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Народные русские сказки3,5 starsLe fiabe sono belle E l edizione che non curata al meglio e, in molti punti, fa cadere le braccia. The synopsis for this particular edition is, for some reason, in English instead of in Dutch the reason I mention this is because the Dutch edition only includes 50 fairytales, and not the 200 promised in the English synopsis.Russia has always interested me greatly, but I personally haven t gotten around reading any of the great classics just yet I grew up with Russian folk songs especially when a certain Belgian guy by the name of Helmut Lotti decided to record them as well , my mom loves Russia and the Romanovs, so I must have gotten it from her Still, I have zero reading experience when it comes to Russian works.I love fairytales, so when I saw a cheap copy of this particular book, I figured it was time to get some Russian related reading done Reading fairytales is always interesting, because as long as the fairytales are European and maybe this is a global thing, but I ve only read European fairytales so far there are many parallels that can be drawn Stories that have the same premise, or the same build up You find a couple of those stories in here, too I m not one to take notes while reading that makes it look a bit too much like a homework assignment, something I actually try actively to avoid when reading for fun , so I can t tell you exactly which story shares what characteristic with a certain other famous fairytale, but I do remember very clearly that one story had the same opening as Beauty and the Beast at least, the version the 1946 French and the 1978 Czech version are based on The rest of the story differs slightly, but the parallels are there That s just the one example however, there are many Another thing that s quite curious about these fairytales is the insane amount of repetition Character names are repeated a lot Wassilissa, Iwan without luck , etc There seems to be a theme of Tsars marrying merchant s daughters, the Baba Jaga makes frequent appearances, there are many magical devices e.g a little doll which can make or do anything in just one night, and it s constantly stressed that the morning is wiser than the evening So yes, loads of repetition But then I suppose that s a fairytale characteristic, though I never noticed it quite as clearly as I did now.Overall, quite an enjoyable read. Translated By Norbert GutermanIllustrated By Alexander AlexeieffIn This Most Comprehensive Collection Of Classic Russian Tales Available In English We Meet Both Universal Fairy Tale Figures Thieves And Heroes, Kings And Peasants, Beautiful Damsels And Terrifying Witches, Enchanted Children And Crafty Animals And Such Uniquely Russian Characters As Koshchey The Deathless, Baba Yaga, The Swan Maiden, And The Glorious Firebird The Than Tales Culled From A Centuries Old Russian Storytelling Tradition By The Outstanding Russian Ethnographer Aleksandr Afanas Ev Reveal A Rich, Robust World Of The Imagination That Will Fascinate Readers Both Young And OldWith Black And White Drawings ThroughoutPart Of The Pantheon Fairy Tale And Folklore Library i am a sucker for fairy tales in general, but this collection gives me insight into gogol s imaginative workings absurdities, odd, cruel, dry humor and excellent illustrations to boot Leggere fiabe sempre bello, ma a parte un paio che gi conoscevo le altre hanno tutte un corrispettivo occidentale, quindi non ho trovato una grande innovazione Lettura piacevole, ma non molto illuminante. This is a vast compendium of folk tales no fairies, really, in Russian folklore but they seem often to be the same story with various character configurations, having a hard time feeling the subject matter Think this is going to be of a reference book than a read Think I d enjoy a realized version of the stories like in individual picture books As I go along, I find it s engaging I ve found a better tempo, slower rather than faster Russian folk tales are complex and their impact unfolds gradually there s no way to summarize these stories, hardly a way to keep them separate in my head I ve tried to tell them to people in a sentence or two Impossible There s not only three princes, three suitors, the sorcerer figure, the lover queen, princess, old people in the forest with an only daughter, woodcutters and firebirds and talking fish and magical horses, and all of the animals in the forest, each with their legendary personalities but one on top of the other plus, of course, the terrible Baba Yaga in her hut on chicken legs I WANT THIS IN AN ILLUSTRATED EDITION I ll never be done with it, want to see all the operas and ballets based on these stories What a treasure, such a different feel than Grimm The morals to the stories are very different, often the very opposite of the German Fascinating on the narrative end, and as a look into the culture and mind set of the preliterate, oral culture of Russia Such cultures don t die when the sophisticated, modern ones come in, they live one inside the other inside the other, like nesting dolls. Dopo mesi di ricerche ho scoperto credo che sia cos che la fiaba Masha e l Orso non stata trascritta da Afanasyev , bens da Mikhail Bulatov Questo dettaglio rende la presente raccolta vagamente mendace ai miei occhi, in quanto come se fosse composta da due diversi libri, uno della sola fiaba a cui la copertina dedicata e l altro una collezione non completa e tradotta in modo un p impreciso dell autore che viene considerato il Grimm russo Alla luce di queste riflessioni non sono pi esattamente dell idea rispecchiata dalle mie parole che seguono Non ho terminato di leggere esattamente tutte le fiabe contenute in questa raccolta, ma in generale posso dire che consiglio assolutamente la lettura e acquisto di questo libro perch economico, di bell aspetto e la traduzione abbastanza buona, se non decisamente buona La mia fiaba russa preferita Masha e l Orso un dettaglio linguistico la O maiuscolo di Orso perfetta in quanto, sebbene in russo la M di medved sia minuscola, rappresenta il nome della specie, ma anche il nome proprio dell animale, che ne altrimenti privo , ed la prima della raccolta e offre l immagine di copertina, che non un immagine del cartone animato basato seppur con differenze sulla fiaba, ma una versione simile Amo le fiabe su bambini e orsi Ma mi piace anche la fiaba Vasilisa la Bella, che la mia seconda fiaba russa preferita Poi, e qu devo concentrarmi sulla nota dolente, mi piacciono anche le diverse fiabe sulla Snegurochka Banbina di neve e il Nonno Gelo, ma nessuna delle storie riguardanti queste due figure presente Non perci una raccolta completa, questa, ma comunque una raccolta corposa Molte storie si rassomigliano, e io avrei scelto solo le pi belle tra queste per lasciare posto a quelle sui due personaggi invernali, o alla palla di pane, Kolobok, che la versione russa del Gingerbread Man Non posso attribuire cinque stelle a questo libro perch , anche se soddisfacente, non lo abbastanza ma quattro stelle, considerando i diversi fattori citati, gliele elargisco volentieri Che cosa carina che il nuovo cartone animato del momento ha origini in una fiaba russa, non come quello schifo abominevole della maialina ritardata Peppa Rincoglionita Pig Credo che prima o poi mi procurer questo volume. This is a collection Russian Fairy Tales There is love, death, and betrayal, as with all good tales.The narrative is detailed, vivid, often emotional, and evocative.Characters are sometimes emotional, caring, and humorous.Overall, a fun read. seriously there is nothing weird and bewildering and beautiful than russian fairy tales first of all the titles are incredible if you don t like it, don t listen is a classic example the way they end is my favorite part often the story is clipped short by i was there, i drank mead with the king and it got in my beard but did not spill into my mouth or other such brilliance and baba yaga and her chicken leg hut don t even get me started. Hmm Well I liked half of the stories But they got very samey after a while And boy oh boy, are the names Ivan and Vasilisa ever popular All the Baba Yagas and creepy wooden dolls were the best Also that gray wolf was a chill guy and why aren t women freaking out about falcons flying into their rooms and turning into beautiful men, or is this just something that happens in Russia

Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev Russian

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  • Народные русские сказки
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