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Every Day I am not kissing her because I want to, and I am not kissing her because I need to I am kissing her for a reason that transcends want and need, that feels elemental to our existence, a molecular component on which our universe will be built. I have enjoyed Levithan s books in the past, but the magic that other readers found in Every Day just wasn t there for me.Many claims have been made about this book that it is a clever what if science fiction novel, that it explores what it means to be genderless, without a body, and without a family, and that it is an evocative love story I honestly didn t get much sense of any of that.The story is about A someone who wakes up in a different person s body and life every single morning They have always been this way and have come to accept it Until, that is, they end up inside the body of a boy called Justin and fall for Justin s girlfriend, Rhiannon Suddenly, A s many lives revolve around locating Rhiannon and spending time with her Hoping they can be together, and knowing that they can t.The strongest part of this book for me was the many small stories scattered throughout about the different lives A enters They are fleeting, varied, but often quite interesting and touching.Beyond this, though, it was a disappointment This same story written by many other authors would be called out for its instalove However, I suppose Levithan writes poetically enough that A s relationship with Rhiannon seems deeper, when in reality A falls in love with her instantly because she is a sad girl who wants to go to the ocean.Secondly, there is no explanation at all for the paranormal aspect No attempt to address it, no consideration given to why A always wakes up in a body 4 hours or less away from Rhiannon and is always the same age But I can suspend a lot of disbelief and I understand this isn t the kind of book that concerns itself with the hows , so that wasn t even a major issue.By far a bigger issue for me was something that many people have praised the book for the unique perspective from the point of view of someone who is genderless and without a life of their own Wow, what an interesting idea, right Indeed it is, and yet it is not explored at all There is very little discussion of what it means to be male, female, both or neither It is taken for granted that these things are meaningless and shrugged off What a wasted opportunity to look at a fascinating subject Some people look at Every Day and see a very different and beautiful book I look at it and see another YA romance, framed in such a way that it can claim to be different without ever really breaking new ground.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest The concept for the story is intriguing A is a person that inhabits another person s body for one day Sometimes A is a boy, sometimes a girl A can inhabit different colors of skin and different shapes and sizes A tries to minimize the impact of occupying the body A is supposedly not judgmental Whatever body A inhabits is fine with A.The story is, I believe, about acceptance People come in all shapes, sizes, genders and orientations There is no preference given the above mentioned categories Biology does play a part in a person s makeup, as demonstrated by the chemically depressed girl A inhabited one day which was moving and empathetic Very well written Also well written is the chemical dependence of the addict and physical pain A felt and the act of defying the urge by staying in the bedroom until the end of the day, enduring.Yet I feel like Leviathan is preachy about his own beliefs, pushing his viewpoint whether than just letting the reader think The lack of understanding that gender might effect Rhiannon s attraction and the implication that she is wrong for that isn t fair I m only attracted to men Does that make me a bad person Even though being attracted to one gender iscommon, A pushes the idea that it s wrong and judgmental which feels judgmental to me Much of the storyline focuses on gender and orientation rather than acceptance of each person Not that the author doesn t attempt this topic because he does The protagonist inhabits a 300 lb boy, an addict, a boy grieving for his grandfather, a mean girl, a football player, a deeply depressed girl Yet the recurring theme tends toward gender being a societal construct rather than a biological reality Love is love no matter what There is lesbian love, homosexual males in a gay pride parade, a transgender female going through hormone changing injections with a girlfriend, a past where A fell in love when occupying a boy s body with another boy and began a romantic relationship yet I don t recall although I may be mistaken a healthy heterosexual relationship portrayed throughout the book Additionally, the topic of religion is brushed upon but not in a favorable light I did like the summation that religions share a great deal of commonalities because I agree with this especially when clarified with the differences being the history of their church and origin But overall, humans believe in a higher power and a greater purpose However, brushing religion under the carpet as being unimportant is rather condescending Despite the commonalities of all religions, I d wager that identifying with a religion is one of the top 5 characteristics of most people Perhaps because my sexual orientation is just assumed, I don t typically qualify myself as heterosexual The concept of this book is interesting, but overall it s a romance It carries all the cheesy declarations of loves that come with that If the book had focused less on the romance and beenwell rounded in it s portrayals of different belief systems it would ve probably rated