Amethyst (Guardian, #1)

Amethyst (Guardian, #1) Amethyst is a rather mild read which will hold your interest, waiting for something to happen to give it a defining moment Our main character is Lexi, she has been plagued most of her life with premonitions Either alone, or with the aid of her BFF, she has assumed a life around the lives she saves through her visions A few plot devices are cinched to assure the book continues She bumps into a guy, he is of course different And she is scheduled with an alternate manager at her job, this manager is the catalyst to the paranormal Amethysts and Guardians We learn the bumped into fella is a Guardian, and that other people like them are being hunted to their death While this book held my interest into finishing it late the other night, there is little memorable about it I felt there were amateur mistakes made with the plotting which gave the pace a wacky balance We got thrown into bits of romantic rides on a motorcycle with a 2nd guy, and later hearing that Lexi is part of some weird family Some good ideas here, and interesting characters, just a garbled read which throws off the enjoyment. I was torn between giving this book three or four stars because it took me awhile to really get engaged with the story, nearly 50% into it Okay, please read the whole review, the book has lots of potential The first chapter was really good, action, although the writing had too much narration for me It was a lot of telling the story instead of showing it The characters weren t development enough either and there was a lot of repeated information but this happens sometimes when a writer needs to get lots of information to the reader The main character was toldthan once that she needed a man Do we really want young ladies to think that they need a man to be complete I don t think that is what the writer was saying but it did come across that way at the beginning.Having said all that, let me say that after I was 50 % through with the book, I felt a connection and wanted to know what was going to happen next I finished the last part in one reading session I like the concept of the story, it is different and unique I would recommend this book to YA readers with encouragement that it might be slow at the beginning but it has a great finish. College Bound Lexi Adams Leads No Ordinary Life Premonitions Dictate Her Every Move Compelling Her To Rescue Strangers Day And Night After Years Of Self Sacrifice, She Decides To Ignore One, But Innocent People Die So, When The Next Premonition Depicts Her Own Death, Lexi Has A Decision To MakeExcept Complications Arise When A Series Of Strange Illnesses And Murders Devastate Her Small Town, And Co Worker Jessica Nelson Insists Lexi Can Help According To Jessica, Everyone Is Born With An Inner Energy Called Essence Only A Select Few, Amethysts, Can Control Essence And Heal People Jessica Claims To Be An Amethyst And Asks Lexi To Join Her And A Group Of Her Friends As They Track The MurderersLexi Considers Helping Them Only To Find Out That Not Only Do Jessica S Friends Have A Hidden Agenda, But They Also Harbor Extraordinary Abilities Even Unsettling, They Have Connections With The Ray Pacs The Sadistic Killers Who Are Preying On Human Essence Ultimately, Lexi Must Decide If Life, Not Death, Equals Salvation And If So, Is She Willing To Make Sacrifices And Join Her Friends In Eradicating The Ray Pacs Amethyst Is The First Novel In The Guardian Series, A Spellbinding Young Adult, Urban Fantasy Series Laced With Paranormal ElementsEE In EBook Format At Smashwords Barnes Noble, IBooks, Kobo, And Diesel YAY FOR FREE BOOKNote Free, and it was pretty awesome free I feel like i want to give this a 3.5 but a very high 3.5 obviously Song Choice Another Lonely Day by Ben Harper, and Breezeblocks by Alt J There are my song choices that i think reflect certain aspects of the book, yay The song that i was listening to as reading the last chapter that i think ended very nicely for me was an instrumental called In Reverence by David Tolk, try that BWHAHA so there is that First thoughts While I thought this was a very interesting, new concept and I did really enjoy it at some points I felt almost like it was going to do a total 180 on me and be like HA, just kidding Like it was misleading me but not really because i think it was my own crazy brain doing stupid stuff I thought that yes this was really good book, and yes i think that is worth checking out There was just something I guess that feels slightly off for me as I am writing this review I guess one thing I recognize is that I felt like it was going to go Prophecy on my ass, and I was like no please don t There are so many prophecy books I did like the twist though YOU KNOW i think i figured out what bothered me so much But i ll talk about that in plot Plot Didn t have to wait to long now did you It took FOREVER for her to get answers, and not because of her fault at all And i get that this is the first book in a series, and i get it we want to take things slow but i was going mad with the whole, oh we will wait until next weekend to tell you UM JUST TELL ME RIGHT NOW Thats not to say that this book was mostly sitting around waiting for answers, some things were revealed through other means, and there was other action going on I read it fairly quickly, it didn t felt like i was rushed or like it was dragging or anything like that so yeah it was a pretty well paced book only information i wanted to learn wasn t learned to very very very very VERY end of the book I guess that was my biggest problem we could have spread it out , and i didn t understand why it was so important that