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Own the WindToo Hot To HandleTabitha Allen Grew Up In The Thick Of Chaos The Chaos Motorcycle Club, That Is Her Father Is Chaos Leader, And The Club Has Always Had Her Back But One Rider Was Different From The Start When Tabby Was Running Wild, Shy Cage Was There When Tragedy Tore Her Life Apart, He Helped Her Piece It Back Together And Now, Tabby S Thinking About Much Than FriendshipTabby Is Everything Shy S Ever Wanted, But Everything He Thinks He Can T Have She S Beautiful, Smart, And As His Friend S Daughter, Untouchable Shy Never Expected Than Friendship, So When Tabby Indicates She Wants Much He Feels Like The Luckiest Man Alive But Even Lucky Men Can Crash And Burn

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends a

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  • 16 October 2019

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    I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK No word of a lie I have quotes highlighted on nearly EVERY page of this book Kristen Ashley is one of those incredibly talented authors who has my complete and utter trust I don t need to read the synopsis or blurbs for her books, I don t need to see reviews or ratings Quite simply, if she wrote it, I ll read it.And true to KA style, this book ROCKED MY WORLD First, I just want to say that although technically this book can be read as a standalone, if you haven t yet read the Dream Man series, you are going to miss out on a good chunk of the emotional impact of it And to clarify you ll definitely feel the romance between Shy and Tabby for sure either way, but in order to get the full EPICNESS that this book has to offer and trust me, there s bucket loads of epic , you really have to read them after the Dream Man books There are cameos from Tack, Tyra, Hawk, Elvira, Brock and Mitch, as well as Lee Nightingale, Tex and Fortums from Rock Chick so if those names don t mean anything to you, their scenes won t send you into the same squee ing frenzy that they sent me into So yeah, I suggest reading the Dream Man books first click here for the full reading order.Ok, on to the review Parker Shy Cage has a bit of a reputation One involving copious piles of women Ok, hang on, let s just take a collective moment to SWOON over his name I m in love with it I m in love with him dreamy sigh Ok, moving on Yeah, let s just say he s gotten around A lot And to say that he and Tabby got off to a rocky start would be the understatement of the year.As the daughter of the leader of the biker gang Chaos that Shy was a brother in, Tabby was off limits to begin with But when he sees her going down a path he thinks is bad for her, he decides to try and teach her a lesson His intentions were good, but his delivery not so much His point goes through but he went too far and the hurt ran deep And for the next few years, she can barely stand the sight of him.But when a tragedy shatters Tabby s world, Shy is there to help her put back the pieces and learn to be happy again And stop freaking out guys, Tack does NOT die Breathe It s okay You need a safe place to just forget shit and escape, I ll give it to you Tonight Tomorrow Next week Next month That safe place is me, Tabby I totally loved both Shy and Tabby Once they got past the initial misunderstandings and miss communications and officially became a couple, my gosh were they ever functional They were crazy in love and both valued what they had than anything else in the world It was precious to them and they weren t about to let anything get in their way or come between them They knew where their priorities lay and it was their relationship first Above all else I just absolutely freaking ADORED them as a couple Promise me right now, my dick still inside you, you naked on top of me in my bed, sharing what we just shared, us having a taste of what it s like apart and knowin were better together, you won t leave me You ll stick with me until there s nothing to stick to, if that ever happens And as individual characters, they were both also amazing Tabby was just incredible She spoke her mind, stood up for herself and didn t take shit from anyone and considering that she was always surrounded by these badass biker dudes, that was quite a feat.And Shy just stole my heart because despite royally fucking up in the beginning, he was the kind of guy who could own up to it, apologize, and move on He was Alpha, protected and defended his woman, but at the same time wasn t overbearing and loved her for who she was the good and the bad.I loved that despite the way the older bikers ran things, Shy, I guess being younger 27 and maybe open to change was a biker through and through but at the same time, didn t