higher for me It seems to want people to understand different viewpoints without fairly attempting to understand theirs Faith being portrayed so inaccurately is very frustrating, especially when it s also unnecessary. What makes us fall in love and what makes us who we are Those are the questions at the heart of this novel, which tells a thoughtful, touching story that will surprise readers with its sentient literary style and gentle feeling.Everyone longs for human connection, but 16 year old A s search for it seems to be a losing proposition Every day, for as long as he can remember, he wakes up in a different body sometimes as a girl, sometimes with a different ethnicity, sometimes with a different sexual orientation He s long recognized the futility of trying to create lasting relationships, but everything changes when he meets Rhiannon, a girl who makes him want things he s never thought possible.This story reminds me of one of my favorite TNG episodes with a similar concept, and A also follows a sort of prime directive in his self imposed policy not to interfere too much in his host s life He is, for the most part, a very likeable protagonist who doesn t wallow in self pity or maudlin emotion, and it s interesting to see how skillfully the author retains A s sense of self and personality even within very different people in very different circumstances One of my favorite things about this book is how we catch a glimpse of all the lives that A touches some of the manifestations are humorous, some of them are incredibly sad, and some of them are downright harrowing There is also a tension and urgency in the story from various different sources, most notably in the form of someone who is relentlessly pursuing A for his own dangerous reasons.The things that somelogic hobbled readers heh, I am coining that term won t like about this book are precisely what I do like about it I like the book squiet, philosophical bent, and I actually like that we don t get any answers as to why this happens to A Frankly, they re not necessary this story isn t about that, and had the author attempted to invent specious reasoning for the wheres and whyfores of this concept, this would have been a very different book A obviously makes some mistakes in judgments haven t we all and I do think his relationship with Rhiannon developed rather suddenly, as she s a fine enough girl, but I never really understood why he liked her so much But for me, this all worked within the confines of this story concept I accepted that in the course of living countless lives in A s lifetime, something in this girl at this time called out to him And sometimes people just come along at the exact right time in your life when you desperately need it, and A is very much in need of being loved And perhaps evenimportantly, he is very much in need of being acknowledgedThe tenderness between two people can turn the air tender, the room tender, time itself tender As I step out of bed and slip on an oversize shirt, everything around me feels like it s the temperature of happinessThings become very difficult, of course, once Rhiannon learns about A s unique circumstance It s hard to fault anyone for having trouble accepting the fantastical premise, as well as the reality of living with it, because after all, a big, big part of love relies on both the thrill and the comfort we find in another person s familiar presence The struggle that these two have to reconcile what they want with what is realistic is poignant though ultimately, still very hopeful By the end of this pensive, bittersweet novel, your heart may rend in two, because the purest form of love is perhaps when it involves some form of selflessness or self sacrifice But there s a great deal of beauty and comfort to be found in that, too.This is my first time reading David Levithan But it won t be my last This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.Recommended for fans of A Certain Slant of Light, for those who were intrigued by the body switching concept in Mercy, and for those who might ve yearned for amature, tender feeling from Tempest.Win an Every Day ARC And make cookies, too We re giving away an Advance Readers Copy of this book on the blog And hey, this review was powered by peanut butter cookies By special request from Cassi you can download the free recipe card, too. Can you imagine waking up every day in the body of someone else Pretending to be them for a day Being them for a day Your soul traveling from body to body, restless.David Levithan is a very deep type of guy on his way to becoming a philosopher, as I like to believe He creates stories that tackle realities of modern life and depicts profound lead characters that have something intelligent and thoughtful to say about the world.At first, I wasn t convinced about the whole concept I thought it would make the characters feeble in personality or keep us from getting attached to them, somehow Man was I wrong This book isn t a compilation of short stories in the slice of life style It s waythan that This reading felt to me like an introduction to the world and to people who inhabit it.Since we re honest here, I didn t love everything about it The romance, most precisely, is what kept me from enjoying it fully and thoroughly, although I am pretty satisfied with the result I mean, come on, there s such a cheesy love story I know that Rhiannon is not the first girl A meets but, since he does meet her in the first chapter for us it does feel that way again, for us The author tries to make her look especially angelic and special, but she s sadly the kind of girl we ve all met dozens andtimes in our lives.But, well, it s not like I expected the romance to knock my socks off And if that s not what you re