination Will Enthrall, Amuse, And Unsettle You How Else To Describe A Collection That Includes Cloudberry Jam, A Story That Opens With The Line I Made You In A Tin Can Marvels, Quirky Character Studies, And Outright Surreal Monstrosities Await You In What Is Likely To Be One Of The Most Talked About Short Story Collections Of The YearTidbeck Is A Rising Star In Her Native Country, Having Published A Collection There In Swedish, Won A Prestigious Literary Grant, And Just Sold Her First Novel To Sweden S Largest Publisher A Graduate Of The Iconic Clarion Writer S Workshop At The University Of California, San Diego, In , Her Publication History Includes Weird Tales, Shimmer Magazine, Unstuck Annual And The Anthology Odd

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Jagannath book, this is one of the most wanted Karin Tidbeck author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 114 pages
  • Jagannath
  • Karin Tidbeck
  • English
  • 18 January 2019

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    Kitap hakk nda fikir belirtenler aras nda tuhaf kurgunun yeni y z n n new weird ustas ve bir nevi atas olan China Mi ville i de g r yoruz Fakat g r nce hi a rm yoruz, nk benim i in bu kitap tuhaf kurgunun harika bir rne iydi.Elbette a da sve edebiyat olarak da okunabilir bu kitap Bence her kesimden okura hitap ediyor Ancak Mi ville diyor ya hani, Sade ve canl , temkinli ve tuhaf O da beni destekliyor yahu sve , edebiyat bak m ndan daha nce hi bir eserini okumad m bir k lt r Bu k lt rle bu kitap sayesinde tan mam ne de g zel oldu Kal plara s mayan bir zihin Karin Tidbeck ve her bir yk s derin bir hayal g c ve edebi yetene in kar m.Bu k c k kitap bir de st ne cici bir cilde sahip Sadece ciltli se ene i var Ne de g zel olmu ok da yak m K t phanenizde i erdi i s ra d yk ler kadar, cildi ve kapa yla da ayr ks l n g sterecek Bask kalitesi de ayn ekilde ziyadesiyle g zel.Elbette aralar nda be enmedi im yk ler de var Ancak hmm diyerek okudu um yk lerdi onlar Fazla etkilenmeden, ama s k lmadan da Oysa b y k k sm na adeta a k oldum.Kitab n a l yk s ve ayn zamanda da konusuyla kitaba ad n veren Beatrice isimli hikaye esere g zel bir ba lang yapt r yor Hele o giri c mlesi yok mu, Doktor Franz Hiller bir zepline k oldu Bu kitaba bir ans verin derim Hem tuhaf kurgu ad na ok de erli, hem de a da sve edebiyat ile tan mak i in harika bir f rsat eviri Eserin evirisini gayet ba ar l buldum Bir iki tane yaz m hatas vard , ama sorun de il evirmen T lin Er ve edit r n n eline sa l k.S ra d , daha nce okuduklar n za benzemeyen eyler g rmek, duymak ve koklamak i in bu kitaba bir ans verin Benden s ylemesi.

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    Where do they keep coming from Over the last handful of weeks I ve read Near Far by Cat Rambo, At the Mouth of the River of Bees by Kij Johnson, and Errantry Strange Stories by Elizabeth Hand three new collections of short stories, all from small presses, all by female authors, and all superb And then, just when I think it can t get any better, along comes Karin Tidbeck s debut collection Jagannath, which may just be the best one of the bunch If you take into account that this is Tidbeck s debut collection in English and that it was translated from Swedish to English by the author herself, it s hard not to be awed by the sheer level of talent on display here.Read the entire review on my site Far Beyond Reality

