Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey

Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey In Her Fifth And Final Appearance, Lesbian Gumshoe Lauren Laurano Investigates A Suspicious Suicide And Encounters Murderous Opposition From The Author Of Let S Face The Music And Die And My Sweet Untraceable You Features An Exclusive Interview With The Author

Jack Early.Sandra Scoppettone first emerged as one of the best hard boiled mystery writers using the name Jack Early for her first three novels that included A Creative Kind of Killer 1984 that won the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America for best first novel She had started writing seriously since the age of 18 when she moved to New York from South Orange, New Jersey Scoppettone in the 1960s collaborated with Louise Fitzhuh and in the 1970s wrote important young adult novels The Late Great Me depicting teenage alcoholism won an Emmy Award in 1976 Her real name was revealed in the 1990s with the start of a series featuring PI Lauren Laurano Scoppettone shares her life with writer Linda Crawford.

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey
  • Sandra Scoppettone
  • English
  • 19 July 2019
  • 9780345431189

10 thoughts on “Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey

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    Lascia un po di stucco la velocit con cui si dipana la matassa di omicidi sul finale, a volte lasciando almeno me con dei dubbi ma davvero cos scontato da non dover dare spiegazioni o sono io ad essere rincoglionita Nonostante questa pecca finale, devo ammettere che la detective lesbica Lauren Laurano allitterazione interessante, eh mi piace. schietta, bruttina, grassoccia, simpatica Un mix che in un investigatrice privata non si vede tutti i giorni, e che si gradisce volentieri.Inoltre, la Scoppettone che io conobbi grazie a dei bei gialli da ragazzi ha una scrittura scorrevole e piacevole, la leggere di filato. il che, francamente, non guasta proprio mai

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    This is the last book in the series, which still makes me sad Lauren Laurano, while the possessor of a name that still strikes me as odd, was a very entertaining character The relationship drama read as quite realistic, and her gay boy friends were, of course, fabulous I greatly enjoyed the whole series, discovered when it was still quite new to me to see queer detectives

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    The fastest read in the series, if not the absolute best I love how it wrapped everything up in a tight bow It s a testament to Laurano s character that she can t even go on vacation without getting wrapped up in a murder mystery Good story Read this series in a row They re better that way.

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    Trama banale e scontata L analisi dei personaggi solo superficiale.

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    I ve always been a little disappointed that the series ends here, without Cecchi ever getting involved in a New York case, with Kip and Lauren just on the edge of a reconciliation guess I m into these for the characters than the mysteries I don t really read that many mysteries, maybe because I often feel they don t play fair with the narrative things have to be extra twisty and odd to keep readers interested and mystery buffs from figuring the whole thing out right away Just my opinion, and I m not really leveling those charges against this particular book.Well, much.Still, I am awfully glad to have gone back and read this series I might not have done it again if Scoppetone hadn t had them scanned and put them up on the Kindle store I own them, but the lion s share of my books have been packed away for quite some time, and I m always getting the urge to go back and read something while new books are piling up all around me

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    that I like this Author and will read of her books.

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    A series of only 5 books but great reading Wish there were in the series

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    see earlier review good series

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