Gabriel's Redemption

Gabriel's RedemptionMy Julia and Gabriel Burried deep in books and lectures, Julia is concentrating on her PhD studies When Gabriel s sudden urge to start family complicates things in their personal live, it seems like there may be troubles in the paradise Will Gabriel, who is still facing demons from his past, be able to achieve long seeked peace and find redemption from his sins 4.5 STARS spoiler free review It s no a secret that I admire SR s writing style I was excited and curious to see where he would take Gabriel who is one of my most favourite bookish characters ever And SR definitely didn t disappoint His ability to express deepest feelings, fears and desires of his characters via words in this book was astonishing He played with my emotions, he did it in very subtle way and I loved it.However, most of all, I loved the fact that author kept characters flawed, showing their positive and negative sides He didn t turn their lives into unbelievable fairytale and neither he created forced drama Gabriel s temper and controlling nature showed its ugly head, as did Julia s weakness and tendency to turn into herself at the sight of confrontation But readers will also witness Gabriel s loving and caring character as well as Julia s never ending compassion I hold these characters close to my heart and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.Gabriel s Rdemption is thoughtful and sensual story about love, sins, hopes and redemption Once again, author managed to make me emotional as well as he made my heart race with anxiety while I was reading this book Beside heart warming romance, a lof of important and serious topics are discussed A SMART ROMANCE I call it.If you enjoyed previous books in this series, you will love this instalment as well Gabriel s series is one of those stories that stay with you foreverARC provided by publisher as an exchange for honest review MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing NEW TEASER Chapter 1, Chapter 2 SOOOO, this was a highly anticipated book this last year for me Did I love it,yes of course It s the Professor, how can you not love him But some of the book, Julia and Gabriel irritated me to no end as well, a lot was unexpected Okay, so everybody knows the first year of marriage is supposed to be the toughest That s when you are learning about each other and if you haven t lived with each other prior to marriage, you are learning what you ve really married as well, lol But this was supposed to be Julia and Gabriel The intellectual, sensible, deeply in love couple that we all adore As much as I know real life can be hard, I really hated seeing them argue so much and keep secrets from the other It really surprised me and seemed almost out of character to me I know, I know, they eventually came clean with each other and worked it all out, but it seemed to take awhile I guess since the blurb talked about Gabriel wanting a baby, I thought the book would mostly be about baby making, and standing together against outside trouble, rather than fighting each other I even figured Julia would be a little hesitant about a baby because of her school at first, but honestly she came across bratty and selfish a lot, which wasn t like her in the beginning It almost made her seem undeserving of Gabriel after everything he had sacrificed for her Ya know With that said, there was about the book I loved than didn t I loved how everything tied up in the end view spoiler Except I wonder if Rachel ever had a baby hide spoiler Please don t kill me for thisTo say that this book disappointed me would be an understatement.Let me be quite frank..Was this book needed This could have stayed a beautiful duet with an amazingly long epilogue at the end of book two.But the author went ahead and wrote a book 3, which everyone including myself were super excited about BUT unfortunately the story didn t work for me it felt like too much was happening and when the book ended it felt incomplete Did I enjoy this book the last 30% held my attention, but before that it was too much of fillers because the main story was the last 30%Did I understand this book It had too much about Dante and the other St people, like for a person who doesn t know any of this i.e ME It barely made sense.This book was all over the place, it had toooooo much going on.Too many stories mixed into one book too many lives mangled up.Plus, this book was very slow paced.It hurts me, that I didn t enjoy this book Especially after waiting for it since than a year.The authors writing, is magnificent Its beautiful I have no words to describe it Its simply just WOW.But the story was very mediocreThen I m glad I m your first She tightened her grip on his hand You re my last, Gabriel My onlyI love Gabriel Like tooooooo muchSuperman, she muttered I should have known you had magic in your genes Why, yes, Mrs Emerson, I do have magic in my jeans I d happily put on a magic show for you at any time All you need do is askJulia irritated the fuck out of me, she acted like one selfish bitch who deserved a good spanking.But I think her selfishness too made me love Gabriel we saw his inner goodness He was fab I loveeeeeeeeee him.The author should have left this series a duet, left the untouchable untouched because the first two books were than perfect they were a class apart The third book doesn t live up.I m glad that the author wanted to show us the ending of everyone s story Simon, Paul, etc but they did not fit in it was like too much was happening which was not needed because all I wanted was Professor Emerson and his sexiness not the other fillersCharity is a great virtue, and so is faith But hope means the most to me This is hope 5 My Everything Stars The long awaited conclusion to the Gabriel s Inferno series is finally here I feel like I ve been waiting for an eternity to read this So what did I think well, Professor Emerson never disappoints me I loved it It moved at a bit of a slower pace at some parts then the first two novels, but it was still an incredible 