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Sycamore Row Seth Hubbard Is A Wealthy Man Dying Of Lung Cancer He Trusts No One Before He Hangs Himself From A Syca Tree, Hubbard Leaves A New, Handwritten, Will It Is An Act That Drags His Adult Children, His Black Maid, And Jake Into A Conflict As Riveting And Dramatic As The Murder Trial That Made Brigance One Of Ford County S Most Notorious Citizens, Just Three Years Earlier The Second Will Raises Far Questions Than It Answers Why Would Hubbard Leave Nearly All Of His Fortune To His Maid Had Chemotherapy And Painkillers Affected His Ability To Think Clearly And What Does It All Have To Do With A Piece Of Land Once Known As Syca Row

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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  • Sycamore Row
  • John Grisham
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
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    Now, I know I ll probably get bashed for this, but this is one boring read For me personally, it would actually be a 2.5 star rating as Grisham s writing is commendable, but he has written so much better stuff Firstly, I didn t see why this had to be set back in the late eighties did so many people really have car phones back then and although I read A Time to Kill, to which this has been dubbed a sequel of sorts, I read it than 15 years ago and remember it being a lot better than this I admit this is a review for the Unabridged Audible version of the book, that had some cliche Afro American voices and all the usual redneck ness that readers throw into Grisham s books, but the story itself was just too slow I really didn t get to root for or even relate to Jake, and the fact that his personal life was so hidden seemed strange There was no big surprise at the end which I was hoping for to bring this lackluster book up a notch, just a predictable explanation to the whole scenario I even resisted the temptation on than one occasion to skip sections as started repeating itself.This is far from being a page turner , and if you re looking for something with a bit thrill along the same lines, check out Connelly s The Fifth Witness or if you prefer to stay within Grisham s repertoire The Litigators is a Courtroom hoot.

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    Reading the first fifty pages of Syca Row I experienced two very different emotions Firstly, and I can t remember this happening before, I couldn t help but grin as I lost myself in every page, in fact I wasn t aware I was grinning until I heard my mobile ringing and looked away from the book smiling The second emotion was anger Not of Grisham s writing, his narrative or style, but Seth s distant family Racist, obnoxious, opinionated and just plain vile you can t help but feel for Lettie the black housekeeper, a housekeeper tasked with looking after the house and an ailing Seth Hubbard for the last three years Upon his death and his family s arrival Lettie is cast aside like a mess on a shoe, left to fend for her family and unemployed.Now that I ve finished Syca Row I can categorically say that those emotions never went away They would bubble and fester, they weren t always present but it was as if they were stuck in limbo, waiting to emerge just like a pocket of air escaping water throughout the entire story You never quite knew where the bubble would burst but you knew it would at some point.This is without doubt the best legal thriller I ve read this year, hands down the best Set at a terrific pace this multi layered story evolves and evolves and just when you think it can t go anywhere, that the end is in nigh, the book suddenly branches off in a fresh direction, a new perspective, and Grisham introduces a new witness or a different focus to the investigation This really is clever and sharp witted stuff Characterisation is key to any book and it was so satisfying for me to find out what happens to Jake Brigance and his family following the trial of Carl Lee Hailey Three years down the line he s still dining out on the plaudits and fame from the case even if the money and rewards aren t as forthcoming and finds himself stuck in a rut doing the same old cases day in day out Our protagonist had hoped to have moved on to bigger and better things but alas his loss is our literary gain John Grisham has brought together an eclectic mix of old and new characters They all play their part in a legal thriller that is both entertaining and evocative Even the nasty characters are enjoyable they all help to add depth and colour to the book but Jake, Ozzie and Lucien carry the book as far as I m concerned.I enjoyed where the book takes the reader and where it ends and hopefully in a few years time we ll be allowed to revisit Ford County and experience life in Reuben Atlee s courtroom once again through the eyes of Jake Brigance With sharp dialogue, atmospheric narrative and a sagacious storyline, Syca Row is one not to be missed Highly recommended.

