Thieves Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles, #2)

Thieves Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles, #2) Boston, Province Of Massachusetts Bay, September , Autumn Has Come To New England, And With It A New Threat To The City Of Boston British Naval Ships Have Sailed Into Boston Harbor Bearing Over A Thousand Of His Majesty King George III S Soldiers After A Summer Of Rioting And Political Unrest, The City Is To Be OccupiedEthan Kaille, Thieftaker And Conjurer, Is Awakened Early In The Morning By A Staggeringly Powerful Spell, A Dark Conjuring Of Unknown Origin Before Long, He Is Approached By Representatives Of The Crown It Seems That Every Man Aboard The HMS Graystone Has Died, Though No One Knows How Or Why They Know Only That There Is No Sign Of Violence Or Illness Ethan Soon Discovers That One Soldier A Man Who Is Known To Have Worked With Ethan S Beautiful And Dangerous Rival, Sephira Pryce Has Escaped The Fate Of His Comrades And Is Not Among The Graystone S Dead Is He The Killer, Or Is There Another Conjurer Loose In The City, Possessed Of Power Sufficient To Kill So Many With A Single Dark Casting Ethan, The Missing Soldier, And Sephira Pryce And Her Henchmen All Scour The City In Search Of A Stolen Treasure Which Seems To Lie At The Root Of All That Is Happening At The Same Time, Though, Boston S Conjurers Are Under Assault From The Royal Government As Well As From The Mysterious Conjurer Men Are Dying Ethan Is Beaten, Imprisoned, And Attacked With Dark SpellsAnd If He Fails To Unravel The Mystery Of What Befell The Graystone, Every Conjurer In Boston Will Be Hanged As A Witch Including Him

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thieves Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted D.B. Jackson author readers around the world.

[PDF / Epub] ✅ Thieves Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles, #2)  By D.B. Jackson –
  • Hardcover
  • 317 pages
  • Thieves Quarry (Thieftaker Chronicles, #2)
  • D.B. Jackson
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9780765327628

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    Main strengths of this book is the magic system and very good historic reseach merge together to create a very good urban fantasy mystery So well worth the read, if you want something different to enjoy.

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    Originally published at Reading RealityI plucked the first book in this series, Thieftaker, from the midst of the towering TBR pile back in February At the time, a book about pre Revolutionary America seemed like a good read for Presidents Day After the Fourth of July, earlier this week, it seemed like an appropriate time to dig out the second book in the series.And I m glad I did This was definitely the right book for the right time Again.Thieves Quarry takes place three years after the events in Thieftaker Which makes the year 1768, the year that the British, in their infinite wisdom, decided to teach those fractious colonists in Boston a lesson by occupying the city with British regulars Those muttering revolution mutter a whole lot louder as armed Redcoats stand on every street corner to watch the citizens Even Ethan, who began the series as a British loyalist, feels uneasy at the occupation and he s not alone.But in the case that forms the central mystery of Thieves Quarry, Ethan is working for the British Crown Not precisely as a thieftaker, although as he puts it, all the men were certainly robbed of their lives, but as a conjurer Someone killed every man aboard one of the British transport ships bringing troops to the colonies, and did it with an extremely powerful spell.It s up to Ethan to figure out who that powerful speller is, before the frustrated colonial Lieutenant Governor, Thomas Hutchinson, has Ethan and every conjurer in Boston hanged as a witch Which won t resolve ANY of the outstanding problems, nor will it trap the killer, but will give the restless populace something to focus on other than the occupation, and will have the added benefit of getting the Crown off of Hutchinson s back, as he will have done SOMETHING to resolve the issue Even if it doesn t solve anything at all.So Ethan finds himself in a race against time, trying desperately to figure out who committed this terrible crime, while the Sheriff, the Lieutenant Governor and his arch rival Sephira Pryce dog his every step when they are not out in front of him throwing roadblocks in his path.And in the end, he discovers that the answer is one that he should have known all along.Escape Rating B The author does an absolutely fantastic job of bringing pre Revolutionary Boston to life As we follow Ethan, it almost feels like the reader can not just see what he sees, but sometimes even smell what he smells Even when it smells really, really rank.So much of this story, in spite of the fantastical elements, rings true As do most of the characters While real historical figures play small parts in this story, notably Samuel Adams and the aforementioned Lieutenant Governor, all the characters feel like real people living in a real time and real place Except for one.For this reader, every time Sephira Pryce appears I have to grit my teeth and wait for her to step off the page again She does not feel like a real person, instead, she reads like a caricature of a female criminal mastermind ruthless, capricious, petulant, self indulgent and gorgeous Ethan s lingering descriptions of her looks each time she enters the scene get old I m only grateful that there s no will they, won t they chemistry between them, because frankly that would make me drop the series But there s just something about her that doesn t ring true, and it always bothers me.But the mystery in Thieves Quarry kept me turning pages until the very end And no, I didn t figure it out When Ethan finally unravels the whole mess, it s easy to see how he and we should have figured things out much, much sooner But didn t And that s marvelous.I enjoyed Thieves Quarry and its mystery as well as its gritty portrait of pre Revolutionary Boston Enough so that I may not manage to wait until the next appropriate holiday to pick up A Plunder of Souls Next Presidents Day is awfully far away.

