Schooled The Horrifying Shock Of Witnessing Her Husband Banging His Skank Whore Secretary Spurred This Ever Wholesome And Rule Following Teacher To Seek Some New Lessons Of Her Own A Young Teacher Learns About Sexuality, Pleasure, And Satisfaction From Rather Unlikely And Forbidden Teachers, Her Former Students, Now Recent College Graduates Not Only Does She Get Schooled By The Beautifully Built All American Football Player Who Struggled To Pass Her Class, But She Also Learns A Few Tricks From The Innocent, Well Read, And Thoroughly Sexy Bookworm Both Men Teach Her That Not All Curricula Worth Learning Comes From A BookGo Through The Journey Janelle Garrity Flowers Faces After Discovering Her Husband S Infidelity Growing Up, She Followed The Rules, But Now, She Wants To Defy The Norms And Play By Her Own Rules Janelle Explores Her Own Sexuality, Searching For Pleasure Beyond Her Wildest Dreams However, Despite This Callow Teacher S Lesson Plan Of Forgoing The Rules And Not Letting Emotion Get Involved, The Teacher Must Decide Between The Athlete, The Scholar, And The Career She Loves But What Or Who Does She Love And Want Adult LanguageAdult ContentExplicit Sex Scenes

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Schooled book, this is one of the most wanted Deena Bright author readers around the world.

[Read] ➵ Schooled By Deena Bright –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Schooled
  • Deena Bright
  • English
  • 28 May 2018

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    Deena, Deena, Deena Honey you rocked my world Holy hell in a handbasket I m not going to lie, I started this book off being skeptical Oh boy was I wrong Hello Miss Garrity, you smokin hot teacher you Fancy meeting you here Briggs, you gorgeous blue eyed hunk My oh my, it s Leo our quiet intense manly stud Throw in a dash of Char, Marcus, Lauren, Joz, Jasper, Vince, and Sarah then you ve got yourself a world of drama, hot steamy sex, and crazy ass emotions.I initially wanted to rate this as a 4, but once I got hit with the last few pages I knew this book deserves a 5 star rating

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    OH MY GOD.I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT Holy angry cliff hanger I can t believe how it ended and I m so anxious for For the record, I m cheering for Leo I loved Briggs but he s just to much for me Leo was so sweet, sensitive, dreamy, funny, smart..I could go on I loved the authors idea, writing style, and humor I felt like the character instead of the reader.

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    After discovering that her husband is a dirty, rotten, cheating scoundreltimes a thousand, high school teacher, Janelle Garrity Flowers decides to get a life and finds herself in the middle of not one, but two smokin hot former students Teaching has never been so sexy Former star athlete, Briggs, is a chocolate skinned, blue eyed beauty who has had the hots for Miss Garrity since he was in her class in high school and now that he sees that he actually has a shot, there is no turning back Then there is Leo, the high school geek turned sexy hot man, God of the bedroom and he also has his sights on the goods that were so off limits during his teenaged years Janelle teaches a lot, but learns so much than she ever bargained for as she opens her heart and her bedroom door to both adoring fans You know there is some dramaGod forbid a teacher actually have a juicy sex life The book left in a teensy weensy cliffhanger of sorts, so, I am eager to get on to the next book to see how the story plays out Great book, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews______________________________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

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    4.5 StarsHow would I describe this book Unique, sexy, funny, interesting with just enough drama This book pulled me in early with Janelle s marital drama and kept me on the crazy train until the very end with the variety of excellent characters and quickly developing plot I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did and any book that can make me laugh and still have a little angst is the bomb in my book And I should probably warn you, this book might make you want to become a teacher or buy a baby suit for Halloween Janelle is a mess Her husband is a lying, cheating no good sleaze but she loved him and now has to face the aftershocks of love gone wrong When I was first introduced to her, she didn t seem confident but for a woman to do some of the things she does in Schooled, she would have to have a fair amount of confidence I found her to be funny, smart and extremely sexy Yes, I think I just called a woman sexy Janelle is almost playing the male role in her relationships with former students, Briggs and Leo, and it was the role reversal that made this book what it was Wow, Briggs he kind of made me want some chocolate What that boy could do with an ice cube Briggs gets lots of women but he has never taken the time to learn how to please them and Janelle helps him by giving him lessons This concept might sound a little strange but some of these scenes could set your e reader on fire and I am not really kidding I have read some sex scenes lately which read like a game of Twister but the scenes in Schooled were just plain hot Besides the physical things Briggs could offer Janelle, he was very sweet and patient I fell for Briggs almost immediately but it took me longer to warm up to Leo He was not as outgoing as Briggs but once he came out of his shell, I really liked him and all the things he could provide Janelle Leo is a virgin he is caring, smart and waiting for the right woman Leo is an accountant and very much a studier planner so when he made his move to claim Janelle s heart, I wasn t expecting much Yeah, ladies, just because a man is an A student doesn t mean he is boring In fact, a little studying could really be good here While I do have a favorite at this point, I will not share nor will I tell you how Schooled ends This book is definitely based on a love or should I say lust triangle I almost didn t want the love triangle to end because I didn t want to give up Leo or Briggs and I assume Janelle didn t want to either The supporting characters, especially Char, Sarah and Jasper were great additions Char and Sarah were hilarious and I enjoyed Jasper s OCD tendencies This book is a little unconventional but full of fun and steam