put up with a lot of the older ways of dealing with relationships He had a lot of respect for Tabby in her own right and didn t let anyone get in her way Shy, she s yours Control your woman, High demanded Get her ass out My eyes went to Shy to see him looking at High, and he wasn t looking pissed.He was looking reflective.Then he said, Tab and I don t play it that way You wanna order your old lady around, do what you do, not for me to say I asked her to go, she didn t go Not gonna make her But you try, you ll deal with me This book was tight The story flowed, it was engaging, something new was always happening and there were no dull moments The imagery was vivid I honestly feel like I saw the whole book play out in front of my eyes like a movie.This story had a bit of everything There were moments that warmed my heart right down to my toes, moments that had me fanning myself and moments that socked me in the gut so hard it took me breath away.I really felt like the message that came through to me from this book was that the shit life sometimes puts you through can cut deep, right into your soul But sometimes, if you push through it, you can find beauty you d never have otherwise found.I swear to God, KA s writing has just SO much depth to it She s very much got her own style and let me tell you that woman can WRITE Brilliant dialogue Scenes that make your heart squeeze and race Scenes that make you sigh dreamily and just feel like you are right freaking THERE.And seriously, this book has one of the most epic verbal smackdowns I have ever read I was cheering and squeeing It had some of the best lines from any KA book I ve ever read and I ve nearly read them all I swear I highlighted almost that whole chapter And boy was this book HOT When the main couple have a connection as strong as Shy and Tabby had, you can t help but feel it Again, EPIC I knew this day would turn shit, I whispered I knew with how great it started, there d be farther to fall His eyes flashed, his hand moved up to cup my jaw, he tilted my head way back, and brought his face to mine May feel like you re fallin , Tabby, but remember, I m at the bottom ready to catch you It seriously took all my will power not to just post updates every 2 minutes screaming I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK My only tiny complaint was that the epilogue was shorter than most and I do love me a big long gushy epilogue, but still the book rocked Aaand also, on a bit of a random note what s better than a hot as fuck badass biker Well that would be a hot as fuck bad ass biker with a smokin hot soldier brother I totally crushed on Shy s brother, Landon, and really hope he gets his own book one day The next installment in this series is well set up and I absolutely can t wait for MORE SPECIAL spoiler free BONUS SCENE For my Blog Tour post, Kristen Ashley wrote a Bonus Scene featuring me Aestas and a hot biker dude from Chaos If you want to read it, go to this link squeeeeee 5 stars Here is my casting for Shy For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    5 OUTSTANDING stars Kristen Ashley s best work yet If I could give this book than 5 STARS I would That is how well crafted and written this story is I ve always loved Kristen Ashley s work and was apprehensive that a professional editor would rob the author of her unique style of storytelling FOOLISH ME With a gifted editor, Kristen Ashley has NOW become a ROCK STAR Kudos to GCP for recognizing a diamond in the rough To sum it up, I absolutely loved the dynamics of this book I loved how young Tabby and Shy were, I love the family interactions, and the atypical epilogue I simply loved this book ARC kindly provided to Swept Away By Romance courtesy of Grand Central Publishing, Kristen Ashley and Chas If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    5 Dreamy Stars When I started this one, I thought no way could it be as good as Motorcycle Man and no way could I love Shy and Tabby as much as I loved Tack and Tyra yeah I was wrong I absolutely loved Shy and Tabby is my new favorite KA heroine We meet Shy and Tabby in Motorcycle Man Tabby is Tack s Chaos MC s president s daughter, and Shy is a recruit in The Chaos MC Tabby is young 16 and has a big crush on Shy Shy is just a few years older than Tabby, but Shy has a reputation he is that kind of biker The one with a different girl in his bed every night Now we fast forward three years Tabby is 19 and in nursing school Shy is no longer a recruit, but a member of Chaos When Shy gets a call to check on Tab, he goes Tab is out with some old friends from high school partying Shy see s how much potential Tab has, so he sets her straight It doesn t go over very smoothly Tab is hurt and stays away from the