Terra Incognita: A Novel of the Roman Empire (Gaius Petreius Ruso #2)

Terra Incognita: A Novel of the Roman Empire (Gaius Petreius Ruso #2)This is a disapointing follow up to Ruth Downie s debut Medicus where she managed to create a fascinating Roman era Britain, complete with a character Gaius Ruso, who is either a nosy Roman military doctor, or Quincy in a toga Unfortunatley, in the second installment, she pursues a side story involving Ruso s barbarian love interest Tilla, and we delve into too many barbarian tribal type cliches when Ruso heads into hostile territory to find her Yes, they wear fur, dance at the moon, are honorable in their savagery andyou get the point Memo to Downie Ruso is the story, and his struggles to navigate the complicated, networked Roman system including his scandalous doctor friend Valens are what will keep us coming back. Second book in this series and this time we follow Medicus Ruso to the hinterlands of Britain, as he asked to transfer from the setting in the first book to this remote area Why To get away from some of the issues he was involved in at Deva and also to please his housekeeper Tilla who is from this area.It does not take Ruso long to get embroiled in a murder of a Roman Legionnaire and other issues Ruso is the proverbial reluctant hero, as he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore gets sucked into solving these murders and intrigues A bit different from the first book, we actually see a return of some of those initial characters but they play a minor role Valens the physician friend and Albanus his scribe Even housekeeper Tilla seems to have left his side for most of the book, as she returns to her home area and finds relatives who thought she had died and then spends an inordinate amount of time with her prior boyfriend, which gets you know who all jealous and upset But here we have murders, blackmail, a Stag Man who haunts and taunts the troops, we find out a lot about Tilla s Gods and the beliefs of those in the area There is double dealing, there is excitement and a whole lot , as Ruso is reluctantly, yet doggedly on the trail of all the loose ends that need to be tied up prior to the arrival of the new Governor of the region Basically, the story takes place in about a weeks time and every day is filled to the max with really good storytelling and characters that I have grown to really enjoy Good historical fiction mystery book and I hope to get a few of this series read this year. 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Incognitais Available To All Software Users As A Free Download For WindowsPCs But Also Without A Hitch On Windowsand WindowsCompatibility With This Map Downloader Software May Vary, But Will Generally Run Fine Under Microsoft Windows , Windows , WindowsWindows , Windows Vista And Windows XP On Either Abit Orbit Setup Ruso continues his contract as a medic with the 20th legion, this time up on the northern border Between wild barbarians, jumpy centurions, and his shady housekeeper, he gets dragged again into solving murders.What to ExpectThe novel is set Britannia at the start of Hadrian s reign Ruso is always reluctant to look at those murder he s a doctor, dammit, not an investigator but since no one else would he feels obliged Things naturally become much complicated than anyone expects, and Ruso is both aided and frustrated by his native housekeeper Tilla.What I likedThe absolute charm of the writing All characters are fully fleshed, believable, with their own motivations The writing is witty, the setting is rich, the plot thought out, and the mysteries engaging.These are the kind of books where you care for the characters Downie has a knack to depict the world views of the characters realistically, switching viewpoints from a Roman medical officer to a British peasant woman It is clear that each character from main to support cast is a fully realised person, with their own agendas and biases.The plot of the stories grips you till can t put the book down Downie is masterfully weaving the investigations through sub plots, distractions, daily lives, grand events till you just have to know what happens next Ruso may be a reluctant investigator, but he has that nagging voice in his head when things don t quite fit well, and it keeps him following and digging for the truth Tilla has her own sense of fairness, and views on what makes the world tick.Downie locates each book in a different town, mostly around Roman Britain 3 is set in Roman Gaul, and 7 in Rome itself She has clearly done her research, and each location comes alive with the latest modern archaeological understanding of life there seeping through her writing.What to be aware ofThese aren t the noir mysteries I normally read and recommend While there are certainly some gruesome bits did I mention combat medic , these aren t your typical first person hard boiled detective Rather, the stories are told in a lighter vein, in third person perspective from either Ruso or Tilla s POV her part grows as the series progresses.Ms Downie has experience with archaeology and Latin history, and it shows in her writing She has elected to translate most Latin terms into modern English e.g calling a master my lord rather then domine , or using doctor for physician , which may sound a tad weird to those used to Latin terms from similar series.Be aware that while it s not strictly necessary to read the books in order, it certainly helps.SummaryI absolutely love this series I have no idea why it took me so long to get back to it, but I am glad I did I devoured most of the books over my holidays which made for a very enjoyable immersive trip to ancient Roman Britain Assaph Mehr, author of Murder In Absentia A story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic for lovers of Ancient Rome, Murder Mysteries, and Urban Fantasy. Second in the ancient Roman mystery series, Gaius Petreius Ruso, Terra Incognita has Medicus Ruso and Tilla marching North with the Twentieth Legion due to unrest on the border Ruso has volunteered for this mission primarily to give Tilla the chance to reconnect with family a very disheartening reunion involving betrayal within betrayal and revolutionary plotting.Ruso finds himself under siege on several fronts a soldier has been ritually murdered Tilla is not allowed into the fort proper and, left on her own, gets into all sorts of trouble physically and emotionally he s under orders to reorganize the post s frontline infirmary which appears to be under the hand of an insane doctor and an inept pharmacist and, the head of Tilla s family is offering her in marriage to Ruso IF he can come up with a dowry.A man with heart than head, Ruso s biggest distraction is Tilla her attraction to an old sweetheart as well as the threat posed her by his