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    This is the second book in a fantastic historical urban fantasy I loved it Ethan Kaille is an interesting character He is a Thieftaker, a conjurer who uses his magic to track down thieves and the stolen items I liked this eighteenth century gent He has a very sharp mind, and is quite talented as a magical detective He has a dark past, which gives him an air of mystery I downloaded this as an audio book, so I could listen to it while doing housework, or just before going to bed.The tale was again narrated by Jonathan Davis, who brought the characters and story alive with his narration I could listen to his voice for hours In fact, I did I became so involved in the story that I didn t realise how much time had gone by The story took me on a journey into eighteenth century Boston I am not a history buff, but I am interested in this period in America s early history The author has woven a wonderful tale into this backdrop.Ethan Kaille reminded me of Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden However, Ethan is very much his own character and has his own quirks and way of doing things He uses elemental magic earth, wind, water, air and fire for his spells It has been a pleasure watching this character grow in confidence with his conjuring abilities, and trying new spells.In this story, he is hired by the Customs office to investigate a mysterious mass murder on board a Royal Navy ship The mystery of the deadly conjuring sees Ethan facing even danger than ever before Meanwhile, Sephira Pryce, Ethan s nemesis and fellow Thieftaker, is determined to get clients by hiring her own conjurer The story has several twists and turns, which kept me hooked from beginning to end The descriptions of the characters and scenes brought Boston in 1768 to life I could picture it quite clearly I did, however, feel that some of the scenes were a little too long and drawn out at times However, that being said, there was plenty of action and danger with which to keep me interested and entertained There was one scene in particular that upset me Not because it was particularly gruesome or anything like that, but just because Ethan was rendered helpless and I wanted to rescue him Silly, hey The mystery of who was behind the deaths on the ship was a huge surprise I never guessed who the culprit was, and was totally shocked when they were revealed The end of the story has a twist that I didn t see coming, and has me looking forward to reading listening to the next book in the series, A Plunder of Souls as soon as possible.D.B Jackson has written a fantastic historical urban fantasy I loved his writing style, which was fast paced and action packed, and the story flowed wonderfully from beginning to end I would most definitely read of this author s books in the future.There are a few scenes of a sensual nature, though not explicit, and scenes of cutting for spell making that may upset some readers Therefore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers or those of a nervous disposition However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery, thriller or detective genres Lynn Worton

