Sisters of Isis: The Haunting

Sisters of Isis: The Haunting Meri, Sudi, And Dalila Are Three Girls Who Live In Washington, DC But Have Little Else In Common Or So They Think When An Ancient Magic Is Revealed, So Are Their True Identities As Sisters Of IsisSudi Is Still Struggling With Her Newfound Powers While Meri And Dalila Continue To Learn New Spells, Sudi Can T Seem To Master Even The Most Basic Of Her Magical Gifts And She May Be Running Out Of TimeSomeone Or Something Is Haunting Sudi But, Frustrated By Her Failure To Keep Up With The Other Descendants, And Distracted By The Mysterious New Boy At School, Sudi Is Vulnerable Than Ever She S Got The Strength Of The Other Sisters On Her Side But Will That Be Enough

Lynne Ewing is an American author and a screen writer.She always had to move around a lot when she was growing up because her father was in the Marine Corps She has two sisters Lynne graduated from high school in Lima, Peru after attending seven other schools While she was in Peru, she learned to speak Spanish She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara When she was 30 years ol

✴ Sisters of Isis: The Haunting Epub ✷ Author Lynne Ewing –
  • Hardcover
  • 250 pages
  • Sisters of Isis: The Haunting
  • Lynne Ewing
  • English
  • 18 March 2019
  • 9781423108429

10 thoughts on “Sisters of Isis: The Haunting

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    Really, I have mixed feelings about this book When beginning the book, I was kind of angry at Sudi for the choices she made, along with completely ignoring signs around her, just to be with some guy Like when her wand was freakin out when she was talking to either Raul or Zack can t remember , she just tried to make it shut up, rather than taking a second to figure out why it was freakin out.But eventually I started liking it I don t know when I did, but it happened.But one thing that I want to know is what happened between Sudi and Brian They keep hinting that something really bad happened, resulting in their breakup, but they never say what happened.It s really unfortunate that there aren t any books in the series, because it s definitely not done There s so much that needs to happen between characters Like that classic shouldn t happen because it s probably against the rules relationship, which could have happened between Meri and Abdel I could see the series going that route.

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    This was all sorts of disappointing One of the biggest series ending letdowns I ve ever read.

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    I think Suni is an idiot I hate to be be so blunt about it, but this is the second in the series that has focused on this particular character and in the first I didn t like her either In that one I attributed it to her being written that way so that the reader could go on a journey with her as this new destiny unfolds before her Yeah, that was giving the writer the benefit of the doubt I feel obligated to read the series in its entirety and so I ll read the third since I missed that one I doubt though that it will much influence how I feel about the series which is pretty mediocre overall

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    this is by FAR my favorite book of the series I ve read and re read this book 10 times in like a year this was the first book I read of the series and I still was able to understand what was happening only problem I had with reading this one first was i kind of found the others boring when I read those but its still an over all amazing book of an amazing series This author is amazing all of books are so good.

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    gr8 book bt if u dont lyk ppl having magical powers it wont b a book 4 u

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    This is an interesting series, I recommend it as a good read5 5 angel stars

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    This is the fourth book of the Sisters of Isis series When I read this book it continued where the third book left off pretty much which was good But by the ending, I would say that this series is not done being written but I can t be for sure that the author will continue with the story line But for this book, I liked the action and excitement within the story I love how the characters were put up against challenges and to see them go through those challenges be resolved throughout the story was good I got sucked in when I read this series In this book, Sudi is still struggling with her powers and even distracted with a new boy at school I like the different challenges that the author puts in for her character I would recommend this book.

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    The haunting was a verry exiting book It was verry exiting because i really wanted to keep reading and different things would happen.This book was also verry suprising because you would ve never though of the true subject and it would suprise you by the end I did get kind of confuse in the middle and had to read it a couple of times because they just ended up somewhere.I recomend this book a hundred percent.

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    That s it That was the last book in the series, and there were many things left unresolved I was hoping the final book would tie up all of the loose ends from the previous books, but it only added I m really disappointed.

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    This book surprised me the last book was very much like the second and in this book I was expecting something somewhat the same But this little book was really different to all the rest of them I had so much fun reading this.

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