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You Look Different in Real Life For The Rest Of The World, The Movies Are Entertainment For Justine, They Re Real LifeThe Premise Was Simple Five Kids, Just Living Their Lives There D Be A New Movie About Them Every Five Years, Starting In Kindergarten But No One Could Have Predicted What The Cameras Would Capture And No One Could Have Predicted That Justine Would Be The StarNow Sixteen, Justine Doesn T Feel Like A Star Any In Fact, When She Hears The Crew Has Gotten The Green Light To Film Five At Sixteen, All She Feels Is Dread The Kids Who Shared The Same Table In Kindergarten Have Become Teenagers Who Hardly Know One Another And Justine, Who Was So Funny And Edgy In The First Two Movies, Feels Like A DisappointmentBut These Teens Have A Bond That Goes Deeper Than What S On Film They Ve All Shared The Painful Details Of Their Lives With Countless Viewers They All Know How It Feels To Have Fans As Well As Friends So When This Latest Movie Gives Them The Chance To Reunite, Justine And Her Costars Are Going To Take It Because Sometimes, The Only Way To See Yourself Is Through Someone Else S EyesSmart, Fresh, And Frequently Funny, You Look Different In Real Life Is A Piercing Novel About Life In An Age Where The Lines Between What S Personal And What S Public Aren T Always Clear

Jennifer Castle received her B.A in Creative Writing at Brown University and worked as a celebrity publicist s assistant, an advertising copywriter, and a struggling screenwriter yes, that s an actual job before falling into a niche producing websites for kids and teens Her debut, THE BEGINNING OF AFTER, was a 2012 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection as well as a Chicago Public Libra

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    Really interesting premise of documentaries following a group of kids every 5 years to show them growing up I enjoyed the theme of these characters having grown apart over the years, and reconnecting during the book But I don t think the way the plot was laid out did very much for the documentary premise.The characters were diverse white, Latinx, Black biracial, gay, disabled I wasn t sure how I felt about the portrayal of autism, so I ll refer you to this great review by Disability in Kidlit.Audiobook review Narration was average or above average Would recommend.

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    4 5 starsYou Look Different in Real Life was just such a fresh read With all these reality shows around following celebrities around 24 7, you would expect You Look Different in Real Life to follow a similar sort of route, well I certainly did But no You Look Different in Real Life ended up being such a brilliant nostalgic read.I remember when I was studying Sociology at college and watching a similar sort of documentary where it followed the lives of a class from a young age and checked back with them to see how their lives were progressing every few years I remember being utterly enthralled A few of the children had stood out so prominently in my eyes that I wanted to know how their lives would turn out Sometimes it would really be heartbreaking, when they went to check back with the children with some turning to drugs and others passing away So when I heard Castle would be focusing on a similar sort of concept in her book, I knew I had to give it a try.The lives of Justine, Felix, Rory, Nate and Keira had been documented into a reality film from the age of 5 The purpose of the documentary was to give a stark insight into their lives and check upon them every 5 years At 5 years old the group of five kids were a tight knit group, with them sitting together on the same table at school and having sleepovers at each other s houses Whilst everyone was still friends at 11 years old, it was easily seeable that were some cracks developing amongst the friendships Things kind of went downhill after the second film But now with the third film at 16 years old being planned how would the five individuals who used to be so close cope What I enjoyed about You Look Different in Real Life was that we were told the story from Justine s perspective, but we were given carefully timed flashbacks which gave us interesting insights into the rest of the characters lives So we did get some back story as the book progressed, but there was still so much that was held back from us, things such as why Nate and Felix and Rory and Justine stopped being best friends Because of this we were able to learn about how things went wrong with the characters as they tried to piece together how they could make things right.As we were given this book from Justine s perspective, I was quick to take on her view point and her opinions of who she held in high regard and who she didn t So just like Justine, I was quick to warm up to her good friend Felix and be a bit wary of Rory, Nate and Keira But I m pleased to say as the book progressed I was able to form strong connections with all the characters.You Look Different in Real Life was a story which left a great impression with me It was wonderful seeing the five individuals having to make the effort with each through forced situations enforced by the directors But if it wasn t for these situations, I don t think everyone would have been able to work through their problems There were a lot of assumptions and judgements made about each other, so I enjoyed watching each individual character work through this through their journey together.You Look Different in Real Life is definitely one story which will stand out for me this year I enjoyed how Castle was able to produce a story about friendships, with a blend of romance, mystery and wonderful road trip along the way Overall You Look Different in Real Life was just a beautiful read.

