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The Ultimates A Teenager Is Climbing Walls In Manhattan Mutants Are Attacking The White House Nick Fury, Head Of The Elite Espionage Agency Known As SHIELD Knows The Only Way To Combat These Strange New Threats Is With A Team Of His Own Superhumans Backed By A Billion Dollar Budget, Fury Recruits Giant Man, The Wasp, Iron Man, Captain America And Thor And While The Team Is Strong Enough To Engage In A Ferocious Battle With The Hulk, Will They Implode Under The Weight Of Their Internal Conflicts Rising Above Their Own Agendas, The Ultimates Forge Ahead With The Introduction Of New Allies And Face A Major Global Threat Collects THE ULTIMATES VOL SUPER HUMAN And THE ULTIMATES VOLHOMELAND SECURITY PLUS A Hefty Helping Of DVD Style Extras

Mark Millar is the New York Times best selling writer of Wanted, the Kick Ass series, The Secret Service, Jupiter s Legacy, Jupiter s Circle, Nemesis, Superior, Super Crooks, American Jesus, MPH, Starlight, and Chrononauts Wanted, Kick Ass, Kick Ass 2, and The Secret Service as Kingsman The Secret Service have been adapted into feature films, and Nemesis, Superior, Starlight, War Heroes, Jupit

[EPUB] ✿ The Ultimates  ❄ Mark Millar –
  • Hardcover
  • 376 pages
  • The Ultimates
  • Mark Millar
  • English
  • 24 September 2017
  • 9780785110828

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    The Ultimates comes very highly recommended, from than a few people But for me, it was far from living up to the hype.The basic concept of the Ultimate verse is to make the familiar Marvel heroes real and edgy In The Ultimates, Millar attempts to do that by making nearly every single character a complete jerk Even unnamed extras are jackasses for no other reason than because it s realistic no, it really isn t Hank Pym is abusive towards his wife, and nobody seems to care much Tony has become even of an author fantasy character than he could be Thor, the most bearable character, is horribly smug Even Captain America, the last likeable character in the book, finally ends up as a xenophobic bigot with a line that Millar assures me in a nearly full page sequence in the issue following that I should find hilarious And I just don t find bigotry funny I could possibly work with all the many, many character flaws if they weren t also sneering their way through every single scene.But the plot, what about the plot Well, for most of the book, there is no plot The character do nothing but sit around and do PR for most of the book We re about halfway through this large, 13 issue volume when Bruce Banner finally Hulks out And God, what a horrible sequence that was With the way he wrote it, I was convinced that Millar really thought that Betty Ross was at fault for Bruce intentionally turning himself into the Hulk and killing 300 people while threatening to rape Betty because she broke up with him and wasn t pleasant to him after At least, everybody in the book seemed to think so, including Betty, and nobody says that Bruce might be responsible for his own actions or that maybe it isn t cool to terrorize a woman into dating you Maybe we, the readers, are meant to see that all as reprehensible and take the characters to task because they don t But I don t give Millar credit for that kind of subtlety When an actual threat does show up, it s alien shape shifter Nazis Who are suddenly a dire threat despite napping for the past sixty years or so I didn t find them a credible threat, and I thought that making them Nazis was a lazy way of making them evil without having to do any effort developing their specific threat And the huge, sprawling, boring multi issue fight that closed it out was less than compelling.Oh, and a parting kudos to Millar for his bizarre sense of realism A woman who can shrink to an inch tall at will Realistic Giving her a wardrobe that will shrink with her Don t be absurd Except then he admits in the interview after it was just an excuse to have dozens of panels of Jan naked Thanks for that.