5 star read for me Gabriel and Julianne are together Married Happy She is at Harvard working towards her degree, and he is teaching at Boston There are still those pesky rumors flying around, and people would would love to tear them apart, but they are strong Julia has always been everything to Gabriel There is nothing he wouldn t do for her This between Julia and Gabriel are always intense, passionate, sensual, erotic and beautiful Museum scenes are always significant and noteworthy in this series You can feel the heat, love and desire between this couple It s erotic, sexy, yet very classy at the same time Gabriel and Julia have a wonderful relationship, but it is far from perfect They have obstacles to overcome, like any couple or any marriage Gabriel has some things from his past come out again He has to learn to be able to trust Julia with everything There is no doubt how much he loves her, needs her, desires her He just has to learn to let her be there for him like he s always there for her Even though some things were slightly predictable, I love the direction this book took and adored the ending Gabriel Emerson is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and swoon worthy men I have ever had the pleasure to read about I ve loved him in each book His love, devotion, and charming nature just draws me in Although Julia is usually timid, she shows strength in this book I enjoyed watching her character grow This is an unforgettable series I would recommend to everyone It s so well written, and a memorable and timeless, all consuming love story If you haven t met Professor Emerson, pick up this series right awayOf all the gifts God gave me, he thought, the greatest one is you Gabriel s Redemption, book 3 of 3 The conclusion of Professor Gabriel Emerson s courtly seduction of his chaste student JuliaI d never argue with a naked womanBooks in Gabriel s Inferno trilogy should be read in order Book 1 Gabriel s InfernoBook 2 Gabriel s RaptureBook 3 Gabriel s Redemption Rich on symbolism, depth, history and divine message the Gabriel s Inferno trilogy is set against the backdrop of Dante s Devine Comedy The ingenuity of using Dante s journey in professors Emerson s lectures, life lessons, experiences and parallels that can clearly be drawn between Dante Gabriel, who after having moved through hell meets up with his Beatrice Julia, to be guided into paradise Simply divine In Gabriel s Inferno, book 1 Professor Gabriel O Emerson, Dante specialist for the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto , and MA Grad student Julianne Mitchell, Julia embark on a whirlwind courtship against the university s strict non fraternization policy.In Gabriel s Rapture, book 2, Gabriel and Julia s chaste courtship has moved into a courtly seduction and beyond But there s much standing in their way and they soon find themselves fighting against, secrets, jealousy, lies, deceit, but most importantly the truth as their clandestine relationship is exposed In Gabriel s Redemption, book 3 Gabriel and Julia are settling into the aftermath of book 2 Scorned enemies and villains, set on revenge are still wreaking havoc on their relationship.Yet their biggest threats will always come from within The foundation, development and success of their relationship hinges on personal confidence and growth and redemption Both Gabriel and Julia will be forced to deal with different aspects of their pasts They are also faced with finding a balance in their relationship Julia is trying to carve out and existence next to her larger than life Gabriel while he has to look for ways to support and protect her without coddling her.But the biggest obstacles may lie ahead dealing with the future and their own mortality Ultimately Gabriel s Redemption is a journey of forgiveness and the healing power that lies within, both human and divine Professor Gabriel O Emerson, a larger than life hero, on my top 10 shelf Nine words to describe Gabriel Pretentious, mercurial, jaded, brilliant, reflective, progressive, enigmatic, commanding and unforgettableGabriel smiled slowly I will always need you, JulianneNine words to describe Julianne Mitchell, Julia Shy, stubborn, smart, focused, ambitious, tenacious, fragile, loyal and patientI d never love you in spite of anything, Gabriel I just love youBook 1 captivated me, book 2 kept me on my toes and book 3 gave me the closure I needed, wrapping up Gabriel and Julia s whirlwind romance beautifully it s all about peace and redemption view spoiler hide spoiler It is here Starting this one today I need to make a new bookshelf for this one most anxiously awaited sequel EVER Professor Gabriel Emerson Has Left His Position At The University Of Toronto To Embark On A New Life With His Beloved Julianne Together, He S Confident That They Can Face Any Challenge And He S Eager To Become A FatherBut Julianne S Graduate Program Threatens Gabriel S Plans, As The Pressures Of Being A Student Become All Consuming When She Is Given The Honor Of Presenting An Academic Lecture At Oxford, Gabriel Is Forced To Confront Her About The Subject Of Her Presentation Research That Conflicts With His Own And In Oxford, Several Individuals From Their Past Appear, Including An Old Nemesis Intent On Humiliating Julia And Exposing One Of Gabriel S Darkest SecretsIn An Effort To Confront His Remaining Demons, Gabriel Begins A Quest To Discover About His Biological Parents, Beginning A Chain Of Events That Has Startling Repercussions For Himself, Julianne, And His Hope Of Having A Family I love all of him the light and the dark, the good and the bad4 Stars That was such a beautiful, tear jerking ending Nothing is really sweeter than a HEA for your favorite book couple In Gabriel s Redemption, Gabriel and Julia are already a married couple However, things are still not perfect because of some people who are trying to ruin their marriage and Gabriel s past who continues to haunt him.What I loved about this third and final book was the main characters development I ve seen how Julia grew from being