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The Planet Thieves The Planet Thieves Is The First Thrilling Installment Of A New Middle Grade Series By Dan KrokosTwo Weeks Ago, Thirteen Year Old Mason Stark And Seventeen Of His Fellow Cadets From The Academy For Earth Space Command Boarded The SS Egypt The Trip Was Supposed To Be A Short Routine Voyage To Log Their Required Spacetime For Summer QuarterBut Routine Goes Out The Airlock When They Re Attacked By The Tremist, An Alien Race Who Have Been At War With Humanity For The Last Sixty YearsWith The Captain And Crew Dead, Injured, Or Taken Prisoner, Mason And The Cadets Are All That S Left To Warn The ESC And Soon They Find Out Exactly Why The Tremist Chose This Ship To Attack The Egypt Is Carrying A Weapon That Could Change The War ForeverNow Mason Will Have To Lead The Cadets In A Daring Assault To Take Back The Ship, Rescue The Survivors, And Recover The Weapon Before There Isn T A War Left To Fight

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Planet Thieves book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Krokos author readers around the world.

[Reading] ➬ The Planet Thieves ➳ Dan Krokos –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Planet Thieves
  • Dan Krokos
  • English
  • 01 January 2019
  • 9780765334282

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    Though marketed as a middle grade novel, do not let the age of the protagonists scare you away if you re an older reader Krokos sopho novel is well written and does not speak down to the audience I loved Krokos debut, False Memory, and he s hit it out of the park once again The Planet Thieves is funny, full of adventure, and packed with delightful characters.Novels for children and teens are full of absent parents and authority figures This construct allows for young people to feel empowered, the weight of the world on their shoulders Only these kids can save the day and all that Well, Krokos does use this basic plot structure At the beginning of The Planet Thieves, the SS Egypt is attacked by humanity s enemy, the Tremist All of the adults on the ship but one are captured or killed, leaving the cadets, thirteen and under to save the day.Krokos does a great job making this believable Though the cadets are young, they are by no means out of their element entirely They ve already been in training for years, and have the skill sets they need to perform the tasks they need to, though they may not be as good as the adults yet Also, they don t come by anything too easily They suffer injuries, frequently consider giving up and waiting for adults to handle everything, and are stressed rather than excited by the roles they find themselves in.That said, the cadets really rise to the occasion The one remaining adult on the Egypt is injured, so he names Mason captain, which ends up being a great choice Mason isn t the most talented or brilliant of the trainees, but he s creative, something he d ill advisedly shown in his pranks Rather than ever giving up, his mind is always churning for solutions, and most of his ideas turn out to be good ones, though some do go awry.The characters are likable and exhibit complexities For example, the friendships between these cadets are tentative, so they also have to work to trust one another implicitly while facing odds they never should have been left alone to face The villains too are much complex than in most books for younger readers They re not left as monsters out to destroy for the fun of it, and I love when authors take the time to establish motivations and shades of grey in the actions of the antagonists.Another aspect that makes this book a delight are all of the references Science fiction nerds will likely pick out even than I did, as I m not nearly as well read as I would like to be Most overt perhaps are references to Star Wars and Star Trek However, though there are cute allusions, the overall story was fresh and original.The ending leaves space open for books in this world, and I, for one, would be excited to read I d love to find out about Mason and Merrin, especially Dan Krokos The Planet Thieves is a novel that lovers of science fiction will not want to miss, whatever their age

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    3.5 stars A fun read overall, with tons of cliffhanger chapter endings to ensure you ll be turning the pages to find out what happens next I d recommend this one specifically for readers in the book s target age range of upper middle grade or younger YA, who will likely find the quick pacing and action packed story an easy and entertaining read.The full text of this review may be found inThe Midnight Garden.