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    Re read This series as a whole is questionable Mostly because, a bit like Watchmen, I found 99% of the characters in this series unlikable The only good guy was Thor and Tony was okay Why make a team of assholes I really don t get it The changes to Bruce Banner Hulk were just confusing Why make him a horny, rampaging monster that tries and succeeds in eating his enemies Natasha is just here to be attractive Honestly, the few kick ass action scenes she gets don t make up for what comes later.Hawkeye s not really in this Tony s okay Sure, Millar decided to make him an unapologetic alcoholic but he s an actual nice guy, it seems I m shocked Thor s a political activist that only steps in when the world is in danger and he only seems to care about Tony Relatable.Caps s everyone s crotchety grandpa He s less racist against black people than you d expect from people in his age group but he s certainly got some old fashioned ideals and expresses some views that would probably be downright homophobic if Marvel had really let Millar do whatever the hell he wanted Lots of calling soldiers men ladies and sissies Then there s Hank Sigh I ve said it before and I ll say it again I hate Hank Pym I hate every single version of this character Regardless of if you think the slap in 616 was poorly interpreted by the artist, he s always been a piece of shit He s always treated Jan like shit Constantly berating her if she so much as looked at other men, belittling her and making her feel worthless This is just those concepts on steroids The scene where he tries to kill her is absolutely terrible and I got a frightening amount of pleasure watching Captain America beat the hell out of him But, I mention this because, while that was hard, I have to say Ultimates, in some ways, treated that situation with seriousness than 616 ever did Instead of having Jan come to blame herself for the abuse for making Hank feel small get fucked Marvel and later ignoring it, Ultimates actually pays attention to it Betty Ross talks about having seen Jan with bruises in the past and knowing of several fights between them beforehand The team gets together and expresses how upset they were that they never knew the abuse was happening In the end, Jan leaves Hank This is what needed to happen so I m actually thankful for that.Anyway, this book is still not a recommend from me The interesting concepts don t trump the overall whyness of some of the concepts here why Jan shrinks and has to fly around naked all the time Why the women need men to accomplish everything in this series Why the 500 pop culture references which cement this permanently in 2002 Why Bruce Banner is like this at all Why the Chitauri are the Skrulls of this universe Why several panels are uncomfortable close ups of different characters A lot of choices were just questionable.

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    The Ultimate universe, where apparently everyone is an asshole Felt like a warped version of the Avengers we know and love It is a very good Avengers story if you can just get past the Avengers being dicks.

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    This was a great story The first half of the book was 5 stars easy The second half was a bit less amazing though which drug it down to a 4 stars Overall though my favorite Ultimate series easy.

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    You think this letter on my head stands for France still makes no damn sense and will never make sense because mark millar thinks he s an edgy and gritty writer when all he is is try hard honestly, if you recommend ultimates to me and tell me it s a better universe and better depiction of the avengers because it s realistic then we can t be friends we just can t.

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    4,5 5 I like the take no prisoners attitude the ultimates seem to have compared to the Avengers

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    This massive Hardcover covers all of the Ultimates Vols 1 2.As a whole, this is rather enjoyable, and I can see where some of the look for the Avengers movie came from.There are however, parts I wasn t super keen on, and wonder if Mark Millar isn t actually mentally damagedwife beating, teasing Hulk with stupid 13yr old comments, having most of the characters be gigantic assholesHowever, all this new characterization, and yet Hank Pym still beats Janet Tony Stark is still a drunk womanizer Clint Barton is still a cocky SOB, Steve Rogers is still a man out of time.The only one who s any different is Thor, but he s a GREAT character this time I ve already read his Ultimates book, which gives us events leading up to his appearance here World in peril, from major threats, only one team can save the worldAlso, I am guessing Millar just either hates Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver, or just couldn t figure out a way to make them incestuous lovers or something.There s still much to enjoy here, but just turning up the negative parts on most characters doesn t make them edgy and Millar is doing a great job marketing his book to the knee jerk dolts who think Michael Bay movies are Oscar worthy There are parts that haven t aged well due to dated references Freddie Prinze Jr., Playstation 2, Dubya.Even with all my complaints I did enjoy it, so maybe that makes me a knee jerk dolt as well

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    The ULTIMATES showcases the good, the bad, and the rapey characteristics of comics neatly into one volume What started out entertaining quickly devolved as soon as Bruce began interacting with his ex, Betty Banner is portrayed as a victimized male, boo hoo, who goes into a Hulk rapey rage He murders hundreds of people, wants to eat The Avengers oh, sorry, THE ULTIMATES and can t stop talking about how horny he is and how he wants to sexually destroy Betty.Then Betty blames herself and pities poor Banner Gag Later, Hank Pym abuses and then tries to murder his wife while she s naked and apologizing to him, even though he started it in the first place.Some heroes, Millar Thanks.I didn t read Volume 2 because why would I

