My Dogs Got Fleas!

My Dogs Got Fleas! My Dog S Got Fleas Is A Fast Paced, Frolicking Tale About The World S Most Fabulous Fleas Readers Will Giggle And Delight Learning About Rare Fleas That Work, Dance, Sing, And Even Save The World, Amidst The Fur Of A Shaggy Dog The Text Is Written In A Lively Rhyme Scheme That Will Keep Young Readers Entertained From Beginning To End The Brilliant D Illustrations Capture The Humor And Personality Of Each Extraordinary Flea My Dog S Got Fleas Is Pure Magic And Fun

Julia writes children s stories for digital and traditional publication Her stories span the spectrum of humor, fantasy, and edutainment in rhyme and in prose Julia s background in elementary education affords her the opportunity to be in touch with what children want to read about and what makes them giggle Julia collaborates with some of the leading artists in the world of children s literatu

[PDF / Epub] ☆ My Dogs Got Fleas!  Author Julia Dweck –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 100 pages
  • My Dogs Got Fleas!
  • Julia Dweck
  • English
  • 10 September 2017

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    My son 6 and I reviewed My Dog s Got Fleas for Here s what we have to say SON SAYS This book is about a little boy who takes his dog to the vet because it has fleas We get to meet all the funny fleas and the vet gets rid of the fleas I like the pictures in the book They are really good The picture of the author at the back is really funny We like going to the back of the book to see how the author is drawn It s different in every book My favorite part of the book was seeing all the names of the fleas The DreadFlea is my favorite because he s evil and funny He s funny because in one of the pictures, he s hiding in the back I also liked PlayFlea because he s always buried under toys We missed the contest to name a flea, but my flea would be called Reader Flea because he likes to read books like me My other favorite part is when the fleas fly off the dog and fly into the vet s hair There s nothing I didn t like about this book it was all good The book is really funny and I laughed at some of the parts It s a silly book I loved this book and I would recommend it to everybody because they will like it too MOM SAYS What I liked and disliked Oh no What do you do when your pooch is covered in rare fleas What is a rare flea, you ask Well, for example, ArtFlea s an artist flea that likes to draw and doodle and BeauteeFlea s so lovely and the object of affection But can the vet come up with a solution to providing relief to the poor itchy doggy Julia Dweck provides a seemingly endless fount of rhyming innovation in the children s e book market My Dog s Got Fleas is yet another creative, whimsical story by Ms Dweck sure to be enjoyed by children and their parents There are few that can equal Ms Dweck s ability to tell a story in rhyme that plays to the imagination and that provide some of the most entertaining play on words in children s literature In this book, the reader is introduced to 11 different rare fleas including the two mentioned above She is so creative and we always look forward to seeing what she will come up with next.While all of Julia Dweck s books are beautifully illustrated, My Dog s Got Fleas is particularly visually stunning on a Kindle or tablet All the pictures were computer generated by the children s illustrator, Aadvart, real name Mark The colours are spectacular and the 3D graphics really pop out It s almost like you can reach into the book and touch the fleas As always, there is a colourful, modified version of the author photo in the book Each book has Ms Dweck illustrated as another character in the book So, for example, in My Dog s Got Fleas, she is illustrated as an adorable little flea This is one of our favorite things about her books I hope she keeps this feature in future books.My bottom line We are big, big fans of all of Julia Dweck s books My Dog s Got Fleas is the latest offering by this prolific and talented author of children s e books I highly recommend My Dog s Got Fleas as well as ANY of her other books to children aged 2 They are simply delightful My Dog s Got Fleas was provided to us by the author free of charge in exchange for our honest review