expecting either, you should end up pretty pleased with the book, too. Wow This was such a feast for my eyes and mind My thoughts after finishing the book SO GOOD I didn t even have time to mark it as currently reading, this is how lost into the story I ve been One of the best books I ve read in quite a while Full review Romance aside, this story is about people All kinds of people in all kinds of scenarios, with different lives and in different environments It s the most wonderful book about what it means to be human.It takes you on a journey around the world not physically but emotionally, it travels through space and bodies and it talks about so many taboo subjects that you can t even imagine. This, my dears, it s a real piece of artI wake up thinking of yesterday.The joy is in remembering the pain is in knowing it was yesterdayYou can learn a lesson from almost every chapter, you can be in the body and somehow even the mind of all kinds of people, struggling with their problems, creating others, trying to fix the unfixable or to keep untouched the precious moments in their lives.You learn that actions have always consequences, that when you change things you have to assume the responsibility for doing so you get glimpses into the head of so many types of people and at the end of the day not only you can learn a thing or two from it, but you can really become a better person.It s not that the concept is entirely original I remember seeing when I was young a movie series quite similar to this but the amount of research needed for this story and the perfection with which it has been implemented turns this book into a real gem It s fresh, it s well written, it is addictive and so full of precious content.There are few books that have left an imprint on my life this is definitely one of those.I love this guy I mean the author he is so smart and open He talks about so many things with conviction, but without trying to make you believe the things he does he gives you the good and the bad in all situations and I must confess that reading this book and being just for a bit in his mind while doing so felt really, really good.Now about the charactersI ll start with A and Rhiannon.As you should know from the book description A which is a name, by the way does not have a body He is just a soul spending each day on a different body We think of him as a boy but in fact he has no gender, and each day he can be a boy or a girl, having no control over where his soul might wake up in the next morning He doesn t know why it happens, so don t try to find out because this is not what this story is about.All days are similar he wakes up, tries to find out what he can about the person he has to be that day, and tries not to mess up things for that person, because the lives he lives are borrowed and he has no right to ruin themI only have a day to give so why can t it be a good oneOne day is different though He is impersonating one guy called Justin and falls in love with his girlfriend Justin is not a good person and he is not good for to Rhiannon, but wouldn t A want to be Justin for the rest of his life Wouldn t he want to wake up in the morning and still be here, wouldn t he want to have Rhiannon in his life forever It s a day that changes him, it s a day that changes everything. And so the story starts..For you it might feel like A starts liking Rhiannon too quickly, it might feel like insta love, but try to picture A s life, try to imagine a life when every single day is different, a life where you meet a person today but you might never be given a second chance. How long it would take for you to give away your heart, how long it will take for you to fall in love Day by day A gainsinformation about her, he tries to see her again and with everything he learns about her day after day he gets to care , to truly love her for the way she thinks, she acts, she feelsMy life doesn t add up to anything Except for an afternoon, it didTruth being told, all A needed was to belong, he needed something palpable in his life and so he found Rhiannon.She is for him a symbol of everything he can t have It seemed like love at first sight, but in his world that s the only kind of love he can get There is no way to meet again someone and to relive a day such that he could fall in love in the usual way So I didn t mind him focus all his attention on this girl that has stolen his heart and that he can t possibly have because every day he becomes someone else.In a way, this is how Romeo and Juliet should play around in our days the concept, not the Shakespearian play , with the entire universe against our sweet couple Some will love their story, some probably won t, but don t think about the whole book as a romance, because you ll be missing a lot that s the reason all this started, yes, but there are many other amazing things about it that will steal your heartThis is what love does It makes you want to rewrite the world It makes you want to choose the characters, build the scenery, guide the plot The person you love sits across from you, and you want to do everything in your power to make it possible, endlessly possible And when it s just the two of you, alone in a room, you can pretend that this is how it is, this is how it will beThere were so many other characters that are worth talking about, so many destinies that A changed, so many lessons to learn from There were happy moments, and sad ones, there are tons of quotes that will make an impression for sure, there are so many great ideas hidden between the pages, the lines, the words in this book. Nothing feels like it has been spilled at random in this sea of magical thoughts, and there are not enough words in the world for me to tell you how wonderful this story