everyone was there for her to learn this new stuff because really only one person did the talking and i am starting to rant and ramble a bit so i am going to let it go seriously letting it go So this is a new type of supernaturalparanormal person that I have yet to have encounter I do think that it was really interesting though But the info was kind of smushed together hence my anger from a moment again i am letting go again Thoughts on Characters Lexi Alex Alexandria I had a hard time believing that she was only 18 to be honest I kept thinking that she was a lot older than just recently graduated from High School, that is compliment i promise I loved her she was really mature for her age When I read the summary i thought that she was going to be bitter of this gift that she has and that is why she was willing to ignore the premonitions but that isn t the case, and that is very misleading my opinion so if you are thinking she is going to be super antsy and all that fun stuff she really isn t She feels such guilt over the life that was lost, and I totally respect her and I really did like her I thought while though she was sort of calm and cool about most things she was witty, smart, and when she need to be a bit saucy Yes there were two love interest, but one of the amazing things about Lexi was that she didn t do the annoying i love him, but i love him too thing She acknowledges her interest in both guys but knows pretty much off the bat who she wants to be with and she doesn t try to string one along while with the other Once she makes up her mind, she made up her mind So Jason He is very rude actually At first i thought that he was trying to be snark y in that sexy kind of way but really he just seems like an ass And it really doesn t get explained again until the end I mean he does stop acting so standoffish and rude but he still does have this i don t know how to put it really but this sort of wall between him and Alex as he calls her Anyways it took awhile for me to warm up to him but i did, and I did come to like his type of humor and i could see that he was kind of sweet in his own strange way Ash Now he was fun He is adrenaline junkie who disappeared about at the half way, 60% mark but I know in the summary for the next book he reappears which is why I am willing to talk about him Anyways Ash is a huge ass flirt, he is arrogant and very VERY straight forward, he is the type of guy that says exactly what is on his mind without thinking of the consequences But yeah i really did like him He was charming, and HOLY HOTNESS there first kiss, wow talk about wow I can t wait to seeof him The other characters were pretty well done as well, there were a couple extras that help and are bigger parts of the plot but i am lazy and don t want to go into much depth about them The ending um no Cliffhanger meh not really, but the second one is out anyways so you have nothing to worry about Will i read the next one Well thanks for asking that is really sweet of you Anyways probably Most likely i will I really want to know what will happen So there is these things that people do, and i might be saying that i am one of those people that do them but i try not to be super annoying about it mostly its to promote indie authors, but yes, yes i do have a blog with a friend who does contemporary fiction, while i do mostly scifi, paranormal, fantasy, and all that jazz Well anyways you can check out our thoughts on other great books, or not so great books, or horrible books there all in one place, how convenient i know we aim to please so along those lines here is a easy convenient well placed link you are welcome no need to thank us Like a few other reviewers on here, I was torn between giving this 3 and 4 stars, and I d say ideally I d give itlike 3.5but I didn t feel moved enough to round up to 4, unfortunately.I like the premise I think there is a LOT of potential in there The author can definitely write, and the story was paced very well It was structured nicely and I did find myself really wanting to know what would happen next On the surface, everything was right.The reason I ve given this 3 stars is that this book just felt sort of good enough to me It didn t GRAB me and make me think, WOW, where has this book been all my life One of my difficulties with this is that the dialogue felt stilted Almost every page, I was thinking, People don t talk this way And it s not about using big words I like my thesaurus too, and I m a believer in not dumbing things down for the sake of it It s just that I felt like those words were used in awkward ways such that the conversations didn t feel natural or realistic It wasn t just the words, but the syntax For instance, when giving explanations of things, or talking about what someone loved about the mountains, it read a little like an encyclopaedia entry.Also, there was a conversation Jason and Lexi had about football, and it felt so formal I enjoy it too They have had some excellent and exciting matches That s not how I expect sports enthusiasts to talk Later, when Jason and Lexi are having an emotional stand off, each of them says, I thoroughly enjoyed your company We don t yet know how old Jason is, but Lexi is only 18 or 19 I just don t believe she would speak that way, and it left me feeling cold I couldn t buy into the emotions love.I also felt like although the first half of this book got off to such an interesting start, I grew bored with the second half, and that really disappointed me, because I so wanted to love this book.And perhaps this is just a personal taste thing, but I really, really, REALLY hated Ash There was nothing redeeming about him