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    Have you ever had a problem with fleas If you have a pet, your answer is probably YES A young boy takes his dog to a veterinarian and is told that his dog is covered with RARE fleas.These are no ordinary fleas Each of the fleas have a unique personality and occupation.There is ArtFlea He is an artist who likes to draw and doodle atop a purebred poodle.There is GleeFlea She sings inside the shower and tub and is the director of the flea glee club.There is a super hero flea named WonderFlea He is stronger than 1,000 fleas and wears a long red cape.Some fleas are not very nice There is BreadFlea He is a nasty flea who is always plotting evil schemes.The vet comes up with a plan to rid the dog of these rare fleas.Where did they all go Where are they living now You will get a good giggle when you discover who is itching at the end of the story I have several pet dogs so I can definitely relate to the problem in this story Children know that fleas are pesky parasites that need to be avoided at all costs.The fleas in this rhyming story are very different Each flea has a talent and plays a role in the flea community Children will relate to the different kinds of fleas and will recognize the good and bad behaviors that exist in any social setting.I really like the way the story ends in a humorous manner The fleas are not killed with harsh chemicals, they just find a new, unexpected home.The color illustrations are awesome and add a great deal of value to the story Mr Aardvart took a somewhat difficult subject fleas and created original and unique animated illustrations that will delight readers of all ages The formatting is very professional with full screen color illustrations and four lines of text on each page.This book will appeal to children on many different levels A dog and a group of charming fleas What could you ask for Highly recommended for children and the entire family.

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    My Dog s Got Fleas by Julia Dweck is the itchy and scratchy adventure of one poor pooch and the adorable, yet unusual, fleas that call his fur home.After a visit with the vet a young boy discovers his tail wagger is covered with rare fleas With the help of a magnifying glass, the vet and the boy get a first hand look at the incredible inhabitants lurking in his best friend s fur They meet CareFlea, a tender flea that tries so hard to please She moves around on tiptoe and is gentle as a breeze They also come across GleeFlea who sings inside the shower and tub She is the director of the tiny glee flea club This astounding world of magnificent fleas is just too much to grasp, but the boy knows they must move on so his dog will no longer scratch Join the fun and uncover the whole charming flea gang before they are forced to flee.The vibrant and colorful illustrations by Mark Aardvart vividly bring a humorous energy to the story Children will be amused by all of the creative characters created by Julia Dweck and brought to life through Mark Aardvart s depictions.I recommend picking up a copy of My Dog s Got Fleas.

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    This is a story about a dog who is covered in rare fleas Each flea has their own unique personality, for example there are artistic fleas, tender fleas, superhero fleas, nasty evil fleas and many My daughter s favorite flea was BeauteeFlea because she is pink of course, and my daughter loves anything that s pink You would never guess all of the different kinds of fleas your pets could have living on them Julia Dweck has an amazing talent She can take a normally boring subject, such as fleas, and turn it into an adorable, fun book And as always she works with wonderful illustrators that bring her stories to life.

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    I purchased this e book while it was free.I read this book with my 5 year old son We have read the book at least 5 times so far We both have loved it It has great rhyming schemes, wonderful illustrations, and some very creative fleas My favorite flea is the GleeFlea, and my son s favorite is WonderFlea Each flea is very rare and unique I am sure we will be reading this book many times This author is one that will leave you itching for of her creativeness A great children s read Originally post on The Mystical World of Book Reviews.

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    Another great book given to my daughter for a review.This is a great book about a dog with rare fleas These fleas have personality Julia wanted to know who my daughter s favorite flea was and hers is BeauteeFlea That really surprises me because my daughter loves to paint so I felt for sure her favorite would be ArtFlea All of Julia Dweck s book are great for young children My daughter looks forward to the next one as soon as we finish one Thanks Julia for writing books that my daughter looks forward to reading

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    I am a HUGE fan of author Julia Dweck for my children and myself None of her books have ever disappointed me as a mother or my children, as their faces light up when I read them My Dog s Got Fleas is super cute, as each flea has a personality, Julia took a subject such as fleas and made it fun entertaining, along with the illustrations I would recommend this book to ages 4 however I can say my 3 year old daughter did love this book all the way up to my 10 year old son Way to go Julia and Illustrator Aardvart love this children s book Cannot wait to read .

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    Clever rhyming story with adorable illustrations Children will love these rare fleas who have lots of personality and need to find a new home Highly recommended

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    So much fun Between the rhyming and clever animated illustrations, kids and parents will be glued to the end.Definitely great for kids 8 and under.

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