Scribbles and Ink, The Contest

Scribbles and Ink, The Contest Scribbles The Cat And Ink The Mouse Are Buddies And Fellow Artists Ink Is Excited For Them To Enter A Draw A Dinosaur Contest The Prize Is Two Tickets To A Mud Themed Amusement Park Ink Is Secretly Scared Of Drawing A Dinosaur He Urges Scribbles To Have A Go At It But Thinks The Resulting Effort Looks Like A Prehistoric Chicken Next, Ink Drawsan Egg And Insists There S A Dinosaur Inside It He S Right As The Egg Drawing Hatches, A Baby Dino Crawls Out, And Starts Wailing For His Mommy Suddenly, The Chick A Saurus Comes In And Scoops The Baby Into Her Feathery Arms Realizing That They Won T Win The Contest, Ink Creates A Best Buddy Trophy For Scribbles And Ink And Dino Duo Throw A Mud Party For Ink

Ethan Long is a popular, award winning and internationally recognized children s book author and illustrator with over 70 children s books, a Theodor Seuss Geisel Award and an Emmy nominated television series to his credit Just about all of his awake time is spent writing stories, drawing pictures and spending time with his family Since graduating from Ringling College of Art and Design in 1991,

➹ [Reading] ➻ Scribbles and Ink, The Contest  By Ethan Long ➮ –
  • Hardcover
  • 72 pages
  • Scribbles and Ink, The Contest
  • Ethan Long
  • 20 April 2017
  • 9781609053512

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    Short but super cute There s nothing better than giggling like mad with your kids, and this one had us all feeling silly I d recommend this for kids around 7 years old and up, due to some inflection and wording that may go right over younger kid s heads It s a really quick read, but perfect for busy families that need a little time spent together laughing I d also recommend that the parent read it to the kids, because of the way the dialogue is all placed in word bubbles and meant to be read in a certain order higher bubbles first Arc provided by Blue Apple Books via Edelweiss

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    Their funny ideas craked me up Exspeshy the dinosor baby

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    This is a fun story about Scribbles a cat that is drawn with scribbles and Ink a mouse that is a solid black color, like ink They are friends In this particular story Ink finds a flyer that tells about a drawing contest The contestants must draw a dinosaur and the deadline is tomorrow However, the winner will get to go to Mudslpash Mountain the muddiest place on earth And with a prize like that, Scribbles and Ink decide they must enter the contest Scribbles draws first with a pencil But the dinosaur doesn t look quite right Then Ink draws But Ink draws an egg that has a dinosaur inside it Of course it hatches and thinks that Scribbles and Ink are the Mommy until it sees Scribble s dinosaur drawing Knowing that they won t win the contest with the dinosaurs that they drew, both Scribbles and Ink decide to do something for their friend Ink draws an award for Scribbles And Scribbles draws some buckets that happen to have mud in them so they can have their very own mud party.This is a humorous story I like how the friendship between the two animals is so complimentary I also enjoy the fact that there is so many references to art in here Kids might not notice the fact that the names Scribbles and Ink complement how these characters are drawn But they won t be confused as to which character draws what Scribbles has a blue pencil and Ink has a red paint on a paint brush And the fact that things come to life from imagination and a little bit of drawing will entice young readers This is the type of book to give to readers who have read every single Elephant and Piggy book and are looking for something new Hopefully Mr Long will bring about other fun Scribbles and Ink books.

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    Scribbles is a scruffy black cat Ink is a little mouse Usually, cats chase mice Scribbles and Ink are unusual friends.When Ink finds a contest poster, Ink must tell Scribbles about it Cats like sleeping Ink wakes up Scribbles Ink shows Scribbles the poster a drawing contest with a deadline in one day Scribbles is excited about the prize Ink and Scribbles fantasies are each illustrated To win the competition, the friends must draw a dinosaur After some cogitation, Scribbles outlines parts of the beast in frames with Ink identifying them teeth, tail A blue thing Ink is lost for words when Scribbles first attempt is revealed.Scribbles is frustrated at Ink s lukewarm response but now it s time for Ink to draw a dinosaur Ink thoroughly warms up, checks social web sites, eats popcorn Scribble insists that Ink start drawing Ink draws curves in frames.A red egg Scribble is impressed But Scribble doubts an egg drawing will win the dinosaur drawing contest.After much ado, the two friends meet another pair and everyone gets to play with mud I read an advance review copy from the publisher.

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    Friends Scribbles the Cat and Ink the Mouse are excited about a drawing contest that offers a prize to Mudsplash Mountain Both try their hand at drawing an award winning dinosaur, but their efforts don t quite result in what they were hoping for That s when things start to get a little magical The drawings come to life And Scribbles and Ink use the magic to gift each other with something they both desire.What a creative read This is one of those books that makes you want to pick up paper and a pencil when you set it down and get to work on your own creation PreK 2.

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    See my full review here Ink finds a contest looking for the best dinosaur drawing, there s only one thing to do draw a dinosaur But with limited artistic ability and drawings that take on a life of their own, Scribbles and Ink might have to come up with their own prize Add this series to the growing list of excellent early readers.

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    I received a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes from Edelweiss This in no way influenced my review The illustrations in this book where drawn by the characters in the book I think that this was a great idea The story line was simple, yet really creative I think that children would really enjoy these books.

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    Thanks to Edelweiss and Blue Apple Books for allowing me access to this title.This was a cute children s book The break of chapters was perfect for beginning readers and the illustrations and story were fun I read this with my daughter and she liked it a lot.

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    Elephant Piggy read alike, and for young fans of diary of a wimpy kid.

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    Scribbles and Ink are adorable and you never know where their creative talents will take you This story is fun for the whole family and very imaginative.

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