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The Bookstore I feel real sympathy for the author after reading her Goodreads profile and her interview in the end of the book.However I felt that this book is trying to push itself away from chicklit just by dropping a huge array names that the majority of readers has not heard of in an attempt to look smart When that happens, most of the readers don t understand the references which are actually very smart indeed and are not able to connect with Esmee or the other characters.Esmee is doing her PhD, I can relate with her struggles and academic dreams but I didn t feel anything for her or any of the other characters The whole book revolves about other people s feelings towards her and I did not see r felt any warmth Every emotional scene felt extremely detached Brooding tortured Mitchell was a regular douche bag, but his attitudes did not make any sense If a smart person like Esmee had met someone like him she had run Luke Another brooding and detached man However, the only interactions he has with Esmee are kind and warm and we are only aware he doesn t like her because she repeats it endlessly Also there are random sentences in the middle of Esmee s mental ramblings that are completely misplaced or maybe I just did not understand them at all.Despite all this, I loved the New York descriptions and the connection Esmee has with her baby.I feel Deborah Myler can write much better books, however she has to workin the way the readers can connect to her characters. When I saw this one on NetGalley I thought it would be the perfect book for me As a lover of books and quirky old book shops, I was instantly interested in finding outabout one set in New York This was a really strange book from beginning to end At points, I really struggled to keep going and was tempted to put it down but the strangeness is what kept me going I wanted to find out how muchridiculous it could get.I just could not get my head around how stupid protagonist Esme was Somehow she s supporting herself through studying in New York She has a super rich boyfriend who is an absolute arse to her but she s determined to stay with him because she just can t see what an idiot he is When he does find out about the baby, he tries to get her to have an abortion, acts like an arse once again and then at some point, proposes in the middle of a crowded restaurant Honestly, who would have stayed with a man like that Esme, that s who So, after Esme finds out that she s pregnant, she talks her way into having a part time job at The Owl, a pretty run down second hand book shop which is pretty much filled with crazy people I have no idea why anyone would have taken Esme on considering she only has a student visa and she s pregnant Surely that would never happen Not only that, but the book shop has nice enough staff but seems to become a second home to homeless guys and drunks Not the safest place for a pregnant lady to be hanging out now is it There are plenty of situations and events that happen while Esme is at work and I just didn t understand what was going on She s often alone with one of the homeless guys who then tells her to go get something to eat five blocks away and to leave the shop with him Who would do that So, with a mix of insane characters you would think that this book would have an amazing plot to make up for that but it doesn t The plot pretty much is just about Esme making bad decisions in regards to her pregnancy and her future with Mitchell There is nothing funny or even remotely exciting about The Bookstore and instead, it was just weird I can t really recommend this one because even though I finished it, I didn t really enjoy it. Every blink is an elegyThis was very reminiscent of The Storied Life of A.J Fikry, but instead of a bookseller protagonist, this one has a young woman, who finds unlikely sanctuary in The Owl, a second hand bookstore Esme is a young English girl, studying art history in Columbia, New York, where she somehow can t shake off the feeling that she s perpetually a fish out of water In her strange new environment, she meets and begins a relationship with an economics professor, Mitchell, who s ten years older than her As the book started off, I found it to be cold and clinical, like an analysis, stating the emotions, but holding me at arm length, preventing me from actually feeling anything But as I delved deeper and got used to the author s style of writing, I appreciated its restrained manner and quiet humor It s subtle, slow paced and peaceful Not in a sleep inducing way, mind you The writing makes you think and the author s words come alive so effortlessly in your imagination, but it isn t flowery or overwhelming Her manner of speaking has some sort of affinity with dandelion clocks her words float gently in the powdery air of her living room without any seeming intentEsme is such a wonderful character She appears meek and shy initially, but is in fact so muchthan anyone gives her credit Her worries, her fears, her apprehensions and even her most intimate thoughts are laid bare for us to witness I normally don t like this, but here it has worked wonders.Also, I wasn t expecting this book to be funny, but it was Not like rolling on the floor with tears of laughter type, butlike an occasional chuckle Everyone congratulates the pregnant woman So I congratulate the girl She smiles, but looks embarrassed The man smiles too, and rubs his other hand on her rounded tummy Thanks, he says, but we had our baby two days ago Oh well, thencongratulations I say I hope there isn t another one in there that they ve not noticedThe name of this book might beThe Bookstore , but it largely focuses on the toxic relationship between Esme and Mitchell All of us know that one friend relative who s in a relationship with someone who s emotionally abusive or cold and manipulative, but Mitchell beats them all I ve never read anyone like him before His character study was fascinating, but horrifying and cringe worthy at the same time view spoiler Mitchell finds it okay to lust after girls in Esme s presence even though she finds it uncomfortable At one point he suggests a threesome with another girl they meet at a coffee shop and when Esme refuses, he stops talking to her On top of this, Esme blames herself for this incident when they break up She s a human being with basic rights Of