other than apparently he s a good singer and has a good body I m sure he s going to be exploredin book 2 and turn out to be muchinteresting, but in this book I was tempted to skip through all scenes with him because he wasn t just annoying or arrogant, as Lexi said I actually thought he was a womanising ass, and if I met someone like him in real life, he would make my skin crawl and I would run for the hills So I found it incredibly difficult to respect Lexi for spending any time with him and being attracted to him I thought, isn t she meant to be smart Why does she like this guy He s a creep.However, having said all that, I can see how this book would appeal to younger readers I am currently 30 and I love my YA fiction, but obviously as I m a bit older, I want something a bitmoving If I were 15, I might feel very differently And as I say, on the surface everything about this book is done well I can t fault the writer on those points and she does have an interesting story with a great cliffhanger I just find it frustrating that on the one hand, I really want to know what happens nextbut on the other hand, I m turned off by language and Ash So 3 stars from me, sadly. I m finding a lot of stories recently which start with great potential and then fade into mediocrity Sadly this book also falls into this category While it has a strong narrative voice and a few heart felt scenes, its major drawbacks come from a weak plot, poor pacing and inconsistent characters.STORY Lexi, or Alex to those close to her, has had premonitions of people dying for a long while, and has lived trying to help everyone she can Having recently moved to a new neighbourhood, she comes across new friends with interesting gifts of their own, and learns that she s not alone A pretty standard premise which could have been interesting, alas most of the plot is predictable The obligatory love triangle was extremely forced with no real basis in anything, and the pacing was very off All the tension of the early chapters quickly fades away with dragged out scenes of normality which while in themselves are written well, they don t fit with the overall story arc Events happen only at Lexi s convenience not because they happen, which made for a very tailored climax and a weak ending Worse, she foresees a dangerous outcome early in the story and yet absolutely nothing comes of it, and she only worries about it when she remembers to Not to mention that even though Lexi s friends promise to give her further information on her powers, there s a pointless arc mentioning her ancestor with a similar gift Most infuriating was the host of info dump at the end that undermined most of the earlier story and the characters reasons for withholding information until now were extremely feeble.This was a shame as several scenes were very well written it s just their placement was at odds with the tension.The summary for book 2 was totally unnecessary as it pretty much gives away the story without you having to read it.CHARACTERS This seems to be the greatest shortcoming of the novel Lexi herself could have been interesting but her character is very forced She appears to have a different personality to her friends but in reality this isn t so, and her motivations are especially weak For example she doesn t mention a key part of her gift to her friends for no reason other than I want to She s also presented as being able to look after herself, when she really doesn t Also I really disliked her reaction to her love interests very cliched and stilted You cannot have a character who is not looking for a relationship and has practically shown no interest in men til now to suddenly turn into a drooling lunatic over the first guy she runs into literally It s not believable and it shows the character to be shallow, which is completely at odds to how the author is trying to present her There was also little development of her moral dilemmas regarding people she hadn t saved as she seems to brush these away very easily Given what she s been facing alone, I expected her to have a lotdepth.Ally, the main sidekick, is a better character, although again without any real flaws she s pretty forgettable She s much too nice.Jessica, another sidekick, is stronger and has some quirks that make hermemorable, but since she only serves for exposition this isn t really built upon as much as it could have been I also didn t really believe how she presented information to Lexi, it was very rushed.Both Jason and Ash are very inconsistent and have contradicting features One is supposed to be aloof and mysterious and yet jokes around normally, while the other is arrogant and condescending and yet despite Lexi herself stating these as very undesirable qualities, she still falls for it She has no real reason for either relationship and thus they felt weak and unconvincing.The other side characters are so flat that you could exchange all the names and it wouldn t alter the story There s an attempt at a jealous ex type dynamic but since the relationships are so pathetic anyway it doesn t really work.The villains are practically non existent until the last 50 80 pages, so we have no reason to hate them or hence root for the heroes, which again weakens the conflict and hurts the plot.SETTING VOICE This was generally believable and the world building was good The descriptions were well done, as well, and I could picture the scenes clearly Lexi s voice is very strong and carries the narrative well My only grievance is with the dialogue It s clunky and messy in places, and in an attempt to portray an accent the characters speak very oddly what they say often doesn t fit with