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In The Band When Family Problems Push Riley Middleton Into Giving Up A Percussion Scholarship In Another State And Attending College From Home, Her Friends Push Her To Try Out For A Local Rock Band Of Course, Riley Makes The Band She Rules At The Drums Riley Soon Finds Out Rock Bands Have A Different Dynamic Than Marching Bands, Especially When Each Of Her Male Band Mates Has A Major Ego And Is A Major Player Two Of Them Relentlessly Flirt With Her The Other A Dark, Sexy Rock God She Can T Help Being Attracted To Is A Total Jerk And Pushes Her To Quit She Becomes Determined To Ignore His Rudeness And His Hotness Even If She Was Interested In Jerks, A Hook Up Would Probably Get Her Booted Out Of The Ego Ridden Band, And Playing Keeps Her Sane Behind The Drums, The World And Its Troubles Evaporate If She Wants To Stay In The Band, Riley Needs To Ignore The Growing Sparks Between Her And Her Band Enemy But As She Gets To Know The Man Behind The Stage Persona, Ignoring Him Proves To Be Difficult Than Flowing Through A Time Sig Shift New Adult Mature YA For Language And Sexual Situations

When Jean Haus isn t writing, she s usually reading Anything from young adult to historical fiction as long as there s at least a bit of romance, she ll load it on her Kindle She also loves to cook And someday she will create the world s best potsticker.

[Reading] ➷ In The Band ➭ Jean Haus –
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  • In The Band
  • Jean Haus
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  • 01 March 2019

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    4.25 4.5I loved this Love doesn t always make sense To the person in it or to the people around them The falling can be an emotional, chaotic whirlwind The landing jarring and eye opening But if two people are really in love, there s nothing in this world that can overcome it Even if they can t be together, love doesn t cease A girl drummer.thats something new to me.I ve read books where the main female character is of a tomboy than anything, but RILEYRiley skate boards and plays drums Its definitely a good kind of different.I loved Romeo, haha, I couldn t help it I love my men tall, dark, and handsome He was patient, and caring, except when he was acting like an asshole and smart, and sexy as hell, and yummy. sigh Yes, definitely liked it This was another book I randomly saw on my feed and decided to check it out on a whim Glad I did I really did enjoy it.