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    Schooled is the story of Janelle, a 29 year old high school English teacher, who comes home early one day to find her husband screwing his secretary in their bed Marcus has been treating her like garbage since the day they met and Janelle makes excuses for him and puts up with it This is the last straw for Janelle She walks out and heads to a bar to drown her sorrows in alcohol At the bar she runs into a former student, Briggs Alexander, ex high school football star who is now a 23 year old ESPN reality star She gets drunk, they dance provocatively and he ends up driving her to a hotel Nothing happens that night, but this is the start of something.Janelle has a close relationship with her brother, sister and best friend, Char They are there for her when her marriage falls apart and her wealthy brother, Jasper, offers his pool house for her to move into Jasper needs a landscaper and here enters Leo, former nerdy high school student transformed into a gorgeous man This is also the start of something This book touches upon Janelle s exploration of her sexuality She has spent so much time in a sexless marriage that she now has the freedom to experiment Briggs and Leo become her students again, but she s teaching an entirely different subject nowwink, wink Throw in a weekend trip to NYC with another former female student, now lesbian, some minor girl on girl action, and Janelle is really enjoying her new single life My thoughtsthere were definitely a lot of hot sex scenes in this book, but I did not feel like I connected with the characters, maybe with the exception of Leo She was treated so poorly by her soon to be ex husband that I really couldn t believe that she had so much self confidence after she left I know I should suspend reality when reading According to her former students she is the most beautiful, sexy, amazing woman ever, but if this is the case than why is her husband not having sex with her, and why did she stay in the marriage for so long By the way, for a woman who has had only 2 sexual partners, one of whom did nothing with her, she is extremely talented in the bedroom Lol In any case, the story leaves an opening for a 2nd book and I will be adding it my tbr shelf

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    Holy SHEEP Loved every second of this book Deena Bright, you are a genius THANK YOU for pointing out the fact that it s okay to be a woman and have an active FUN sex life and not be called a whore or a slut I never understood why the fact that it s okay for men to sleep around, but not okay for women Screw that Women love fun too and they are in no way whores or sluts for enjoying sex.Oh Marcus, you dirty dirty bastard I hate you Mr Hot Stuff Briggs, ummmyou might be sexy, but you are too clingy maybe that should have been your last name instead of Alexander What guy doesn t want no strings attached sex HELLOOO Oh and your friends suck donkey balls.This brings me to the hot and sexy Leo Cling YUM Seriously Well read, smart, sweet, sexy, hot body, well endowed, loves kids, and protective.PERFECTION I am 1000000% on Team Leo How can you not choose him He s amazing.Sarah, you rock on with your lesbian badass self I want to be your best friend.Char, you re crazy But, I love it I love how your know your bestie better than she knows herself I need a friend like you.Jasper and Joz, amazing brother and sister I love their relationship and communication Janelle, I don t envy you at all for having to make this choice I do love how you stuck with your guns though and glad you have good friends and family.One last thingumm.what A baby costume Anxiously awaiting the 2nd book Til then, I will have to dream about Leo I know, I have a hard life