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    In the early 2000 s, Marvel reinvented many of their flagship titles to appeal to the shift in demand for comic books Basically, this addressed the fact that comic book fans had entered an alleged state of adulthood and they wanted their comic books to reflect their mature state of mind.With that in mind, I can totally picture the meeting in which the Marvel bigwigs decided on having Mark Millar write The Ultimates, which was their re vamped version of Captain America s super team The Avengers.ED 1 So, guys Our market research analysis shows that adult males in their early to mid twenties are buying the bulk of the comic books in circulation What do adult males in their early to mid twenties like to see in their funny books ED 2 Snark and boobs ED 3 Cynicism and boobs ED 4 Boobs and boobs ED 1 Agreed Now, where can we find a writer who will add all of those things to the Avengers ED 2 Have you ever read The Authority by Mark Millar It has all of those things The team revels in murdering their enemies plus they have a lady character who has to be naked to use her powers It s great.ED 1 Fantastic Get me this Mark Millar And the rest, as they say, is history.It s funny reading this now after so much discussion about the sexism and chauvinism that exists within geek culture, because this book is rife with stereotypical fanboy trash There are several minor quibbles that I had with Millar s cynical take on the Avengers, but my guts really twinged when Bruce Banner finally lets his Hulk out When the story begins, Bruce Banner is a washed up nobody Betty Ross has dumped him, and he s embarrassed about his inability to recreate the super soldier serum that gave Captain America his powers it s actually pretty cool, because his decision to let the Hulk out comes from the fact that he has totally hit bottom and doesn t know what else to do However, a potentially cool wrinkle in the story was totally wrecked when Millar has Hulk rampaging through the city trying to fulfill a twisted rape fantasy that has been pent up in Banner s psyche Oh, and after all of the male Avengers administer sound beatings to the Hulk, how does Wasp, the team s only female member, contribute With her boobs She distracts Hulk by showing him her boobs Oh, and then her husband beats her up and orders a legion of ants to attack her while she s one inch tall and naked which made my guts twinge yet again This really is a one star book the second star is awarded for the Nick Fury SHIELD Avengers Initiative story that Joss Whedon cherry picked for The Avengers film, because that s actually a pretty good idea kind of like the idea of telling a story about imperfect heroes who aren t terrible people.

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    This is a really hard one to put my finger on It was enjoyable to most extent, but some sections were a bit shaky I originally gave it 4 stars cause it didn t deserve a 3, then again it doesn t warrant a 4 star either Damn you GR for not including decimal points This is actually my first Marvel comic I have bought I am and will always be a DC man, but above all I m a comic book fan And like hell I m going to miss out on a good read just cause of the company name After having a few people recommend this series I was expecting this to knock me for a six Regretfully, it never hit the spot for me The writing is good as the story flows much like a big budget movie, slowly introducing characters while showing very little action to start off withactually to tell you the truth there isn t much action in this full stop Aside from the big fight with Hulk towards the end nothing really happens Speaking of that whole shenanigan, Bruce Banner turns himself into the big green to give the Ultimates Avengers someone to fight What the f k is that I mean come on, there has to be some other way to make Bruce go all angry In this interpretation he is a sweaty little coward that no one has any respect for Then when he does FINALLY turn Hulk he is overwhelmed by randy ness, even to the point of being a little rapey To tell you the truth I don t know how I felt about his whole personality Hopefully his character will get some much needed development as this continues, cause at the moment he just seems like a pathetic villain Speaking of villains, we don t see any in this book That s right the closest thing we get to a bad guy in this is the questionable heroes Jan Pym is apparently sucking face with Steve Rodgers behind Hank Pym s back, I didn t quite understand this cause there is nothing prior to this comment that would suggest that Not to mention Hank s mad crazy outburst at the end of the book And like I said earlier Bruce hasissues Oh and his beloved Betty Ross is a complete BITCH The art is fantastic, although in the collection I got all of the 2 page spreads where messed up so I had to turn the page to see the other half What the flying f k Marvel sort your shit out Although it had it s shortcomings, it still proved an alright read Like I said the script is good, but the plot isn t building enough yet to spike a major interest for me I ll get the next volume at some point, I just won t be in a hurry to pick it up.

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