Gamblers Fight Back

Gamblers Fight Back Absolutely brilliant It s not full or unrealistic rubbish about easy money I d recommend it to anyone who s interested in gambling, either as a mathematician or a gambler Comes with a card for th ebasic black jack stragegy as well. After Reading A Book About A Guy Who Gave Up Everything, Moved To Las Vegas To Become A Professional Gambler With Only , To His Name, And Went On To Become A Millionaire, Greg Elders Mission Was Set For The Next Year, He Decided To Support His Wife And Daughter As A Professional Gambler He Wasn T Exactly Sure HOW He Was Going To Do This, But He Couldn T Wait To Get Started front to back was totally worth the investment I ve been playing for years and the little quick fixes I made after reading it has elevated my game to where now I m on top than on bottom Its actually helped my wife the most, I had bad habits that it helped me break but for her it was a great step by step guide that was perfect Read it, pass it on and come out ahead very interesting.. The book was well written by an eloqurnt author who had clearly done a lot of research As books on gambling go, It s certainly up there with some of the best. This was a pretty unnecessary book It would be better served as a blog or magazine article Elder s story is not interesting enough to serve as a basis for the book, and the advice he gives is also not enough to make this a how to book Once you accept that the book is pretty pointless and useless, it s actually not half bad He keeps his points brief and the book briefer, so it s not hard to read, and you can get through it pretty quick.Part of the book is a narrative of his life and career as a gambler He talks about how he got into it, what he does now, and tells stories of some of the successes and failures he s had Not bad, not great When you get down to it though, he makes being a gambler sound about as interesting as any other 9 to 5 job It has it s ups, its downs, and occasionally something interesting happens But usually, it s just playing the percentages.Then he gets into of the how to section, giving us some information on video poker, blackjack, and sports gambling He gives an overview of each, and some of the general ideas as to how you can beat them, but he mostly just points you towards the resources that will really help you master them In today s video poker environment, there are pretty much no opportunities to find a machine that has over 100% return on perfect play Most players can t play perfectly either To get to over a 100% return, and make money, you generally need to find the right machine, at the right casino and get a place with a hefty rewards plan But once the casino realizes you are actually making money off of them, they will generally shut you down I did get a chuckle out of the section on sports betting, where he talked about how in big games, or well followed leagues, the odds makers play close attention, and it s hard to find a really good opportunity to make money, so he suggested leagues and games that were barely big enough to bet on, but not big enough to attract much attention He mentioned Lehigh University as his example, a team that was in the same league as the one I went to college at And to prove how little attention it gets, he misspelt the name as Leigh Universtiy Overall I would say this book is worth a couple of bucks and a couple of hours to read it, but not much. I won this book through First Reads I wanted to hate it The prose is conversational at best and repetitive at worst The whole thing reads like a libertarian parable big government wait, I m sorry, the casinos are trying to take your money this book will tell you how to hang on to what s rightfully yours There were typos But the thing is, I didn t hate it I kept talking about it And while I thought that the author relied too heavily on personal anecdote, there is advice in this book Very practical advice things like the differences between different types of video poker machines, how to put cards into high low bins when you re playing blackjack so you can count cards without keeping track of each denomination, and that you really shouldn t try to gamble professionally unless you live in Vegas and have enough money to start with.

my link text.I am former college basketball player and graduated with a degree in education I spent five years as a public school educator as well as a high school and college basketball coach I currently reside in North Carolina with my wife, my pride and joy 7 year old daughter, a Boxer named Shooter, and a Pit bull named Hippo.

❴BOOKS❵ ✸ Gamblers Fight Back  Author Greg Elder –
  • Paperback
  • 169 pages
  • Gamblers Fight Back
  • Greg Elder
  • English
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9781622953530

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