MC for a while Away from Shy But she does get her act together Graduates nursing school, becomes engaged to a nice normal guy Then something big happens Tab s fianc e gets in an accident Tabby is heart broken Shy has always cared for Tabby, and even though she has ignored him for years, he wants to be there for her You need a safe place just to forget shit and escape, I ll give it to you Tonight Tomorrow Next week Next month That safe place is me, Tabby Shy and Tabby become tight They spend a lot of time together and become very close friends It was great to see their relationship change and grow Tabby was doing better Shy was helping her move on with her life, and letting her become the person she was always supposed to be Shy was giving me back me He was guiding me to healing Even though everyone warned Tabby about Shy although they all like him, they know his reputation and Tabby has been through enough, they don t want her hurt Tab doesn t care She knows the real Shy Although this quote was pretty funny I m just tellin you to keep your eyes open and watch your heart Or, to the point, watch your ass because if you don t, Shy ll tap it There are some misunderstandings between the two of them I wanted to slap Shy for a minute but they get situated, and eventually, Shy and Tabby become a couple I had a taste of you four years ago that I could never get off my tongue Now, I ve tasted of you with than just my mouth and I know I wanna keep it in a way I don t want to think of it bein done Not in a few weeks Not in a few months Maybe not ever They both are so in love with each other, but they keep it quite for a while because they are worried about others reactions mainly, Tabby s dad Tack So they spend the next few weeks in love and happy Shy s brother Lan knows loved Lan but everyone else was kept in the dark Eventually, they are found out and things aren t pretty But in the end, it only brings them closer together as a couple They always have each others backs and stick up for one another NOTHING is important to Shy than Tabby, not even his family of brothers in the MC I love that about Shy He proves time and time again how much he loves Tabby and how he has changed He gets Tabby back to herself You promised to get me to a dream, you got me to a dream Thank you, honey I love Tabby as a KA heroine I loved her in MM and I loved her even in this book She is broken and trying to discover herself in the beginning, but she becomes strong and finds herself I loved watching her grow from MM and from the beginning and end of this book Parker Shy Cage what to say about him So hot and so freaking lovable One word to describe him Swoon May feel like you re fallin , Tabby, but remember, I m at the bottom ready to catch you Shy doesn t just talk the talk, he walks the walk He shows Tabby how much he loves her, and proves it to everyone time and time again He stands up for her, is there for her, and will do anything to protect her view spoiler Even beat the shit out of Dr Dickhead hide spoiler

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    Wooot Own the Wind is only.99 for Kindle today at to hear what Tack had to say about Shy and Tabby, and find out how I used chocolate cake to bribe him for a bit about Hop and Lanie s story Then keep reading Full review now posted My keeper shelf just got bigger When you ve finished reading my review, be sure and keep reading to find out what tidbit Tack shared with me about Hop and Lanie s story in Fire Inside Getting the information out of him wasn t easy, but I love yous so I put it out there and got what I got and shared it with you all So yeah, keep reading Those of us who had read Motorcycle Man knew that Shy and Tabby would get their story someday, and it s a story we ve been looking forward to Well, that story came much sooner than I had expected it, and I can t tell you how thrilled I am about that Own the Wind is totally, completely, amazing It s a beautiful tale filled with growth, passion and the kind of romance we mere mortal readers only dream of It s a story of letting go of the past, living in the now, with an eye to a future filled with nothing but the best things life has to offer It s sexy, romantic, funny insightful, thought provoking and inspiring It truly does not get better than this.And for those who are concerned, I know a lot of us were worried that going with a publisher would change the way she tells her stories, that we d lose the voice we ve come to adore I m telling you now No worries Seriously, this is Kristen Ashley at her finest, and you won t be disappointed My thanks to Kristen Ashley, Chas, and Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishers, for providing BlithelyBookish Reviews with an ARC in exchange