was to me.I loved the stories of every person A impersonates during his travel..Drug addict, fat person, geek, gay, transgender, homeschooled, mean girl, rock boy, suicidal girl and so on, and on, and on there was a selected group of people that can will leave an impact on you You might not relate to any of them, but you can understand them all They all speak through A s voice and you might ask yourself if this is the author telling you life changing stories, or the characters are really alive talking to you they are so realistically portrayed.I remember a chapter that I liked a lot There was a drug addict that needed badly to take a doze and A kept fighting it, fighting his body s needs, he tried to stay focused, to think of a way to make it through the day, he tried not to let the body win. It was such an emotional chapter and it gave insights into the power of the mind, something I ve thought about over the time.On each day, either the body was weighting on A, or the feelings were be pressing on him He could feel the sorrow, the despair, the addiction but also the happiness, the calm, the hope and the love It was such a beautiful orchestra of emotions playing in front of you one that you can focus on each individual instrument and their beautiful, heartwarming music.There are also references regarding morality, some social issues are talked about and even Christian beliefs are considered Every scene has its own emotion, every person gives you something to think about, every moment is important because there s always some meaning behind the tale.And because I don t know in how many other words to tell you that I loved this book to pieces, I will simply end on a nice noteI turn back I keep turning back to see her Even when there are walls between us Even when there are miles between us I keep turning back I keep turning in her directionJust like I ll always turn back to this story.Happy midnight readingThis review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.com Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO I wake up the next morning in Beyonce s body3.5 stars I think I hated this book, even though I was drawn into it like a moth to a flame And by hate, I mean that I did like the book, but found myself frustrated because I was forced to question every single damn thing There was something about the entire story that suffocated the hell out of me My head hurt from trying to figure out how all of this was supposed to work My heart hurt from the presumed hopelessness of the situation Yet, I still kept reading. There has to be some talent hidden in the storytelling if I find myself continuing to work my way toward an ending of which I m uncertain will be positive or negative The closer I got to the end, theworried I became Yet, I still kept reading.If there was ever a book which would make for a great book club discussion, this would probably be it The range of opinion would quite possibly be vast People who tend to want specifics for every detail would pick everything apart, while the dreamers would want to imagine how to change the situationSo much happiness can only make me sadOur main character in this book is never described as male or female A is a being who wakes up every day in a different body This person is the very definition of walking a mile in someone else s shoes Mainly it s because A has never had shoes of his her ownThis is not my body, but it s the body she wants I feel like a pretenderI often tend to put myself in the place of the lead character in stories and find myself wondering what I would do in the same situation To be completely honest, I know that I could probably never survive a life in which I never was allowed to have at least one person to call my own whether it was a parent, sibling, friend or lover How could ANY one person survive waking up every morning in a different body without wanting to finally give up on life Even knowing that A had always lived like this and knew nothing else, I kept wondering how A was not constantly envious of at least some of the people that A had inhabited So of course, love would have to come in and complicate things The connection between A and Rhiannon was bittersweet Their friendship was a challenge every step of the wayI never want to stay I m always ready to leave But not tonight Tonight I m haunted by the fact that tomorrow he ll be here and I won t be I want to stay I pray to stay I close my eyes and wish to stayOther than having to find my way out of a paper bag by the time I was finished reading, I don t have any major complaints other than one At times, there did seem to be some repetition with a few of the author s opinions I would have preferred the sexuality side of the story to have been a touchorganic with the surroundings The characters were who they were That should have been the beauty of it all the varied cast of characters I would have appreciated the variety muchif I didn t feel like I was being lectured to question my beliefs on sexuality when I hadn t given any sort of opinion in the first place This book felt like a bit of a soap box at times In the end, I was glad that I d read about the journey of A, but found myself frustrated that he she was a better person than I wanted him her to be at times Where was A s one selfish moment When you get to keep nothing in life, would you for at least ONE day, choose to do what you wanted, even if it meant screwing with the path of someone else I m pretty sure that I wouldI want to get back to her I want to get back to yesterday Once upon a time, a high school aged girl attempted to make lasagna for her three siblings and their parents As both the youngest child and as someone with quite the reputation as a calamity machine of Amelia Bedelia