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    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review This is not a soap opera, folks This is my life And if is absolutely, positively as unamazing as you can get Sometimes I wonder how on world can I conjure up enough words into a review The answer is simple, really A lot was happening on the novel Unlike others, You Look Different In Real Life for me was a rather bland ride, only exploring a few ideas of character development, an okayish premise and some romance In other words, there wasn t much going around so I was generally bored.The compendium of You Look Different In Real Life is relativity unique and fascinating Five at Six was a documentary of 5 six year olds in daily life, interviewing them and then sharing it on the big screen Ideally, 5 years later, we get to meet up with the same 5 kids when they are 11 Now, all aged 16, when mood swings, relationships and all the drama stirs, us readers follow them as the newest documentary is in production For such a promising idea, I felt deflated at the end as it wasn t executed as well as I d desired One likeable point of this novel were the characters in terms of development, personality and interactions Let s start with our main character, Justine By no means is this girl perfect, in fact, she was the one I held a repugnance towards Her attitude is toned with layers of confusion, ignorance and I will do everything you tell me not to do I enjoyed learning about Justine s disorientation about the abrupt downfall in her friendships but her attitude at times go on my nerve to the point where I just wanted to strangle her The supporting characters, were much relatable and provoking to read about We have Felix Justine s only friend but seems to be bid ing some secrets of his own under that film of positivity Rory who we barely know Keira who used to be Justine s best friend but something passed through them that now is a tense agreement of silence And Nate Justine s ex boyfriend who now suddenly wants to be friends with her again Each and everyone of them has their own segment of this story that we get to explore and experience They develop flawlessly throughout the book with great significance Moreover, all five of our characters can be easily defined as Castle accomplished a lovely job at creating each character so originally The main thing that disappointed me in You Look Different In Real Life was the lack of making the synopsis into something compelling and the amount of movement here I was constantly bored and wondering when the hell something interesting was going to occur It can be drawn that this novel was not my cup of tea as the synopsis had mislead me Other than that, if you are someone who loves the character aspect of issues, this could be worth a try.

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    An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review No money or any form of transaction was exchanged.You Look Different in Real Life is the prime example why I do not want to partake in the activities of Facebook any, where people post everything about their lives, including the mundane and who cares stuff, for the entire world to see and scrutinize and for people comme moi to ridicule just kidding I do not condone activities where the private and vulnerable moments of people are made public, so when I read this book s synopsis, I truthfully winced But like any other bookish individual out there, I m a sucker for good stories, especially the ones where there are a lot of character development and values to learn from So, I decided to let myself loose and enjoy the ride for what it was.And overall, I found the book pretty decent We re introduced to 5 individuals who ve known each other since they were six, as they were the main cast of this documentary where their lives were followed by cameras which, also, became the most talked about documentary, like, evah This little project is actually a 4 part project where every 5 years this cast of characters would be featured on film First when they are six, then when they are eleven, sixteen and ultimately twenty one They re all teenagers now, at the prime and sweet youth of sixteen and a third movie is in the works, however, it will ultimately prove to be a rocky road as things have changed and the five are not as close any Why and what happened The Good StuffThe side characters I think they were the most interesting and strongest factor of this novel There are five, right Justine, Felix, Nate, Keira, and Rory Justine is the main character and we see the story unfold in her perspective All of them are flawed and struggling individuals, having something that happened in their lives that contributed to the rather broken selves they are now They re all different from one another and amazing in their own way I loved how I got to know each and every one of them in Justine s eyes, and the metamorphosis they all went through It s both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time as they tried to find closures for their present and past selves that were seen and watched on film Wonderful characterization The romance at the end I really liked how the book wasn t centered on romance at all, as in, I actually thought there wouldn t be any of it in the first 95% of the book LOL Then it appeared at the end, but interestingly enough, it neither irked me nor felt random in fact, it felt right and in place given the journey and realizations the characters went through in the majority of the book It made my heart do a bit of backflips, to be honest It was such a tease, though, because there were only so little of it I thought the narration was pretty well done It s not a plot driven story, so if you re looking for a fast paced drama here and a slap with accompanying HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME dialogue there, nope, you won t find it It s very showing , in which, we are given a clear and bright view of the main character s psyche as well as her opinion and background of the other four I think it was overall excellent as it did its job of making me engrossed in the story, and also, the author s prose was delightful and musical to read, so, props to that.The Bad StuffDespite having an excellent narration, I disliked the narrator, Justine Holy crap, not only was she fickle as hell, it also seemed she didn t have any sense of privacy majority of the time At first, she didn t want to do the movie at all because of, I don t know, issues, and then in the next chapter she wanted to take back her words because apparently, she wanted to piss the directors off or something by coming up with an entirely different appearance Hum _ There were also a lot of vulnerable moments with regards to the other characters, and there were times Justine would simply take out the camera and record it without asking for permission, knowing full well this moment would be caught on film and edited for the viewing pleasure of the whole world It didn t help that in the first part of the book, she was complaining of how the producers and directors or whoever took advantage of Keira s private moment when she was at her weakest in the first film, and then here she goes, doing the fricking Same Thing What a hypocrite There were times she felt so insensitive, too Other characters opened up their sob stories and you know what she said Hey, put that on the film It would make a great inspiration story I call bullshit.The ending chapter felt how do I say this In tagalog, we would say, bitin I honestly don t know how to expound on that LOL It s like it ends, but you feel something is missing and it could have been much , but it s not exactly rushed I think I was supposed to get on to something here, but I don t know what.So far, it was an interesting read Not perfect, but not bad, either, and I think I d recommend it for those who want to read something touching with a lot of character development It s quite slow, but the slowness fits Final verdict 3.5 starsRead this and my other reviews over at The Social Potato