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHIEVES QUARRY is a follow up to my favorite urban fantasy novel of 2012, D.B Jackson s THIEFTAKER I started this book with high expectations and it somehow managed to exceed them.While it isn t necessary to have read THIEFTAKER before checking out THIEVES QUARRY Jackson does a great job of explaining things without boring those of us who have read the first novel , I highly recommend it just so you can enjoy seeing the changes the characters have gone through since the first novel.Anyway THIEVES QUARRY starts off quickly with our intrepid thieftaker Ethan Kaille finding himself tasked with investigating the deaths of everyone onboard one of King George III s Royal Navy vessels The pre Revolutionary War time period alone would make the stakes for this case incredibly high, but with the additional threat of having every conjurer in the city hanged if he fails the stakes are even higher for Ethan This isn t going to be an easy case and Ethan is going to need the help of every friend and spell he has in order to solve it.The mystery at the heart of THIEVES QUARRY is one of the best I ve come across in the urban fantasy genre Normally the mysteries in this genre aren t much of one and I m able to figure out what s what pretty early on That wasn t the case here It kept me guessing right along with Ethan up till the very end That fact also makes this a hard review to write With a mystery this good I don t want to give anything away and risk ruining it for anyone.What I can talk about is how much I loved the characters in this novel Heck, as good as the mystery was I d make the claim that the interactions between Ethan and the other characters especially his dealings with nemesis and fellow thieftaker Sephira Pryce are even better At times humorous, sometimes sad and always real, these are characters you re going to quickly find yourself attached to Jackson also does a great job of interweaving historical figures in to the narrative Normally when authors toss in real life folks into their novels I find it jarring and it takes me out of the story The fact it doesn t happen here with characters as well known as Samuel Adams among others is a credit to Jackson s skills as an author.It goes without saying that I highly recommend THIEVES QUARRY If you re looking for a great book curl up with while waiting for the fireworks this Fourth of July then look no further than this one.

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    I think I enjoyed this one than the first one.There was less repetition, I think Though I didn t read this one as I listened to the audiobook, so maybe I just didn t notice the repetition of threats from Sepheria Now, the baddy wasn t surprising to me.The plot did feel a little too reminiscent of plots in both Voyager and The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon mostly Voyager But all in all, I didn t feel like I was wasting my time reading it.Not sure about the narrator though as the accents just didn t feel right considering how people spoke back then Remember as Neil Gaiman says, we were all English back then And there would have been a lot English accents than American certainly not a modern accent as we know it.

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    Thieves Quarry is D.B Jackson s solid follow up to his first historical fantasy, Thieftaker, set in pre Revolutionary barely Boston In it, Jackson raises the stakes from the very start, beginning with a bit of a bang, as his protagonist Ethan Kaille is wakened one morning by an astonishingly powerful pulse of magic in the city Ethan s foreboding centered on that mysterious pulse is soon borne out as he is called in by the Crown to investigate the deaths of all the men, nearly a hundred, aboard an English war vessel floating in Boston Harbor, part of the fleet that brings an occupying force into the city in an attempt to quell the fractious colonists.As with the first book, the strength of Thieves Quarry lies in its characters Ethan is an engaging lead character, and as I mentioned in my review of Thieftaker, I greatly appreciate that Read More

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    The British military have landed an occupying force in the colonies and Ethan Kaille, Thieftaker, has been called to a British ship What he finds there nearly stops his heart The crew, down to the last man, is dead, not a mark upon them Kaille confirms that they have died at the hands of a conjurer and he is the Crown s favorite suspect.A murder mystery set against the turmoil of pre revolutionary Boston, Ethan Kaille is once again up against a powerful conjurer and it will be his wits, not his spellwork, that saves him Meanwhile, his nemesis, Saphira Pryce, has obtained her own conjurer, his family have decided he can be of use, and the conjurers of Boston are keeping Kaille at arms length It s one heck of a ride He and Harry Dresden can most definitely compare injuries.

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    Just as with the first in the series, this held my attention from the first page to the last Half of the time you spend guessing the next step and almost always, you re just a little wrong This one definitely felt like of a mystery than the first I m so excited for the 3rd and 4th, both sitting on my shelf, ready to have their dust jackets removed

