The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year There Comes A Time In Every New Mother S Life When She Finds Herself Staring At Her Screaming, Smelly Bundle Of Joy And Wishing Someone Had Told Her That Her House Would Reek Of Vomit, Or That She Shouldn T Buy The Cute Onesies With A Thousand Impossible Buttons, Or That She Might Cry Than The BabyBest Selling Humor Author Dawn Dais, Mother To A One Year Old And Author Of The Nonrunner S Marathon Guide For Women, Is Convinced That There Is A Reason For This Lack Of Preparedness She Believes That A Vast Conspiracy Exists To Hide The Horrific Truth About Parenting From Doe Eyed Expectant Mothers Who Might Otherwise Abandon Their Babies In Hospitals And Run For It In The Sh T No One Tells You, Dais Tells It Like It Is, Revealing What It S Really Like To Be A New Parent And Providing Helpful Insights, Humor, And Hope For Those Who Feel Overwhelmed By The Exhausting Trials They Re Suddenly Facing Eschewing The Adorableness That Oozes Out Of Other Parenting Books, Dais Offers Real Advice From Real Moms Along With Hilarious Anecdotes, Clever Tips, And The Genuine Encouragement Every Mom Needs In Order To Survive The First Year Of Parenthood

Dawn Dais is a freelance writer, designer, and filmmaker from Sacramento, CA Her two previous books, The Nonrunner s Marathon Guide for Women and The Noncyclist s Guide to the Century and Other Road Races, were published by Seal Press, have topped .com best seller lists, and have been featured by countless TV and print media sources Her uniquely sarcastic yet inspiring tone has entertained

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  • The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year
  • Dawn Dais
  • English
  • 27 July 2019
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    Everything was going fine until we got to the chapter on vaccines.I m instantly rating down any book that suggests vaccines are anything but incredibly important, life saving tools that DON T HAVE ANY LINK TO AUTISM The author eventually does say she vaccinated her kid, but only after going on about how vaccines are really uncertain and your best bet is to talk to your friends and research on Google NOPE In this age of Trump and all his yahoo anti vaxxers, I m doubling down on science.

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    I thought this book was kinda cute until I got to the chapter about vaccination You know what s not cute Legitimizing the deadly ignorance of anti vaxers.

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    We re expecting our 3rd child in 7 weeks, so I wanted to get the new born parental juices flowing again I made it a quarter through the book Nothing could have led me to run back to the arms of the classics faster Swearing isn t funny in itself, though what did I expect with the title Echo chamber of a half dozen 30 something mothers Doesn t lead with her parenting philosophies, tones and styles that resonate with the author There are many almost insights drowned in this I m an expert now memoir As is no surprise with the no research, there are no references, no jumping off points to learn about a topic if you have questions As another reviewer describes this is The Sh t People Told You But You Have To Experience It book, making it one girlfriend telling you how it will be.I couldn t get beyond the shallow chapter Your Newborn Is Not Cute At least the author could have described some of the trauma and conditions that newborns quickly heal from Or provided some research that backs what could be the interesting psychology of parental instincts I had already endured the steal from the hospital chapter What if you have different morals or later need to source alternatives to the products The author was fortunate that adjusting her own diet allowed her daughter to feed It probably would have improved the book if she term dropped acid reflux, GERDS, colic, and the expensive lactose free and even milk protein free formula.The depression chapter is depressing How can such a chapter not speak to one of the most significant symptoms, unreasonable fear A tell tale sign of postpartum depression is fixated fears on improbable events seeking fear.I likely would have rated it 2 3, but then I read reviews that the book includes a platform for not immunizing That sh t isn t funny and this crazy train is responsible for outbreaks of diseases in Canada and the US that would otherwise have been eradicated.

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    Vaccines should not be optional Also, it is like The Shit That Everyone Has Already Told You As Soon As You Got Pregnant.

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    pretty meh with a rather misleading title i don t think there was anything in here that was anything i wasn t forewarned of one way or another a accurate title might be the shit that people try to warn you about but that you just can t understand until you actually have a baby like, everyone tells you, sleep now because you ll never be sleeping again not only is that not really true in a some cases i don t want to brag, but i must say that i get plenty of sleep most nights , but it s just not really something you can comprehend before you re in the midst of it other topics include things like your baby will poop a lot, no one really thinks your kid is as cute as you do, breastfeeding is hard i feel like most people know all this i wish this book covered some of the stuff that, no, really, no one tells you like don t buy any sleepers that close with snaps up the leg if there are zipper sleepers available TRUST ME or, it s okay to read a grown up book while your kid is playing the book was kind of funny, but employed the word whooha waaaaay too many times dude just say vagina or hooha, if you really insist on being cute about it no need for the silent W that was really distracting annoying in the chapters on baby sleep, the author also states categorically that she is against co sleeping okay different strokes for different folks everything, but why bring it up just to shit on it she also devotes an entire chapter to the decision about whether to vaccinate or not, like it s just another consumer choice you can make, like whether or not to buy organic bananas i have become weirdly gung ho about vaccination since i had a kid, i admit, but i d prefer that she not bring it up at all rather than try to portray non vaccinating as a perfectly viable option that is available once you have done your due diligence on wingnut websites where people still think vaccinations cause autism which one contributer to this book repeats ugh one thing while reading this book, it was clear that a lot of the advice insight was geared toward older kids it s billed as a book about baby s first year, but my baby will be a year old tomorrow there were references to all kinds of crap that she s not doing yet i think this is probably a function of the moms who contributed just kind of blanking on when exactly a baby starts doing stuff if someone sat me down was like, baby s first three months go, i would probably get confused mention all kinds of crap ramona wasn t doing until she was six months old or whatever it just all becomes a blur after a while it doesn t take long so i get it, but it was still kind of annoying.