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    Reading, in my household, is a way of life Books are everywhere Stacked on shelves, stuffed in random boxes, perched precariously on the tops of lamps Walking into my house is like walking into hermit s habitat, with slightly light Though it irritates my husband from time to time I ve deduced this from his annual threats of Don t make me sell your books I have found that my children don t seem to mind So I asked my son once, Why doesn t mommy s books bug you They are all over the place His answer It s like a library in here It s kinda cool Apparently, after a little conversation, and a lot of prodding, I discovered that BOTH of my kids view the books as an extension of ME They see me read them Laugh with them Cry with them Even from time to time chunk one with great force across the living room in a fit of anger Mommy loves the books, so THEY love the books.But it got me thinking As much as I adore their thought process, I don t want my children to love books because I do Abstractly or otherwise I want my children to love books because THEY connect with them I want them to get lost inside new worlds Battle dragons, and save planets I want my children to READ the books I have stacked around the house, not just stare at them in wonder.So I devised a plan I registered for library cards And I went to work The mission find that 1 book that lights a fire in my child s mind The 1 book that turns reverie into reality Months later, I m still trying to find my daughters She s only four so I ll cut her some slack But my son Jackpot The book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick A 533 page jaunt through clocks and evil station guards that my 8 year old boy threw back in just 4 days Poof A reader was born.Since then, he has read 5 books The latest and greatest being an ARC that was sent to ME not him The Planeet Thieves by Dan Krokos And while it would give me great joy to hand over the reigns for an hour and let you hear HIS thoughts on the book, I think 4 paragraph of Omg, Mom It was awesome might be a little much So I think I ll take it from here Two weeks ago, thirteen year old Mason Stark and seventeen of his fellow cadets from the Academy for Earth Space Command boarded theSS Egypt The trip was supposed to be a short routine voyage to log their required spacetime for summer quarter.But routine goes out the airlock when they re attacked by the Tremist, an alien race who have been at war with humanity for the last sixty years.With the captain and crew dead, injured, or taken prisoner, Mason and the cadets are all that s left to warn the ESC And soon they find out exactly why the Tremist chose this ship to attack the Egypt is carrying a weapon that could change the war foreverNow Mason will have to lead the cadets in a daring assault to take back the ship, rescue the survivors, and recover the weapon Before there isn t a war left to fight Much like my kiddo, I loved this book.As should be with middle grade literature The Planet Thieves was action packed from beginning were Mason pranks his older sister by removing the screws from her chair to the end where wait, I can t tell you that And much like adult literature specifically Science Fiction this book was absolutely FILLED with crazy entertaining unexpected twists, which made it read much mature than it actually was That s not a dig, thats a compliment A weird one, but hey The truth is, I love authors like Krokos who I had the pleasure of chatting with at ATBF12 last year, just FYI who don t feel the need to dumb down their writing You can t educate or elevate a child by writing on THEIR level, you have to take it up a notch and challenge them Teach them.This was the very first thing I noticed about this novel I didn t feel like I was reading something penned for a toddler I as an adult was as equally engaged in the story as my son Which is a credit to Krokos writing ability.Here let me give you a few examples No one spoke for a few seconds Mason s mind spun, and his heart hammered having the enemy inside the ship was so different than fighting them on a planet s surface Here there was metal surrounding them, like a cage No place to run And if one of the energy weapons somehow melted through the hull We re able hands, Jeremy said That s us We re trained, Mason added immediatly, hoping the idea would catch Stellan stepped back Lockwood s orders supersede any thoughts of heroism you might have You saw his face he was dead serious Commander Lockwood, balk head shiny with sweat, lay on his back in a bed, burns covering his neck and the side of his face His ESC uniform was singed in places, but burned away completely under his right ribs There the skin black and red He was going to die if they didn t get him to a real hospital soon, that much was clear Mason felt hollow, because he knew Lockwood, who was the unofficial cadet herder sometimes He also felt heavy, because when Lockwood died, they would truly be alone Just Elizabeth to keep them company on a ship controlled by the enemy Supersede Heart hammered Felt hollow All of these require vivid thought for a young mind What does supersede mean How does one FEEL hollow But solid writing isn t the MOST important thing is it Even horrible ok, maybe that should say sub par writing can be over shadowed by an uniquely imaginative story And the story that lived inside the pages of The Planet Thieves was a character driven, roller coaster ride of WOW Aliens were invading Teenagers were in charge, and jet packs were hanging about like sparkly little droplets of awesome.Personally I wish the plot had slowed in a few places so I could relish what was happening But that in no way effects the quality of the book Let s just call those desires of an old coot Overall a truly enjoyable for both me and my son ride through hostile space.I highly recommend this for young readers trying desperately to forge a path to literary love It has everything a child and a mother could ask for.Happy Reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember Reading is contagious pass it on.