their age.PRESENTATION The cover isn t bad, and the formatting is clear I didn t come across any obvious typoes, either The writing is generally good, easy to follow and flows well.OVERALL What started as an intriguing premise with an interesting heroine sadly deteriorated into a lacklustre, poorly paced novel with weak plot and inconsistent characters The strong voice and good technical writing were not enough to make up for this If you want a simple paranormal romance to feed your addiction and have no qualms about quality, you might enjoy it, but if you re wanting a compelling read that you can t put down, look elsewhere. Amethyst is a short read but so worth it Heather Bowhay did an amazing job at capturing my interest as well as supplying a book that has a concept that is beyond the norm The story is about Lexi Alex Alexandria Adams who is a young girl about to enter college She has been plagued with premonitions most of her life and the premonitions allow her to save innocent people For the most part she feels as if no one understands her and she really wishes that she could be normal and not such a freak She has moved to Bellingham to go to Western Washington with her best friend Ally and Ally s fiance Ben Ally is the only person in Lexi s life that knows most of what Lexi goes through All of that changes when Lexi meets new people in town that seem to know what Lexi is Jessica, one of Lexi s co workers and new friend thinks that Lexi is an Amethyst like Jessica, able to control the essence of people and heal people She is determined to help Lexi learn how to control her ability in the hopes that Lexi will join her group The group of talented Guardians that seem to help innocent people One of the members in the group is Jason Lexi has been drawn to Jason since she first set eyes on him but things arecomplicated than Lexi first realizes and then events take place that force her to realize a bitter truth about herself.I loved this story and the characters are so intriguing There are only a few things that I found to be a bit trivially annoying First there is an obsession with designer jeans that makes no sense in how it exactly correlates with the actual plot but seems to get thrown into the story often The second is the grammar errors throughout the book that always bug me no matter what I am reading I would think the editor could have done a better job at editing these minor mistakes But other than that the flow of the story was good and the ending was excellent because it left me needing to knowI now feel that I HAVE to read the next book I also will add that the characters are somewhat fun and sassy which I liked This is a series that I am looking forward to completely devouring From its eye catching cover to the last page, Amethyst is a gem of a book Heather Bowhay has a strong start to her new YA series, Guardian With a touch of romance, a touch of humor and lots of tension in the plot, Young Lexi finds she has supernatural powers and is essential to a special team of Guardians, each with uniquely different powers or essences Lexi is a rare Amethyst, with the power to heal and strengthen others She also has the power to see the future, which may come in handy in the Guardians s fight against the evil rapachious leeches who feed on the Essence of others Will Lexi come into her full powers in time to make a difference in the fight against evil Who is the mysterious Ash, who has caught her eye Heather Bowhay did a great job building her world, making it believable and a little mysterious The pace had a nice flow, although at times, the dialogue seemed slightly formal for a teen I am impressed with Ms Bowhay s style and look forward to the next book in this series when I hope to learnabout Ash I d like to thank Goodreads and Ms Bowhay for the opportunity to read and review Amethyst Publication Date October, 2012 I struggled with this oneI m hopeful things will improve as the series continues.The premise is intriguing and I wanted to like the book I can tell the author is talented and smart, and with some editing this book could have really stood out But between lacking character development flat and unrealistic dialogue it was hard to keep reading The story gets interesting right at the end, which is great because the book desperately needed some confict, but then author gives us a summary of book two which tell too much making it tough to want to pick up book 2 Overall, I think this book is a lesson in dialogue for anyone who wants to write Read this and pick a few places to rewrite the dialogue All I kept thinking was, This is not how people talk to one another Especially teenagers At one point, the main character s best friend who is supposed to be 18 actually says, Oh bother Only Winnie the Pooh says that The conversations were too forced, fake, and flat I m tagging this as an exercise for my middle school writers group Despite that, the story premise itself is interesting and I m giving book 2 a chance. I found Alex to be majorly annoying She was a very emotional character Always getting upset or mad for no real reason or for something stupid I will give a few examples below.So Alex Lexie thinks that since she sees premonitions she has to save the people involved AND if someone dies, it s her fault Yes, it is She is Jebus, is she not There was an unknown cyclist that is mentioned briefly and it having been her fault he died Also, the hallucinations from the bus accident Huh Where was I when this happened The author writes it as though the reader would already know what she was talking about.Jason has aqua marine eyes Also, Ash has green eyes They surely do, just in