The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook A Collection Of Vegan Recipes So Simple To Make That Even A Stoner Could Prepare Them, This Highly Illustrated Cookbook From The Creators Of The Vegan Stoner Food Blog Proves That Going Vegan Can Be Fun, Cheap, And EasyThe Vegan Stoners, Sarah Conrique And Graham Haynes, Write, Cook, And Illustrate In A World Filled With Eccentric And Slightly Uncouth Vegetable Characters Now They Invite Home Cooks Into This Universe Of Indie Veganism, Presenting Foolproof Recipes That Will Be A Hit With Every Slacker, Penny Pincher, And Hipster On The Block With Easy Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Munchies, This Is A Gateway Cookbook For Anyone Who Wants To Eat Fewer Animal Products And Veggies

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Vegan Stoner Cookbook book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah Conrique author readers around the world.

[Read] ➵ The Vegan Stoner Cookbook  By Sarah Conrique –
  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • The Vegan Stoner Cookbook
  • Sarah Conrique
  • English
  • 18 September 2018
  • 9781607744641

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    If this little gem didn t exist, it would be necessary to write it Probably not me, since it would most likely only involve different shit you can mix into Trader Joe s vanilla Soy Creamy.I love that the recipe ingredients are PICTURES but the best one is the cover illustration of the baked tomato holding a blunt , and most recipes only have, on average, 6 ingredients and steps Though there are some that I cannot fathom ever being high enough that would appeal to me Banana Dogs or anything that I would want to actually prepare or munch on while stoned Shredded Papaya salad , nor would I have my shit together to roll sushi And while I m happy that there are some fairly healthy recipes included, I m not the type of stoner that s going to choose them over, say, the Pancookie.Pretty sure the reference section is for those who are too high to remember Hence, How to Cook on a Stovetop And thanks to my local library system for having this in circulation.

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    This cookbook uses charming drawings to illustrate easy vegan recipes Some of the recipes are reprinted from the website that preceded this book The website recipes I have tried out at home were all yummy and simple to prepare In addition to lots of previously unpublished recipes that rely on inexpensive, easy to find ingredients, this book includes a great reference section with vegan substitutions, recipes for homemade pantry staples like sauces and spice mixes, instructions for cooking techniques ranging from basic stove top cooking to samosa shaping, and grain and legume cooking charts Even without the cheap, easy, tasty recipes, I would probably buy this book just for its illustrations which decorate nearly every page with funny details that make me feel like I m reading a grown up version of Marzollo Wick s I Spy Every recipe is also accompanied by a photo, so you can see what this dish will actually look like.

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    informative and quirky the authors are from Portland, enough said.

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    This is a good beginner vegan cookbook and great for even skill cooks who want fast to prepare recipes Most of the recipes are easy, such as the Orange French Toast but I wouldn t say that all the recipes are as easy as the description leads the reader to believe For instance, the sushi recipe It says to simply roll it like a sleeping mat Um, if you have ever tried making sushi, you know it is difficult to roll I have made it many times with varying rolling outcomes It s rarely perfect, actually never for me and I m not a stoner I am also considered a really good cook, if you ask my friends, family , and husband, Bill My dog, DJ thinks so too but he also likes really disgusting things, so he doesn t count LOL I made the Peachy Crepes for desert, rather than breakfast, however used extra soymilk and some maple syrup instead of the peach syrup from a can I don t eat canned peaches, I think they are disgusting The batter would have been perfect for pancakes but came out way too thick for crepes I just added a lot soy milk to the batter for the right consistency Something that first time crepe makers may not know to do They turned out great I stuffed them with fresh blue berries, fresh peaches, and homemade vegan coconut whip cream The whip cream recipe is not in the book I made the Bahnwich for an easy dinner one night and Bill and I really enjoyed it I have a different recipe for it however, we enjoyed this one even .I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate, so I had to try the peanut butter squares That was the easiest recipe I tried, it only has three ingredients, peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar They were as rich as you would expect, so I cut them into about 1 x1 squares We still have some in the freezer.I recommend the Vegan Stoner Cookbook.

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    Made some great recipes from the blog then bought the book I love this book because it s exactly how I d cook if I weren t married to someone who can Really Cook It s perfect for those of us who need to keep things simple It s not for someone who s adept at cooking from scratch wants 100% whole foods they do use TVP, soy cheeze, seitan etc It IS for someone without a lot of patience or time in the kitchen The ingredient illustrations make me happy there are photos of every recipe so it s hard to mess things up I can see how the title might be off putting to some, but with at most 6 steps per recipe it really seems meant to appeal to beginner or in my case somewhat challenged cooks I think it s the perfect gift for someone new to eating cooking vegan Get this book make some simple healthyish yummy vegan food

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    Things I ve made and loved Orange French ToastYam Scramble subbed eggplant as listed in Tips TVP SaladChickpea Curry I use a whole can of chickpeans Lentil LoafPeanut Stew really good with sweet potato instead of regular Baked Banana CakeThere are doubles from the website in the cookbook but I actually like that because everything I ve tried from the website has been absolutely delicious.

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    5 Stars Wonderful cookbook filled with easy recipes that I actually want to cook and eat Bonus that there are photos on every page Also has lots of fun little illustrations.This book is definitely a keeper.

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    EDIT 4 21 2019 I came to like this cookbook over time Over time I ve slowly come across the ingredients used in this book, so I ve been able to try them out or make do with substitutes They ARE easy, and they re tasty I appreciate that each recipe has some bulletpoint suggestions on how to tweak the recipe further Yep, I dig it.ORIGINAL REVIEW I m not a vegan picked this up mostly out of curiosity and because I love food books , so I didn t make any of the recipes in the book yet I don t currently have the vegan ingredients e.g., nutritional yeast I surprisingly didn t have any of the commonplace recipes either, so I guess that s not much of an excuse With other recipe books, I pick out a few things I want to make and then go to the store to get any special ingredients, but I m much less likely to do that with this one, just by the nature of the book it seems like I should already have the ingredients on hand because the recipes are easy enough for stoners to make although some seem really ambitious to undertake while high, and by that I mean anything that involves using the oven or stove You don t have to be stoned to try these recipes though in fact, there s nothing really stoner y about this book aside from the super cute illustrated tomato holding a joint and, perhaps, referring to mushrooms as shrooms I guess my biggest problem with the book is, unfairly, that because I m not a vegan, I don t have the ingredients to test anything out, and I m obviously lazy If they would just arrive magically to my kitchen, that would be another star for this book But the illustrations are cute as hell, and using drawn pictures of the ingredients that I don t have instead of just listing of them was creative.

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    This was a little weird. lol. great drawings and easy recipes, though.

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    I bought this as a novelty book in Portland because the illustrations are the perfect blend of charm and stupidity, but the recipes and techniques have become quite useful and they hear toward the simple, quick prepare side, and it s easy to make variations to suit your needs I don t buy physical books as often as I used to, but this was a useful buy and keep.

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