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    Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Book BlogDeena Bright sent me a copy of Schooled over a month ago, and I finally got around to it on my huge TBR list I admit, hearing there was some controversy over her writing this and that her job as a teacher was at risk, forced it up a few spots on my TBR I must say, it was one of the unique books I ve read this year Schooled was funny, sexy, dirty, borderline inappropriate and filled with some great pop culture references Warning There is a cliffhanger ending that I didn t expect, but I will definitely be looking for the next.Janelle is a 29 year old High School English teacher who comes home a little earlier than expected from the last day of school teachers party What does she come home to Her dickwad husband licking his secretary s asshole and ..this from a guy who hasn t slept with her in months, and when he did, it was strictly bland vanilla She leaves to drown her sorrows in alcohol and runs into a former student.Briggs is a 23 year old, beautiful blue eyed, black football star turned ESPN reality star He s always had a crush on Ms Garrity Now the boy has become a man, and Janelle can t help but notice that fact, especially as this confident man sweeps her off her feet, lets her know she is beautiful, and that he wants HER She so badly needs the confidence They do some dirty dancing, and a lot of flirting, but drunk as she is, she realizes it s inappropriate But Briggs is with a new woman every night Her certainly knows how to tease and make a woman lust after him Janelle I m gonna fuck you so right, you ll forget everything you saw tonight and never remember that bastard s name again He took the last drink of his soda, and got out his credit card It might not be tonight, maybe not even tomorrow But it s gonna happen, probably a lot than once Janelle has moved to her wealthy brother s pool house, and is helping to get him set up with a lawn guy She remembered a former student also now 23 who did lawns and calls him up When Leo Cling shows up to help out, he is not the nerdy kid she remembers, he is now built, gorgeous, smart, but still shy But as he helps out, he plays with her nieces, he hangs with Janelle, and they all get along and have a great time Leo is book smart when it comes to sex He has read up on every way to please a woman, but has never found anyone worthy of using that knowledge on Janelle can t help but feel pulled to him as well The sexy V was begging for touch, calling to be licked and worshipped But Briggs doesn t let up, and keeps pursuing his high school fantasy When they finally go for it, Briggs does NOT live up to his promises But Janelle, aka Ms Garrity calls him on it, and uses it as a teachable moment She decides to take it upon herself to teach Briggs how to please a woman After giving him a full on demonstration You re making me go home like this He pointed to his jeans, his straining cock I think you were going to leave me in the same condition earlier and I would ve had to take measures into my own hands I suggest you do the same I used to think you were the best teacher ever, now I know it for sure Damn Next time Every time Leo comes over, he and Janelle have a great time He is smart, well read, and even reads chick lit to better get inside a woman s head He thinks women are looking for the Edward and Christians in this world, but Janelle straightens him out If he and Bella were a real adolescent couple, she d freak her shit if her started telling her where to go, who to talk to, and snuck in at night to watch her sleep She d have a restraining order on him in 10 seconds flat Christian Grey in this light The same with Christian and Anastasia she d deem him a crazy ass freak job, and she d spend hours making fun of him with her roommate and hot artist friend Janelle is also sent to New York with her brother s assistant, another former student, this time a lesbian And guess what There is a little experimentation there as well.Janelle continues to see both Briggs and Leo, sleeping with both, and though she feels guilty the whole time, a about the fact that they were students and b that she is seeing both and totally can t decide, she is crazy about both of them, and c she isn t even divorced yet.This was a story about a woman who was finally sowing her oats She never did in college, so at 29, she is finally living it up But is it inappropriate to sleep with former students who are now adults At first she tries to make it just about the sex, but as it usually does, deep emotions get involved, and a decision must be made.All three of these former students also turned into her teachers They taught her a lot about herself, about life, and how to live it.Likes Written the way a friend talks to you I was able to relate to the characters I really liked them all except the ones you were supposed to hate The pop culture references made the book very timely and relatable Briggs was hot, but Leo was awesome I m totally team Leo The discussion about lesbian sex was spot on, according to my lesbian friends The acknowledgements at the end were hysterical Make sure you read them.Dislikes A Fucking Cliffhanger The writing seemed a bit immature at times, especially at the beginning Like this was a first attempt at novel writing Sometimes I felt a bit wrong reading about this I am a substitute teacher, it just all seems a little wrong, even though they are all grown up The sex scenes were very detailed, but something stopped them from being as hot as they could have been, maybe because the guys were just not alpha enough I m not a lover of two timing books, even when both parties know I really am a traditional romance girl.Rating 4 stars 4 for HeatSchooled was a fun, unique read I liked the characters, despite the feeling that it was borderline inappropriate I loved how the characters totally seemed like people I want to hang with, especially in the acknowledgements, when I realized the author is way closer to my age 40s than the character s ages Though the book started a little rough in the writing flow, the groove was picked as the book went on I look forward to reading the next in the series, and sincerely hope that the author is not punished in real life due to the writing of this book.