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    Oh goodness I can t wait for this book The first sentence totally got my attention Star Trek meets Rick Riordan As a fan of Rick Riordan, I will really check this out I hope 2013 will come soon A few months and this would be released I can t wait

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    Just like watching a Star Trek episode in your head The Planet Thieves was a super fun, fast paced romp filled with action, heroism and a touch of sadness Mason is our young protagonist, a cadet spending some time on one of the Earth Space Command s greatest ships, the Egypt His sister, Susan just so happens to be an officer on the ship I loved susan and the relationship that is evident between them When siblings have a shared crisis in their past, it changes them and the sort of bond they share I recognized this and it made me wonder if the author had this sort of intimate knowledge or if he just writes that good I finished The Planet Thieves in one afternoon From the time I started I did not want to put it down It reminded me of my childhood when I would watch episodes of Star Trek I ve already pushed the book onto one friend s son knowing he would love it Mason is a smart kid but easily bored, and seems to have some issues with authority Sometimes his mischievousness gets him into the hot seat I adored some of his insightful inner dialogue.An example of why I love Mason Mason knew what it was like to say things you didn t mean, to just have them vomit out, and then feel that crushing ache when you realized you could never pull them back pg22Though adults don t have a lot of front time in The Planet Thieves, the ones that do get some face time are awesome Mason s oldest sister Susan is a great person What s great about his relationship with her is he actually listens to her and remembers the things she says Sometimes, if she was afraid, she d take all her fear and gather it up and turn it into anger Anger didn t paralyze the way fear did It was the opposite of being helpless But it was dangerous too, because you could end up being angry all the time pg 48Susan had told him once that bravery was when you wanted to pee your pants, but you kept fighting pg 56Now every good space adventure needs alien villains and oh boy do we have them here They are in these crazy suits and you don t get to see what they look like for awhile They could not be summed up any better than the crazy rumors that circulate among the kids The Tremist were aliens bent on annihilating the human race The uncertain They had better technology and, depending on who you talked to, would probably win the war They were vampyres inside of human shaped spacesuits that resembled armor worn by ancient knights of Earth And they wanted to drink your blood pg 13What is all boils down to though is this is a tale of bravery and self sacrifice Mason is willing to do a lot and give up everything in order to do the right thing and to save those he cares about No matter how scared he is, he has some awesome morals and these are things that I loved Plus I just love the slightly military feel to the book Below are my two absolute favorite quotes from The Planet Thieves I always know when I m REALLY loving a book when I m pulling quotes out left and right to save.He d read in a textbook once a quote by the famous Captain Reynolds I am not a brave man But bravery, like most things, can be faked And sometimes, in rare instances, it will lead to the real thing pg 101A hard soldier is a strong soldier is a living soldier pg 105

