Only a Shadow

Only a ShadowNinjas, samurai, and a heist story to boot What s not to like here In 15th century Japan, two shinobi plot the audacious theft of one of the powerful Inazuma blades from within a heavily guarded castle and driven by youthful folly, one also plots a double cross Quick and entertaining prequel to the Fated Bladesseries with an excellent twist. This is a modest short story set in the world of the so called Fated Blades, set in Japan s roughly 16th century.In Daughter of the Sword, Bein Tells the story of three legendary, ancient samurai swords crafted by Inazuma, combined with a modern era crime story concerning the selfsame three swords Each of those three swords gets one historical story involving it Two of those are samurai stories, and one of those, the one concerning the sword named Tiger on the Mountain, is set in World War II In Only a Shadow , he revisits the samurai period with an additional tale of Tiger on the Mountain It involves shinobi ninja trying to steal that sort It s a straightforward historical fiction Although there are some supernatural powers attributed to the three swords, there s nothing supernatural happening in Only a Shadow.The story features two shinobi, one the elder of the Iga clan whose past exploits are legendary, and one a young man hoping for his first adventure with which to prove himself to his true love The theft plan is elaborate and clever It s a pleasant enough story, smoothly written. Clever This story has intelligent architecture and masterful prose, and I would normally say, what a joy to read My problem was that I didn t like the two main characters This story is clearly set up as a way to teach about the foibles of youth and the wisdom of old age, Japanese legend style But with my weirdo independent streak, I ended up rooting for the young man instead, which you re not supposed to do with a story like this If you remove the teaching factor from this story, what I m seeing is two people pitted against each other One isclever but less moral One is less clever butmoral I rooted for the loser, because I knew he was an underdog, and I hoped he d come out on top He did not.After Daughter of the Blade, I have a lot of respect for Steve Bein as a writer and storyteller, and I m sure I ll readby him This one is solid in terms of storytelling and prose, and I think it will appeal to a lot of readers. This was a fun one to read I liked how the old man was looking to mentor a kid , the only question that remained was if the kid could be trusted or would he pull a quick double cross What the kid needed to learn that the old man had learned many tricks and he really should have believed in him. Tightly wrought, this is a must read for anyone who liked the saga of the three Inazuma swords by the same author This story however focuses mainly on one of the swords The Tiger on the Mountain.Do give this a read also if you are unsure whether to take up the Daughter of the Sword. Buena, aunque corta historia del robo de una espada por parte de un shinobi Me ha gustado la forma en que el sensei ense a al alumno cuando hay que traicionar y cuando no Good but the Fated blade novels are better. Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS Only A Shadow is a novella set in the Fated Blades Universe It was originally a part of Daughter of The Sword in its earlier drafts however was later removed and now is being offered as an e special It was released on September 4, 2012 and is 59 pages long The story is eight chapters long and packs a strong punch The story is set in 117th year of the Muromachi era or 1442 C.E and is about Iga Jujiro and his new ninja recruit Tada and their plan to steal the Tiger of the Mountain from Jujiro s clan enemies Both Jujiro and Tada are Point of view characters and they each have their own plans and machinations The story is a heist story but also one in which both characters strive to do what they feel is right and in the end only one may prevail.This novella is a perfect introduction to Steve Bein s writing style and the Fated Blades milieu The story immediately drops the reader into a world wherein ninjas are actively working and feudal clan warfare is raising its ugly head The author then introduces both main characters and their motivations while simultaneously laying out the background story of one of the famed Inazuma blades Terrific action scenes are combined with rousing characterization to make this novella a must read for all those interested in a slice of historical Japanese fiction.Since I had previously read the Daughter Of The Sword, I knew how crucial the Tiger On The Mountain s presence was in several sections of the debut book and so I was excited to knowabout its background While this story is a small snippet in its illustrious history, it doesn t give us the entire backstory I believe that is the author s objective in doling out tantalizing bits of information and secrets for beguiling readers bit by bit This attempt works and readers will find an excellent story here about a theft that is to occur while at the same time contemplating who is fooling whom An excellent introduction to the Fated Blades milieu and a must read for all those looking for a short, fast paced, and twisted read. The Tiger On The Mountain Is A Legendary Blade, Crafted By The Master Sword Smith Inazuma, And Reputed To Possess Magical Powers InJapan, The Sword Dwells Inside The Impregnable Fortress Of Hirata Nobushige, The Enemy Of The Iga ClanVenerable Shinobi Jujiro Has Recruited The Brave Young Ninja Tada To Steal The Sword And Restore Power To The Iga Clan If Tada Is Successful, He Ll Go From Being The Clan S Orphaned Ward To A Legend For The Ages And He Ll Be Able To Ask For Old Jujiro S Granddaughter S Hand In Marriage If He Fails, The Clan Will Be AnnihilatedGetting Inside The Castle Is Next To Impossible Getting Out Is Inconceivable But As Tada Prepares Himself For One Of The Boldest Thefts In History, The Greatest Obstacle He Faces May Just Prove To Be Himself

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