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    Seth Hubbard was a wealthy white man He was also dying of lung cancer After months of suffering, he decided he d had enough, so he planned his own suicide and one of his workers finds Seth hanging from a Syca tree, on his own property, in Clanton, Mississippi Before his death, Seth Hubbard leaves a suicide note, with burial instructions He also re did his will, the day before, having researched the laws in the State of Mississippi Seth Hubbard knew that the hand written will, drafted by his own hand, without the presence of a witness was legal and it revoked all others After writing it, Seth mailed it to one Jake Brigance, Attorney At Law The same Jake Brigance, who years earlier presided over the Carl Lee Haley trial and won Though Seth had never met Mr Brigance, he knew he would uphold Seth s wishes till the bitter end And this battle It became as bitter as they get Why The handwritten will left 90% of Seth s estate to his black maid, and caregiver, Lettie Lang, 5% to his long lost brother, Ancil Hubbard, and 5% to his church Seth s children and grandchildren were cut out completely, even though they received the bulk of the estate in the prior will As you can imagine, this causes quite the commotion and Seth s children and grandchildren commence a lawsuit to fight for the money Jake Brigance was given specific instructions to do whatever it takes to make sure the handwritten will was enforced and a jury trial commences Things get complicated and ugly fast, with Seth s family trying to disparage Lettie at every turn so that they can convince the jury that Seth Hubbard was not in his right mind when he wrote the handwritten will They want that money and will stop at nothing to get it His handwritten will raises so many questions Why would Seth Hubbard leave Lettie Lang all of his money And was he in his right mind when he wrote it the list goes on.Until Syca Row, the last John Grisham book I had picked up was The Pelican Brief, over twenty five years ago And I only remembered to add his books to m GR read list this morning I thoroughly enjoyed Syca Row and have no idea why I waited so long to pick up another one of Grisham s novels The pacing was good, the characters were interesting Further, I remember liking the character of Jake Brigance from A Time to Kill and liked him better here Grisham kept me interested throughout even though this novel was fairly complicated Based on my enjoyment of this one, I will definitely be reading and or listening to some of John Grisham s others Published on Goodreads and on 3 19 17.

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    This review has spoilers.I could not believe how dull this book was I haven t read a Grisham novel for several years and although I often had issues with his plot lines, his books generally held my interest The story is absorbing at the start when a wealthy man in Clanton, Ford County hangs himself in a very deliberate and planned fashion There is no question about his death, but there are a lot of questions about his estate Days before his suicide, he changed his will, cut off his children and grandchildren and left the bulk of his estate to his black housekeeper nurse.The story starts to drag when it becomes apparent that there is nothing to be done besides rehash the same subjects over and over again There is some interest in the lives of the characters affected, the housekeeper and her family, the humiliated children of the deceased and his past But too often the legal sections get mired in the same old greedy lawyers attempting to manipulate one another I like legal suspense stories but there is no suspense here The worst part of the book is when the trial starts Page after page of lawyers asking questions and hearing testimony about everything the reader already knows I had to skim pages and pages because I just couldn t read what hadn t been that interesting the first time through There are no real surprises and the only suspense is the subplot of one lawyer pursuing the deceased s long lost brother who has landed in Alaska, homeless, seriously injured, and about to be arrested The brother turns out to be a key hardly surprising given the subplot to the dead man s past, with a story about a childhood trauma of witnessing a horrible crime This is supposed to be a twist but honestly, most readers will see it coming since it is telegraphed all the way through the book that something awful happened in the housekeeper s family past, connected to the dead man s family past.Worst book that I ve read by John Grisham and I only finished it because of my interest in the brother s subplot, which I knew would turn out to influence the ending And so it did but wasn t worth wading through all the pages to get to it.

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    I ve read the precursor to this book, A Time to Kill, but don t remember much about it it was a long time ago What I do know is that this is a brilliantly crafted courtroom drama in it s own right It s worth reading whether you caught ATtK or not Having recently read another excellent courtroom yarn, in Michael Connelly s latest offering The Gods of Guilt, I had little hope this would compare favourably I was wrong, it s as good if not better.I love the Deep South setting and the characters Grisham develops here The tale is compelling and there are elements here that drove me close to tears It s just brilliant I read all the early Grisham novels but then tired of what felt like a well trodden, if not worn out, format Then I read a good review of The Confession and picked it up I loved it and have read all the books he s written since, each of them of the highest quality Actually, that s true with the exception of his last book Gray Mountain which was a huge disappointment I m hoping he springs back to form with his next book.