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    I loved the first book in this series Urban fantasy set in a historical time period in the city I actually live in just appealed to me so much I really do wish there was historical urban fantasy It is awesome This book failed to capture my attention the way the first in the series did, and I m uncertain if it was due to the tone, the plot, or the audiobook narration.Ethan comes across as a bit insufferable in this entry than in the first Perhaps as an American and a Bostonian I just simply struggle to understand Loyalist leanings, but Ethan siding with the Crown over and over again, in spite of a literal military occupation just rubbed me the wrong way It takes him far too long to be irritated by this over reaction from the Crown, in spite of being on good terms with some of the Patriot leaders I suppose what it comes down to is that I could take his waffling in the first book when rebellion was just beginning to brew I thought he was closer to being on the Patriots side by the time period of this book, and he wasn t This would bother some readers less than it bothered me, I am sure.Similarly, I had a hard time caring about the plot I cared about Ethan solving the mystery in time to save the conjurers, but I simply didn t care who had killed the men on the occupation ship Everyone in the book, even the Patriots leaders, seemed to think it was this huge evil thing, and I just didn t care much one way or the other Part of this could be because I don t see the difference between casting a spell and murder in other ways, whereas the characters in the book do Part of it is that the reader never gets a chance to get to know anyone on the ship in a way that would make them sympathize It felt for a lot of the book like Ethan was investigating a calamity of war, rather than a crime, and that just made it a bit dull to me.All of that said, this book is a poor fit for an audiobook I am certain I would have enjoyed it better if I was reading it myself, in retrospect The pacing just isn t suited to an audiobook s speed I wanted it to go faster, and I did speed up the narration speed, but I couldn t speed it up too much or I d miss important things It was a bit frustrating, in spite of the narrator s talents at creating unique voices for each character, which is something I always appreciate.The ending of the book does speed up its pace, and the solution to the mystery is fascinating This saved the book for me, although I am uncertain if I will continue along in the series I may need to poke around and see if Ethan goes fully Patriot in the next book before I venture to pick it up.Overall, this entry in the series fails to live up to the first, although an interesting ending will still spur the reader on to the next entry in the series Readers who will be turned off by Loyalist leanings in a Revolutionary War book may wish to look elsewhere But those who simply enjoy seeing urban fantasy in a historic era will not be disappointed.Check out my full review Link will be live 9 22 15.

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    A day or two after Independence Day I noticed DB Jackson s new book Thieves Quarry was out I enjoyed Thieftaker quite a bit and thought what better way to celebrate the holiday than with his new Historical Urban Fantasy I have to say I was completely blown away I liked the first one a lot but feel that Thieves Quarry was even better I think this series might just be his best work yet which is saying a lot Winds of the Forelands along with it s sequel series Blood of the Southlands are two series that are among my favorites when it comes to fantasy.Once again DB Jackson proves that his world building is just as imaginative and strong as ever His education in History goes a long way to making the book feel authentic The magic is truly different and plausible I can almost imagine real Conjurers during our Pre Revolution days working as Theiftakers and soldiers His characters are extremely life like and three dimensional I love the fact that Ethan is a loyal citizen of England who up until events in this book has considered himself a Tory and not a Whig Certain events that take place during the story start to change his views and while he s still a proud citizen of England he starts to become sympathetic to the people of Boston and the colonies who are against England s newfound aggression I think it takes a bold author to create a character that might not necessarily share his own personal point of views or opinions It makes Ethan a much richer character The characters in Thieves Quarry are not all black and white Sure there are those that I consider heroes along with ones I think of as villains but hardly any of them are pure good or evil, they re made up of many shades of grey Even the best of people make bad mistakes, much like Ethan in his youth when he took part in a naval mutiny He served his time in hard labor for it He s not perfect but who really is The fact that he s a Speller or Conjurer when most people believe that they are witches and a product of Satan is bad enough Sure the Salem Witch Trials may be long behind them but witches are still feared and hanged So it s even worse for Ethan who is considered by many to have once betrayed England and his duty but he s a good guy He made a mistake and paid for it dearly and does the best he can with what he has each day He is a man of his word and will stand up for the little guy but he also obey s the law He s as complex as he is unique and I applaud Mr Coe for making him so Saphira Price his main enemy and rival is equally complex and each scene she s in is deliciously fun.I truly can t praise this book enough, it s as fine a fantasy as you ll find anywhere, actually it s much better than most Whether you re into Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy or even Historical fantasy you ll enjoy Thieves Quarry If you haven t read Thieftaker yet I urge you to do so You re missing what just may be the finest fantasy series to come out this year.

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