Raphael No One Of The Old Italian Masters Has Taken Such A Firm Hold Upon The Popular Imagination As Raphael Other Artists Wax And Wane In Public Favor As They Are Praised By One Generation Of Critics Or Disparaged By The Next But Raphael S Name Continues To Stand In Public Estimation As That Of The Favorite Painter In Christendom The Passing Centuries Do Not Dim His Fame, Though He Is Subjected To Severe Criticism And He Continues, As He Began, The First Love Of The People The Subjects Of His Pictures Are Nearly All Of A Cheerful Nature He Exercised His Skill For The Most Part On Scenes Which Were Agreeable To Contemplate Pain And Ugliness Were Strangers To His Art He Was Preeminently The Artist Of Joy This Is To Be Referred Not Only To His Pleasure Loving Nature, But To The Great Influence Upon Him Of The Rediscovery Of Greek Art In His Day, An Art Which Dealt Distinctively With Objects Of Delight

Estelle May Hurll 1863 1924 , a student of aesthetics, wrote a series of popular aesthetic analyses of art in the early twentieth century.Hurll was born 25 July 1863 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, daughter of Charles W and Sarah Hurll She attended Wellesley College, graduating in 1882 From 1884 to 1891 she taught ethics at Wellesley Hurll received her A.M from Wellesley in 1892 In earning h

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