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    This volume is so short that it s barely a book 134 pages Are these all of the short stories that Tidbeck s written Why not put in This is not enough I hope that her other writing is translated into English, because this is an excellent if brief collection.I would highly recommend these stories for fans of Kelly Link and Theodora Goss As well as Ursula LeGuin, who blurbed it, and Elizabeth Hand, who wrote the introduction Contains Beatrice If you love someone, set them free If they don t come back oh well A steampunk tale of a man in love with an airship and a woman in love with a steam engine Bizarre, disturbing, and an incisive commentary of the different types of feelings which we might call love Some Letters for Ove Lindstrom An estranged son finds his alcoholic father dead, and writes letters thinking back to when everything went wrong when his mother disappeared An effective mix of modern day sensibilities and folklore.Miss Nyberg and I A glimpse out of the corner of an eye turns into a story that might be true than its author guessed.Rebecka What if God insisted on repeatedly saving a suicidal person, refusing to let them take their own life What extremes might that person be driven to A fantastic story that captures the harrowing feeling of friendship with a suicidal person Herr Cederberg Escape from the cruelty of this world in an airship Or is it a metaphor for suicide Or is it transcendence Reminded me of a less fleshed out version of Theodora Goss The Wings of Meister Wilhelm Who Is Arvid Pekon A man is employed in a call center where the job involves pretending to be whoever it might be that the caller wishes to speak to That s weird But it gets weirder.Brita s Holiday Village A journal from a writer who takes a cottage in the off season to get some work done in peace and quiet, and unexpectedly encounters something fragile and amazing.Reindeer Mountain Two sisters, rivals A conflict over a family heirloom A family tale, folklore about the mysterious Sidhe like vittra One girl has always dreamed of other worlds She d be delighted to be swept off by a fairy lover to under the hill But that s not what happens.Cloudberry Jam Reminded me of a warped version of Thumbelina A woman creates herself a child but it s not a real human child, and can t be what she wants.Pyret A faux encyclopedia entry on an imaginary creature, read like it belongs in one of Jeff VanDerMeer s collections.Augusta Prima A look into what it might be like to live under a faery mound from a fairy s point of view Fairly horrifying.Aunts A further exploration of a element mentioned in passing in Augusta Prima Like the preceding story, strongly horrific, but also sad.Jagannath A very China Mieville esque story about a group of humans who have lived for generations inside a giant insect, dependent on it for every aspect of their lives But their Mother is dying Grotesque and memorable.

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    Please go to my blog for reviews www.jenchaosreviews.comJagannath By Karin TidbeckVintage Reissue Edition, February 6, 2018176 Pages, Paperback EditionFrom An award winning debut story collection by Karin Tidbeck, author of Amatka and heir to Borges, Le Guin, and Lovecraft.A child is born in a tin can A switchboard operator finds himself in hell Three corpulent women float somewhere beyond time Welcome to the weird world of Karin Tidbeck, the visionary Swedish author of literary sci fi, speculative fiction, and mind bending fantasy who has captivated readers around the world Originally published by the small press Cheeky Frawg the passion project of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer Jagannath has been celebrated by readers and critics alike, with rave reviews from major outlets and support from lauded peers like China Mi ville and even Ursula K Le Guin herself These are stories in which fairies haunt quiet towns, and an immortal being discovers the nature of time stories in which anything is possible Goodreads Rating 4.08 My Rating 4.00Review A collection of some reasonably short stories fantastically written and translated, that capture the imagination in odd ways The first story Beatrice sets the tone for the rest of the book A man is in love with an airship A woman is in love with a steam engine Together, they learn to live in the same warehouse tending to their secrets One day, there is a tragedy, and the man is left by himself fostering a strange daughter with his airship Somehow, and only an imagination so fantastical, so deep could come up with something like this, there is communication between the child and the airship The child is not wholly human..also strange.The story is not long I think it is only about 15 pages in length However, the strange story and almost disturbing content were beautifully written and something that led me to read stories in this short anthology.Many things separate each story from one another In the way that Stephen King puts together a book of stories, each one is distinct, with characters which are dynamic, prose that is unmatched and contains some things that are unsuitable for young people I was awed, shocked and inspired by each I have not read anything like this at all It reminded me of folk tales or fairy tales, but for adults The magic and strange circumstances that the characters find themselves in seem so odd, but part of their lives.Drawn from Nordic and European folklore and an active imagination, Jagannath, is a collection that anyone who loves fantasy and the strange should read.Writing Written originally in Swedish, Ms Tidbeck s mother tongue and later translated to English by the author herself, this book is written so well one cannot help but continue to read it The prose in the stories is smooth and fanciful evoking images of things that only a great writer can do I was in awe with the way she was able to do that If I die and come back as a writer, I want to write like that.Plots I say plots because there are several stories to talk about Ms Tidbeck makes sure to develop a storyline which is easy to follow, characters that are well fleshed out and, a plot that ties up correctly in the end Each story is done well, and there is no abandonment I was not a fan of the letters, but they are chronological and make sense They make a story in and of themselves I usually find letters and epistolic works to be annoying or jerky, but she does this quite well.What I Liked The imagination that went into each story was terrific If I tapped into the darkest or craziest recesses of my mind, I might be able to come up with some of the things she has in this book but, I was entertained I thought she handled the folklore and intertwined that with her imagination quite well I liked that the most.What I Didn t Like I would have liked longer stories, explanation on some of these Though they were all quite good, I think 15 pages, sometimes shorter, sometimes a little longer, was not enough I, of course, being used to reading quite long books, short stories are hard for me to digest When I read a short story, I am always disappointed that there isn t any of that particular storyline left.Overall Impression Jagannath is an impressive read A well written anthology by a very creative mind While combining folklore of the days past with her crazy imagination, this book has been given a life of its own I think this is perfect for lovers of fantasy and speculative fiction I rated this a 4.00.

