Bad Girls Don't Die

Bad Girls Don't Die When Alexis S Little Sister Kasey Becomes Obsessed With An Antique Doll, Alexis Thinks She Is Just Being Her Usual Weird Self Things Get Weirder, Though, When Their House Starts Changing Doors Open And Close By Themselves Water Boils On The Unlit Stove And An Unplugged Air Conditioner Blasts Cold Air Kasey Is Changing, Too Her Blue Eyes Go Green, She Starts Using Old Fashioned Language, And She Forgets Chunks Of Time Most Disturbing Of All Is The Dangerous New Chip On Kasey S Shoulder The Formerly Gentle Child Is Gone, And The New Kasey Is Angry Alexis Is The Only One Who Can Stop Her Sister But What If That Green Eyed Girl Isn T Even Kasey Any

Katie Alender rhymes with calendar grew up in South Florida She is the third of four children three girls and a boy and the child of three very loving and encouraging parents.She attended high school at the Palm Beach County School of the Arts, studying Communication Arts From there, she went on to the Florida State University Film School, which led her to her current hometown, a tiny ham

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Bad Girls Don't Die By Katie Alender –
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Bad Girls Don't Die
  • Katie Alender
  • English
  • 26 February 2018

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    What a coincidence that I read this ghost story during Mystery Thriller Week on Goodreads, especially after having put it off for years But now I wish I hadn t bothered with it to begin with And I know that if I hadn t read this with a friend, I most likely would have left it open at a random page and never gone back to it Ever.I ll be fair, if the content works for you, this will be an addictive read, seeing that it is fast paced and has an intriguing premise I haven t read a ghost story in a while, so I was looking forward to being spooked by this one.But the content did not, in fact, work for me For one thing, it s extremely predictable I knew what was happening almost immediately, and so will you But then again, the summary is giving away a lot so perhaps that was the effect desired What we don t know is why this is all happening what caused Alexis life to turn upside down and what the ghost let s stop beating around the bush, shall we wants While Alexis is not unlikeable per se, her prejudices, judgements especially when it came to the subject of cheerleaders and sarcastic comments rubbed me the wrong way.As did her love interest, Carter He exists only for Alexis We know this because when he does, very shockingly, admit something about his past, it is sudden and unexplored And never discussed again He is barely present, and when he is, it is only so that he can fulfill his role as knight in shining armour In other words, without Alexis, he is as important as a leaf of grass Whereas Megan was able to win me over She was my favourite character, which turned out to be a shame since she is a secondary one and not quite as present as I would have liked I just really could not take this story seriously It was published nine years ago, but it felt outdated to me crazy as I read a book from 1982 yesterday and it was a whole other and positive reading experience Buddy read with the wonderful mith Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    When I look at this book I think creepy I m glad a goodread friend recommended it to me because I probably wouldn t have picked it up on my own because I m a wuss when it comes to anything remotely deemed as scary This book is different because though it has that creepy feel to it, I didn t feel overwhelmed by it Alender kept the balance just right for a reader like me.Alexis is a spunky teenager who loves photography that is having some family issues Lately her younger sister Kasey has been acting weird and her mom and dad don t seem to be noticing anything It s not like they would because their Mom is putting all her efforts on getting promoted and her dad is off with his friends Alexis steps up like the older sister she is and tries to help Kasey but she starts doing things that border the crazy Along the way Alexis finds a new friend and a love interest she couldn t have seen coming, all the while trying to figure out the mystery behind Kasey s odd behavior She ll find out that it s bigger than anything she could have imagined.I loved how this was set in modern day because we have Alexis who doesn t believe in the supernatural and tries her hardest to come up with another reasonable explanation of why Kasey isn t herself any It was interesting to see how Megan played a role here, and how her story was interwoven with the main character s I would have liked to have seen of Carter and how his relationship with Alexis grows because they were definitely cute together A pet peeve I have is seeing obvious typos in books I m not sure if it was because I had an e copy, but I saw some pretty obvious ones and that is always annoying when you see it Despite that I thought the story was great and kept me pushing on to read and because I just had to know what happened The title oddly fits and it s not the reason you would suspect I will be reading it s sequel From Bad to Cursed.Extra sidenote This is the first e book I ve read and I gotta say I liked the convenience, but I really missed the feel of a book in my hands I wasn t able to thumb through pages and look back at things, which I know you can do on the e readers but I don t remember where anything is And no smell of the pages, and seeing the book s cover calling to me I missed all of that It didn t effect my enjoyment that much and I will continue to use the e reader from time to time, but I will always prefer a hard copy of a book any day.