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    2 Out 5 A little too much Y and not enough A StarsWhile You Look Different in Real Life wasn t really for me, I think for a younger audience it may work The only reason I listened to this in the first place is for a reading challenge I needed a narrator whose name started with a Q Overall, for me, the characters were not memorable and it was really difficult for me to see where this story was going Ultimately, there is a message there and that s why the ending is the only part that got a decent rating from me MY RATING 2 5 STARS GRADE D BREAKDOWN OF RATINGS Plot 2 5Main Characters 2 5Secondary Characters 1 5The Feels 1 5Pacing 2 5Addictiveness 1.5 5Theme or Tone 2.5 5Flow Writing Style 2 5Backdrop World Building 2 5Ending 3.5 5 Cliffhanger Nope. Book Cover It s whatever Narration Samantha Quan is not bad in this, but I really didn t like the book so maybe that makes it kind of difficult to figure out how I feel about her as a narrator.Setting New York and the surrounding area I thinkSource Audiobook Scribd

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    Review written by Corinne Duyvis for Disability in Kidlit Follow us for MG YA reviews from a disabled perspective For someone who always crows about wanting to read see autistic characters, I ve actually read embarrassingly few books fitting that criterion I m continually hampered by the size of my TBR pile, deadlines, and an assortment of other issues, and usually only come across autistic characters by accident.So when author Jennifer Castle offered to send me a copy of her latest novel You Look Different in Real Life , a contemporary YA to review on Disability in Kidlit, I jumped at the chance.Going in, I was both curious and apprehensive all I knew was that it featured an autistic character I m relieved to say I m pleasantly surprised with how the character was portrayed, although I m not without reservations.The book is about five teenagers who starred in documentaries at ages five and eleven, and now, at age sixteen, the next installment awaits but a lot of issues have cropped up between the five of them over the years They ve changed since age eleven, and not always in ways they re happy with The cameras and film makers forcing them together brings all these issues to the surface.This review focuses on Rory, one of the teenagers in the documentary, who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at some point between ages eleven and sixteen Though best friends since childhood with our narrator, Justine, they broke up due to Justine s frustrations with Rory s behavior Justine shares various memories of Rory being unable to sleep over at Justine s house, of Rory completely and awkwardly misreading situations, and Rory being bossy and always demanding that things go her way.Since Justine is our point of view character, one can expect the portrayal of their relationship to be slanted to make Justine s actions look sympathetic and understandable, but the narrative is surprisingly balanced Justine knows she was wrong in unceremoniously dumping Rory, and there s clear longing and regret woven into their current day interactions.In other words, Rory has an actual role in the story She s sympathetic, she s funny, and her role is much Justine s ex best friend than the weird autistic one She has interests obsessive ones, natch, largely online based and gets to have complex feelings about both the situation they find themselves in and about Justine s behavior old and new.All of this delighted me it s such a change from the autistic characters I normally encounter in fiction, who are often reduced to props, and who rarely get to display emotions or opinions.I was also quite pleased with the depiction of Rory s autistic traits I completely recognized myself in the way Rory will only briefly make eye contact, then look away then making another brief moment of eye contact, then looking away again I do that exact same thing The way she forced out social niceties was familiar, as well While I ve become pretty good at making those things second nature over the years, they weren t before As a teenager, I taught myself to say good night to people when parting ways in the evening, then accidentally blurted it out during mornings and afternoons as well Her obsessive interests, her bossiness, the way she separates her food on her plate or aligns objects, her