for an honest review This was, start to finish, brilliant To see how I spent my day with Tack and how he opened up about his baby girl and Shy, check out my Own the Wind Blog Tour post You ll find it posted right below my blog review, here My Afternoon Visit With Tack Allen THE WORKING CHAPTERS ARE UP March 7th 2013 Facebook Update Wanna meet Tabby and Shy Download the teaser chapters of OWN THE WIND NOW Ebook due out April 2 Print book out June 25 Pre order available for folks in the US, but although not available for pre order outside the US, the eBook will be available worldwide on Enjoy and ROCK ON January 16th 2013 Facebook Update Here it is, Rock Chicks and Gurus I know some of you have already seen it before but still, it s worth looking at again I love it, love it, LOVE IT I wanna be on the back of that bike, holding on, open road ahead of me, my arms around a hot guy.The cover of OWN THE WIND, the first in the Chaos series WOOT WOOT Rock on Follow Kristen Ashley on Facebook and Twitter If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads

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    Oh My Gawd I DREAMED AN EFFIN DREAM AND IT IS THIS BOOK Seriously, heaven in print I thought there was no absolute way that this book could ever meet my ridiculously high, completely unreasonable expectations, but it did In fact, it blew them out of the water.Kristen Ashley takes us back to the badass world of Chaos and boy does she bring it Shy is straight gorgeous and Tabitha is just adorable I loved how Ashley depicted the evolution of their relationship and made this book totally theirs while still giving us a sprinkle of Tack Tyra and Hop Lanie KA is seriously a master at creating awesome characters especially my personal favorite the alpha male I just love Chaos and I m so glad she has made it a series The excerpt for Fire Inside left me seriously hurting for I can t wait until June

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    I see a bunch of my Goodreads friends reading a series and I immediately want to be one of the cool kids and read it too.Then I end up like this Tabby Allen is the daughter of the Chaos Motorcycle Club s leader She has a troubled life as a teenager with wanting to go out and party, one of the brothers Shy is on rescue duty aka Tabby Callout He goes to the party and takes Tabby and brings her back to the club and offers for her to join the two naked women in his bed He is of course trying to scare her straight.Later Tabby gets engaged and is actually happy Tragedy strikes and now Shy steps in to help make everything all better Did you feel the sarcasm in that gif You should.Tabby has educated herself and tried to rise above the Club s motto s, she is working as a nurse and has her own placebut she might should just change her name to Doormat Her bestie even tries to give her some advice He s a dawg, Tabby, and you can t forget that If he s being cool with you, awesome Pleased he s givin that to you Take it You need family I m just tellin you to keep your eyes open and watch your heart Or, to the point, watch your ass because if you don t Shy ll tap it Tabby rolls her eyes to that advice Then this is the passage where I said to heck with this I m outta here He leaned slightly toward me and it took a lot not to lean back Is your phone broke he repeated, his voice back to low and menacing No, I admitted So, explain, if you re not avoiding me, you got a call from me, why don t you take it And, Tab, I ll throw this out there now so you have plenty of time to come up with another excuse, when I leave a message, I wanna know why it isn t returned I stared at him and he stared at me.I licked my upper lip, his eyes dropped to my mouth, his face got hard, and suddenly the room felt like a silent thunderclap rolled through it.It was then I knew I couldn t take it any I know about her, I whispered, and yes, that came right out, and yes, it sounded like an accusation Say again he asked I know about her Your woman His brows went up So So So So, you didn t tell me about her, I pointed out Sorry, Tab, didn t know I needed to report to you about who I fuck, he fired back.It s totally a real love connection There is something else that bugged the crap out of me.The frigging obsession with her tongue.This girl licks her lips and rolls that tongue out than my dog does when he is licking his non existent balls That just is so sexy Now get in line Booksource library For the spotlight on this book I m spotlighting my friend Brandie s review I love her review and I totally trust Brandie s opinion So I probably did read this one wrong Brandie and I have been friends since I think about the first week I joined GR I adore the girl, so go show her some love.

