The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990

The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990Avem De A Face Cu O Oper Extraordinar Medita Ii Pro Funde Cu Privire La Natura Captivit Ii I La Suflet, Mpletite Cu Banalit I Mistuitoare Ale Vie Ii De Zi Cu Zi, Ilumineaz Micile Pagini Ale Documentului Edward Destram Textura Blaz Rii I Ne Sile Te S Discut M Despre Imboldul Care L Face Pe Oricare Dintre Noi S Pun Tocul Pe H Rtie Scurta Lui Via Se Nf I Eaz Pe De A Ntregul Aici, Dar Cu Siguran C Vocea Lui Va Avea Ecou I N Secolele Care Vor Urma This one is fun Edward s a bit of a one trick hamster, but this is for sure the closest literature has come to producing a love child of the icecapades and Camus, so I ll take it I think my favorite part of the book might have been Translated from the original hamster by Miriam Elia and Ezra Elia The Elia siblings are doing a lot of work these days it seems There is their podcast, a series of psychotic episodes though I think they re finished with that and focusing on books Below is the first one, which has some Edward Hamster in there, which is fun to hear in narration Miriam Elia has recently encountered the wrath of Penguin who, interestingly, published Edward , because she took popular British old school kids books Ladybird books with Peter and Jane and spoofed them But it looks like she ll be okay in the end.http books 2015http we sue an artI appreciate the sensibility of the Elias siblings It s not the kind of art that feeds my soul, but it s enjoyable and hopefully they will continue to grow and explore new paths as artists. Seriously the funniest book I ve read in a really long time I was weeping because I was laughing so hard A small teaser Thursday, May 8th The vet came today He touched me Apparently, I m a woman. L id al serait que tu le lises pendant que tu bois ton petit caf , tu ferais une pierre deux coups Je te pr sente donc Eddie de son petit nom Il est bien plus s rieux que ce que tu peux penser, il se demande quoi peut bien servir la vie, la mort aussi L enfermement Aura des doutes sur sa sant mentale, et sur la tienne On peut dire ce qu on voudra, ce livre pour peu que tu aies un peu de sensibilit et je ne te jugerai pas si tu n en as pas est plus profond que le puits dans le jardin normand de ta mamie Tu m en donneras des nouvelles Et, au fait, bonne Saint Valentin, et bon No l si je ne te l avais pas d j dit. Holy shit, that was darkFunny, but dark.Not that I d ever have a hamster again, but after reading this, I m definitely never getting another hamster. Edward is not my usual cup of tea, just something my mother sent me across 3,000 kilometers about 2,000 miles with a short note This was touching So I read this tiny booklet in between a sandwich and opening another book and, what do you know , my mom who rarely if ever guesses what I like got this one right indeed Should I mention this is not my usual cup of tea Because I would have never guessed myself OK, so now about the book There isn t much to say and there isn t much of a book, but it s a roller coaster and I alternated laughing with feeling really touched So how did the authors do it The prose is terse and the graphics are simple, so this shouldn t count It s perhaps that the booklet is cute and tender, and Edward is grumpy and moody and fighting for his freedom And he gets it totally wrong every time, but his thoughts are so naively enthusiastic or touchy feely that you get sucked in and root for Edward Did I mention Edward is a hamster Overall, just read this, it s pulp emotion. Bleak yet somehow inspirational a classic of prison literature. A quick short read, written by a philosophical, bitter hamster For some reason, I read this in a French accent. A Eulogy for Edward Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Edward Though he was but small of stature, he was mighty of spirit I first met him shortly before his untimely passing and though I didn t know him for long, he made a lasting impression upon me Edward was a thinker, a philosopher, a poet He was an artist He delighted in the possibility of intellectual debate and was a man er rodent that held firm to his convictions Many a nights we sat up until the wee hours contemplating the meaning of life We discussed the monotony that seemed to plague him, the freedom that seemed forever out of his reach You see, Edward was caged Both physically and mentally His mind became his jailor, the wheel his tormentor His human captors mistreated him, the cat misunderstood him, and Wolf, his cagemate, lacked the intellectual fortitude to challenge him After Wolf passed I began to worry for my friend He seemed to be waning He no longer got on his wheel, his writing became erratic and his body slow and lethargic But this is not a story of loss, my friends, this is a story of love For just a short time after Wolf s passing, Edward met Camilla She was a dreamer, a fellow artist, and theirs was a love found once in a lifetime She tragically passed just days before Edward and I truly believe that it was his heartache that led him to do what he did So goodbye dear Edward, I know that you re in a better place, reunited with your true love You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. This review is also available on BookLikes and my blog. Hey, this is the cutest book I read this year It is about a hamster Oh wait No. it is about you It is an essentialized account of the human condition Just read it.

Miriam Elia MA RCA is a visual artist and Sony nominated surreal comedy writer After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, her diverse work has included illustrated books such as We go to the gallery and The Diary of Edward the Hamster, as well as prints, drawings, short films, radio comedy and animations She frequently writes in collaboration with her brother Ezra Elia.

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  • The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990–1990
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