Oceans Gift (Oceans Gift, #1)

Oceans Gift (Oceans Gift, #1) Sirens Don T Fall In Love With Humans For Centuries It Has Been So But Sirena Is Different She Lost Her First Love To Sharks And A Storm, Cursing The Islands That Stole Him From HerTimes Have Changed And She Must Swim Ashore Once , To The Islands She Once Cursed Gone Are The Boats Powered By Sail And Steam Jet Boats With GPS Are Now The Order Of The Day Enter Joe, The Deckhand On The Dolphin A Handy Man To Have Around When The Lights Go Out He Ll Fix Your Generator And Have The Lights Back On In No Time, No WorriesBut Can He Seduce A Siren Or Will She Swim Away Before He Can Uncover Her Secret A Book About Lobsters, Beer And Boobs, On Some Cursed Islands Off The Coast Of Western Australia At Least, That S How Joe Tells ItFor Sirena, It S A Very Different StoryA Tiny Taste Of What S In Store The Boat Was Almost Full Of Water Now, I Realised In Panic, As I Groped For A Bucket To Start Bailing Throwing Bucket After Bucket Overboard, I Couldn T Tell If I Was Making Any Difference To The Water Level In The BoatOne Moment I Was Holding The Bucket, About To Scoop Up Water, The Next I Was Flying Through The Air Immersed In Cold, Black Water, I Couldn T See The Surface I Struggled, Kicking In The Direction I Thought Was Up, And Hit A Rock I Jerked Back Reflexively And My Head Cleared The Water I Gulped A Huge Lungful Of Air And Grabbed For The Rock I Had To Hold On Til Daylight Another Big Wave Broke I Tried To Keep Hold Of The Slimy Rock, But I Was Pushed Out Of Reach, Drifting In The Current I Tried To Kick My Legs, But I Wasn T Sure If I Did I Couldn T Feel My Feet And The Numbness Was Creeping Up My Legs I Could Hear The Breakers On The Outer Reef, Louder Than They Were From Shore I Could Feel The Spray On My Face A Wave Washed Over Me And I Was Under The Water Again I Thought I Could Feel Someone Beside Me, Rolling Me Over So My Face Was At The Surface, Pulling My Body Through The Water All I Could Hear Was An Unearthly Singing, High And Sad, Like Some Kind Of Suicidal Dolphin I Could Say I Blacked Out, But Everything Was Already So Black I Wouldn T Have Noticed The Difference I Checked Out Of Hotel Consciousness At Least I Got To Dream Of Vanessa Naked Ocean S Gift SeriesThis Is The First Book In Demelza Carlton S Ocean S Gift Series, Which Currently Includes Ocean S Gift BookOcean S Infiltrator BookWater And Fire You Ll Never Look At Mermaids The Same Way Again

Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below Sensationalist spin No Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the m

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  • Oceans Gift (Oceans Gift, #1)
  • Demelza Carlton
  • English
  • 18 June 2019

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    Laced with one part fantasy, one part maritime legends come to life, and a large dose of the mental by play in a male s mind, Ocean s Gift is a cleverly crafted, tale of love, lust and lobsters Okay, there is to it, much , and author Demelza Carlton has done a stellar job of tossing in some serious environmental warnings for mankind very sneakily, I might add Told from three points of view, one being Sirena s, an elder on the mermaid council and our main female character, one from Joe, a blue collar electrician in between jobs, working for a lobster fisherman, and one from a satellite character, a mermaid and Sirena s daughter, who gives her thoughts from an interested observer s perspective Man s careless use of the Earth s resources is endangering ALL life forms, not just humanity, so the Mermaid Council needs to learn what, if anything is being done, sending mermaids who can assume a human appearance around the globe to investigate Pretty much the first thing seen as they land ashore to investigate, is Joe s perfect arse As a human, Sirena is a walking bombshell, the object of every man s fantasy and good old Joe is living right next door to her What he wouldn t give to get up close and personal with Sirena Imagine his shock when she seems interested in him, too But can a human male and a mermaid find true love and happiness Will Sirena risk everything to reveal herself to Joe Ocean s Gift is very well written as the characters pilot this tale along From its humorous moments, tender moments, to the spicier moments on to the very end, Demelza Carlton has captured the essence of a fantasy romance and added her own quirky style to it, particularly with Joe s POV I swear she spent some time as a fly on the wall at a boys night out party Never again will I believe any man that says he looks for a good personality in a woman Never.Publication Date November 28, 2012Publisher Lost Plot PressSeries Ocean s Gift, 1ISBN 147939906XNumber of Pages 253Genre Adult Fantasy RomanceAge Recommendation AdultsAvailable at Smashwords Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    The Author was kind enough to provide me a free e book One of my favorite books is Jonathon Livingstone Seagull, by the one and only, Richard David Bach Demelza Carlton s first foray into fiction Oceans Gift comes very, very, close Like Bach, Demelza is original , Bach has seagulls , Demelza has mermaids What can you say about a book, which presents the narrative in first person, four times over And yet, each individual narrative blends seamlessly, to effortlessly carry the theme of the book, a theme which echoes the sound of the surf on the reefs, the cries of the dolphins and the taste of the saltwater spray.Human and mermaid emotions are played out in delightfully small chapters, making me feel, like I was not reading but sipping from a bottle of Romanee Conti Like the wine, which languidly stirs the senses, Ocean s Gift, stirs the male emotion and how Elevating the erotic male perspective of the female form, into art Demelza s knowledge of the deep sea, fishing lobsters, snorkeling and hobnobbing with denizens of the watery world lends credibility and above all substance to the narrative Weaved in is humor, a bit of mystery and menace But most importantly, the book has a message, which the reader becomes aware of at the subliminal level What this message is and what is the peril mankind faces For that you should read the book, or rather..Savor it