cause a reader forgets, the author is prompt in making sure the reader doesn t forget A question when the lady with the stroller is crossing the road, what was wrong with the stroller I mean for it to suddenly stop And how did NO ONE besides Lexi see that she was having trouble in the middle of road, prior to Jason showing up OR the truck for that matter Was the driver drunk or something I mean he was all skidding all over the place and ends up dying And again Lexi is upset that it was her fault he died When her and Ally are doing CPR on Jason 30 compression s is mentioned As in Lexie gives 2 breathes and then Ally does 30 compression s Um, that sounds wrong I thought it was usually like 5 compression s I think waiting for 30, the victim would end up dying sooner.There s also mention of a toddler that Lexi had saved yet no one else even knew about Umwhere was the kids parents How would no one know Did she just leave the kid by itself then And when her and Lexi are working at the store and the kid whose crying comes towards them with his parent The kid has a big bump on his forehead and the parent says he s not sure if he should take the kid to the doctors or not And here comes Dr Jessica informing the patient that kid is completely fine and no worries Rightbecause you would usually ask a grocery store person health questions regarding her child in this situation.I loved the snapshots of Lexi s death haha Priceless Mountain lion attack I find it funny how she s so worried about running into mountain lions yet can t seem to stay away from the forested areas When she s out with Jason in the woods, she feels safe because there were no creeks or waterfalls in the snapshots haha Do you get panoramic views then So Jessica helps a boy with his broken arm after falling out of a tree He then tells her that you made me feel better just like my mom Are you a mom How old were those boys That just seemed like a very immature, little, tiny kid thing to say.After Jessica tells Lexi that she can heal, why in the world does Lexi think she should have been appalled by this news OR that the news was absurd Or later while telling Ally about the news, she says how she had been shocked and was freaking out It s not like Lexi didn t have any special ness about herself OR again when she can t seem to believe there are other people in the world that have special ness about them Really She thought, originally, that she was the only special one Very stupid.I loved when Lexi was trying to save the woman in the fire First, I get us wet towels to breathe through Then if I can find a flashlight Yes, lets waste some time explaining things And a flashlight Just go to the window and start screaming Considering Lexi has many people outside, knowing she s inside, someone should notice her screaming.Apparently, at some point Lexi went to visit her parent I guess nothing exciting there happened, hence we only know she visited and that was that Then later on Ally and Ben leave for 2 weeksWhy does Ally think Lexi being an Amethyst would be a good thing for her It s not like Lexi leads a boring, un saving of stranger s lives , kinda life Get what I m saying here Ash I think it was asked Lexi at one point why she doesn t drink beer Umcould it have anything to do with the fact she s only 18 Speaking of ages, why does the author never tell us the ages of Ash or Jason Considering they were so secretive about it mainly Jason I just imagine them being a good amount older Even though they aren t really described as that.The note Lexi gets with the flowers from work Hysterical Not at all I didn t get what was so funny.I loved Ash, he was so funny with how up front he was I think I liked himthan Jason.The teenagers at the train tracks Jason wants to investigate thinking most likely it s teenagers goofing around Umagain, how old is Jason Lexie is still a teenager herself That was just an older guy kinda comment.While reading her great, great grandmother s journal, sirens are wailing outside her window, the red lights reflecting across her walls What does Lexie do Not look out the window, like most people would Nope, she snuggles in her blankets and continues reading Why did Jason seem upset when he thought that Lexie was dating Ash I m kind of thinking that Ash isinvolved in the whole Guardian Seer special powers world.I can not stand authors that use curse words in their stories, but use then the actually letters Can we pretend to be mature here Thankfully it was just the one time.Lexie kisses Ash, a big kiss, then when he goes to continue Lexie lets him know that she s not ready Huh Is Lexie suppose to be a virgin or just a tease Why was Lexie so scared about the bank incident She s basically sweating and shaking in her shoes when the gunman has her I could understand her being paralyzed IF she didn t know what was happening, but seriously Didn t she just have the snap shots Then when she sees Jason again she has to talk about it Why Nothing happened to her.Lexie likes closing her eyes when she s trying to defend herself or others, when she s going in for a hit or kick BUT not when kissingMan, there are just so many questions that I wanted to ask, but I didn t want anyone who might read this thinking I was trying to write a book haha Needless to say, this book was okay, nothingThere were just too many things that weren t adding up for me Hence my list of questions I m not interested in continuing with this series either I didn t feel connected with any of the characters, I can t even remember what Lexie actually looked likewell really anyone besides the boys and their eyes.

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