Awaiting God

Awaiting God I love Simone Weil I love her self sacrificial compassion, her faith, and her honesty I think every Christian should read her stuff. Awaiting God Pages Combines A Fresh Translation By Weil Scholar, Brad Jersak Of Simone Weil S Waiting For God And Letter To A Priest Attente De Dieu And Lettre Un Religieux In One Volume These Works Are Considered Weil S Primary Essays And Letters In Addition, Simone Weil S Niece Has Contributed An Introductory Article Entitled, Simone Weil And The Rabbi S Compassion And Tsedekah, Which Puts Weil S Relationship With Jewish Thought Into Perspective She Includes Source Material From The Rabbis That Put Weil However Reluctantly In Line With Rabbinical Thought Throughout Her Major Themes The Book Is The Ideal English Introduction To The Works And Thought Of Simone Weil, Including Important Preface Material By Jersak On How To Read Her Work, As Well As Her Relationship To Roman Catholicism And Judaism Table Of Contents Translator S Preface Introduction By Sylvie WeilPart Essays Reflections On The Right Use Of School Studies In View Of The Love Of God The Love Of God And Affliction Forms Of The Implicit Love Of God A Love Of Neighbor B Love Of The Order Of The World C Love Of Religious Practices D Friendship E Implicit And Explicit Love Concerning The Our Father Part Letters Preface To Her Letters Weil On Catholicism And Judaism Hesitations Prior To Baptism Hesitations Prior To Baptism Departure From France Spiritual Autobiography Intellectual Vocation Last Thoughts Letter To A Priest A Clarification This Work Is Distinct From Waiting For God Waiting For God Itself Is A Collection Which Includes All Of The Above Essays And Letters, Except Letter To A Priest , Which Is Usually Published Separately 6th time reading this and I have found something new to ponder every time Inexhaustible wisdom. I listened to this as an audiobook which is not the way to take in a contemplative mystic, but it got me over the hump I have had several failed attempts to read Waiting For God, and the audio got it done for me I m now on my second listen through and will likely consult my old paperback copy different translation I appreciate Weil s honesty as she weighs her understanding of spirituality against Catholic dogma and attempts to go where her reasoning takes her She is spiritual but not religious par excellence. Simone Weil s writing is an exemplar of offering philosophical acuity to the tasks of spiritual ascesis and theological discipline By far my favorite essay in this collection is the first, in which Weil s ability to weave philosophical learning and precision with spiritual discipline is at its height She argues in this essay which, I believe, is paradigmatic for the whole collection to follow that all of education should serve as training in the virtue of attention Attention, understood as the work of suspending one s own predispositions and preferences so that the subject at hand can work on one s understanding, is training for the goal of the Christian life prayer Through giving oneself and one s attention to academic tasks mathematics, science, history, philosophy, theology especially when they are not one s preference, one fosters the virtue of attending to that which transcends oneself so that one might be changed through such an encounter.Weil rightly argues that this is a fundamental virtue of prayer, and prayer is possible only insofar as we learn attention The following chapters deal with various topics under a similar rubric the nature of affliction, service to the poor, the Catholic faith.The second part of the book is comprised of letters to her priest, mostly describing her conflicting feelings about becoming baptized She was never baptized, and in these letters the reader listens in on penetrating self analysis and rigorous reflection on the nature of the church and her perceived failings in its truly being Catholic A very worthwhile read.

Simone Weil was a French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist Weil was born in Paris to Alsatian agnostic Jewish parents who fled the annexation of Alsace Lorraine to Germany Her brilliance, ascetic lifestyle, introversion, and eccentricity limited her ability to mix with others, but not to teach and participate in political movements of her time She wrote extensively with both in

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