Cheating the Hog. A Sawmill. A Tragedy. A Few Gutsy Women

Cheating the Hog. A Sawmill. A Tragedy. A Few Gutsy Women Echo Needs A Miracle She S Turning Fifty, Living With Her Gun Toting Mom, And Her Lover S Been Killed In A Logging Truck Accident She Made Front Page News As A Salvation Army Bell Ringer, But That Job Ended And She S Digging For Change To Pay Off A Gambling Debt Then She Hits Pay Dirt The Local Sawmill Hires Her To Do Cleanup And Odd Jobs, Like Cheating The Hog And Now, With High Pay And Benefits In Sight, Echo Expects To Be Farting In Silk But On The First Day At The Mill, She Realizes This Job Could Kill Her Can She Survive Hanging From A Narrow Ramp Twenty Feet In The Air While Untangling Cedar Bark Will A Forklift Driver Named Bullfrog Run Her Down Before She Gets Her First Paycheck When Tragedy Does Strikes, She Leads The Other Women Mill Workers To Fight Back With A Few Leveraged Threats And Wit As Sharp As Band Saw Teeth Earning Her Respect On The Job And The Attention Of A Strong Hearted Man Showing Up For Work Is What Most People Do But In The Face Of Dangerous Odds, Echo Puts On Her Big Girl Panties And Her Hard Hat And Proceeds To Clean House We Admire Her Grit, Her Humor, And Her Inner Compass That Points To Doing The Right Thing Truly A Page Turner I Love This Book Sherry Gohr, Avid Reader Of Good Books

Rae Ellen Lee grew up on a stump ranch in northern Idaho She worked for the U.S State Dept in Washington, D.C., Switzerland, and then Yugoslavia before attending the Univ of Idaho, where she earned a degree in Landscape Architecture Employment with the U.S Forest Service in Idaho and Montana followed, until 1997, when she resigned and moved to a sailboat, The Shoe, with new husband, Tom S

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  • Paperback
  • 318 pages
  • Cheating the Hog. A Sawmill. A Tragedy. A Few Gutsy Women
  • Rae Ellen Lee
  • English
  • 22 August 2019

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    This was a fun story to read and it moves right along Whenever I had to take a break to do somthing else, I didn t leave the book down for long I enjoyed the author s sense of humor and the colloquial tone of the writing I don t like wimpy or uninteresting characters.These characters were interesting, even the not so nice ones.I especially enjoyed reading about those characters who gathered up the courage to struggle to do right by themselves and others These characters showed growth as responsible and caring human beings I always find it refreshing to read stories like that.The descriptions of the mill setting are interesting, and also informative to me as someone not familiar with that setting The author presents a blue collar work world which seemed most familiar to me Also, I have worked in male dominated blue collar positions, and the story accurately depicts the type of experiences some of us women have had in similar situations.

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    Well, that gol durn Rae Ellen Lee has did it again She s managed to follow up her latest memoir, My Next Husband Will Be Normal and her Powder Monkey Tales with a hum dinger of a story that pits middle aged Echo against a whole sawmill full of not only sawmill type guys but the powers that be from the big city But Echo is up to the task with her gotta do what ya gotta do attitude plus gambling debts as a pretty sizeable motivation.In the process we meet a lot of well drawn and memorable characters Echo s gun totin Mother for one learn a lot about how lumber gets from those trees out in the woods to your lovely pine floors follow a woman s journey of self discovery you know, for most of us that s ongoing so it s no surprise that a fifty year old woman is still struggling with trying to figure out who she is.The tragedies are truly tragic and, because we ve met and loved the characters, they pull mightily at our heartstrings The gutsy women are not just gutsy they are indomitable, surviving their own tragedies, grieving for lost loves, suffering abuse at the hands of people they love But Lee has created a community of people that we should all be so lucky to have a small town that is caring and compassionate, that helps out when needed often in quiet ways a place you might like to live if it weren t so far from Nordstrom As she did in Powder Monkey Tales, Lee shows her mastery of the dialect of the Northwest small town and her knowledge of the industries that support these towns Her skill adds dimension to her characters that would not be possible without hearing their true voices.I loved following Echo s journey, her strength and determination You will too

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    I ve never read a story of blue collar women workers Women doing what is typically considered men s work Holy crap Meet Echo I can t even imagine trying to hold my crap together while dealing with this woman s demons That said I really enjoyed this book This is the story of a woman who has only worked odd jobs her whole life A woman who has had so much in her life taken away She and pain know each other on an emotional, mental, and physical level She is tough, she is gritty, she is a hard worker, she is intelligent, and she can t hold a steady job to save her life I love her Not because she shies away from commitment, but because she s 50 years old and is still trying to figure out life People often mistaken education for intelligence How many people are passed by or unfairly judged for that A lot.This is a story about how we are all so different, yet we are all the same It s not a book I would normally read I m so glad I took a chance on it Fantastic P.S There are small grammatical errors but they are few and far between Please don t get hung up on these This book was such an unexpected gem

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    If you re tired of forgettable formulaic novels, this is the book for you Lee does an amazing job of writing in the voice of a tough hardworking woman doing manual labor in the male dominated and often terrifyingly dangerous environment of a rural sawmill I felt as if I were toiling alongside the main character, living her hopes, fears, and sorrows as well as her exhaustion, from page one to the end I adore all of Rae Ellen Lee s books, but now Cheating the Hog is my new favorite Buy it Read it You ll see what I m talking about.

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    A truly excellent read Much humor and pathosset in a town with a sawmill The woman who works lands a job in a sawmill and rooms with her mother She s a strong main character who makes remarkable changes in her own life and helps change the lives of others, and the town where she lives I recommend this book

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