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    kinda spoilish Oh My Jeebus Only way to explain this book is UH MAZING I would give it 10 stars if I could I loved it Finished it in about 3 hours I could really relate to Alexis, her dad gives her the same puppy dog be my friend look that my dad does My mom works 24 7 too Except I don t have a sister possessed by a creepy dead girl doll ghost thing My house also doesn t have doors that close all by themselves or water that boils on an unlit stove This book is so unlike all the other books with ghosts and what not in them It just kept twisting First it s one thing, then something happens and it s another and I m geekin out the whole time And Carter Carter is so AWESOME OMGEEZ I I m trying to come up with a insightful way to encompass my appreciation of this awesomeness, but I just can t concentrate I can t stop smiling either And giggling I think my face might freeze this way Katie Alender, you are amazing Even though I may never look at dolls the same way again Glad I decided to collect stuffed animals and not dolls.So really Hee Tori

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    Have you ever heard of those age old stories where a doll is a ghost Many times right That s exactly what the base of this story is But such a refreshing take of an age old haunting story.In the opening chapter Alexis is taking pictures of her old, huge house at 3 in the night While she is going in after taking the pictures she notices a strange yellow light at one of the windows of her house This is the first occurrence of something unusual that Alexis notices Kasey, her 12 year old younger sister is acting stranger by the day Her eyes suddenly turn from blue to green she starts using words like oughtn t and possesses the strength unusual for a 12 year old.Alexis is a misfit in school, the girl with the pink hair, the one who is always at the sidelines The cheerleaders group hates her And Alexis in turn hates them, especially Megan, one of the cheerleaders and one of the popular girls at school At home too, her mom is too busy with her work to pay much attention to her or Kasey After a string of incidents she realizes that Kasey is possessed She tries to find out the mystery behind Kasey s behavior and the secret that seems to be surrounding her house with the help from an unexpected source Oh and there is some romance too Although it isn t necessary to the story it doesn t harm either.For a rebellious teen Alexis is likable and Kasey, in spite of being possessed by the ghost 90% of the time, is quite cute But then that is exactly what makes the story so creepy It isn t the kind where you ll be so scared that you won t switch off the lights or jump at any unfamiliar sound It s the mystery and the What s going to happen next factor that works so well Also sentences like It s going to get worse adds to it Have you ever watched The haunting on the Discovery channel Yes, the same serial which has dramatization of real life ghost stories This book reminded me of that It slowly build s up to a showy kind of an ending.It s a page turner for sure Read it It s good.originally reviewed at

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    Our protagonist WHAAAAH MY MOTHER WANTS TO HAVE A CAREER WHAAAAH MY FATHER WANTS TO HAVE SOCIAL LIFE WHAAAAH MY SISTER IS YOUNG AND WEIRD WHAAAAH NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY FAUX LIBERAL AGENDA WHAAAAH NO ONE UNDERSTANDS MY NEED TO REBEL Rinse and repeat for 300 pages The only thing interesting about this story was the ghost aspect, but it really isn t strongly touched on until the last hundred and change pages The way that the book wraps up is really weak and I don t know why this needs a sequel If anything I d like to read Sarah s story.

