Idun - Sagan om Valhalla

Idun - Sagan om Valhalla Historien Forts Tter Pr Stinnan Freja Och Hennes Tor, Den En Gde H Vdingen Oden Och Den Undersk Na Drottning Alfhild Och Alla De Andra Hj Ltarna M Ter Oss IgenTor Seglar Till Alfheim Han R Och Bekymrad Svartsoten Pl Gar B De Vaner Och Asar Tor M Ste F Rm Freja Att Hj Lpa Honom Bara Hon Har Kraft Att Driva Bort Farsoten Men Freja R F R Ndrad Hennes Makt Har V Xt Sig S Stark Att Hon Ser Sig Sj Lv Som Gudinna Freja V Grar Att Hj Lpa Honom Men N R Bud Kommer Fr N Vanaheim Tvekar Hon Inte Svartsoten Hotar Att Utpl Na M Nniskorna P N Freja M Ste R Dda Sitt Folk Men Hennes H Gmod G R Att M Ngudinnan V Nder Freja Ryggen Och Idun, Frejas Dotter, Lockas Till Att Verge Sin Mor Utan M Ngudinnan St R Freja Maktl S I Sin Sv Raste Stund F R Hon Hj Lp Fr N UnderjordenD Dsgudinnan G R Henne Till Sin Och Ger Henne Ett Uppdrag Att Finna Bringisgamen Det Smycke Som Kan Ge Freja Kraft Att Bek Mpa Den H Xa Som S Nt Svartsoten Ver Asar Och Vaner Freja Vet Inte Var Hon Ska S Ka Hon Vet Bara Att Utan Bringisgamen G R B De Asar Och Vaner UnderIdun R Den Andra Delen I Trilogin Om Valhalla

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Idun - Sagan om Valhalla book, this is one of the most wanted Johanne Hildebrandt author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 410 pages
  • Idun - Sagan om Valhalla
  • Johanne Hildebrandt
  • 20 February 2019

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    I was very delighted when I found some Viking stories from my Library s shelf The writer had very skillfully bound the myths into her writing but characters were quite one dimensioned and the protagonist in the book, Idun, suffered from a disturbingly hard inferiority complex, as I peeked into the 3 novel, I noticed the same thing continues there, so I did not even start the next book Also the writing quality of the sex scenes were quite sloppy and there were loads of them in this book, almost an gormandizing amount They called having sex poleing in the Finnish version and I found that pretty disturbing cause first thought of poleing was putting up telephone poles rather than wild Viking love making This book left a bit sloppy taste in my mouth and decided to leave this series of books for now Not really my taste that a book is based on inferiority complex and with badly written poleing scenes Of course it s a part of the culture then, but enough is enough and she could have put time on the details to make the character and the scenes deeper.I guess this felt too sloppy written and shallow to my taste, but it lightened up strong feelings in me and that s why the two stars.

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    Historien om de m nniskor som blev k nda gudar forts tter fr n boken Freja Det r fokus p hur de levde, deras seder och bruk och framf r ber ttas det mesta ur kvinnornas perspektiv.Efter f rra bokens h ndelser har det g tt ett antal r Freja lever i Alfheim med sin och Tors dotter Idun Vanerna och asarna har kommit till n gon sorts fred, men gutarna hotar b da tterna Idun blir p s s tt en viktig l nk, och spelbricka, mellan vanerna och asarna f r att ta ett gemensamt krafttag mot hotet D r b de Freja och Tor r handlingskraftiga och starka r Idun f rsynt och v rdes tter de mjuka v rdena Idun l nar sitt namn till boken, det r hennes handlingar som p verkar alla, men huvudperson r hon inte Det kanske hon inte heller beh ver vara.Jag gillar v rlden som Johanne Hldebrandt bygger upp, hennes tolkning av v ra myter och legender, kopplat med hennes tolkning av brons ldern Ett stort plus r att kvinnorna st r i fokus och kontrasterna mellan matriarkatet hos vanerna mot patriarkatet hos asarna r intressant att f lja Jag inser ju givetvis att en del av relationerna och uttryckss tten r kryddade med modern syn, men i det stora hela ger det en fin bild ver brons ldern, ven om den inte beh ver vara helt sann.Boken r l ttl st och roade mig under min p skledighet, den tog mig bara n gra dagar att l sa ut Jag lyckades ocks komma ver tredje delen i trilogin, s den kommer jag att l sa n r suget efter brons ldern blir f r stort.

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    Once again it s hard to think something about this book but I liked it, I think It s a book you just want to continue read even if you don t lke what s happening IThe characters are a bit special and I don t like them very much but I m getting to kow them which makes me like how they act like expected I know them and even if I don t like them, I like to read about them this may sound a bot confusing, and it is but I m a bit confused over what to think of this but my overall feeling is that I lliked it.