skill at navigating it s clear the author did her research instead of falling back on tired assumptions Both Rory s autism and the way she s adapting and learning rang absolutely true to me.There s a lot to like, basically, but I did have some reservations The biggest of these is that so much of Rory s character and role in the plot are intrinsically tied into her autism Examples Her role is to be the ex best friend which is great but the reason for the ex part is Rory s autism She s the quiet, odd, awkward one in the group these traits are linked directly to her autism Ditto for her hobbies she says they help her understand people Every flashback sequence with Rory directly focuses on her autism Almost every time we see Rory on page, particularly in the first half of the book, her autism is emphasized in some way or another Instead of simply saying something, it s mentioned how she says it flatly or has to think about it for a while Instead of simply walking, her gait is described The way she s singled out as being unusual happens practically every time the character performs any action, to the point where I did a double take the first time she s mentioned as doing dishes without the narrative lingering on it Rory s development is all about how she manages to push beyond her boundaries While I really liked these scenes, they again center around her autism.Autism is absolutely a big part of most autistic people s lives I have no problem with it being woven into many different aspects of a character Autism isn t simply a quirky tragic accessory that can be separated from someone s actual self That said, I did find it problematic that Rory seemingly did not have any history, interests, traits, or behaviors that could just be Rory instead of Autistic Rory.The character ends up very much defined by her autism, which is a shame it wouldn t have taken than a few tweaks to round her out and make the autism simply a part of her character rather than dominating it.Other parts that made me hesitant were the way she s portrayed as endearing and the other characters hover over her in such a motherly way This sometimes gives Rory a little sister vibe rather than a classmate vibe.However, that was still handled better than I would ve expected For one, it s textually acknowledged in a scene when they re keeping an eye on her from a distance, one character asks, Does she know she s got the Secret Service here For another, when Rory is struggling with sensory overload, a character simply asks her, How can I help and asking this question is unequivocally portrayed as being the absolute best thing to do When they brainstorm solutions that might help Rory through a difficult situation, she s fully involved in this discussion She has the final say in what happens, and people respect her agency instead of shoving her around.In a world where autistic people are often seen as a Problem That Must Be Dealt With, that s something I appreciated a lot.A final point of criticism is that in this five member group of teenagers, with disabled, queer, and non white characters, it s quite a shame that our narrator is the straight, white, abled girl of the group I really enjoyed the book, and I dug Justine s predicament she was the break out star of the first two documentaries and feels like she hasn t lived up to that potential but I found the other characters interesting, and I can imagine flat out loving the book if it had been from one of their perspectives Understandably, I m particularly biased toward Rory being our protagonist As is, though, I appreciated a lot about You Look Different in Real Life it s one of those novels that makes me want to read a lot contemporary YA While Rory s portrayal isn t flawless, it s well researched, and a significant step in the right direction of treating autistic characters as regular teenagers and integral parts of the cast A lifelong Amsterdammer, Corinne Duyvis spends her days writing speculative young adult and middle grade novels She enjoys brutal martial arts and gets her geek on whenever possible Find her on Twitter or Tumblr Her YA fantasy debut Otherbound released from Amulet Books ABRAMS in the summer of 2014 It has received four starred reviews and is a Junior Library Guild selection Kirkus Reviews called it original and compelling a stunning debut, while the Bulletin praised its subtle, nuanced examinations of power dynamics and privilege.

