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Historical HeartthrobsI used to work with grade 8 students who had to dress up as a historical figure and give a report of his her life and influence No surprise, every one of them was concerned with choosing someone good looking rather than someone of lasting importance This book hits the mark of introducing some lesser known characters into the mix, and by suggesting that a person s outside beauty can be magnified or diminished by what s on the inside personal beliefs and achievements In the book, this is represented by a heat factor scale of 1 to 5.I don t think any two historians would come up with the exact same list of 50 influential heartthrobs, so I m not surprised to finish this book wondering why my personal choice was left out FYI, it s Wallis Simpson That said, this is a pretty well curated collection of historical hotties It is clear the authors tried to represent a wide variety of ethnicities and cultural examples of eye candy The list includes a number of African Americans, Latin Americans, Middle Easterners, a Native American and a Pacific Islander, in addition to the white European colonialist types that normally dominate the history books The list also includes three ladies and a man who purportedly had affairs with both sexes The areas of influence of the heartthrobs range from politics, art, sport, literature, civil rights, feminism, science, and many are pioneers in their fields It s a good start, but unfortunately, the book doesn t go far enough to counteract historical biases The omission of Africans and Asians perpetuates negative stereotypes about political influence and beauty respectively Bruce Lee is the only Asian American listed, and he s only given a 4 out of 5 rating I m pretty sure if you cut Bruce Lee, he bleeds hot sauce Leaving out Oscar Wilde is another egregious lapse in diversity Strangely, the author chose to present some 1 star folks instead those who are physically beautiful but morally bankrupt What kind of message does it send to profile gangsters, assassins, and Nazi collaborators over stunning leaders like Soong Ching Ling or Nelson Mandela Another annoying quirk is that the author occasionally puts history into a modern pop culture context, like mentioning that Sylvia Plath rocked the Zooey Deschanel bangs way before Zooey was even born, and that Benazir Bhutto baked cakes of Cake Boss quality The attempt at humor actually detracts and dumbs down these fascinating lives Despite my nitpicking, overall this book is pretty enjoyable The bite sized format of these bios is just enough to pick up for a few minutes, get some background info and trivia, and pique a student s interest for further study I was glad to see the Further Reading section contains some of my other favorite books in this genre the Lives of the What Their Neighbors Thought series by Kathleen Krull, and Secret Lives of Great series from Quirk Books. Full disclosure I received a free copy from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review A collective biography written for young adults, but adults will enjoy this volume also Famous historical people from Cleopatra to Benazir Bhutto are included Each person is featured in a drawing or a photo, along with a short biography consisting of 3 to 4 pages This includes the Best Feature and the Heat Factor sections My favorite Heat Factor Description is that of Nikola Tesla Nothing is attractive than a big throbbing brain and a well parted head of hair Sure, he died alone as a germophobic recluse, but that doesn t mean he wasn t worth loving So long as you re cool with long distance relationships, that is Recommended for public libraries Also recommended for academic libraries with young adult collections or curriculum materials libraries. Originally, my review for this book was just going to be noI changed my mind, since I did receive an ARC of this from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for a review.Reading this book will reduce your intelligence It rates historical figures on their crushworthiness and each person has a paragraph dedicated to his her sex life BECAUSE THAT S WHAT TOTALLY MATTERED ABOUT FREDERICK DOUGLASS Or Annie Oakley Or Amelia Earhart I skimmed a bunch of chapters and I am not ashamed because why do I need to figure out if Teddy Roosevelt was hot or not If you re into the old timey guys, may I suggest My Daguerrotype Boyfriend AND THEN.I got to Gag I can t even say it They included Leni Riefenstahl, the Nazi filmmaker She Was A Nazi And the book is a freaking Leni Riefenstahl apologist Yeah, sing praises of her bone structure to everyone who died in the Holocaust Excuse me while I go vomit.Benazir Bhutto Yes, she was beautiful, but that s not the point I remember when she was assassinated I saw the footage Why reduce her to a crush symbol This book did not need to be published, and whoever thought it was OKAY TO INCLUDE A NAZI among other problematic figures should be fired, pronto I will never, ever, ever buy this for my library collection Ever. HISTORICAL HEARTTHROBS 50 TIMELESS CRUSHES FROM CLEOPATRA TO CAMUS by Kelly Murphy with Hallie Fyrd is a timeless Art, Music Photography Performing Arts Historical Teen Young Adult that both young and old alike are sure to enjoy Very concise, informative and packed full of information and stats From Lord Byron, Ernest Hemingway, Frederick Douglass, to the beautiful Egyptian ruler Cleopatra, Benjamin Franklin, to Wild Bill Hickok and the list goes on and on It is educational as well as fun, with trivia, quotes, portraits, and personal profiles A must read for history bluffs, young and old adults alike, and anyone who enjoys historical heartthrobs A great place for young readers to learn about history,political and military leaders as well as a few movie stars Well done indeed What an enjoyable read Received for an honest review from the publisher.RATING 4.5HEAT RATING NONEREVIEWED BY AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More This Book Compiles Photos And Life Stories Of Of The Sexiest Men And Women From History And Asks The Essential Question Would You Really Want To Date Them Some Are Artists, Some Are Scientists, And Many Are Political Or Military Leaders, But All Have Had A Lasting Impact On Human Life And A Sizable Impact On Their Admirers As Well Each Entry Describes The Period In Which The Heartthrob Lived And Includes Essential Stats, Hilarious Sidebars, And, Of Course, A Crushability Ranking A Measurement Of How Crush Worthy These People Really Are, Based On Their Relative Levels Of Heroism Or Villainy I truly enjoyed this book I would recommend if for 8th grade and older, but don t discount the interested of adults who enjoy a personal bent to their history While including historically accurate and pertinent information about each individual, the format of this book presents it in a new and interesting way I was always the person in history classes who couldn t remember the year an event happened, but I could tell you the circumstances surrounding so and so s death or the details of famous groups like the Black Hand This book is exactly the way I like my history, filled with enough personal insight to make it stick in my memory. A witty compilation of historical figures who served as catalysts, whether good or bad, for the world stage The author includes men and women from all walks of life, even some who you may have forgotten about Each section has great pictures, a mini biography, quotes, the subject s contributions, and a hotness meter This work is a good place to start for teens or adults interested in history and or politics It s entertaining to say the least.Net Galley Feedback My YA Books Central review Booklist From Benjamin Franklin to Benazir Bhutto, Murphy introduces 50 historical crushes in chronological order At first glance, the list seems to be a hodgepodge of politicians, authors, aviators, trailblazers, activists, movie stars, entrepreneurs, outlaws, guerrilla fighters, sensationalists, and so on But similarities come out through the chapters, each of which includes a full page picture with a vital statistics inset, a one and a half page Life Story, a one column Story of His Her Sex Life, a brief Why He She Matters column, a Best Feature paragraph, a Heat Factor statement including thermometer , and a Quotables inset While the short biographical sketches are informative and interesting, the titillating nature of the sex life column should have teens tittering The further reading section includes many similar books that could spark interest in historical scandals Not a book to be read from beginning to end, but surely a tantalizing start for a beginning researcher Publishers Weekly The good thing about falling for a dead person is that they never leave you, as Murphy and Fryd demonstrate in this broad ranging, tongue in cheek guide to the hotties of history The diverse individuals profiled stand out for their commitment to social causes, artistic and political influence, and sheer audacity Included are Frida Kahlo Even her eyebrows became icons , Lord Byron Style of seduction Breakin hearts , Harry Houdini, Frederick Douglass, and even a few living people, such as Jane Goodall and Gloria Steinem The authors candidly explore each individual s accomplishments under the heading Why She He Matters , sex lives, reputation, and Heat Factor George Sand s androgyny, same sex affairs, and rejection of rigid social s earn her a Scandalously hot rating, while the celibate Nikola Tesla may have had good looks, but he also only had eyes for science Controversial figures Hotness doesn t necessarily equal goodness, as the introduction quips , such as Nazi sympathizer and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl high cheekbones don t compensate for brushing elbows with Hitler , receive nuanced examination With engrossing photos, lively quotations, and witty writing, it s the complete package just like Nellie Bly. Historical Heartthrobs 50 Timeless Crushes From Cleopatra to Camus is a collection of fifty historical figures that all offer ed something rich to human life, and looked good while doing it I m not sure who decided that this book was one that needed penning, but I will say that I learned a lot of interesting historical tidbits from this collection.Each figure listed is summarized in a bio, information about their sex relationships, a few fun facts, quotes, a picture, why they re worth knowing, and A lot of information was packed into this book in a way that was easy to read and separate This organization also made it a book good for stopping you could easily pick up where you left off if you let it sit for awhile.I really appreciated the diverse spectrum of figures that were represented Both genders, different races, sexualities, nationalities, and professions were all represented within Historical Heartthrobs I had heard of most of these figures but not others, so I walked away from this collection having learned some things From pilots to Nazis to dancers, there is a figure in here for everyone.This was really easy reading, and I liked the amount of photographs that were included It helped to hold my attention and get a better sense of what the text was describing.Historical Heartthrobs is a good book for anyone looking to learn a bit history in a fun, interesting way Thank you to Netgalley and Zest Books for my copy This review can also be found on my blog, Bitches n Prose.

Born and raised among the sprawling cornfields of rural Pennsylvania, Kelly Murphy now writes from her child sized apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Her articles have appeared in Brokelyn, Brooklyn Based, Chic Today, NCTE s The Council Chronicle, and various other publications Kelly graduated from Penn State with a degree in English and currently works in publishing.

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