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    Every new Kristen Ashley title is her most anticipated book yet. But somehow I think Own the Wind really is Because in her own words Own the Wind is her first book with a bona fide publisher Tabitha Tabby Allen, nineteen year old daughter of Chaos Club President, Kane Tack Allen has been getting into trouble for three years Deciding it s best to keep Tabby s wild life from her father, members of the club take it on themselves to keep an eye on her and bring her home when necessary These Tabby Callouts are discreet, under the radar hidden from Tack.Parker Shy Cage at twenty four has had enough of Tabby Callouts and decides to tame her wild side and teach her a lesson Unfortunately Shy is wrong about Tabby, and his lesson hurts Tabby deeply.The Short Review For the Kristen Ashley Fans You ll love it Despite the shorter length and professional editing it still reads exactly like a Kristen Ashley novel For the Kristen Ashley Virgins This is a good title to start with as you ll get to read a well edited version of a Kristen Ashley novel that is also a lot shorter than her self published books For those who enjoy Kristen Ashley but who want an edited story You will notice and appreciate the difference in this first book with professional editors My reservation here is that while the editing is very good, this is not the best story of hers that I ve read But still worth reading.The Long Review Writing Style Written in a similar style to most of Ms Ashley s books One month laterit starts out in the Prologue and Chapter One in third person, changing to first person from Tabby s pov from Chapter Two There are also some short passages now and then in third person through Shy and Tack s eyes.It does contain some signature Kristen Ashley phrases.Main CharactersBoth Shy and Tabby are extremely likable characters It s nice to see a short, curvy brunette as a heroine Tabby is sweet but not silly, and though she s had a hard time growing up with her real mother, she has been under the good influence of Tyra her stepmother for three years She s loved Shy since she was sixteen, and is now studying to be a nurse Shy is not shy He s been with the Chaos Motorcycle Club since he was nineteen Losing his parents when young, he and his brother have grown up in a harsh and unloving environment with their aunt and uncle Now he works for the club He s your typical Kristen Ashley alpha hero, but not obnoxious.Other CharactersWe see a fair bit of Tack and Tyra Also introduced is Landon, Shy s brother We also get a few brief appearances of previous characters associated with the Club or Tack It s no secret that the H h of book 2 Fire Inside are Hop and Lanie, and a bit of time is given over to them.Time LineThe story opens when Tabby is nineteen and Shy twenty four, although they have known each other since she was sixteen and he was twenty one Their story takes place over the next three years with the bulk of events happening when Tabby is twenty two and Shy twenty seven.EditingThe editors have done a fine job of reducing the word count, eliminating the long, rambling sentences and excessive minutiae pertaining to clothes, accessories, etc and yet still keeping that distinctive tone of Kristen Ashley s writing that so many fans love The story revolves around the Chaos Motorcycle Club and as such there is a degree of swearing This is to be expected to maintain realism But thankfully the amount of excessive and unnecessary cussing and profanity has been greatly reduced Sexist Language A WarningIf you don t like sexist lingo Own the Wind may not be for you.Where all the men are brothers, the women are referred to as bitches or old ladies.My ThoughtsRatings and reviews are incredibly subjective Almost every early reviewer has given Own the Wind 5 stars and an almost universal endorsement that this is Kristen Ashley s best book to date.It is a very good story Undoubtedly for a reader who appreciates a polished and professionally edited story, this earns top marks And importantly for the fans, it does retain Ms Ashley s unique story telling voice Own the Wind is good, but in my opinion it is not outstanding That honour would still go to Sweet Dreams. What is outstanding is the quality of the editing that has allowed a Kristen Ashley story to still shine through despite the restrictions of a shorter word count.Whether the editors and Ms Ashley were trying to be too careful in this first outing together as a new couple, or they wanted to stick with a formula that works, there does seem to be quite a deal of restraint Though it certainly ticks all the boxes, it lacks some of the emotional pull, intensity and inspiration of many of her previous works.The plot was not as compelling as some of her reads and I got the feeling that I d read this before Possibly the biggest letdown for me was her Epilogue If there is one thing that Kristen Ashley never fails to produce is a spellbinding Epilogue that can almost be considered a book within a book they re usually that long And satisfying At 90% I hit the Epilogue and was looking for the pi ce de r sistance, all 10% of it Unfortunately it went for only 2%, or 9 Kindle pages And it was pretty average.Since first reading Sweet Dreams I ve considered Kristen Ashley a great story teller. The marriage with Grand Central Publishing has fine tuned a raw talent into an accomplished writer. I hope this partnership continues.Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley