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    Wow Grisham is back with another excellently written stunner A smart, fast moving story about the legality of a Holographic Will The sudden suicide of a family s Patriarch and his twenty four hour old, handwritten Will, have his family up in arms when it is revealed that he has left millions to his black maid Jake Brigance and the, Time to Kill , original gang return with another southern, court room, roller coaster Jake Brigance is a handsome, lawyer who has a reputation for his ability to woo a jury His mentor Lucien, a disbarred, alcoholic attorney and Harry Rex, a devious divorce attorney, all return for a second act in the ongoing saga of race equality during the early 80 s in Mississippi Lawyers and family members start popping out of the woodwork when the dollar amount of the Will is revealed and then it is off to the races An original storyline that had the characters just jumping off the page This is a must read for those of you that enjoy legal thrillers A first rate narrative by Michael Beck mixed with an intensely emotional, surprise ending made this one of my favorites of the year.

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    A Good Story This is quite a good story especially if you are interested in a career as a lawyer There is a lot of detail on preparing for the trial, seeking witnesses, and the actual trial itself I was captivated right at the beginning and found it to be an easy satisfying read right to the end.

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    This was my first John Grishaw book and I never read the first book in this series, A Time To Kill but I was pretty disappointed after reading this book Many reviews and some of my friends rated this as a definite must read, highly praising the plot but I found many parts boring The story wasn t very gripping as it s a story about the legal struggle over the legitimacy of a will Seth Hubbard hangs himself, leaving a newly written will which leaves a massive sum of money to his housekeeper and numerous parties However, he doesn t leave anything to his kids or grandkids which erupts a legal battle that questions Seth s state of mind when he was writing the will and whether he was coached.The plot description definitely grabbed my attention as I assumed it would involve exciting aspects but this wasn t the case The only real exciting moment of the book happens at the end but at the point I was disinterested in the looming mystery of why Seth really did it The opening really dragged on with little excitement along with the middle of the book I wouldn t label this book as a thriller as it really wasn t a page turner.However, I did enjoy Jake s narrative as I think he is a fantastic character along with many others in the book.For me, the characters are the best part as they re written so well and the interaction between them is just brilliant especially with Jake and Harry or Jake and Ozzie.References to the first book did spark my interest and I think I ll follow up on on that book as apparently it s much better than this one.I enjoyed parts of the book but on a whole it was a disappointment due to the high expectations that are attached to this novel.In terms of law fiction, the novel excels and I d recommend it to anyone interested in that area but personally, I wouldn t categorize it as a thriller.