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    Possession Dolls Haunted houses Vengeful spirits This was exactly the YA horror book I was looking for In the beginning, for whatever reason, I had low hopes for this book But when I started reading it, I was surprised how much I instantly liked it I ve read a lot of books where I constantly check the page number I m on and I m like Ugh, is the chapter over yet and I m so bored But I also have read a lot of books that just suck me in so much that after a while, when I check what page I m on, I m like Wow, I ve read that far already This book falls in that category.Alexis is considered the school outcast, and she has pink hair And I love her She was so damn relatable, and I just loved her voice I can t really say anything bad about her, to be honest, because she never annoyed me.And then we have Kasey, Alexis s little sister Dear God, this girl scared the crap out of me She s thirteen but she acts seven, and she collects a lot of dolls and talks to them One doll in particular, she found in her house, with glowing green eyes Let s just say this doll is the only one who talks back to Kasey, and does a lot than that.There was also Megan Wiley, the cheerleader who surprisingly has a big part in this book I liked her because she wasn t the stereotypical bitchy cheerleader, and I liked the part she played in the story You ll find out some shocking things about her past.Along the way, we get to find out the history of the vengeful spirit in Alexis s house, and I loved reading all of the background stories One chapter in particular, near the end, was my absolute favorite view spoiler The one where we see what happened with Shara and Megan from her POV hide spoiler

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    Bakt m kitap s r kleyici gidiyor, eviriyi b rakt m ve kitab bir solukta bitirdim Supernatural Insidious tarz eyler izlemeyi seviyorsan z, arad n z kitap bu Sadece ba roldekiler liseli gen ler o kadar imdi karakterler hakk nda iki ift laf etmek istiyorum Alexis Warren, ana karakterimiz oluyor, evresindekiler uymad n ve hi bir yere ait olmad n d nen bir k z Pembe sa lar var Asi ruhlu, do ru oldu unu d nd eylerin arkas nda, yanl oldu unu d nd eyleri de sonuna kadar protesto ediyor dealist anlayaca n z Okulda kendilerine Doom Squad benim tabirimle K yamet Mangas ad verilmi belal bir grupla tak l yor Beni ba larda biraz sinir etti ama ilerleyen safhalarda kendisini ok sevdim Carter Blume, esas o lan m z asl na bakarsan z tek o lan , mavi g zl sar sa l ekici ve ak ll bir ocuk Ayy yerim onu falan derdim ama ya benden k k S byanc format na girmemek i in yle bir ey demiyorum Megan Wiley, okulun ponpon k zlar n n g zel pop ler kaptan , Alexis le ba d manken sonradan buddy buddy oluyorlar Nedenini tabi ki s ylemeyece im ama k z ok sevdim Kasey Warren, Alexis in k z karde i ve evet, i ine hayalet ka an vatanda bu Zaten Alexis ay klas n sonra pirincin ta n Pepper Laird, ponpon k zlar n ikinci kaptan , Carter dan ho lan yor Bu k z sevmiyoruz nemli karakterler bunlard V c k v c k teen a k genleri ya da ay ocuk ok seksi, t m k zlar onun pe inde ama o beni t m s radanl mla g rd , ben de onu yalay p yutmak istiyorum tarz nda olaylar yok Ho lanma, a k vs tabi var ama sizi baymayacak cinsten Bu y n ne bay ld m Asl nda kitab n neredeyse her y n ne bay ld m Bay lmad m tek k sm beni ok korkutup germesiydi Ama o da kitab n hatas de il, benim dlekli im Cidden, korku bile filmi izleyemiyorum ben D Son olarak, OYUNCAK BEBEKLERDEN UZAK DURUN C DDEN

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    This book was creepy, and I was all about it I ve been in the mood to read something scary, and have recently red The Amityville Horror and The Haunting of Hill House, and neither of those ones creeped me out at all, however this YA horror that s been sitting on my shelf for years did the trick Alexis sister Kaycee has started acting strange she s become irritable, violent, and has started lying to her family When Alexis witnesses Kaycee s eyes change color right in front of her, she realizes there s something sinister happening, and she needs help to figure out how to stop it before it s too late This book was fast paced, and kept me hooked from page one I didn t want to put it down There were some scenes that gave me goosebumps, and horror books rarely cause that reaction in me, so I was pleasantly surprised I m looking forward to reading the second one

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    Un libro que se lee bastante r pido con una buena trama, algo que de verdad se agradece en estos tiempos Tiene sus toques l gubres y algunas descripciones que me pusieron la piel de gallina, aunque debo admitir que el toque rom ntico y juvenil no me gust.El meollo principal se solucion en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, todo lo dem s para llegar a su desenlace estuvo muy bueno pero las ultimas hojas fueron terribles.Seguir la saga porque los compr al mismo tiempo y porque la historia fue muy creativa, merece otra oportunidad.

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