own people.I love how Downie makes us feel the weather and the taste of the food while the dialog is quite believable although I would have liked tension at the end when Ruso is heading back to Deva it was too easy As for Downie s malevolent plotting with Catavignus and Metullus lord, wherehow does she come up with such evil ideas Downie has created an array of characters with intriguing depths and issues that I can only hope we encounter them again to see how their lives turn outlet alone how they ll affect Ruso and Tilla I ll be reading Persona Non Grata just as soon as I get home What I really like about this series is the wonderful sense of humor and characterization that Downie layers these books with Honestly, the mystery is rather simple, but it is like one of those Masterpiece Theatre things Nice and funny Comforting and totally enjoyable One of those books were it seems the author liked writing and is happy people are reading it. I m awaiting the fourth novel, which I won in a contest, and so I thought I would read the first one and see about catching up on the series before I read the one I d won I m so glad I did These are really well written historical novels that manage to capture the essence of the time period without sacrificing the character of any of the people involved.These are secular novels, but they are fairly clean I have to say fairly because that time period included things that many people would find objectionable Gladiator fights, brothels, false gods Still all these things are treated in a way that shows the negative aspects of the things that are truly evil and the humanity of the things and people who did things we might disagree with today.The entire series centers around a Roman doctor medicus and the slave he rescues from death She hates the Romans and wants to die He is in dire financial straits and shouldn t have wasted the money on the girl She is expressive and emotional, he is reserved Together they form an unlikely bond of friendship and loyalty that helps carry them through many potentially dangerous situations.These books were funny, challenging, engaging and even thought provoking One of the things that made them stand out was the fact that they weren t over sanitized It wasn t a case always of who the good guys were and who the bad guys were You could see both perspectives and that there were good people on both sides of the argument I can t wait for book four and if you haven t read these yet, you may want to consider adding them to your list. c2008 Why these books have not yet been adapted for a TV series, I do not know The story is certainly character driven as the crime is not unsolvable for the reader but chugs on to a satisfying conclusion But the background and the characters are most definitely the stars As ever, when a book starts to make me shout at the characters, then I know it is doing its job I wanted to shake Russo when he was so offhand and suspicious of Tilla s gift And I was still thinking about it sometime after I had stopped reading Unhappily, I do prefer the USA titles The UK ones seem to hint to a less than serious novel and whilst it is no tome of history, these books do not deserve to be shelved as lightweight IMHO FWFTB Britannia, north, murder, confession, natives FCN Gaius Petreius Ruso, Tilla, Thessalus, Valens, FelixBritish hills, it seemed, were as melancholic as British rain Instead of poking bold fingers of rock up into the clouds they lay lumpy and morose under damp green blankets, occasionally stirring themselves to roll vaguely skywards and then giving up and sliding into the next valleyWhat a marvellous description Looking at the South Downs on a winters day I can really appreciate and laugh at this description. Terra Incognita is the second installment in Downie s series about the hapless legionary physician Gaius Petreius Ruso and his slave, the British Tilla aka Darlughdacha This time he s traveling north to Hadrian s Wall with a cohort of the XX Legion as it happens, he s also heading into Tilla s homeland, whose natives are being incited to revolt by the Stag Man An accident strands Ruso at the border fort of Coria for several days, and he s asked to write a pro forma postmortem for the garrison s murdered trumpeter Felix As it would make the novel extraordinarily short otherwise, complications begin to accumulate of course, and Ruso becomes convinced that the convenient solution favored by the Prefect Decianus and his aide Metellus is going to send an innocent man to his death.As in Medicus, Downie s touch is light and undemanding and while you know Ruso and Tilla will somehow come out on the other side, the fates of the rest of the cast are not so sure.I m compelled to write about the master slave dynamic between Ruso and Tilla So far Downie has managed to walk a fine line between the realities of slavery in the early Empire and the believability of Ruso and Tilla s relationship Ruso is a fundamentally decent man who has little experience with slaves Tilla is a formerly free Briton, who still often acts like one unchained Though Ruso knows that by law he can do pretty much anything he likes to his property, he s too aware of Tilla s humanity to seriously contemplate punishing her something she s all too aware of to Ruso s occasional dismay I suppose it calls for a certain suspension of disbelief but it s something I m willing to do in this case because as I ve written here and in my earlier review I m enjoying the read. MANY MILES SOUTH of Coria, Ruso gathered both reins in his left hand, reached down into the saddlebag, and took out the pie he had saved from last night.fraudio rosado mp3 serieshist fic ancient hist roman britainmedicalNarrated by Simon VanceFrom wiki Coria was a fort and town, located 2.5 miles 4.0 km south of Hadrian s Wall, in the Roman province of Britannia Its full Latin name is uncertain Today it is known as Corchester or Corbridge Roman Site, adjoining Corbridge in the English county of Northumberland It is currently in the guardianship of English Heritage and is partially exposed as a visitor attraction, including a site museum.3 Medicus3 Terra Incognita

Ruth is the author of eight mysteries featuring Roman Army medic Gaius Petreius Ruso and his British partner Tilla The latest is MEMENTO MORI She lives in Devon, England, and is married with two grown up sons A combination of nosiness and a childish fascination with mud means she is never happier than when wielding an archaeological trowel She is sometimes called R.S Downie, but she isn t th

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Terra Incognita: A Novel of the Roman Empire (Gaius Petreius Ruso #2)
  • Ruth Downie
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781596912328

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