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    THE PLANET THIEVES is something I don t think I ve encountered in middle grade before military sci fi The closest I can think of are the later Alien Adventures books by Bruce Coville I loved those books, and I enjoyed THE PLANET THIEVES quite a bit The genre isn t the only unexpected thing.THE PLANET THIEVES was darker than I expected I was expecting a bit of a madcap adventure based on the cover and tagline Two civilizations One planet And a race to see who steals it first But those two civilizations are at war, and neither side has behaved their best Dan Krokos does a good job of describing war, and the actions that are acceptable and unacceptable during wartime, in a way that s suitable for children but not didactic There s also a subtle environmental moral, since both races want a new planet after using their own up Mason Stark is a thirteen year old cadet on a diplomatic mission He and seventeen other cadets are just supposed to be along for the ride, but when their ship is attacked by the Tremist, the crew is killed or taken hostage The cadets have to take charge and Mason become acting captain almost by accident His two greatest allies are Tom, a former rival who likes to play by the rules, and Merrin, his best friend who he has a bit of a crush on.THE PLANET THIEVES weakest aspect is that it s rather boy heavy Tom s mother and Mason s older sister are both competent, in charge women who get sidelined early in the novel Willa is the only named female cadet aside from Merrin, and she only plays a part for a split second fake crying to act as bait Several of the male cadets get to take turns as leader Merrin, meanwhile, has to be rescued at least twice Tom and Mason at least trade off rescuing each other When Merrin does get a chance to save Mason, it s Tom who saves him instead In the end, Merrin only gets to keep her agency by the skin of her teeth She s not weak But she is relegated to the damsel in distress and love interest roles despite the fact we re told she s a fierce fighter and good with a computer.The strongest aspect is the plot THE PLANET THIEVES is fast and furious, keeping Mason constantly on the move They re doing anything they can think of to save the day, but what the day needs saving from keeps changing I also liked that Mason rarely comes out ahead He and his allies are clever, but they re thirteen and still training They lose in physical contests against adults They re out thought by high ranking officers But they keep trying, because they want to do what s right and Mason has the courage and charisma to keep them coordinated and motivated.THE PLANET THIEVES is a terrific choice for sci fi fans looking for culture clashes and unexpected revelations I m definitely giving the nod to Doctor Who fans It ends with quite the hook for the sequel, and I know I ll be back for .

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    The Planet Thieves, by Dan Krokos, is the first in a new children s science fiction series set in a far future during a half century old interplanetary war between humanity and a mysterious race known as the Tremist Thirteen year old Mason Stark, his best friend Merrin, and his sometime rival Tom Renner, along with another dozen or so cadets, are on board the warship SS Egypt for what is supposed to be a routine mission when they are suddenly attacked by a Tremist ship Soon, Mason and his fellow cadets are on their own, fighting to regain control of their ship, prevent the Tremist from getting hold of a supersecret weapon, and save the Earth.The Planet Thieves starts out with a bang almost literally, as the Egypt is buffeted by the Tremist s surprise attack and the pace continues at a breakneck speed with our characters being placed in one perilous situation Read More

