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Sweet InspirationWhat If The Legend Of Santa Claus Is In Fact, True What If Santa Has Five Big Strapping Sons Who Help Him Run His Empire Five Single, Sexy Sons Looking For RomanceNicholas Klaus Is A Master Pastry Chef, A Strict Disciplinarian, And The Eldest Son Of The Legendary Santa Claus One Look At Caf Owner Lucy Brewster Sends Him Into An Unexpected Tailspin Of Lusty Desires When Lucy Is Injured, Nicholas Makes A Decision That Catapults Both Of Their Lives Into TurmoilLucy Brewster, The Free Spirited Proprietor Of Sweet Inspiration, Has A Flair For Concocting Sugary Confections But No Time For Adventure She Gets Than She Bargained For When She Awakens In The North Polerambunctious Elves, A Fitness Obsessed Santa, And The Man Of Her Dreams Does She Have What It Takes To Become The Next Mrs Klaus


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • Sweet Inspiration
  • Penny Watson
  • English
  • 15 November 2018

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    RATING 4.5 STARSSweet Inspiration is book one in the Klaus Brothers series by Penny Watson I have only read one of Penny s books previous to this, Apples Should Be Red, and I loved it, so I went in to this one pretty sure I would love it as well and I really did This is such a sweet Christmas tale with an adult twist as we get to know the oldest of Santa Claus s sons Nicholas Sebastian Klaus is the oldest of the five sons of St Nick Nicholas has taken a vacation and is in Eston, New York where he found a little bakery, Sweet Inspiration, where they have the best sugar cookies he has ever tasted And once he saw the owner of the shop and the baker of these scrumptious cookies, he was smitten After two weeks, though, it s almost time to go home and he still hasn t spoken to her He wants to find out what her secret ingredient is for the cookies but than that, he wants to see if she tastes as good as the cookies she bakes.Nicholas is a baker and works in his own shop in the village at the North Pole He loves what he does but as the oldest son of St Nick, he is expected to transition into his father s role when his father is ready to retire He can t imagine not being able to work in his kitchen, but it s his legacy, his responsibility, to be the future Santa Lucy Anne Brewster is living her dream owning her own shop But with her parents gone and no siblings, she wished she had someone to share it with When her assistant unexpectedly has to take time off during her busiest time of year, and the oh so sexy Nicholas steps in to help her out, she is at first hesitant, but is quickly bewitched by this handsome giant of a man Maybe this Christmas won t be so lonely.When circumstances arise that force Nick to take Lucy to his home at the North Pole, he has to reveal who he really is and who his father is But Lucy is a hit and is quickly adored by the elves and by his family But by bringing her here, Nick broke one of the most important rules of the village, never bring a human to their village without prior authorization and divulge their secrets.This was such an adorable and also sexy story as we met the first of the Klaus brothers Lucy was so sweet and I loved the influence she had on Nicholas This book was so much fun and I loved meeting the other brothers I can t wait to start the second book in this series, Sweet Magik, where we will meet the youngest of the sons, Oskar This book was a perfect addition to my Christmas reading this year

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a magical Christmas read that I will never forget.

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    3.5 magical stars Ich liebe dich von ganzem Herzen I love you with all my heart Sweet Inspiration is a sweet sexy tale of the eldest son of Santa Claus and how Lucy s sweet treats and unique style drew him in changing the course of his path forever Nicholas is a Master Baker and Lucy s delectable sugar cookies fired up his tastebuds as well as his lusty desires Lucy and Nicholas are both dedicated to their work, putting everything into their business While Lucy is happy with where she is today, she longs to be held in someone s arms Nicholas knows his fate from day one, the eldest of the brothers is set to take on the family tradition when the time comes, and while he knows it s his duty his heart is in his culinary creations When Nicholas pampers and takes care of Lucy s every need she opens his eyes in loosening up and going with the flow But is this a fantasy come to life and not meant to be, his destiny is bigger than them and who are they to stand in the way of family tradition While Nicholas isn t willing to let go, he may not have a choice So tell me, did I find the secret recipe to make you stay What will it take, my sweet He nuzzled the side of her neck Take a chance on us I m offering you a life of passion and adventure Don t throw it away Sweet Inspiration was a sweet holiday treat, you kind of have to move your mind past the fact that this is Santa s son to be able to enjoy it Everything we know Santa and the elves to be is somewhat challenged in this having us accept another version of a tale we all know so well It was as magical as I expected and hotter than I imagined not that I am complaining A fine holiday treat, there are brothers to read through and I can t wait to see which lady will bag the elusive Klaus brothers they like their women feisty and able to handle a house full of men.

