Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line Synopsis Of Course, Let Us Have Peace, We Cry, But At The Same Time Let Us Have Normalcy, Let Us Lose Nothing, Let Our Lives Stand Intact, Let Us Know Neither Prison Nor Ill Repute Nor Disruption Of Ties There Is No Peace Because There Are No Peacemakers There Are No Makers Of Peace Because The Making Of Peace Is At Least As Costly As The Making Of War At Least As Exigent, At Least As Disruptive, At Least As Liable To Bring Disgrace And Prison And Death In Its Wake Daniel Berrigan, No Bars To Manhood More Than Sixty Five Peacemakers Have Contributed Oral Narratives To This Compelling History Of Those Who Say No To War Making In The Strongest Way Possible By Engaging In Civil Disobedience And Paying The Consequences In Jail Or Prison Crossing The Line Gives Voice To Often Neglected Social History And Provides Provocative Stories Of Actions, Trials, And Imprisonment This Fascinating Volume Serves As An Excellent Supplement To Conventional Histories Almost All The Storytellers Here Are People Of Faith Or Are Inspired By Those Who Live By Faith Many Work At Conventional Careers Some Do Full Time Peacemaking By Living In Catholic Worker Houses Or In The Jonah House Community Several Are Priests And Nuns Who Minister Worldwide Also Featured Are Three Resisters Prominent In War Resisters League History From World War II Conscientious Objectors To Contemporary Activists, These Narrators Have Refused To Be Helpless In The Face Of A Violent World, And Have Said With Their Bodies That They Do Not Accept The Status Quo Of Permanent War And War Preparation In Short, The Voices Illustrate Hope At A Time When It Seems In Short Supply Endorsements For Anyone Who Thinks The Antiwar Movement Ended With The Vietnam War, This Collection Of Lively And Provocative Interviews With Pacifist Direct Actionists Proves Otherwise, Highlighting The Important Relationship Between Nonviolent Civil Disobedience And The Work Of Peace And Justice From The S And S Through Today It S A Welcome Addition To Any Activist S Or Social Movement Scholar S Bookshelf Marian Mollin, Author Of Radical Pacifism In Modern America Egalitarianism And Protest Author Biography Rosalie Riegle Is An Oral Historian Who Taught English At Saginaw Valley State University From To The Author Of Two Books On The Catholic Worker Movement, Voices From The Catholic Worker And Dorothy Day Portraits By Those Who Knew Her, Riegle Raised Four Daughters And Cofounded Two Catholic Worker Houses In Saginaw, Michigan Peaceful, law abiding In clich d phrases, the latter adjective follows after the former automatically, as if the one were equivalent to the other Any nation will condition its citizens to believe that the law is a benevolent instrument serving the protection and prosperity of the people But with violence at the root of civilization and so deeply woven into national structures, fundamental aspects of national law protect some by threatening others and keep order by keeping systems of poverty and oppression in place Nations that allocate significant portions of their budgets for defense do so at the expense of their most vulnerable, as well as threaten the peace of citizens of other nations For all the good that many laws do, laws that protect the policies and weapons that keep the gears of violence turning, upon which the world revolves toward its own destruction, must be challenged for the sake of peace and prosperity, sometimes from beyond their boarders In order to build lasting peace and promote the welfare and dignity of every human being, sometimes it is necessary to cross the line Rosalie Riegle s powerful oral history, Crossing The Line, is a compelling counter narrative to the myth of benevolent violence that subtly underlies national structures History books divide time into periods of war lines on international maps divide space into zones that armies will fight to protect the praises of generals and commanders in chief are sung, and the peacemakers, whom Jesus calls blessed, are all too often overlooked In a world structured on violence, it is necessary for peacemakers to be prophetic, counter cultural voices, willing to break violent laws with nonviolent resistance and trade comfortable complacency for the consequences of witness Dr Riegle found and interviewed 173 of these modern day prophets in a 2 volume collection of witness narratives While the companion piece to this volume, Doing Time for Peace, has a familial focus, Crossing the Line has a historical focus, tracing the peace movement from World War II onward through the stories of those who lived it The narrators are diverse and their experiences vary widely, but they are united by courage and integrity Many are priests and Catholic Workers who follow the Prince of Peace by disturbing the peace of the status quo that justifies, glorifies and necessitates war Some are Protestant, some Jewish, some are agnostic or atheist, but all have faith in humanity, faith in a future beyond our self destructive tendencies Risking and accepting incarceration, they are freed from the shackles of violent ideology which bind and blind so many With honesty, humility and humor, Rosalie Riegle amplifies their stories, bringing healing and hope to a world breaking down under the weight of conquest and vengeance For a detailed review, including a discussion of the faithfulness, morality and efficacy of civil disobedience with examples from the book, please see the article I wrote for the nonprofit organization The Raven Foundation here

Born to a political family from Flint, Michigan, I ve been drifting to the left ever since I met Catholic Worker co founder Dorothy Day in 1968 Prior to that, I was a typical Catholic woman graduating from St Mary s College in Notre Dame, Indiana marrying after a short career in retail and birthing four daughters Dorothy Day changed my life I became active in nonviolent resistance to the Vi

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