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    5 KA DeliciousDreamsBadassLove Stars Hey mommy, I dreamed a dream, last night Aw, honey Did you get scared No, mom it wasn t like that I saw that beautiful man again Pumpkin, men aren t beautiful They are called HANDSOME Do you remember, how we talked about that and we said that boys are a little sensitive that way Yeah, mom, but he WAS stomp foot And he was shiny and and hadsome and beautiful and he comed to me riding It s haNdsome, love and came, not comed sigh So, riding Hmmm Did you see your prince on his white horse like Snow White Nah Prince Charming is kinda lame, mom My man, came riding on his Harley, wearing his scuffed boots and his tight leathers He took off his helmet and he put it on my head When I grow up I will be his old lady and he will love me enough for 3 Princes, 2 Doctors and 5 Lawyers Sorry, mom, but MY MAN, will fight my battles and he will love me forever, cussing and cursing, colouring my world, me always on the back of his motorcycle. TEAM BIKERS CHAOS CLUB Biker meets Biker Babe from birth Tabitha Allen was born a Biker Princess The daughter of Chaos Motorcycle Club s President, she always knew that the brothers got her back She was born to ride And she had the biggest crush on one of her father s brothers Until a fateful night, that by saving her, he broke heart and crashed her dreams She moved on, the only way she knew, finding love and a future.Parker Shy Cage knows how much it hurts to lose family So he protects his new one, the Club and its people, at every cost.He lost Tabby before even getting her and just a taste years ago, haunts him He understands that he doesn t stand chance and now he has to live with this mistake, trying to make the best out of his life Find someone to ease his pain.Life, tragedy and their deep feelings are bringing them back together, stronger, brighter and forever Always and forever, baby, you re stuck with me To dream again, to breath deep, to BE, they have to prove themselves to each other, their family, the Club and fate Will fate be in their side, this time Will they ride together Or to earn this right, they will be asked to forfeit another Amazing and kickass, beautiful and awesome, in a way that only Kristen Ashley can deliver, this is a book about badasses and their women, another way of life, dangerous and liberating in an outlaw ish kinda way Young but mature beyond their years, Shy and Tabby are growing up and falling deeper and deeper right in front of our eyes and we are witnessing their journey till they find each other Life dealt them a hand and they are making the most of it, until the all in and them leaving with the pot What makes this story even beautiful and swoonworthy is the sheer amount of testosterone you experience Holy hotness, I wanted to rub my face in it SPECIAL GUEST STARSKane Tack AllenOh come on A brother with a slutty past is messing with his daughter What are you expecting I have to say, at first but after some much needed epiphany Lee Nightingale you re hiring Lee Nightingale and, girl, you know, that dude has had books written about him They were fictionalized, but he s also in the paper all the time, so we both know whoever wrote that shit did not tone it down He s the badass to end all badasses He s such a badass, he s the freakin definition of badass, and his team of badasses only exist to define alternate nuances of the same thing Her chin jerked out Badass Hawk Delgado I also knew Hawk Delgado could totally join the cast of The Expendables but it was likely he would act as a consultant on the film because Hawk Delgado didn t playact badass He just was one.You don t mess with themWe also get a little insight in Hop s story that follows and without spoiling anything I ll only say that now I can t wait to read it This book is missing the usual KA bawl your eyes out epilogue, but it makes sense because the Chaos series are closely connected than her previous ones KA fans you don t wanna miss this story And you, yes I m talking to you PICK A KA BOOK NOW Bonus Quote courtesy of Elvira If I was makin a porno, not that I d make a porno, but, just sayin , if I was, it d be all about a UFC ring, sweaty hot guys with tape on their hands and shorts that come off easy, say, with that Velcro stuff at the sides One yank and gone You get what I m sayin