shy and awkward to being such a brave and confident woman I really admired the way she handled Christa every time the girl tries to provoke her It s also nice to follow Gabriel s character development in this series I loved how he conquered his fears and confronted his past.The secondary characters such as Rachel, Aaron, Richard, Tom, and Paul also made this book unforgettable I didn t like Paulina but in the end, I found myself sympathizing her I thought what happened to her was just the right thing.I loved how the series concluded as a whole, especially when it introduced a new character and an angel Clare It was the ending that truly put a smile on my face I will never forget this series It was very well written and Julia and Gabriel s journey was so heart warming my heart has been slayed so many ways If you want to read an emotionally driven romance book, then I highly recommend this trilogyOf all the gifts God gave me, he thought, the greatest one is you Gabriel s Redemption He d met her when she was seventeen ten years his junior and fallen in love with her.For Gabriel and Julianne it s been a long road, first meeting when she was a teenager, and then six years later as Gabriel s grad student They d fallen in love, married and now six months down the track are still blissfully enjoying life as Professor and Mrs Emerson Gabriel is now a professor at Boston University, while Julianne is working on her PhD at Harvard.This third and final instalment really doesn t present anything new in the way of plot But what it does is bring completion to Gabriel and Julianne s journey, tying up loose ends Though some readers may find this third book a little anticlimactic, for me it was necessary since a number of questions were left unanswered and characters lives unfinished after the second book.Julianne has at last matured beyond the weepy heroine we saw in the first books, standing up to the professor as his equal From Gabriel and Julianne, through all the major secondary characters, threads are neatly tied off Gabriel s father, Richard and Grace and his siblings Julianne s father, Tom Paul Norris Simon Talbot and Christa Peterson And even Gabriel s ex, Paulina.As the title indicates the theme running through this book is redemption After living a previous life of unrestrained excess, resulting in addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex, Gabriel was freed with the help of his family and Julianne This time around he sees his faith in God tested and doubts his redemption in God s eyes.Though not much detail and references to the fine arts, literature, etc as in the previous books, there are enough for readers to realise that Sylvain Reynard knows just a bit than your average author At the end of Gabriel s Redemption we re given an intriguing excerpt from Sylvain Reynard s next title.Any complaints Not really Except that Julianne is just too darn perfect But that could just be my jealous inner self of course.All in all a fine read and wonderful completion to the Gabriel s Inferno trilogy Warning Warning Gif fest aheadOpen at your own peril May be spoilers In this final instalment of the trilogy, we view spoiler.say farewell to the Professor.see Julianne mature.learn that Gabriel is keen to become a father.but Julianne keen to complete her as the Professor teaches Julianne the finer details of painting and body paintingwith choc sauce nookie at museums.see disagreements between Dante and his as Gabriel battles temptations with him taken to the edge and enduring dark nights.see Gabriel mistaken for Superman.have Gabriel searching his past revisit the orchard at Selinsgrove.delight in karma.or payback s a bitch.are introduced to a Spring as Gabriel s faith is tested.have loose ends tied up.and see happy endings hide spoiler 3.5 Stars Gabriel s Redemption is a beautiful conclusion to a truly insightful and memorable, one of a kind love story In continuing with its redemption based theme, this final installation follows our characters through their darkest moments, as we see a lot of what was implied in the first two books generously play out.In an attempt at remaining discreet with plot details, I ll simply mention that this installment deals with the trials Julia and Gabriel face as a newly married couple, while both old and new emotional setbacks arise But what remains a constant through it all is their unconditional and inspiring love for one another a solid, compelling bond that s rare to come by, even in fiction There were a lot of dramatics within the secondary characters stories, and most of it added intrigue and mystery while some of it felt slightly excessive I also found that certain ends were left untied, but I m assuming this was an intentional segue into SR s new paranormal series, The Raven Cannot wait In all honesty, I didn t love this book quite as much as the first two, but that fact didn t seem to matter Sylvain Reynard s writing is so beautifully captivating that he could write a book about argyle socks being attacked by fountain penswink, winkand I d be first in line to read it That said, I did very much enjoy this conclusion and felt it was a wonderful surprise for fans of this series who weren t expecting a third book Julia and Gabriel have become one of my most favored fictional couples, and I adored experiencing their final redemption Book Stats Genre Category Contemporary Romance Steam Caliber Maximum Gratuitous Romance Sweet and sensual, but not without some angst Characters Sweet, protective hero Strong, intelligent, loving heroine Plot Redemption themed Gabriel and Julia hit some road blocks in their relationship Writing Beautiful as ever Poetic and refined POV 3rd Person Perspective Cliffhanger None Final installment HEA view spoiler ABSOLUTELY hide spoiler

New York Times Best Selling Gabriel Series has been optioned for film by PassionFlix The filming of Gabriel s Inferno will begin in October in Toronto and Italy You can read the announcement and the most recent update here

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