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    4.5 Teachable Kisses Sothis book.I read it for the first time back in December I heard good things, so I was excited I had no idea I was not prepared And now, I can t stop thinking about it So thanks for that Deena Bright Schooled is about Janelle Lynn Garrity Flowers how she was cheated on by her husband and rather than let that one action turn her into a bitter woman who hates all men, she turned it around into an opportunity to find out about herself and her sexuality Just so happens the sexuality part involves two former students nothing wrong with that at all The fact that they were former students in theory sounds like a big deal to some but really, let s just get over that real quick These guys are 23, almost 24 year old men she s 29 if you flipped it and made it a male teacher and female students, would it be a big deal Prolly not They re all of consenting age, how they officially met is just a minor detail in my book Moving on Briggs Alexander.holy mother Here s just a taste of why I loved Briggs He was still as solid as a rock He had a beautifully built body His skin was a dark mocha color, a stunning lighter skinned black man His muscles rippled in his Under Armor tight fitting shirt His thighs were chiseled and firm Briggs was no longer a boy I was standing looking at a man, a gorgeous specimen of a man Perfect body check Beautiful light skinned African American Man check Gorgeous BLUE eyes check This guy has swoon written all over him but he does need some work Which is where Janelle gets to have fun playing teacher again I m usually not into dominant women but the balance between Janelle and Briggs worked for me I liked it, it was hot I m not your student any I m a man who cannot wait to get you alone again, privately, so we can finish what we started He grabbed my hand, kissed my fingers, and said, I m praying that time comes soon, because that was the best start to anything I ve ever had Briggs Leo Cling oh my Well.I gave you a taste of Briggs, I have to be fair to Leo Leo blushed, looking once again like the boy I had in class He cleared his throat and said, I grew up Yes he did Leo was probably 6 foot 1 and 195 pouds His blond hair was much longer than it was in high school, but still short enough to look presentable He flipped it off to the side with a flick of his head as he talked, keeping it out of his eyes.He looked great His skin was tanned from the sun And his body Once again oh my his body Briggs is hot but Leo just does it for me A lot But he s a great guy all around, he s had some crappy stuff happen with his ex gf, but he s got his head on straight, a great future and he s just looking for love It s impossible not to want to just scoop him up and hug him or do than hug him P Yep, now I just need to find my perfect woman, someone who knows how fragile the heart is and how easily it can be broken Leo Seriously I have never wanted to be a character in my lifeand considering I am 29, recently married and love to live in the fantasy land of booksthat s saying a lot I loved Janelle honestly there weren t any characters I didn t love in this book, except for Marcus and the ho bag Janelle is very relatable, down to earth and living every woman s fantasy if we re all being honest We dream of the unattainable bad boy, but when we go to bed at night, we want the warm, predictable, puppy dogs, the Jacobs and the Peetas, not the hard, cold vampires and dominants I m glad that there is finally a book out there where the woman gets to embrace her sexuality and do whatever she wants Men do it all the time, why the heck can t we There is nothing wrong with it as long as everyone is safe and consensual The whole teacher student past relationship does spark that controversy that everyone always craves but let s be honest, it s ridiculous How they met is one aspect of their relationship a small part in the long run, but of course it s never that easy Usually when it comes to love triangles, it s relatively easy for me to pick this case, I dunno if I can Both Briggs and Leo are pretty close to perfect.which is another reason why Janelle is living every woman s fantasyI know who I would pick Team Leo , but they both pull at my heart, I don t envy the decision that s going to be made at the end of this seriesit s going to be rough Exploring my sexuality was definitely number one on my to do list The first two things that I wanted to do Briggs and Leo Both I am SO mad about the endingthat s what I wasn t prepared forI don t like it, but she did her job as an author because I am holding my breathe waiting for the next bookespecially with the freakin tease at the end ugh Would I read this book a heart beat Am I recommending it to everyone I know.absolutely If you like deep plots, lots of drama and angstthen this probably isn t the book for younot to say there isn t some angst and conflict, but you won t shed any tears If you want some thing that s going to make you laugh and turn you on then look no furtherthis book will for sure put a smile on your face revised 5 25 2013