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    Ocean s Gift is a book that grabs you and holds you tight I had no business starting this book late one night, but the night went much, much later as I watched the story unfold The story is told from multiple perspectives, and I appreciated that the mermaid s voice and the way she tells the story is vastly different from the gritty way the male main character talks and thinks and feels The author does a remarkable job of world building, such as describing the way mermaid language is communicated through sound and gesture and cannot be precisely translated to English, or how mermaids are able to transform themselves to walk among us Ocean s Gift has a fresh and often surprising plot, with a unique writing style that is spare but carries you swiftly along the narrative like an ocean current.

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    Ocean s Gift by Demelza Carlton is an excellent fantasy story that is in essence the love story between an Australian fisherman and a siren Changes in the Oceanic environment force the water creatures to seek information from humans but they must do so without disclosing their existence.The love story is sexy, convincing and quite moving and the environmental issues are handled with obvious love for nature and the ocean rather than as a merely political issue This is beautifully written with great lead characters and a very enjoyable and pleasant read and first in a series.

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    Ocean s Gift by Demelza Carlton left me gasping for breath It seems like I have been waiting forever for an excellent mermaid story like this Demelza Carlton says you will never look at mermaids the same way again and she is so right.The cover for Ocean s Gift had me stopping in my tracks I knew I was going to read this book without looking any further Mermaids, romance and a subtle ecological warning are some of the things to look forward to in this amazing novel Demelza writes as if mermaids are real and they could be your next door neighbor Her characters come alive on the pages as the fascinating story develops.As soon as I hit 7%, I felt like jumping up and down for joy I love mermaid stories and the writing and plot have me super excited to read about Sirena and Joe Will I be able to put down the book or will I have to read straight through Curiosity makes me read on what is the ocean s gift The I read, the excited I became I feel as if the book was written especially for me Demelza Carlton writes with a light and comical air at times that made me smile and feel as if I was a part of their conversations as they puzzled over us humans actions and interactions.Ocean s Gift is written from three points of view, Joe s, Sirena s and Belinda s At first, I wasn t sure I was going to like this, but I began to look forward to what each person would think and feel about the occurring events I seemed to relate to each character on a deeper level when I read their viewpoint.Joe I fell for him and I was only 5% into the story He made me smile and he looks pretty good too He s a sparky, an electrician He lives with his folks and owns nothing He works setting up remote mining camps and loves fishing His biggest goal is to make enough money to buy his own home He loves beer and boobs, no doubt about that.His mining coworker asks him, How d you like to fish for two months and get paid for it My mind is spinning as different scenarios play out Will there be a shipwreck Will he almost drown and Sirena save him How he will meet Sirena Will they hook up Sirena Vanessa a super hot babe and a bit of a hussy She is the leader of the Elders and is determined to warn the humans of what is to come, but she still has time to play with Joe.She was an elder among our people, but today she sounds as silly as the sixteen year old child who dared defy the entire Elder Council.Belinda Sirena s daughter I related to her easily She is quick to anger and has a mouth like a sailor She doesn t hesitate to speak her mind She keeps watch over Sirena, especially when she is with Joe.Maria a gay mermaid, not understanding humans at all and just wants to go home I mean how real is that A gay mermaid I busted out laughing, loving it.Demelza Carlton s description of Belinda and Maria frolicking with the dolphins, had me wishing I was a mermaid too Their version of fishing is so much different than ours I would love to fly through the ocean with them, leaping and twisting in the wind, feeling the sea wash over me.Joe threw his empty beer bottle into the ocean and it came back to him I had to crack up laughing over this How do you think that happened Have you been playing with dolphins The trio is there to warn the humans about the dire ocean conditions before it is too late By saving humankind, they would be saving themselves They are all females and need human males to perpetuate their species.The ecological warning is very subtle and woven into the story in excellent fashion.I thought I would be let down when the book was done, but I know another book is waiting to be read An awesome ending that put a smile on my face, making me want to read the next book right now.If I didn t know better, I d think this is a true story.My favorite part I cannot pick just one.I received this book in return for an honest and unbiased review I am eager to read the next book in the series, Ocean s Infiltrator Demelza Carlton