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    Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceGenre New Adult, College ageSteam MildRiley Middleton has given up a percussion scholarship out of state, made the choice to attend the local college while living at home, and pretty much singlehandedly runs the household Riley s parents are filing for divorce While her father is already engaged to another woman, her mother is an emotional mess Missing the beat of the drums, as it has always provided her escape, Riley tries out for a local college band, and makes it The lead guitarist, Romeo, acts like a complete jerk and makes it obvious he s trying to get her to quit Riley is determined to ignore his rudeness, and the small spark that leaps between them, in order to keep her place in the band As she gets to know Romeo, however, his true personality shines through, and she knows that resistance is futile With her family life falling apart around her, Romeo is everything good and right in her world But, when things worsen at home, and choices have to be made, what will become of their newfound love Most people who know me, know that I am a HUGELY CRAZY fan of rock star rock band stories It s an illness, frankly So, when I read the summary for In The Band, it was a no brainer that I would read and review it I figured, unless there were serious problems, I was going to walk away pretty pleased And, I did In The Band is fun, easy to read, and there are a few aspects that I really enjoyed about this book So, let s start with those Riley is an endearing character from the start She loves her mom and, especially, her little sister so very much She takes on most of the everyday burdens of running a house and raising an eight year old sister after her parents split up Riley is also doing her best to keep her mother going while she s in the midst of depression I felt deeply for Riley, and thoroughly enjoyed every time she entered her zone and KILLED IT playing drums with the band Romeo, after a rocky start, showed himself to be a sincere, serious and wise individual Past hurts have allowed him to grow and see life in ways many twenty one year olds might not He respects love and commitment, and that was truly a nice thing to see Plus, the boy plays just about every instrument AND writes songs THAT is hot Riley and Romeo, together, have a lovely connection They take things slowly, and encounter some hurdles, but, ultimately they fall very much in love This is young love at its best Toward the very end of In The Band, particularly, there are some great scenes between these two.To me, what makes this a 4 star book rather than a 5 star is one of the very things I loved about it Riley begins to come across as just a little bit too much of a martyr Honestly, I admire her for her selflessness, but it made less of a positive impression on me the she kept on It did not add to the story Speaking of the story, I have to mention, my only other issue is the fact that there are some obvious, though not overwhelming, spelling and grammar errors.In the end, Jean Haus does a great job with In The Band If you love a good musician band book as much as I do, I say give this one a try Hopefully we ll see from this author in the future A copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 Stars Why is love such a cluster fuck This was an impulse buy suggested it in an email, I clicked the link, read the blurb that included the words dark, sexy rock god and was sold Those are dangerous words you know Its so sad how easily persuaded I am Seriously I have issues lol Anyhow, I was very impressed with this book and enjoyed it very much I initially thought this book was going to full of angst and drama, but I was wrong, well at least on the angst part The story turned out to be much than I had originally bargained for I ll keep giving and giving My mother and sister are worth the giving. Riley has just given up her scholarship her dream Now is not the time to go off to college and leave her mom and sister Her parents are going through a divorce To add salt to the wound, her father is already in a serious relationship with a woman ten years younger than her mom Yea, her mom is not taking this divorce very well Riley has now officially become the surrogate parent for her little sister The only time she feels free is when she s playing the drums She recently auditions for a college band and they are immediately taken with her Her talent on the drums is undeniably brilliant Of the three male band mates, one is adamant to not let her in the band His name is Romeo and he s going to do everything in power to make her quit Why is it if a person looks like they stepped off the cover of a magazine, they re usually a certified dickhead. Romeo knows letting a girl like Riley into his band is just asking for trouble He can just see it now His band mates flirting with her, vying for her attention She s sexy and extremely talented on the drums Again, she s like some rock goddess come to life behind the set I can feel my temple pounding to her beat as Sam and Justin continue to peek at her in awe. She s going to tear his beloved band from the inside out, especially since he feels an attraction to her the likes in which he hasn t felt like in a very long time Oh yea This girl is going to cause trouble It s not too hard to hold someone who s already caught Romeo This story was, at times, a little heartbreaking Poor Romeo Yes, he was a douche to Riley, but his behavior was based on the wrong assumption After finally coming to the realization that his attraction to Riley couldn t be contained, he s willing to give them a chance After learning of his past, when he falls for someone, he falls hard I commend Riley and her selflessness, but part of me wonders at what cost is her martyrdom She deserves a life, too Her bitterness to her dad and girlfriend, her responsibility to her mother and sister, and to her commitment to the band She s being pulled apart How much longer before it tears her and Romeo completely apart To wait and love wisely. This story had a little added depth that I liked, a lot I could not put it down and basically read it one setting There were some parts where Riley s martyr tendencies were driving me a little bonkers She deserved happiness and Romeo made her happy She was just so darn stubborn and it broke my heart for Romeo Ugh The drama Gotta love it, you know I would consider this a mature YA, even though the hanky panky between the H h were on the light side I so wanted from them I was craving it actually But alas, my mind was left to wander Oh well, I still really liked it and would definitely recommend it.

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    4.5 STARS Love doesn t always make sense To the person in it or to the people around them The falling can be an emotional, chaotic whirlwind The landing jarring and eye opening But if two people are really in love, there s nothing in this world that can overcome it Even if they can t be together, love doesn t cease O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo swoons I love this book as much as I lololo love musical instruments I can totally relate to Riley and her passion for music I know this could be your typical girl trying out for a band guy is going to hate her they re going to hate each other they ll fall inlove anyway book but hey, the writing, the depth, and the chemistry of the characters can make a huge difference to the story I dare say In the Band has done a great job in all these elements I hate that shit, people breaking up because they can t do long distance relationships Like did he date you last year because it was convenient or something I couldn t believe these words actually came from the almost antagonist character, Kendra Man, the girl can analyze Why do people break up when the road gets tougher How can you ever trust yourself to someone who sticks with you only when things are smooth sailing and easy You see, this book has a swoon worthy with dripping sex allure romance story and so much .Riley and Romeo will make you fall inlove and giddy, Riley s parent will open your eyes to the causes and effects of divorce, and the characters with bad reputations will prove you wrong I really enjoyed reading this book

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    In The Band is like a great mash up of other books that I love Easy by Tammara Webber, Gayle Forman s Where She Went Finally, there s Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John There s college dorms, hot and angsty guys, dysfunctional band dynamics, family and school financial problems, and a feisty female MC whose musical passion and talent drives the men who adore them into tortured despair Lol So yes, while the plot is all too familiar, I still enjoyed this book A LOT It s a great YAR and tugged at the heart strings just right Jean Haus writing style is similar to Tammara Webber and Nyrae Dawn, two YA authors I admire And that makes her a new fave author

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    Loved it The heroine is bad ass and I loooooooove Romeo