proportions, she had a lot to prove When her family came home and sat down to dinner, everyone remarked that the lasagna tastedokay, but off They asked her how she made it and she recounted the correct steps and then remarked that it took her a really long time to chop all that garlic She used three cloves of garlic, right Yeswell, what is a clove anyway blank stares As it turns out, our poor lasagna maker used three heads of garlic instead of three cloves We ate that lasagna, and it tasted grosser with each bite, but we consumed it anyway To me, Every Day is like eating a lasagna made with three heads of garlic, only the lasagna is a book and the garlic is agenda The first thing you should know before deciding whether to read this book is that it is wangsty contemporary romance masquerading as paranormal and or science fiction it isn t science fiction at all You cannot go into the book expecting an explanation of any of the paranormal elements in the book because you won t find any A that s the character s name wakes up in a new body every day The bodies are always the same age as A and always within the mid Atlantic region of the US Why the temporal and geographical bounds No one knows Many readers seem wowed by the existential discussions A goes through about living in a new body every day What is it like to be genderless What is it like to have no family What is like to have no idea where you came from and to not have a body of your own All of these questions are fascinating but minimally explored Instead, A spends a day in the body of a disaffected teenage boy, falls for the boy s girlfriend in that one day, and then spends every subsequent day screwing with the lives of the bodies A inhabits by trying to get back to Rhiannon Additionally, A is upset that Rhiannon can t see the person behind the ever changing body I mean, shouldn t everybody be attracted to a person s soul rather than their outward appearance The idea behind this book is almost overwhelmingly exciting to me I get giddy imagining the possibilities when every day is completely different and there are no repercussions for the main character it s quite another story for the bodies A is inhabiting This premise has been done to some degree byReplayand Groundhog Day but the idea was tweaked a bit here The thing is, in both of those cases, the characters experimented with doing fun and interesting things, learning skills, trying new things and A doesn t really do any of that It is interesting that Levithan created a character who seems to have body swapped with a conscience for 16 years before it all went down the drain for a sudden infatuation I truly cared about A s existential crisis I could ve read an entire book of just contemplation and reflection on each of the lives A encountered Instead, the plot basically goes as follows A wakes up in a body We learn a few things about that person.A figures out how close Rhiannon is.A checks email to see if Rhiannon has written A figures a way the two of them can meet up.Conversation ensues to try to get Rhiannon s on board with dating A.Repeat The asterisk is necessary to me because there is subplot about religious fanatics coming after A for possessing teenagers I was not a fan of this storyline overall it felt forced in that for a large portion of the novel, the only mention of this plotline was random emails from one of the bodies A inhabited that felt contrary to what we knew of the character Then the ending, which is helped along by this plotline, went off the rails To me, and don t forget that I am just one reader and also representing the minority opinion , the book s pacing was solid for about three quarters and then it drank a few too many Red Bulls I m all for diversity in YA and all fiction but there is a huge difference between subtly spreading your beliefs and preaching I honestly don t know if I could be in love with someone if I had no clue what gender they would be the next day I d like to hope I could be accepting of that but I definitely wouldn t judge someone who couldn t Not everyone is attracted to both genders and at times, it felt like A was treating Rhiannon as dense for not hopping right on that train This idea definitely led to some interesting discussions with real life friends of mine about hypothetical situations and how we would deal with x, y, and z There was a lack of balance in the discussions in the book If you want to read review after glowing review of this book, just go the book page on Goodreads here There are tons to choose from When it comes down to it, this book just didn t work for me I love the idea of it, and Levithan s writing style wasn t the problem My issues were with the plot and the characters I swapped back and forth between the audiobook and the ebook and I definitely prefer the ebook The narrator does a good ambiguously gendered voice for A but a lot of the other voices sounded too similar and Rhiannon s voice was a bit too Valley Girl ish for me to take seriously as a drop everything and obsess love interest If Levithan wrote a book entitled Sketches from a Body Jumper s Album in the style of Turgenev sSketches from a Hunter s Album , I m fairly positive it would be one of my favorite books I would love to read day after day of body life experiences But as it is, I can t give Every Daythan 2.5 5 stars.Read this and other reviews at The Readventurer. Update Kindle 1.99 special today If you ve never experience David Levithan this is a wonderful book for teens and adults who feel like teens haha What would it be like to wake up in a different body every day And what would it be like to be in love with a person who changed every day What makes us fall in love and what makes us who we are These are the questions at the heart of