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    5 10 1520 Stars Absolute Perfection Shy and Tabby and Own the Wind embody everything that the Kristen Ashley name represents She remained true to herself and her readers will NOT be disappointed KA s brilliant story telling has been polished to a shine IT S CLASSIC KA GOLDEN I dreamed a dream I m at a loss when I have to review a Kristen Ashley book I sound like a broken record, because I say the same things over and over, but here I go again Kristen Ashley is one of the few authors that transports her readers into the story, you become a participant a bystander watching it all play out, you are so close you can almost reach out and touch the characters I FEEL so much when I m reading one of her books, a whirlwind of emotions, it exhausts me and yet I am fulfilled, utterly content after I turn the last page, and Own the Wind was no exception I loved Tabby s sass, strength and determination She s grown since Motorcycle Man and continued to mature and become her own woman in Own the Wind She doesn t wait for life to come find her she goes out and finds it herself Shy is smart, and most of the time he s logical and reasonable He s a bad boy for sure, and he s described as a player by those who know him, but I don t see him that way Oh yeah, he s got girls bouncing off his bed, but he s up front on what he s doing, honest about what he s looking for, and doesn t pit one chick against the other I see him as a man with a really strong libido, and if woman are willing to fall into bed with him, who is he to say no He s had some hard knocks in his life and when the beauty that is Tabby is willing to give him a shot, he grabs at it with everything that he is.Once they commit nothing can come between them another strong point in the story Oh they fight, but they don t waver When these two get between the sheets, in the shower, on the counterwhereverit is EXPLOSIVE The heat is on and it does not stop But what I loved the most, was their intimate conversations, where they come to terms with one another Talk about their past and their futurebeautiful Now I m an us again, and that s what I ll be with my woman and the family we make until the day I fucking die KA says some of the most profound things and relays powerful messages within the story I love how the importance of family played into this book, all kinds of family blood ties and also the club Family is everything and you do whatever it takes to keep it together, but nothing comes between the one you ve chosen to spend your life with She also rocked the dialogue There are some amazing verbal smack downs, like nothing I ve ever read in any of her other books It fires it off bam bam bam you can hardly keep up, it had me breathless, it was heartpounding, nailbiting, you are there in that moment fantastic So here are my final thoughts In my opinion this is Kristen Ashley s most well rounded book, and the best she s ever written The story is a page turner, Tabby and Shy will capture your heart, and there is so much in the way of the other characters and setting that is familiar, it s like going home But most importantly, you will never doubt that the book you are reading is Kristen Ashley s, her trademark storytelling is there is spades, yet it s defined, sharp, and has a professional stamp on it Yes, the epilogue is not what we are used to, but it s still very good, plus remember this is a continuing series, and just as we got to read about characters that are familiar to us in this book, I m sure we will see Tabby and Shy s story play out as the series moves forward Last but not least, KA s decision to partner with Grand Central Publishing was a smart move, as a businesswoman and most importantly as an author I have no doubt that her fans will love this book as much as I did May feel like you re fallin , Tabby, but remember, I m at the bottom ready to catch you Shy and Tabby s song Count on Me by Defaulthttps www.youtube.com watch v g1FQaI know that life ain t always good to you.I ve seen exactly what it s put you throughThrown you around and turned you upside down and so youYou got to thinking there was no way outYou started sinking and it pulled you downIt may be tough you ve to get back upBecause you know that life ain t over yetI m here for you so don t forgetYou can count on meCause I will carry you till you Carry onAnytime you need someoneSomebody strong to lean onWell you can count on meTo hold you till the healing is doneAnd every time you fall apartWell you can hide here in my armsAnd you can count on meTo hold you till that feeling is gone ARC kindly provided to Swept Away By Romance courtesy of Grand Central Publishing, Kristen Ashley and Chas

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    3.5 starsOkay, truth time I read this when it first came out and I hated it I thought it was bland, boring, watered down KA I mean, come on Instead of the normal view spoiler snatch and grab in the last 15% of the book, Tabby s stuck at the Compound doing tequila shots with Elvira while Shy and and the rest of the Chaos crew rescue her dumbass friend off page and Shy gets effing nicked by a bullet That s it hide spoiler

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