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    Four stars A fun book that feels like a Star Trek adventure Mason is horrified to hear the alarms sounding while he is on the bridge trying to play a silly prank on his older sister Susan Quickly, he hides and watches in terror as The SS Egypt is engaged by their enemy the Tremists Before the action gets dangerous, Susan insists on escorting Mason off the bridge and locking him in the Brig, not only to punish him for his actions, but in her mind it is a great way to keep him safe Mason refuses to be held prisoner He resorts to calling on one of his fellow cadets, Tom, for aid Tom and Mason have not exactly gotten along, but soon the two are thrust together as they are in a fight for their very lives Can Mason, at thirteen, somehow save the Egypt and his planet What I Liked Okay, I admit it, I am a big Star Trek fan Not to the point that I would dress up and attend a Trekkie convention, but I do love the TV series and the movies When I picked up The Planet Thieves, I was delighted to find that it read much like a Star Trek episode It is packed full of adventure and danger and there are deadly aliens, unexplored planets, intelligent computers, advanced weapons and technology and I had a lot of fun with this book and I would highly recommend it For all of you adrenaline junkies out there, this book won t disappoint In the first few pages, the action comes at you with a frenzy It doesn t let up the entire book I almost wished that there were a couple slow scenes just so I could catch my breath Many of the chapters end on a cliffhanger so you are forced to keep turning the pages I think this is an excellent read for the younger crowd as it will stir their imagination and encourage them to stick with the book Mason, the main character, at thirteen he is rash, a bit immature and doesn t always stop to think things through, but he has a lot of heart and he is incredibly courageous He is willing to do what it takes to ensure the safety of the others and the entire human race, for that matter, even if it means paying a great price I think that he is a character that young readers will really enjoy I appreciated that one of the focuses of the story is upon friendship Mason has formed a solid bond with a female cadet named Merrin Mason learns a shocking secret about Merrin that could put her in terrible danger Mason refuses to let any harm befall his friend, and he goes to great lengths to protect her I admired his loyalty, especially when it would have been so easy for him to turn his back and resort to hate and prejudice I also liked the fact that Mason ends up forming a strong relationship with Tom At the beginning of the story, Mason and Tom aren t exactly friends They have had a difficult past and even gotten into a squabble When faced with danger, the two are forced to set aside their differences and learn to work together This is an important theme in the book as it once again surfaces at the end I certainly appreciated the positive messages in this one It is a reminder that we need to set aside our prejudices and work toward a better future This book has illustrations I loved that there were pictures of some of the things that weren t exactly easy for me to imagine I am a fan of pictures in books and I wonder why we don t get them any in adult books, who says we grow to old for pictures I loved that this one had a solid ending with a couple of exciting hints dropped at the end that will be followed up in the next book It just goes to show that you can easily generate excitement and interest for the sequel without resorting to the despicable cliffhanger This book is a great example of how it should be done And The Not So Much This book is being billed as a Middle Grade novel I think that it is best for readers on the older end of the middle grade range Not because there is anything inappropriate, but so because the material is a bit complicated As an adult, I even had a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around the hyper gates and all of that If I hadn t watched plenty of Star Trek I would have maybe struggled a bit Some people may feel like this is a rip off of Star Trek, but I personally liked that it seemed familiar to me since I have watched plenty of Star Trek Due to the sci fi elements, I think this is best suited for readers 11 and up At first, I was wondering why the cadets didn t just do away with the Tremists when they were in a fight for their life I thought it was crazy that they would resort to trapping them and trying to lock them up instead of killing them However, once I thought it through, I realized that I was reading a book for younger readers and then I appreciated that the author steered away from violence For all of you parents who are concerned about violent content, this book does have some confrontations and a few characters get beat up There are some deaths as well, but the majority of the deaths occur from falling There is nothing graphic or brutal with these scenes It is mild violence This is the adult reader coming through, I was a tad bit disappointed that there wasn t a romance I thought that the pieces were in place for a romantic development, but it doesn t go there Even though, I was let down that there was not a romance, once again I realize this is a book geared toward younger boys and so romance is not what they are looking for in their reading Planet of Thieves was a fun, action packed adventure that kept me thoroughly entertained If you are a fan of sci fi you are sure to enjoy this book Don t be fooled by the middle grade label, there is plenty to like in this book for teens and even adults If you want an adrenaline fueled read and a great adventure definitely get this one, whether it be for you or a younger reader Favorite Quotations I am not a brave man But bravery, like most things, can be faked And sometimes, in rare instances, it will lead to the real thing With icy clarity, he saw now what the worst part of command was The glory came by chance, after you made the hard calls I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.Posted Rainy Day Ramblings

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    Mason lives on the USS Egypt with his sister Susan as an ESC Cadet after the death of his parents When Tremists an alien race hostile to humans attack the ship, the captain is killed, his sister is taken hostage, and Commander Lockwood is so gravely injured that he puts Mason in charge Tom, the captain s son, is a bit put out, but knows that the cadets must take back the ship if there is any hope of defeating the Tremists They have been fighting with the ESC over the habitable planet Nori Blue When they board the Egypt, their goal is to steal a large gate which collapses space and makes travel faster Once they get the gate, they use it to transport Earth nearer to their planet Mason realizes that his friend Merrin is actually a Tremist when the Tremist King insists that she s his daughter and after he sees under the Tremist uniform and realizes that Merrin s violet colored hair and eyes do make her look just like them A hostage exchange Susan for Merrin is arranged, to be conducted on the neutral planet of Nori Blue Once there, the cadets realize that Nori Blue, thought to be uninhabited, is not Secrets about the past of both the humans and Tremists are revealed The ending is full of lots of twists, and I don t want to ruin the suspense Strengths This is classic, action packed science fiction Travel around in space, deal with hostile aliens, travel to new planets where there are even dangers, figure out that the aliens are not that different from us Have cool weapons, used judiciously, and add children in charge awesome There is even a jet pack at one point Still not understanding how it s 2013, phones can send pictures, and I STILL don t have a jet pack Weaknesses Hmmm can t think of much Of course it stretches credulity to have the cadets in charge of the ship, but when everyone else is captured or disabled, what can you do

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