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    I received ARC in exchange for an honest review Oh boy Did I like this book Yes I did This book made me laugh, and I mean really laugh I certainly enjoy reading it Janelle Garrity loved this girl comes home early one evening to find her sleazy husband Marcus, who she was always too good for cheating on her with Lauren his skanky secretary Knowing that her marriage is now over this is the wake up call that Janelle needed to realize that she is worth , wants and deserves and with the help of two of her former students Briggs Alexander and Leo Cling, Janelle is going to have some fun by learning about her own sexuality, enjoyment and satisfaction No regrets No worrying about what everyone thought It didn t matter It was my life My life to live Janelle Briggs and Leo are two very different but equally hot characters Generally If there is a love triangle in a book, then I pretty much know which team I m on, but in this case it was hard to choose, I kept switching side as I liked them both and I liked the relationship they both had with Janelle If it was on looks alone then I would be totally Team Briggs the guy with the blue eyes He had a beautifully built body His skin was a dark mocha colour a stunning lighter skinned black man His muscles ripped in his Under Armour tight fitting shirt His thighs were chiselled and firm Janelle However in the end for me Leo just trip the scale, there was something about him, he was smart, sweet, good with kids and loved to read, just a nice guy I know it doesn t count for much, but I could never imagine wanting anyone else if you were my wife That man lost his mind Leo This book has so many great secondary characters I don t know where to start I found them very easy to relate to and liked them all, well okay maybe not Marcus, Lauren and creepy Vince, but the rest are great Janelle s best friend Char had me in stitches she was so funny, had the best one liners and a sweetheart Janelle s brother and sister Jasper and Jocelyn are so supportive and they have such a great relationship They all knew Marcus was a piece of shit and they were just waiting for Janelle to realize it Jasper had under three years Jocelyn gave you four I thought you d at least make five years Well it s the best 100 bucks I ever lost Char Deena Bright said this book had explicit sex scenes did she deliverer Mmmm yes she did The writing flowed well and kept me engaged till the end, the pop culture references they always made me smile and the letters at the end made me laugh I did think the ending was very sudden, it wasn t really big cliffhanger but it just ended, if it wasn t for the fact that the next book is due for release next month I would be really pissed right now Overall I really liked this one, If you want a book that has a great storyline controversial to some , has very little angst, that is steamy hot, has swoon worthy men in it, and is very funny, then this is the book for you A few quotes I wanted to breakfast the door was unlocked I wanted sausage, but looks like you ve had some already Char Son of a bitch, where do you teach I need to get a job there Char Schooled gets 4 Stars from me.

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    4 Stars I was really surprised with this book The whole boytoy theme is usually not my thing, as soon as I read a synoposis that mentions an older woman with a younger man it is very unlikely that it will make it to my TBR I picked this up while it was free for the day on and was pushed to read it to fulfil a reading challenge in one of my groups I am really glad I did Given that I picked it up for free, and that I wasn t overly interested in the plot I expected this to be a boring or annoying story with poor writing and editing Further from the synopsis I had expected this to be a very erotic novel with multiple sexual scenarios etc This was simply not the case This book centres on the whole coming of age or sexual awakening of a female theme Janelle is a school teacher who catches her husband sleeping with his secretary Upon discovering this she realises that she has been blind and ignorant to his asshole qualities Faced with a new single life and a summer without the distraction of the classroom Janelle finds two new distractions, two much younger distractions Both Briggs and Leo are ex students of Janelle s and she soon finds herself attracted to both of them Attempting to keep their relationship strictly no strings Janelle soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle as both boys profess their feelings Again, another reason why I shouldn t have liked this book I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES Actually if I had known this was a love triangle I wouldn t have picked it up given that I thought this to be highly erotic I figured the relationships with students to be purely sexual However again this book surprised me My absolute favourite part of this book was the reference to Edward Cullen in this light if he and Bella were a real adolescent couple, she d freak her shit if her started telling her where to go, who to talk to, and snuck in at night to watch her sleep She d have a restraining order on him in 10 seconds flat Christian Grey in this light The same with Christian and Anastasia she d deem him a crazy ass freak job, and she d spend hours making fun of him with her roommate and hot artist friend And finally Peeta in this light That shit s not reality Reality is falling in love with the best friend, the one who saved you, gave you bread, wanted to eat poisonous berries with you, kept you warm at night However the one thing I did disagree on this commentary was that I believe Jacob is totally not a Peeta He is definitely an Alpha as well Further for me Briggs is a Jacob and Leo is a Peeta So using Janelle s comparison I have always been Team Peeta and never been Team Jacob, so I have to say that I am totally TEAM LEO Briggs is nice and sweet but I just can t see it turning out for them.I really really want to see what happens next in the next book Although I cannot currently see any hint at publication.

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