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    4 he can kiss all my freckles stars This is such a fun, romantic, steamy take on the legend of Santa Claus and Christmas, and anyone looking for a feel good holiday read need look no further BlurbWhat if the legend of Santa Claus is in fact, true What if Santa has five big strapping sons who help him run his empire Five single, sexy sons looking for romance Nicholas Klaus is a master pastry chef, a strict disciplinarian, and the eldest son of the legendary Santa Claus One look at caf owner Lucy Brewster sends him into an unexpected tailspin of lusty desires When Lucy is injured, Nicholas makes a decision that catapults both of their lives into turmoil Lucy Brewster, the free spirited proprietor of Sweet Inspiration, has a flair for concocting sugary confections but no time for adventure She gets than she bargained for when she awakens in the North Polerambunctious elves, a fitness obsessed Santa, and the man of her dreams Does she have what it takes to become the next Mrs Klaus I soooo can t wait to read

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    A great romantic holiday fantasy story This is a magic filled make believe tale of destined lovers getting a little help by Santa s elves A great combination of both naughty and nice made for an enjoyable holiday read Can t wait for the rest of the brothers to get their own books, cause I want to party some with the naughty elves at Dags bar

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    4 STARSI quite enjoyed this one Super sexy, funny with a fantasy twist, I love Penny Watson Makes you really wish Santa existed.

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    3.5 Sweet Inspiration by Penny Watson Very good showing for a first book. This was a pretty cute Christmas story with a twist on the whole life and legend of Santa Claus Nicholas Klaus is the oldest son of yup Santa and Mrs Klaus As the oldest of five sons, Nicholas is set to take over the job of Santa upon his retirement Only problem is, he s keen on running the fabulous Glasdorf a k a North Pole bakery like a factory than a small town shop than becoming the world s next Santa While out scouting for the best cookie recipes, he meets and falls head over heels for the owner of the Sweet Inspiration Cafe, Lucy Brewster Their meeting is everything they ve both dreamed of until an unexpected life threatening accident takes them both by surprise, and Nicholas is forced to make some tough choices to save the woman he loves By spiriting Lucy away to Glasdorf and insisting the head of the Elf Council use elfen magic to save Lucy s life, Nicholas has broken numerous laws Although nothing would make him apologize for his actions, he ll soon face the entire Elf Council, and as the heir to Santa, the future of Glasdorf s continuation and well being is at stake This was a good attempt for this author s firt book It contained a lot of imagination and heart, although the execution could use some polish and a bit less predictability THE VERY LIKEABLE STUFF I felt Lucy and Nicholas chemistry strongly by just short of the halfway mark This might sound like a negative, but it s actually a real positive because many writers fail to bring any real emotional chemistry to their lovers at all Being able to find that spark and set up that connection for the reader is probably the most important aspect of a love story, afterall I really believed these two were in love by story end I also thought the author did a great job of setting the scene, especially in Glasdorf, which was supposed to be a magical town It certainly was Everything from Nicholas bakery factory to the town bar was vivid in my mind, and unique to what most of us would imagine the magical North Pole to be like Whew Penny writes a nice, steamy love scene Her sexy scenarios were right up my alley sweet without the too kinky ick factor, but graphic enough to get the temperature rising, and peppered throughout The elfen magical elements added a nice, imaginative touch to the rising events as well Reminded me a little bit of making love while the Illuminations display at Epcot is going on around one LOL WHAT COULD USE SOME WORK I like a bit slower balance of when the characters commit to each other outwardly Although I enjoy the thoughts they may have of having love at first sight in a story, I don t want the characters demonstrating that too quickly it takes all the mystery and tension out of the love aspects too quickly Big declarations or quickly succombing to falling in bed comes off phoney and too clingy for my taste Love the internal pining, just don t like them waxing poetic immediately on how in love they are and jumping into bed immediately By that I mean the first couple of weeks, and it s all too often the reader remembers, Hey, why do these two seem so deep when they ve only known each other for two days There just wasn t enough background for the reader, in my opinion, to feel comfortable with how quickly these two hopped in the sack Like a many first books, there s a lot to be worked on in connecting the story in a smoother story arc, and polishing of the writing itself It started out pretty choppy, and the nature of the story all around could send the reader off on sugary sweet overload Striking a balance in this type of story is pretty difficult I could tell by midway through the book that the author s skills were improving, and she was finding her stride with the story, as the beginning of the story is pretty blocky in story flow and feel Fortunately, it got tighter and succinct by the halfway mark Neither a negative nor a positive necessarily, but I can t help adding that Nicholas and his five brothers had a bit of BDB spark to them in their interaction on a couple of occasions One scene around the pool table in particular popped the BDB into my mind immediately then I remembered that I think Penny is a big Ward fan Not implying anything in any way but a tribute feel here, but I sure felt it for a moment I couldn t help but chuckle at the thought I ll admit that even though the ending was pretty predictable in story plot, if not setting, it still got me a little teary eyed when our H h found their way back to one another Nice final love scene and didn t wrap the story up too quickly we got a bit lovin to satisfy the need for reassurance of the HEA, and it even felt well placed, not just thrown in Always important for me Overall, I give this story a thumbs up, and will read the next installment of her series If it s out probably at Christmas time next year Without a doubt this story evokes the Christmas mood and spirit K.