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    Short stories Oh oh.I ve become quite wary of short story collections Wary of the promise of condensed stories and pacey plots that so often on arrival turns out to actually be a bunch of inconclusive narrative fragments that go nowhere.So many of the collections I ve read can be summed up with yeah, there are a couple of good stories here hardly a ringing recommendation and while I ve read many good short works they re often surrounded by pages and pages of material I would rather not have trudged through.However, despite my trepidations Jagannath Karin Tidbeck s collection was a pleasant surprise It s a satisfying, fun and consistently entertaining read.There are some really lively stories in Jagannath, infused with the cold, perpetual sunlight of Scandanavian summers and the long darkness of their brutal winters There is obsession and murder, strange creatures from Nordic myth, men and women who fall in love with machines.I love reading books by non Anglosphere writers as there is often a subtle flavour to their writing that is absent from writers closer to my cultural home The spice and heat of Rushdie s subcontinent, the politics and oppressive history of Cixin Liu s China, and now the Scandie chill of Karen Tidbeck From the first few pages there are some real winners here and Beatrice sets the tone well with an odd tale of a man and a woman who fall in love respectively with an airship and a steam engine, devoting their lives to these objects and maintaining real relationships with them.The title story Jagannath is one of the strongest and strangest , focusing on a post apocalyptic group who survive on the inside of what appears to be a giant cockroach, living entire lives tending the creature s bowels, muscles and brain In its claustrophobia and the central character s unawareness of the outside world it reminded me of Glenn Wool s Silo, albeit a biological version where the workers spend their days palpitating lengths of intestine, rather than maintaining power plants.Other stories, such as Brita s Holiday Village mix wonder with a sense of foreboding, while the grim Rebekah is pretty much a straight horror story set in a world where God intervenes directly in people s lives, to the point of thwarting their suicide attempts.Tidbeck has real talent, and the best of these stories are well worth your time There are a couple that don t go anywhere particularly interesting, and one or two left me cold, but overall this is a solid collection, much stronger than many others I have read Tidbeck is a skilled storyteller, never once missing a beat, flubbing a sentence or breaking a reader s suspension of disbelief an impressive feat considering she is writing in her second language.3.5 chilly, woollen clad stars.

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    Tuhaf kurgu s z bir kitaba ancak bu kadar yak abilirdi nk bu derlemeyi tan mlayabilecek en isabetli s zc k bu tuhaf Ama kesinlikle yanl anla lmas n ak ldan kolay kolay kmayacak, benli inize i leyecek ve daha fazlas n arzulaman za neden olacak bir tuhafl k bu Hikayelerin pek o unu tamamlad ktan sonra Ben ne okudum diye sordum kendime Ama Niye okudum demedim asla Ger i kapa nda hem Ursula Le Guin den hem de China Mieville den birer vg koparan bir kitaptan daha az beklenemezdi zaten.Kitab n bende ok hafif de olsa Alacakaranl k Ku a etkisi yaratt n da s ylemeden ge emeyece im Benim gibi dinazorlar n ok iyi hat rlayaca zere Alfred Hitchcock un o me hur dizisinde birbirinden tuhaf, a klanamaz ve rk t c bir s r ey olur, bizleri hayretler i inde b rak r, ama hi bir ey tam anlam yla a klanmazd Olanlar oldu u gibi kabul etmek zorunda kal rd k Bu da daha tekinsiz ve sevilesi bir tat katard ova te Zeplin de onun gibi, ama daha fantastik yi ki okudum

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    Qu gozada de colecci n, me ha encantado, una aut ntica joya.Me llevaba la vida desde hac a mucho tiempo, me lo encontraba por todas partes, uno de esos libros que parece que te persiguen, pero no fue hasta que hace poco le unos comentarios de China Mi ville en los que lo pon a por las nubes que ya no pude resistirme m s y lo compr La verdad es que, aunque tienen estilos diferentes, los dos autores tienen bastantes similitudes las ideas totalmente novedosas, relatos llenos de fantas a diferente, chocante, ese plantear ideas m s que desarrollar una historia, muchas veces inquietantes, retorcidas, surrealistas ser eso que llaman el new weird.Me lo he le do en ingl s, y es muy interesante la nota final de la autora, donde cuenta lo dif cil que es publicar fantas a en Suecia, y c mo comenz a escribir en ingl s y autotraducirse.

