Long Time Between Kisses

Long Time Between Kisses Why Did I Chop My Hair Off And Dye It Purple Well, If You Think It Was To Get Attention On The Street, Then You Ve Never Been To SoHo That S Where I Live It S A Sort Of Artists Community In Lower Manhattan, And You Ve Got To Have Something A Lot Drastic Than Purple Hair To Stand Out In This PlaceMy Best Pal, Elissa, Thinks Maybe I Did It Because I M Going Through Some Major Changes In My Life Like Breaking Up With My Boyfriend, Dino And Like Falling In Love With Mitch He S This Incredibly Gorgeous Guy Who S Skipped Out On His Parents And Is Making It On His Own Which Is Tough To Do Because He Has This Disease That S Crippled Him Mitch Doesn T Want To Be Dependent On Anyone But I M Starting To Realize That It S No Good Going It Alone

Jack Early.Sandra Scoppettone first emerged as one of the best hard boiled mystery writers using the name Jack Early for her first three novels that included A Creative Kind of Killer 1984 that won the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America for best first novel She had started writing seriously since the age of 18 when she moved to New York from South Orange, New Jersey Scoppettone in the 1960s collaborated with Louise Fitzhuh and in the 1970s wrote important young adult novels The Late Great Me depicting teenage alcoholism won an Emmy Award in 1976 Her real name was revealed in the 1990s with the start of a series featuring PI Lauren Laurano Scoppettone shares her life with writer Linda Crawford.

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  • Paperback
  • 207 pages
  • Long Time Between Kisses
  • Sandra Scoppettone
  • English
  • 05 January 2018
  • 9780553239829

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    I heard of this book from Ms Todes At First, i thought the book was going to be boring because of the cover but when i began to read it i immediately knew i was wrong In this book the author expresses a great deal of strong vocabulary I think the other wanted readers not to judge others and to believe in their selves and love them selves I would recommend this book to people who enjoy love stories If i had to sum up this book in one sentence i would say, Billie James, the novels protagonist, feels as if she needs to change herself at this point in her life and she goes crazy and it leads her to making different decisions From this book i learned that you shouldn t change yourself for anything or anyone Thus book was really good, not only could you connect it to real life, but you felt as if you were actually apart of the book.

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    Non mi piace Non mi piace la prosa di Sandra, che si dilunga in spiegazioni inutili Non mi piace il tono di Billie, la protagonista, che va bene che ha sedici anni, ma una s.za menefreghista e superficiale Non mi piace il ritratto che fa l autrice degli italiani mangia spaghetti , niente di che, ma detto da un italiana fa calar la tristezza Non mi piace il nome dell amica di Billie, Elissa ma che nome E non mi piace saltare le pagine per arrivare a un aspetto piacevole della trama che magari arriver anche, ma io non ho pazienza di aspettare Abbandonato.

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    Un romanzo che adoravo da adolescente, mentre ora mi appassiona decisamente meno Comunque interessante per i temi difficili trattati in maniera relativamente leggera le malattie terminali, le droghe, la ricerca della propria identit.

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