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    This isn t the first of Ms Carlton s books that I ve had the pleasure of reading To be honest, I ve read her Water Fire novella prior to reading Ocean s Gift as well as her Nightmares of Caitlyn Lockyer Let it be known that I was floored by the turnout from the former which sets us up phenomenally for the rest of the Ocean s Gift series In Ocean s Gift, we are introduced to Joe and Sirena also known as Vanessa If you ve read Water Fire, you re no stranger to Belinda who makes her return in this novel but as an observist along with Maria who seems to have a strong dislike for humans there are reasons.Sirena is a mermaid elder and incidentally is tasked to find out any information on why there are negative changes happening in the deep , well aware that changes are also occurring on the surface These changes are rud to also affect, not just sea life but the humans as well If I m reading too much into things, forgive me, but I think that I might not be the only one to presume that Carlton eludes to topics such as global warming and climate change and their effects on the world as we know it Anyhow, let s bring Joe into the mix Ah Joe a sparky a human electrician to be precise On a two month holiday, he sets forth on a fishing expedition and ends up becoming a deckhand aboard the Dolphin Why complain when you re off doing what you want and get paid doing it, right Right away, Joe is taken with Sirena Despite multiple warnings from his boss Skipper and a few others, to stay away from the siren, there exists a certain attraction between the two or is it simply because while he s off on holidays, being paid to fish, he also becomes the most sought out electrician on the island along with Sirena s personal Mr Fix It Ocean s Gift is a book filled with adventure, humor, romance and sexiness As always, Carlton succeeds at leaving me intrigued in finding out what happens next in this series with a cliffhanger I must say that I look forward to reading Ocean s Infiltrator next I give this impeccably tailored read, that has kept me on the couch from the first page, a 5 stars

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    Demelza CarltonOcean s GiftOcean s Gift, 1This is definitely not your typical mermaid story, and had a slightly real feel to it I know, I sometimes live in an imaginary bubble where all these creatures are real It was a little hard to read in the beginning, but once I got used to the author s writing style and the characters it started to flow smoothly it only took a few chapters and the chapters are all pretty short Each chapter alternates between the 4 main characters POV, which I loved, because I got to see the whole picture and with some chapters being as little as 2 3 pages long, the story was definitely fast moving never giving me time to get bored I could clearly see the increasing development of the characters throughout the book, and although some of the descriptive nature was a little than needed, I didn t find this subtracted from the storyline and could read over it easily enough.Vanessa AKA Sirena and her daughters Maria Belinda AKA Apalala have been tasked with finding out if the humans know anything about the changes that are happening on the sea beds which could disrupt the mermaid s way of life Maria has an obvious distrust of humans, which is interesting to read about and all their thoughts explanations of human things is amusing The family is no different to any other family, with Maria Belinda questioning things and not understanding why Vanessa is so taken with Joe Overall I enjoyed the book, and would happily continue reading the series.I received an e copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    The Australian colloquialisms had me grappling here and there to get a handle on the tale no pun intended We have blokes, for dudes Nah, for no and mates for friends not to mention a strain of humor a tad bit to the left of smooth I would class this a light read, certainly not something that would make you overly thoughtful It has entertaining moments, but is a mildly graphic romance with a Siren fantasy element at heart I think a young adult audience may enjoy it The most striking character is Joe, who manages to pull a smile and a giggle with his candid thoughts and all male attitude to his mermaid girl wonder The fantasy aspect is not very detailed, and indeed, most of the action takes place on land, boat or bed take your pick I would recommend this as a beach read and would imagine that most of the target audience would rush to read the sequel, particularly as the unusual ending had quite a bit of bait ha to it.

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    Having read the prequel series by Ms Carlton, I began Ocean s Gift already in love with the mermaids Worried about the state of the changing Earth, the mermaid elder council sends three of its members to find out information from the humans The novel surrounds the experiences of Sirena, known on land as Vanessa Stationed with two of her daughters in a remote fishing island cluster, Vanessa meets Joe, a sparky that s electrician for those of you unfamiliar with the venacular , and a relationship develops The first in a trilogy, this novel sets the stage for greater things that I cannot wait to read and explore Having been to Australia, Ocean s Gift makes me want to return, with descriptions of vivid, but trecherous oceans, and rocky beaches I loved the research that clearly went into this novel, as I felt like I was right there on the fishing boat Steamy, but still powerful, Ocean s Gift is a solid five star read, and I ll be picking up the next one as soon as I m able

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    This is a wonderful tale which introduces some amazing characters.I loved Joe, he was so down to earth and the kind of bloke you d be happy to bring home to meet your mother It is a clever ploy to share his thoughts about the beautiful Vanessa with the reader which shows he is a red blooded male at heart.The plight of the mermaids and their search amongst the human world for answers to the changing role of the oceans and the effect this might bring to their fragile lives gives the novel a very real theme of damage to the environment caused by man.There was a tantalising amount of information given about these mysterious creatures to leave the reader eager for in further books in the series.The relationships and characters were very real for me and I definitely look forward to enjoying books in this series.

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