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Clockwork Dolls Does All Human Passion, All Memory, All Imagination Come Merely From The Chemistry In Our Brains, Like The Movements Of A Clock Follow From The Arrangement Of Its Cogs And Wheels Are We Just Clockwork Dolls Or Is There An Organizing Principle At Work, Something We Can Ask For Answers To The Important Questions Of Existence Something That Might Answer Dave Burns Has Asked Now He, And His Friends, Might Not Live Long Enough To Understand The Reply

I m a Scottish writer, now living in Canada, with than twenty five novels published in the genre press and over 300 short story credits in thirteen countries My work has appeared in a number of professional anthologies and I have recent short story sales to NATURE Futures, Penumbra, Read Short Fiction and Buzzy Mag When I m not writing I play guitar, drink beer and dream of fortune and glor

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  • 12 July 2019

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    Are we all just random collections of cells and blood Is there something behind all of creation Is it God Is it the Cosmos Can you ask either one for help Quote The theory goes that if you make a request to the universe in the right way, then the Cosmos will grant your wish As the old saying goes though, be careful for what you wish for Dave is not a very likable guy He s drunk most of the time and his friends can barely stand to be around him He doesnt take responsibility for much of anything it s always someone else s fault So what will Dave ask from the Cosmos Will he get it You will have to read this story to see.This was a fun, fast paced novella where the story just flows Even though Dave is not the best guy in the world, the author has you pulling for him anyway To me, that s a sign of a great author I will be reading from Mr Meikle.

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    Have to say, I found this a really interesting read, a horror story that has very little violence, a psychological assault on your senses but what stuck out most for me was the characters and their interaction Clockwork Dolls delivers an unnerving sense of dread throughout and certainly provides food for thought when you accept the idea the author is putting across.Dave Burns is a bit of a washout, he enjoys a drink than most, an outspoken man of opinions who tends to upset at least one of his friends every time he gets drunk which is quite often and he still holds a candle for his ex, Jane who is now married to his friend Jim His friends fix him up on a double date with Maggie who has some new age beliefs and when she talks about requests to the Universe and the Cosmos granting wishes, Dave s in his element, swears its BS and total claptrap They take part in a wannabe ritual, write their wishes down on paper and then it s all forgotten amidst the Whisky.The story opens with Dave being interviewed by the Police and the past and present storylines weave together to great effect as their wishes to the Cosmos bring than anyone bargained for.For such a short read this certainly packs a hefty punch and if you don t believe in a higher power that controls everything, this will definitely put ideas in your head Highly recommended.

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    Dave is a drunk, too smart for his own good, haunted by his past and trying to outrun forces he himself set in motion and that he does not believe in Unfortunately, for Dave and those around him, these forces believe in him Clockwork Dolls is a quick and dark novella from William Meikle Meikle s story runs over you like a truck careening out of control, engine growling and headlights blinding in your face You need to jump out of the way, but you can t Splat Solid 4.5 Stars Highly Recommended.

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    What happens when a vile little man spits his venom into the face of Fate..and the Universe responds Mr Meikle takes us on a little trip into the Twilight Zone, by way of Tales from the Crypt, in this fast paced novella that shows us that when it comes to paying the piper, the price is paid by than just the one who owes.

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    The Cosmo s and Karma can manifest,the things in your life that you beget.Those things you love and do regret,can twist and turn and circumvent,the thoughts and feelings you really meant.For what you give,shall you surely get For the laws of life never repent the blood that was spilled the cards that were dealt the love that was lost the reasons we wept the anger that raged the deeds that were done the peace never felt the war never Nikki4 1 2 StarsA really good read The only thing that I noticed were the repetition of the revved engine, sound of the wind, and headlights I felt synonyms could have been used Twin beams of light Rumbles of a dragster Whooshing of air That s somewhat trivial, but I caught it Will definitely try something else by Mr Meikle.

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    Dave Burns is a man living in his past A past soaked with alcohol and regret and a ton of anger We all know a guy like this It s that arsehole who gets dramatic at parties when he s had too much to drink because he can t let go of an old flame and he brings everything and everyone down along with him I think that a lot of us was this guy at least once in our lives I certainly know that I was Dave, however, is that guy full time And he s terribly fun to watch.This is just part of the brilliance of this story And I m not exaggerating when using the word brilliance These characters are among the most realistic I have ever read It could be because they come from my own life, or at least part of it And then there s the cosmos, a separate character all its own When at a party with some old friends, Dave and party members are given the opportunity to throw a request to the cosmos by a woman, Dave s blind date incidentally, who is another person we all know She s that girl who s into crystals and charms and magick that s spelled with a k She, of course, knows exactly how to do this, and for fun, they set to it Dave, being the bitter soul that he is, throws his request to the cosmos that sets off the events for the remainder of the story And it is a strange story that would fit right in with the best of the weird tales of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Machan or Blackwood could have written this.I highly recommended Clockwork Dolls It s a short read that you could probably get done in a sitting or two And you ll probably be stuck there, reading, until the story is done What s even better is that Clockwork Dolls is the kind of story that nourishes your brain with its food for though A well rounded story that I doubt you ll regret.

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    It takes a talented writer to take an unlikeable character like Dave and write him in such a way that makes readers empathise with him, no matter what his actions are William Meikle is a talented man indeed He writes incredibly engaging characters, as seen in this novella.Dave and his friends ask the universe for something they really want and it s not long before the universe responds and neither Dave nor his friends are safe.I liked the style of telling this story which sees Dave retelling the last few weeks to a policeman as he s being questioned This broke the story up without ruining the flow of it The conclusion was as it should have been but the romantic theme being explored at the end I felt was unnecessary.Recommended.

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    This book was ridiculous Not in a good way If you mixed together The secret with the movie Final Destination this what you would get I seriously can not figure out why the reviews are so high for this one.

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    Dave Burns is the type of unlikable character you might have seen Rod Serling write about These were the guys who usually met the dark side of the Twilight Zone When Burns asks for something in the cosmos at a party, he gets than he bargains for in return.The story is told by Burns to the police, sort of like in Delores Claiborne, yet without the flowery character This was my first read by Meikle and I would love to have seen this one filmed in black and white with a Rod Serling stand in doing the intro and close It feels very vintage Twilight Zone and since I m a huge fan of the original series and lesser fan of the reboots , I enjoyed this one.The back and forth between current and the past was interesting at first, but seemed unnecessary and redundant at the end Do readers really need to be told multiple times that view spoiler something bad is going to happen hide spoiler

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    Dave has problems He has a problem with alcohol He has a problem admitting his ex girlfriend and best mate are happily married He has a problem with the way his life in general is turning out He has a problem admitting that all of it just may be his own fault And, Dave has anger issues In an angry and drunken state, Dave rages in the face of fate, in the face of the forces that determine destiny The Cosmos responds.Meikle gets a little deep in this one, touching on quantum physics at times and delving some into New Age beliefs.Be careful what you wish for.4 STARS

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