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    Initially I wasn t going to write a review for this forgettable novel but surprisingly I couldn t forget it No, Syca Row is not a great followup to A Time to KIll It doesn t even compare to Grisham s The Chamber Neither does it compare to the one that Tom Cruise starred in I can t remember the name at this time but we all know which one I m talking about I m pretty much a die hard Grisham fan so I will not filter this review He can afford to get one semi rant hateful disjointed review So here we go Seth Hubbard is dying of cancer and can t take it any longer so he decides it s high time for him to commit suicide Before he commits suicide he writes a handwritten will that names his black maid as the beneficiary of 90% of his estate What an estate it is She is to inherit over 20 million dollars from a mysterious man that entices people to question his sanity or motivation Before long his maid and his blood children find themselves in a legal brawl that will determine who gets the wealth that will change all of their lives.So What did I like about this novel Not much besides the fact that it reads with the ease that accompanies all Grisham novels Although I was generally bored with all the repetition I was still enthralled and ready to see to it to the end I just HAD to know who won the settlement It wasn t so much that I liked any of the characters Seth Hubbard s children are vile people who cared nothing about their father until they pictured dollar signs upon his death I wanted to reach through the pages and wring all their necks Let s not mention the lawyers They all see dollars signs and don t care who bares the burden of their court fees As long as they recoup their losses and make a million on the verdict, the rest didn t really matter On to the housekeeper Lettie.Lettie had has the potential to be a great character that is a beacon of light in the sea of vultures The problem with the housekeeper is that she wasn t developed enough to surpass being a caricature Sure, she s the lowly housemaid that was subjected to taking care of a man who was on his way out Then she was subjected to a small towns speculation She was assumed to be his lover, his manipulator, and his puppet master A woman who deserved none of these titles yet withstood the ridicule of of so much crap I wish I could feel anything for her but I didn t An orphan that garnered no sympathy from me is a miracle.I guess I m done with my rant until I remember what made me dislike this novel Let s focus on what I liked about this sequel to A Time to Kill This novel picks up 3 years after the verdict that set Carl Lee Hailey free against all odds Jake Brigance is living off of that former glory thinking that it matters His house is left in ashes yet the insurance company doesn t care one ounce about that He was paid 900 for a not guilty verdict yet is living in a rented home with his wife and young daughter The Seth Hubbard estate is the only thing that keeps him afloat in these trying times Surprisingly, he almost falls victim to being clouded by the color green Honestly, Jake Brigance let me down.I have to stop ranting and say what I couldn t shake about this novel Initially my main interest was centered around who would get the pot of gold I stuck around all 400 pages to see who would win the verdict I suffered through repetition, boredom, and no suspense at all to see who would get the money Would it be the crappy offspring or the maid This is what makes Grisham novels addictive He paints the courtroom portrait like none other In the midst of a boring novel he plops down a scene in the courtroom that pulls me in once I swear that I could picture Matthew McConaughey pacing around and addressing the court like he owns the place I liked this novel because it made me pace with apprehension Would my family members be ok My grandfather died a little than a year ago with his wishes obvious and concrete His two sons weren t fighting over the house His four daughters weren t counting the money and wondering when their windfall would provide them with a life of relative luxury This made me consider whether or not at the ripe ol age of 29, if I have my affairs in order I m sorry that this review of Syca Row was disjointed and full of incoherent rants but I just had to unload I raced to finish this title before my digital loan copy was expired Besides the vile characters and the constant repetition, I enjoyed this title No it doesn t compare to The Testament, A Painted House, or The Pelican Brief, it still has a relevant message Have your affairs in order Yes, it s honorable to pay for the sins of the past I think I ll stop my rant now I ll still be waiting for John Grisham s next blockbuster.

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    3.5 starsIn this 2nd book in the Jake Brigance series, the attorney gets involved in a monumental fight over a will The novel works fine as a standalone Elderly Seth Hubbard of Clanton, Mississippi suffering from cancer commits suicide Just before he takes his life, however, Seth writes a handwritten will that specifically cuts out his family and leaves almost all of his considerable estate to his black housekeeper, Lettie Lang In a letter mailed just before he died, Seth asks attorney Jake Brigance to fight to the death to preserve this new will which he expects will be vigorously contested by his his son Herschel and daughter Ramona This starts a legal circus with a multitude of lawyers While Jake argues on behalf of the estate, other attorneys represent Lettie and her shiftless husband Simeon , Herschel, Herschel s kids, Ramona, and Ramona s kids The legal fight over the will makes up the crux of the story Every kind of attorney, from a black rights firebrand to a corporate hotshot to a disbarred alcoholic to earnest Jake Brigance makes an appearance, all of which inflames the community and creates a deep divide between local whites and blacks.All sides decide to have a jury trial to determine if the handwritten will is legal and binding that is, if Seth was of sound mind when he prepared the will and not unduly influenced by Lettie If not, a previous will which benefitted the family would be enforced While preparing for the trial one of the Hubbard family lawyers unearths information about Lettie s past and about Seth that he thinks will derail Lettie s claim He cleverly and unethically maneuvers to hide the information from Jake until the trial is well under way There s plenty of pleasurable suspense leading up to the revelation of this information.The courtroom scenes are interesting if a bit slow with plenty of direct examination and cross examination and intricate legal wrangling The characters are well written, compelling, and realistic behaving true to their depicted personalities Before and during the trial a big question in everyone s mind both the characters and the reader is why did Seth do this Eventually, this question does seem to be answered Still, I kept thinking Seth could just have given Lettie the money before he committed suicide and saved everyone a lot of bother Why he didn t do this is never satisfactorally answered for me, anyway.Overall, this is an enjoyable and informative legal thriller, recommended for fans of the genre.You can follow my reviews at

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