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    Penny Watson s Sweet Inspiration is chock full of Christmas cheer This is an adorable, sexy story that should be wrapped in a big red bow and given to any reader as a present Penny takes the Santa Claus myth and gives is a nice sexy twist where Santa is jolly, but not with a belly that looks like it s filled with jelly Nick Sr has five strapping sons who would make any woman swoon The first in what looks to be an annual holiday series showcases Santa s eldest son, Nicholas, last name Klaus, who loves to bake Poor Nick Jr is expected to take over to role of Santa, one he doesn t want since he feels his calling is making sweet treats for children and adults alike.Nick is taking some time off before he returns to the North Pole, better known as Glasdorf While in the charming little town of Easton, New York , a woman catches his eye Lucy Anne Brewster owns a bakery cafe in Easton called Sweet Inspirations, and the moment he tastes this freckled, blushing redhead s sugar cookies, Nick is lost He wouldn t mind tasting Lucy you know I just had to throw that in there and plans to seduce the adorable baker Nick isn t too thrilled with his attraction to Lucy He s the type who sees most things cut and dry, and doesn t like surprises But Lucy has gotten under his skin and he must fix this before his lust becomes too hard to control.Lucy has noticed the huge, towering bearded aloof Nick Oh, and he wears wire rimmed glasses as well At first she thinks he may be a food critic from the way he analyzes everything he buys and eats from her Finally they talk, and Nick decides to go out of his way to help Lucy after her Goth wearing assistant, who loves to listen to Celine Dion, ups and leaves her to and elope with her boyfriend With Lucy in a bind from all her holiday orders, Nick and her team up to bake together That s when the sparkles really fly between the two After a night of baking, and where Nick makes her a romantic dinner, they engage in some TLC This is where we find out how much of a giver Nick is Lucy can t get enough of his beard mouth hands Nick is full blown in awe of Lucy, and he comes to the conclusion that he never wants to let her go And then an unspeakable tragedy occurs where Lucy will be introduced to the top secret world where Santa and his elves are a reality Now Nick has to figure out a way to keep Lucy with him in Glasdorf, and find a way for someone else to take over the Santa Claus role because his heart and soul is in baking.Sweet Inspiration is a delightful read, and one of the best holiday romances in my recent memory Penny sure can write steamy love scenes with Nicholas and Lucy Both are complete opposites, except for baking Through their love of cooking and eating, these two come to the conclusion they are each other s soul mates Lucy has so much love to give since she has no family Nick gives her the best present ever by taking her back to his home and welcoming her into a world where everyone is always happy and very accepting of anyone I also enjoyed Penny s elfin vocabulary such as the word Sudlanders, to denote the people not born in Glasdorf, and Sundwelt for the outside realm The story really shines when Lucy meets Nickolas s family and elfin community The elves will give you a good laugh, including Nick s brothers who are all very different with their unique personalities Watching Lucy sneak into the hearts of the elves, and the way they admire her in return, brings out the true meaning of Christmas The way the stoic and straight laced Nick falls hard for Lucy makes for even better reading These two really steam things up, and I can promise you that you won t be disappointed with Penny s writing skills in regards to what goes on in the bedroom and on a sled between these two.Sweet Inspiration exceeded my expectations It gave me the warm fuzzies You can t go wrong with a dark, semi brooding bearded baking hero and his sugary sweet pixie heroine who has enough love and cheer for everyone she comes in contact with.Looking for a holiday romance that will leave you with a big smile on your face and have you salivating for gingerbread and sugar cookies Sweet Inspiration is one I heartily recommend in slaking your appetite.

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    3.5 Magical Christmas Stars

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