course she can refuse something she doesn t want, you sick scumbag hide spoiler My taste in books is varied, preferring literary fiction most of the time, but I do partake in reading two or three chick lit books a year Sometimes I find them shallow and silly, but every once in awhile I find a character I fall in love with Esme, the 23 year old, British transplant seeking her PhD in art history at Columbia, is definitely one of those characters She s intelligent she would have to be to capture a full scholarship at Columbia , but young and terribly na ve in the ways of the world, particularly the ways of love It s this combination of personality traits that won my heart in The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler The story begins with Esme coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy Soon she seeks employment at The Owl, a used bookstore, barely holding its head above water in the current world of the e commerce and e readers It s here that Esme finds an odd mix of friends and co workers who will ground her during this unexpected turn her life has taken.The cast of characters is lovable as well I d even go so far as to say there s not a bad one in the bunch Oh, except for Esme s boyfriend and his wealthy, entitled family They will turn your heart cold, and for good reason New York City, the setting of The Bookstore, is a character in this story as well The energy and diversity of Manhattan will make you yearn to visit the city with fresh, young eyes The Bookstore is a modern story Esme finds herself unexpectedly pregnant early in the novel Because of this you should expect a good bit of reflection on whether she should have the baby If this sort of rumination is difficult for you to handle, I suggest you skip The Bookstore completely For those who venture in, this story offers many scenes that sparkle and shine You ll also get to see these characters grow, as life and its challenges mold them Whatcan you ask from a novel.Highly Recommended 4 Note I received an advance copy of The Bookstore from Gallery Books for review, but my thoughts here are an honest expression of my reaction to this novel. Read my 4.5 stars review on MINA S BOOKSHELF managed to do with this book something I haven t been able to achieve in a very long timereading the whole thing in one uninterrupted sitting Yes, it was that good and engaging And it s a debut novel, so kudos to this British author for finding her distinctive voice and her way to my bookworm heart at her first release The Bookstore had several features that appealed to my reader s sensitivity the introspective tones, the numerous literary references, the heroine s personality sweet, naive, and yet smart and articulate , the vivid characterization of supporting cast all extremely likable, humane, memorable, and three dimensional in their quirkiness , strong sense of space and the loving portrayal of a community New York, The Owl bookstore and its patrons that shields and supports Esme throughout her heartaches and some difficult life altering decisions I think that labeling Deborah Meyler s debut novel as fluffy chick lit doesn t really do justice to the graceful and intelligent outpouring of emotions that the author delivered in quite an effortless way The Bookstore reads easily and pleasantly Had the author pulled the strings of Esme s emotional resolution a littletightly at the end, it would have been just perfect I will certainly readfrom this author A very promising debut. This is, hands down, the worst book I ve read this year That s saying something, given how picky I am The only maybe positive thing about the book is that I m not the target audience As usual I got suckered in by the promise of a book about books And I didn t think that a single mom to be making it alone would hurt How wrong I was There s nothing really right with the book Not even the title The Bookstore Doormat would have beenappropriate There s a pregnant woman, and the man she wuvs after about three weeks of sex with him She stays in wuv with him throughout her pregnancy during which she has to take a jilting, exhortations to abort the baby, a proposal immediately followed by douchebaggery, payment to abort the baby, hissy fits, an order to get in a threesome when she s six months pregnant,hissy fits, and finally an ultimate jilting Thank heavens that the man isn t interested in this bimbo any, or else there would beof the same A vapid personality, no common sense and absolutely no self respect These seem to be the qualities that our lovely heroine has This ostrich headedness isn t limited to her relationship She and her bookstore boss talk about a poor person whose rent went up by seven and a half percent That isn t much , comes the response from the Columbia scholarship holder who thinks if a person can afford a dollar, they can afford seven and a half centsIf this was a real person I was talking to, I would have smacked them silly The things that come out of her mouth And being British, I d think she would beaware of classism than an average American would, but no she s oblivious, even after a 1001 not at all subtle hints I have no idea why this is termed chick lit It s written for self satisfied, smug men No matter how badly they treat a woman, the woman will always be there when and where they want her to be The writing barely goes beyond pedestrian, the plotting is atrocious, the characters other than lover girl and boy are stock and not interesting Her pregnancy All the bad things seem to happen to her, but at the end the baby is born Yay I m truly sorry for the baby 1 star and if I m lucky, I ll forget I ever read this.Edit Darling Esme happens to want a job She is pregnant and has no work visa The first place she goes to, she explains all these things, and the owner of said place says, and I paraphrase, you sound like our perfect employee and gives her a job I m pregnant, and I don t have a work visa I should try this technique out in the nearest bookstore with the dead owl dust Who am I to say no to a job which pays me 70 bucks a day to lose all book sale proceeds to a homeless person I left in charge while I went to get coffee I received a copy of this book for review via NetGalley. So I don t usually read books that involve pregnancy, childbirth or kids, but the summary for this book intrigued me, so I decided to give it a shot.I probably should have