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    On a vacation two years ago, I read Jennifer Castle s debut THE BEGINNING OF AFTER I thought it only appropriate to bring her sopho book YOU LOOK DIFFERENT IN REAL LIFE along with me on vacation this year, and I m glad I did because I was able to pass it along to two different girls after I was finished, all while gushing about how much I truly loved it.Full Review

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    I read The Beginning of After and loved the way that Castle has you thinking about the characters all the way through So when I had the chance of reading this one I jumped at it.Castle has a unique gift of providing us with characters that somehow fit into a category But their personalities are not at all what you would expect and when it comes to teenagers of sixteen and seventeen with all the baggage that comes with teens these days I think she got this one spot on.So Justine, Keira, Rory, Felix and Nate are all child stars of the hit documentary series Five at Six Eleven Sixteen It started when they were six years old They were chosen from a large group to feature in the documentary with an aim to find them in five years time and see how they and their families had changed Five at Six was a huge hit Five at Eleven was even better So when the producers find Justine, sitting on a wall outside her local library, not only does Justine know that she s going to be in the spotlight again but she also knows that she ll be a huge disappointment to everyone who watched the shows previously From the beginning she s against Five at Sixteen Mostly because when they filmed Eleven she told the cameras everything she wanted to be and to achieve And in real life she hasn t done any of it She s heavier than she d like to be, just been dumped by a boyfriend, has no hobbies to speak of, and apart from a few conversation with Felix has little or no contact with the other three stars.What we learn as we read the story through flashbacks and private meetings is that they ve all changed Grown up, grown away from one another Mostly they ve all be affected by their lives being open to public scrutiny, to be criticised and contradicted Their family lives are different Justine s own father now doesn t live at home and they only have a family dinner on Thursdays.When Sixteen gets talked about openly Justine sees her parents diving at the opportunity She sees for the first time how her mother would like publicity for her business How her father likes the attention Surprisingly her sister, Olivia, says she wants nothing to do with it The films of the past must have affected her own life.When filming starts the producers are confused Why are this kids not performing like they used to Where are the stars that the public know and love Justine was always funny on film The others all had their own idiosyncrasies too As Justine points out, they re all teenagers now They have the weight of the world on their shoulders Parents expectations, their own expectations, genuine friendships that are hard to find None of the 5 gel together They ve all fallen apart in five years Although the filming is supposed to be natural and organic, the producers realise they ll have to break a few rules with this one They use Nate s swim meet as one example to get all the five together in one room All it proves is that the five kids would rather be anywhere else So a team building weekend is suggested, that doesn t work well eitheruntil Keira exploits the opportunity and uses it to her own advantage When Keira goes missing the other four can t do anything but go after her And that s where the true story of the Five at Sixteen film begins.I ve seen this experiment many times on documentaries on TV Personally I would hate the idea of a camera following me round constantly to get an eyeful of my life Sure, when your six years old everything is funny and a joke When you re eleven things start getting a bit serious The exploitation of the kids lives can never be realised until they re much older and by that time its too late People judge you by what you see on TV not by who you really are in real life Much like actors and actresses we see today.I thought Castle did a fantastic job with the story Autism and Gay were proudly shown in their true finery Family break ups and friendships were discussed in length and all told with a sympathetic voice and a strong resolution The story is heartbreaking at times, especially when Castle reveals why the five don t get along any And a good ending that wrapped up the story nicely was perfect.Recommended to anyone who loved Castle s previous work and anyone who watches reality TV

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    Source Edelweiss I read You Look Different in Real life in less than 24 hours You Look Different in Real life tells us the story of Justine and how when she was 6 and 11 she took part of a documentary along with four other children Five years have passed once again and there are plans of making a documentary of their lives at 16 Justine at first is against this idea as her life has not how she pictured it to be She also does not speak to the other participants in the documentary other than her friend Felix and this also makes her uncertain about the documentary You Look Different in Real life was a quick read and I was interested in what was going to happen to the characters even though I found the plot to be predictable I figured out much of what I would say are major plot points straight away I also didn t find myself connecting to any of the characters and even though I was interested in what was going to happen to them I didn t really care what happened to them Justine got on my nerves at times but I liked that she wanted to rebuild some of her friendships with the others and not go back to where their relationships had ended before Find reviews at Sarah and her bookshelves

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    I m sure why I liked this so much It certainly wasn t the protagonist, Justine She was such a jerk I know she s a teenager and teenagers are angsty and annoying, but something just wouldn t let me use that as an excuse She was very woe is me despite everyone telling her how great she is and how she s the lynch pin for most of the book Her pity party was pretty unbearable But despite Justine s terrible attitude, I found myself fully engrossed in the story and not able to look away I wanted the kids to come back together as friends and overcome their personal and collective demons I wanted the documentary to be a success I just wanted everything to turn out OK This is one of those quintessential coming of age stories where so much seems to happen, but when you look back on it, there really all that much to it Sometimes I really like that if it s done well.

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