this novel a touching story.Everyone longs for human connection, but 16 year old A s search for it seems to be losing proposition Every day he wakes up in a different body, sometimes a girl an athlete, or different ethnicity, obese, wealthy, middle class, bi, black, white, drug addict, Academic overachiever, meticulously neat, a person with suicidal thoughts, or any combinations of these attributes A s awareness that he she is never himself herself A s world changes when he she falls in love with Rhiannon Things become difficult, of course,once Rhiannon learns of A s unique circumstance It s hard to fault her Part of the comfort of loving a person is a person s familiar presence And even their physical attraction The struggle that these two must reconcile what they both want is poignant yet still very hopeful By the end of this bittersweet novel your heart may feel split because pure love involves compromise, selflessness, and sacrifice Yet there are many lessons to be found comfort and beauty A is a teen hero He reminds us that no matter how bright, well adjusted socially, athletic,talented, no teen is 100% comfortable in their own skin at all times It s a period of constant change, growth and development There are qualities that this young 16 year old has that is inspiring to us all he sheis unbiased, nonjudgmental, considerate, and loyal He makes mistakes tooyet he stillseems like a wonderful person, despite some crappy people he has been From learninghe try s to be helpful if he notices something going terribly wrong He wants to be a better person from all he has experienced Rhiannon is an important character More controversial Not as likeable on the surface , as A but I felt I understood her I understood what she was struggling with I don t think she wanted to have to be made to feel less than if her morals were not at the same high standard as A At times it seemed A was much too obsessed with Rhiannon Yet, if you were 16, never fully having your own life, and falling hard in love for the first time always being the stranger..the different onealmost a ghostbecause nobody really knows who you are , might not you behave a little obsessively for the person you loved Wonderful book It was great to step outside of societal roles and experience the world fromsomeone who was gender neutral but also didn t have the comfort of stability in his daily life I ve already started the second book Another Day David Levithan prefers to call it a twin book Closely related but having its own identity The book can stand alone it s not necessary to have read this book, but I m glad I did. Cada Ma Ana, A Despierta En El Cuerpo Y La Vida De Una Persona Diferente Nunca Hay Aviso Previo De D Nde Ocurrir O Qui N Ser El Elegido Pero A Ya Se Ha Hecho A La Idea De Ello, Incluso Tiene Una Serie De Normas Que Sigue Para Vivir Nunca Involucrarse Pasar Desapercibido No Interferir Todo Est Bien Hasta La Ma Ana En La Que A Se Despierta En El Cuerpo De Justin Y Conoce A La Novia De Este, Rihannon A Partir De Ese Momento, Las Normas A Trav S De Las Cuales Se Ha Guiado Siempre Dejan De Tener Sentido Porque, Finalmente, A Ha Encontrado A Alguien Con Quien De Verdad Quiere Estar Un D A, Y Otro, Y El D A De Despu S 3.5 stars Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a different person, of waking up one day in a different person s body, preferably of that who was a lot better, if not perfect Beyonce s did occur to me too David Levithan brought this fantasy to life through Every Day and it felt like it aimed to harshly snap the reader back to reality It was like a not so kind moralistic tale that tells you to be happy with who you are, what you have and for the people who surround you Be thankful that tonight when you sleep, you are the same person tomorrow that you ll have today, tomorrow and manytomorrows with the ones you love because there is this teeny tiniest possibility that somewhere out there, someone s life is as ephemeral as that of A s and to tell you honestly, there is nothing I would envy of his or her life.And if the mention of this person A sparked your curiosity, I suggest you read the book because I won t be saying anythingthan what s already said What I ll tell you is this, Every Day has been in my tbr wish list for a long time now and after reading it, I could say that I m both satisfied and disappointed Satisfied because of the intriguing premise and gorgeous writing but also disappointed because it was an exhausting read Although it was very entertaining, the tone was generally sad and in the end, there werequestions than answers although I m sure that s the very point of the storyThere will always bequestions Every answer leads toquestions The only way to survive is to let some of them go My biggest quandary about the story is the theme on love I get that this is a story of unconditional love but when you use a concept so far fetched, so incredibly impossible to embody what it means to love unconditionally, it kind of loses the point Just saying Overall though, I still think this book is worth all the hype, worth all your time and money and I would really love to see this make its way to the big screen and I would definitely want to read the sequel Forpositive,enthusiastic reviews, do check out Drew s and Lola s who are consequently celebrating their birthdays this month Drew on June 12 and Lola on June 23 Happy Early Birthday, my wonderful friends I hope you have the best time on your special day 3 3 3

David Levithan born 1972 is an American children s book editor and award winning author He published his first YA book, Boy Meets Boy, in 2003 Levithan is also the founding editor of PUSH, a Young Adult imprint of Scholastic Press.

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