stuck to my rule.I liked Esme, until she went back on her original decision and became that woman who said she d do one thing and then turned around and did the opposite I realize love blinds you to a person s faults, but there s only so many times I can stick with a person s decision before it just becomes moronic Unfortunately for Esme, she fell into moronic territory about halfway through the book.I liked the bookstore and the quirky customers and employees there Luke was really the only reason I kept reading to the end, even though it was an anti ending.I wouldn t recommend this book, unless I knew someone liked the type of story that trailed along as a person experienced different things and grew a bit until the story kind of puttered out to a vague ending I don t actually know someone who likes that well, maybe my mother , but in case I ever do, I have this book on stand by. A better title would have been, A Twenty Three Year Old Art Student at Columbia Gets Pregnant by a Guy Who Is a Caricature of a Complete Jerk, and She Remains in Love With Him For No Discernible Reason Until He Dumps Her for a Second Time, at Which Point She Has the Baby and Realizes Real Love Was Right in Front of Her Eyes in the Form of a Sensitive Guitar Playing Co Worker at the Bookstore Where They Both Work George, who owned the bookstore, was the most interesting person in the book. I read this advanced copy sent to the store I work at A free book does not a great review make.Oh, boy I wanted to love it I work in a bookstore, so I was looking forward to quirky customer stories, and odd coworker stories, and finding a family of fellow booklovers who will bolster Esme and support her through her pregnancy until the doodlehead boyfriend comes to his senses.Yeah, well, NO.Esme seemed sweet Impressionable, yes, a bit naive, yes, but not dumb Cambridge and Columbia for art history It s very specific, very subjective, and to the un art educated like me can seem a bit pretentious I was looking forward to a bit of art history so I could maybe understand it better, and talking about the paintings that she was doing her thesis on, but her scads of work and many many lectures were barely touched upon, skimmed by, and by the end when Esme was presenting her major paper, it was hardly discussed at all.When she got a job in the bookstore, I was dying to hear the author s hilarious customer stories put into these characters Alas, no It was mostly sad rough stories about the various homeless men that frequented the store and vicinity Even her colleagues seemed pale characters Luke who plays guitar, Bruce who does something, and David maybe Whoever the teenager was Lots of B names and lots of D names, and they started to run together Get a book of baby names haha and pick some other letter for some variety.Then there s Mitchell Holy crap, manipulative bastard rich entitled man child with absolutely no impulse control and as presented, had no redeeming qualities except an inherited bank account There was not even a euphemistic version of a roll in the hay to illustrate him as an amazing lover to make even that part bearable There is no conceivable reason for Esme to love him except that she s grateful he pays attention to her when it s convenient to him He s a complete arse to her, at one point almost knocking a 6 month pregnant Esme out of bed on accident because she was trying to be loving on her terms.So, that leaves Esme Good grief honey, grow a f ing pair of balls and see Mitchell for the complete jerk he is and DUMP HIM You re supposed to be a clever girl I never got any sense of her personality from the whole book Fish out of water, British girl abroad, in the beginning Then even that awkward sense fades and she s just there Not talking about art, not learning about music or books, not seeming to have any worries or wonderments about the baby but just oh dearie me, Mitchell hasn t texted, whatever shall I do Even her concern for lacking money fades away as she lets Mitchell jerk her around for 300 pages.Their relationship is not quite as abusive as Bella and Edward s and thank heavens this is not a four book series but I was hoping for so muchthan this offered in the end I would not wish a miscarriage on any human in real life, but I found myself sincerely hoping this character would, just so she could go on with her life.Skip this and read something else. A Witty, Sharply Observed Debut Novel About A Young Woman Who Finds Unexpected Salvation While Working In A Quirky Used Bookstore In ManhattanImpressionable And Idealistic, Esme Garland Is A Young British Woman Who Finds Herself Studying Art History In New York She Loves Her Apartment And Is Passionate About The City And Her Boyfriend Her Future Couldn T Look Brighter Until She Finds Out That She S PregnantEsme S Boyfriend, Mitchell Van Leuven, Is Old Money Rich, Handsome, Successful, And Irretrievably Damaged When He Dumps Esme Just Before She Tries To Tell Him About The Baby She Resolves To Manage Alone She Will Keep The Child And Her Scholarship, While Finding A Part Time Job To Make Ends Meet But That Is Easier Said Than Done, Especially On A Student VisaThe Owl Is A Shabby, Second Hand Bookstore On The Upper West Side, An All Day, All Night Haven For A Colorful Crew Of Characters Handsome And Taciturn Guitar Player Luke Chester, Who Hyperventilates At The Mention Of Lolita George, The Owner, Who Lives On Protein Shakes And Idealism And A Motley Company Of The Timeless, The Tactless, And The Homeless The Owl Becomes A Nexus Of Good In A Difficult World For Esme But Will It Be Enough To Sustain Her Even When Mitchell, Repentant And Charming, Comes Back On The Scene A Rousing Celebration Of Books, Of The Shops Where They Are Sold, And Of The People Who Work, Read, And Live In Them, The Bookstore Is Also A Story About Emotional Discovery, The Complex Choices We All Face, And The Accidental Inspirations That Make A Life Worth The Reading

I was born in the grim but friendly north, in Manchester, within sight and hearing and inhalation distance of the M62, one of the busiest motorways in the country You can also see the Pennine hills from my bedroom window, which is still my bedroom window because my mum still lives there Things ticked along merrily for 17 years and then I went to Trinity College, Oxford I chose it because the ph

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