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    Le do por segunda vez me sigue pareciendo tan enorme como la primera y uno de los mejores libros de relatos de autor nico que he le do Me gusta como, entre todos los cuentos, establecen una gradaci n de la intensidad de lo fant stico, por decirlo de alg n modo, de lo fant stico a lo maravilloso desde relatos sutilmente ambiguos en los que que la posibilidad de lo sobrenatural depende de la interpretaci n del autor hasta otros ambientados en mundos de fantas a.Esto funciona, claro, porque Tidbeck tiene un dominio brutal del lenguaje y de c mo narrar Adem s, todos relatos tienen una personalidad muy marcada Es, exactamente, el tipo de literatura fant stica que me gusta.Me alegra mucho que Nevsky Prospects lo haya publicado en Espa a, es uno de aquellos otro es Raising Stony Mayhall, de Daryl Gregory que me gusta poder compartir con todo el mundo.Excelente.

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    So this is a collection I think I would class as bizarro fiction and that s a first for me I picked this up after hearing a few of my friends liked it, and I am very glad that I did becuase Karin Tidbeck s stories have such a unique feel to them that I instantly knew I d found a good collection.The author of these stories is Swedish, but she writes in both Swedish and English and sometimes leaves Swedish words in the English stories so that the meaning is not lost in translation All of her stories had a distinctly nordic feeling to them, but this was interesting to me and definitely a plus Some of the stories in the middle were quite short and blurred a little together for me, but there were some at the beginning and end which really were wonderful The ones I most enjoyed included Beatrice A story about a man who falls in love with a hot air balloon.Rebecka A dark story of a girl who has suffered and doesn t know how to break the suffering.Who is Arvid Pekon A story of a phone operator who has to imitate people and yet who doesn t really know himself.Brita s Holiday Village A story of vittra and red dresses and a family with madness in its history.Cloudberry Jam A young narrater who grows a companion only to see the companion develop in strange ways.Augusta Prima An Alice in Wonderland inspired story about time and what it means.Aunts An incredibly gory story which really was fascinating.Jagannath An almost steampunk story which focused on a giant being inhabited by small workers to make it run smoothly.Of all of these I think Jagannath, Augusta Prima and Beatrice are my three favourites, but there are some great other ones too I would highly recommend this collection and it really made me think a little about some of the meanings behind the stories I gave this a 4 s overall.

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    Nem u se zbavit my lenek na to, co v echno m e lov k d lat, kdy se nikdo ned v.T in ct pov dek, kter se vzp raj b n m nrov m katulk m ne Pasuj do fantasy a ni magick ho realismu V echny do jedn jsou toti Jak to napsat slu n po ahan P vabn a podmaniv po ahan , pln seversk nekompromisnosti Pokud od sv literatury vy adujete pochopen co cht l autor ci i fin ln zadostiu in n , tak se Sob ho e velk m obloukem vyhn te Pokud si vysta te ist s pocity a momenty, proto e v m nevad nechat se un et kr sou jazyka a bezb ehou imaginac , kter se m sty op j sebou sama a jindy se motivy trochu opakuj , ov em v dy je n padit , origin ln a sv , tak si k n naopak najd te co nejkrat cestu Beatrice 4 5 Ach ta l ska, sam mechanick probl my p in Dopisy Ove Lindstr movi 5 5 Kondenzovan seversk nostalgie und melancholie.Sle na Nybergov a j 3 5 I m Groot Rebeka 5 5 Kdy natruc B h neodpov d na va e dotazy pro dopustil to i ono.Pan Cederberg 2 5 Brundib r wannabe Kafka.Kdo je Arvid Pekon 4 5 Hal Hal Sublimace call centrem.Britina pr zdninov vesni ka 4 5 P ijela Psala Snila Odjela.Sob hora 3 5 P li oby ejn prost tuctov historka o elf m lidu, co ta p edchoz je t , ale l pe zpracovan.Moru kov d em 3 5 Variace na I m Groot Pyret 5 5 Dizerta ka na t ma cthulhu kuka ky mezi n mi.Augusta Prima 4 5 Alenka v i div naruby.Tety 4 5 Jang k jing p edchoz pov dky.D agann th 4 5 Kolob h ivota jako dernick verze Byl jednou jeden ivot.

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