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    This book has the distinction of being the first book I finally finished in about six months, as I was pregnant and something about that condition and a new smart phone makes it virtually impossible for me to focus on anything longer than two pages of a pregnancy discussion board debate topic I have done this with all three pregnancies My mind cannot handle books, and I know when I am coming out of the post partum haze when I finally start reading something about genocide in a foreign country which I am coincidentally doing right now This book was my bridge book, taking me away from the world of pregnant lady midnight online posts to actual pages with numbers on them I read another book by Dawn Dais about training for a marathon and fell in love with her Funny enough, she s a lesbian But I didn t mean THAT kind of falling in love with her Thought I should clarify She and her partner have had their first baby and are pregnant with number two or maybe that one is born already by this point I still love her, I still think she s hilarious, but this book didn t quite grab me the way her other did Maybe it was my fault Maybe I had such high hopes and interest that I aimed my expectations too high Maybe it was because I was reading about her first year with her first baby, and I was experiencing my third baby in my experience, way freaking easier than the first was , and so I couldn t relate like I may have seven years ago after my first This book was divided into a bunch a chapters about all the crappy things that happen to you when you have a baby your body sucks, breastfeeding is hard, you don t sleep, you lose your mind, you fight with your partner, you cry a lot, blah blah blah They were true, and entertaining, and just a tad TOO negative for me I kept waiting for the chapter of redemption, where she said yep it s really hard having a baby, but guess what Something awesome is about to happen to you too, and let me tell you my experience with loving motherhood, which is the following She scattered in positivity here and there, but it wasn t enough for me I felt a little depressed, like yeah my life does suck right now , even when it didn t This made less than fulfilling Even my genocide book ended with the author finding peace, forgiveness and happiness And her entire family was murdered, soif you can find happiness after that, surely we moms can find happiness amidst a few sleepless night, right If you like Dawn Dais as I do I wouldn t not recommend this book, but I won t be going out of my way to encourage people to pick it up like I do her marathon training book.

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    Since I m a 65 year old male you probably won t be too shocked and surprised when I tell you that I don t actually read very many books about having a baby However I thought this one looked promising and it did have some original humor in it However much of the humor was forced and unnatural Each one of the thankfully brief chapters begins with an illustration and some listed statements that are supposed to be funny some are and that did trigger my interest into checking the book out of the library and looking at it closely I read the first 50 or so pages thoroughly and then shifted into my high speed skimming of the rest of the book, and I don t feel that I missed much Of course I don t see a baby in my near future either I did note however that the author, unfortunately, fertilized some of the common and mistaken information about the dangers of vaccinations While reading this I had to think of the movie, Knocked Up which also including as legitimate humor, cliches, exaggerations, and forced laughs that were supposed to pass as funny I would suggest that if you are planning to reproduce you might want to read this before conception, because it is not a positive optimistic look at having a baby After conception most of the information in this book is just too late to be of much use.

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    I was really expecting this book to be a lot enjoyable than it was There are a couple of points I d like to make on how it disappointed me For one, I thought the humor was pretty forced There were a lot of jokes that just weren t really funny, the kind of jokes I am subject to often as a new mom and just kind of pretend to laugh at and move on with my day Also, I read this when my son was 4 months old And honestly, I found it very discouraging I am so glad I didn t read it before I actually had a baby It was insanely dramatic and I know it was intended on being sarcastic but I think it was a little over the top At one point it mentioned how you were going to have to change the changing pad cover 15 times in a day I don t think my baby has even destroyed a changing pad cover or any similar surface 15 times in the 4 months he s been around I know it s trying to make the point that parenting is hard, but it s not nearly as terrible as this book makes it out to seem I.e it said it will take you 5 months to read a book and I read this book in 4 days , and the resounding theme of don t ever think you have this under control is something I entirely disagree with You need to have some confidence in yourself It did have some good points, but overall cons than pros.

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    The sh t that nobody tells you is mostly not a revelation For example Babies are messy, you ll have to clean up a lot of bodily fluids, baby gear is expensive, baby books are mostly not riveting reading for adults, teething and sleep training are difficult for both baby parents, having a baby will be hard on your body and your marriage relationship, you won t have any free time after baby arrives etc A supposedly funny book that was a real downer Also, she s sympathetic to antivaxers

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