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    The falling can be an emotional, chaotic whirlwind The landing jarring and eye opening But if two people are really in love, there s nothing in this world that can overcome it Even if they can t be together, love doesn t cease Let me just tell you that I m not really digging the title of this book plus the cover, thus, I became hesitant on reading this But, I learned that one should not judge a book by it s cover or title coz Holy shit was this an awesome read Why Because ROCKSTARS duh What I love about this the most is that the hero is not your typical drinker smoker manwhore type He s not just a musical genius, he also is a GENIUS, like literally I can say he s perfect The heroine is a badass drummer who attracts a lot of guys, I just don t like her tolerating her mother and all that martyrdom shit, but overall, I enjoyed reading this Not a dull moment.Some of my favorite quotes Nothing else matters when I m with you You re like a drug to me I always crave I feel alive and euphoric when we re together I feel free I feel like the person I always wanted to be Riley, I ll let you have whatever you want I just want you You ve had me for a long time HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    This is another excellent example of the value of New Adult as its own category genre It s full of all the angst and passion and purpose of that age but without drama for its own sake and with characters who are honest, kind, and struggling to do their best as the realities of an adult world assert themselves.I particularly like Riley Her situation sucks as she takes on the role of functional caretaker while the adults around her descend into petty selfishness Jean Haus deals with some weighty issues depression, divorce, and neglect but with a light enough touch that they don t obliterate the story Some of that is Riley s determination and grit And some of that is her having the release of her drumming and the friendships she develops through it Her world isn t all dreary though it feels that way, sometimes and you can see that she s honestly doing her best to survive and drag those she cares about with her.I have a lot less sympathy with Romeo And yeah, that s a stupid name to give a romantic hero I don t care if it s his last name since everybody is using it as if it s his only name particularly Riley I literally cringed occasionally when Riley would use his name And yes, I m using literally correctly But it also doesn t help that he s kind of a jerk The amazing thing is that I didn t end up hating him Haus has real talent with characters at this age You could see, eventually, the depth of his emotion and come to understand that his biggest jerkwad moments were part of his deeper turmoil and emotional inexperience and insecurities Better, you could see his passions for his band and for Riley and how they tied his greatest strengths to his greatest insecurities.The only thing keeping this from five stars is that every guy in the book was a jerk, at least part time Marco the friend zoned was exasperating but Riley s dad was worse It didn t quite come off as a statement of general gender bias, but it was a close thing If Riley hadn t turned out so very stellar in the end, it might have been bad, indeed.So a solid four stars for an excellent NA story with great characters I hope the rest of the series is as good or even close.A note about Steamy A bit low on my personal scale, but significant There s no actual explicit sex as such, but there s frank discussion and enough playing around as makes no difference.

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    Really three and a half stars because while I liked the premise of this book and overall I thought it not only flowed well and was believable, I still had some issues with it Some of the supportive characters Marcus and Chloe started off strong but then seemed to fade into the background as Riley s interest in Romeo grew This could have been done intentionally to demonstrate how sometimes when falling in love people can overlook other relationships but I felt like could have been done to work them into the story line, especially near the end when things seem to come to a head with them and you re left wondering if they actually worked through their crap The conflict with Riley s family was good Sometimes with stories in this genre that type of broken breaking family dynamic can feel forced and overdone In this case I thought Haus nailed it, especially with Riley s mom and her descent into depression Her need to step into her mother s neglected role and her anxiety about leaving her and her little sister alone were completely understandable to the reader The only part that irritated me was the end and how much she was in her head about how things were left with her and Romeo It seemed like it took her too long to snap out of it I also didn t like that Riley stopped drumming It seemed a little antiquated, like it s perfectly understandable for a girl to give up her life dreams when she meets the right guy.

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    I ve had my eye on this book for a while I love rock star books, so I m a sucker as soon as I see band I had gone back and forth on it even though it sounded good for at least a month, then I saw that the price dropped As you can imagine, I snatched it up immediately.I was hooked immediately I loved Riley s connection to music and drums I can honestly say, I know how she feels Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo Lol, he definitely left me asking that through the first half of the book He was definitely a jerk But jerks can be so much fun to read Especially when they break from their jerkiness and show that they aren t all bad And fortunately, Romeo did do that multiple times I loved how confused Riley got when Romeo broke from his jerk mold and was sweet to her younger sister Also, when she had a family emergency and Romeo took care of her It just made me completely love him This was such an enjoyable book I was actually cursing sleep when I couldn t stay awake any longer to read This book will definitely be a re read for me.

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