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    It s good, but not as good as the first book which was amazing This was so dark, so grim It was horrible for Idun and me I wanted magic and culture things, this was mostly just violence This took me two months to read At least there were some hope left in the end but I don t know how long it will take I still want to try the third part.

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    Att vanliga m nniskor skulle ha varit inspiration till Asagudarna r en sp nnande id Tyv rr tycker jag inte karakt rerna k ndes tillr ckligt levande f r att jag skulle ha sympati med dem Jag var inte imponerad av boken.

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    Sp nnande, romantisk, v lskriven.

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    Spoilers ahead Pros and cons Idun Tor I was actually surprised over and over again how there seemed to be only tragedy for Idun, I was expecting at least some peaceful living before she died Some other interesting character descriptions Honestly painful and hopeless moments The sex Irrelevant Let alone how many characters couldn t seem to think about anything else Left a feeling that nothing really happened Or at least that the story could have been told in twenty pages instead Pretty much every other significant character lived and had better life than Idun, who was the most pure and suffered the consequences of all the other characters corruption I mean, that doesn t sound at all crafted and moralizing I have a love hate relationship with this book I loved Idun The characters in general are the best part, they became completely real to me.But the plot Was there one Oh yeah, sure, it was just hiding behind all that sex Yeah, I get that the author wanted to make a point about how women s sexuality was openly expressed in Alfheim but seriously Was there a page that wasn t somehow about someone s lower body parts And the fact that all the Freija s constant sex scenes were completely irrelevant to the plot made Idun s rape seem ineffective and pointless even though that one actually did have to do with the plot.What was kinda interesting about the story, was that none of the characters changed the direction they were heading to, at any point Everyone s life went on in steps 1,2,3 What was interesting about it, was, that you d actually expect them to change that direction at SOME point, but they never do, which makes the predictability unpredictable I actually enjoyed that, because it still left room for character development.I almost think that what I loved about the characters the most were their flaws What I mean, that aspect of them was described the best How naive Idun was, how she lived pretty much completely in her bubble and even in the end didn t understand one person correctly, how easily Tor could be cheated, and his mind changed by pretty much anyone, how narcissistic Brage was and how everyone kept underestimating exactly that about him And in general how nobody understood anyone It was all very realistic.But then, I rolled my eyes to the outcome How Idun who never meant any harm to anyone was basically killed by all other characters selfish motives Sure, this is partly about gods but still for it to end in a cliche universally moralizing lesson seemed completely unnatural.Sure, Idun wasn t a puppet, she did affect her destiny by making her every decision from her hunger for love and acceptance, but that in fact seems like the whole point of her, plot wise If others had been as pure and simple as her, if they too had only yearned for love and harmony, none of the bad things wouldn t have happened and Idun would ve lived How convenient.It s just not very realistic It s like the author is trying to point out how hypocrite everyone except Idun is than an actual outcome of their doings The ending and glorifying Idun like that, separating her from other characters, I found really pointless but as a character I really loved her Pretty much for that straight forward attitude and just wanting to love and be loved.Idun was great and other characters were great and their relationships were authentic, so I just think it really didn t need to end in a moral lesson At it s best, that was demeaning.So, yeah, I have a lot of problems with this book and probably didn t cover them yet but still, I can t hate this story Well, like I said, because of all the great characters.

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    Looking at the title you might mistakenly think this book is about Idun, Freya s and Thor s daughter It isn t Idun never gets a chance to grow into a whole character, she s reduced into a plot point in her parents tale as are other characters too That shouldn t be a problem, because I loved Freya, but years have changed her into something unrecognisable I guess the power and might of the Moon goddess, and personal sacrifices can do that to a woman, but this tragedy too is downplayed into lunacy The story ends up being about no one and everyone Most of all Idun is about Scandinavian bronze age and the legends they left behind The world is disturbingly real, but it s not enough This reworking of old Nordic myths needs character.

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    Ensimm inen kirja Freija oli vauhdilla luettu mutta t m n kanssa mateli Tuntui, ett v lill jumitettiin jossain asiassa pitk n ja jotkin kohdat taas k siteltiin todella nopeasti Ensin pohjustetaan monta sataa sivua ja sitten t ks, kaikki tapahtuu yhdell sivulla helposti My s tarpeettomat seksikuvaukset rsyttiv t, eri asia jos ne veisiv t tarinaa eteenp in mutta pelkk n sivunt ytteen t ysin turhaa Juonellisesti my s kiersi keh ja samoja ongelmia py riteltiin jatkuvasti.

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    Meiner pers nlichen Meinung nach eher eins der schw cheren B cher, selbst wenn man die nordischen G tter mag.Wenn das Buch nicht als 2 Teil einer nordischen Fantasy Triologie, sondern eher als leicht mystischer nordischer Frauen Historienroman, w re das Buch treffender klassifiziert.

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