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Tight Knit Talia Gregory Relies On Her Nan For Everything, Especially Helping Her Calm The Anxiety That Controls Her Life But Nan Gets Sick, And It Couldn T Be Worse Timing Talia S Panic Attacks Are Getting Worse, Her Boyfriend Is A Jerk, Her Best Friend Is Distant, Her Parents Are Absent Than Usual And She S Stuck Planning The Cozy Christmas Charity Drive For Her Knitting Group In Place Of Nan If That S Not Panic Inducing Enough, Enter LachlanLachlan McCreedy Doesn T Rely On Anyone Not After What He S Been Through It S Him And Gram, Nothing Else Matters But Keeping His Past Buried, And His Secrets Hidden So When Gram Forces Him To Help With Her Christmas Sale, Talia Is The Last Thing He Expected, And Trusting Her With His Secrets Comes As A Shock To Both Of Them But When He Unexpectedly Falls For Her, The Question Becomes Can He Trust Her With His Heart

I grew up on a farm in the Canadian prairies but got the call of the wild and migrated to the snowy mountains of the North where I spend my non writing time outside doing outside things I write books about young people Young people who love hard and screw up big time Young people who question the world and push against what s expected of them Even if it s layered with sweet romance or a cute p

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  • Tight Knit
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  • 04 July 2019

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    I wanted to like this book Truly I did And you would think that being a sufferer of panic attacks myself, I would be able to relate to the female protagonist, Talia Gregory I suppose I could, in a way But the overall feeling I had was irritation with Allie Brennan for not providing this poor character with a interesting personality and maybe a psychiatrist The drama surrounding Talia is that she is attempting to control her panic attacks without the aid of medication While her Nan is in favor of the no meds route, Talia s mother is completely against it, wanting Talia back on pills as soon as possible I understand her concern since Talia is teetering on the edge of a panic attack pretty much all the time Talia knows that if she can t control her attacks, her parents will eventually force her back on medication This is where I pinch the bridge of my nose and come to the realization that the author may not know as much about panic disorders as the reader has been led to believe Putting that kind of stress control this or you ll be forced to do something you hate on a person suffering from a panic disorder is completely counterproductive, as it exacerbates the cycle of stress and panic But that concern comes in second to my biggest concern the fact that, apparently, neither one of Talia s parents or her Nan, either, for that matter have ever bothered to look for alternative means of helping Talia There are behavioral exercises and trained mental health professionals readily available for people like Talia, but she is apparently left completely to her own devices to justcope The only person who has ever been able to bring her down from one of her panics has been her Nan That is, until Lachlan McCreedy comes along Lachlan McCreedy Here we go again The damaged, emotionally distant bad boy with a sensitive heart of gold that no one notices because he keeps getting into trouble Because he s troubled I m not against the bad boy thing Really I m not even against the bad boy who needs help thing What I am against is the bad boy who suffered years of emotional and physical abuse only to have his walls completely torn down in a matter of what appears to be two weeks by some girl who s constantly on the verge of a complete and total mental breakdown That bugs the living shit out of me It s completely unrealistic and serves to further the myth that the only thing a troubled man needs is the right woman While this is a sweet notion, it s also a little detrimental when presented in such a seemingly innocuous package Other than my obvious issue with how the characters are depicted, how does the rest of the book stack up Grammatically, things seem OK There were a few minor issues here and there, but nothing that made me want to give myself a lobotomy As for the story itself, it s nothing than your average, formulaic YA romance with some fairly silly, predictable and frankly, tedious obstacles The romance becomes almost cloyingly sweet at times, too corny for its own good I thought the laundry room scene was kind of hot, but that was the single bright spot in an otherwise foggy muddle of trying too hard to be serious wording There were a lot of plot points that either weren t properly presented or just plain left to dangle I really did become quite bored with waiting for Lachlan to stop being an idiot, and I was offended by the way panic disorders are represented It sickens me that there are actually people out there who believe a mental emotional handicap makes a person interesting No Do you know what makes a person interesting Who they are And those of us who suffer with panic and anxiety disorders are in a constant struggle to not be defined by those disorders My soapbox is starting to cave in a bit, so I suppose I ll finish this up by saying, if you re into the bad boy reformation stories, you ll probably get at least a little satisfaction from this book It s not terrible, and I think Allie Brennan has potential as a writer I just think she tried to tackle subject matter that was way over her head.

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    This book Seriously.Love.I wanna wrap up Talia in a knit bag and take her home and sorta want Lachlan to pin me against the wall OBrennan did a FAB job with her characters, and there s a LOT to this story than I expected going on, and I LURVED it.

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    Such a good book Totally fell for Lachlan

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    Ohhh I like the sound of this Lets hear it for indie authors Mini review to come

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    Finished last night I knew this was going to be fantastic after reading an excerpt a while ago This sat on my can t wait for these to be released list and then super duper bonusit came out early and I could not put it down 5 complete love love love stars D

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    LOVE this book Lachlan is totally hot I will ride his motorcycle any day LOL Great debut Can t wait for from this author Highly recommend

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    This is a really AWESOME book I feel like the blurb just didn t do it justice The writing was so well done and the characters Oh man I just love it I can t even get my thoughts in order right now If I had been able to, I would have read it all in one sitting Seriously, it flowed so smoothly I never wanted to put it down I need to thank my friend Lindsay for recommending this one and then peer pressuring me into buddy reading it with her image error

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    Tal a ha sufrido de ataques de p nico la mayor parte de su vida Su novio es un idiota que la toma por loca y de repente se encuentra que su mejor amiga tambi n la traiciona M s ataques de p nico A adamos ahora que su abuela se ha puesto enferma y Tal a est a punto de ahogarse Hasta que conoce a Lachlan l es como ella, ambos est n rotos y da ados pero no dice el refr n siempre hay un roto para un descosido Me encanta, os juro que los amo a los dos Me encanta Lachlan con su actitud chico malo pero que cada vez que estaba con su abuela era un peque o ni o que solo necesitaba un poco de amor y mimos Y me encant Tal a y su manera de sacar su car cter a trav s de todos los ataques de p nico, como se rehizo a s misma Llor , obviamente por Lachlan y su sufrimiento pero me ha encantado la historia de principio a fin.Solo tengo una queja y es que el supuesto final no lo considerar a yo un final La salida del mundo chungo de Lachlan para m no fue realmente un cierre, y en cuando al pedazo de mierda de Deacon se va a ir as , de rositas Quedaron cosas sin cerrar para m gusto Por lo dem s la historia es perfecta

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    Yaaaay, I got this and I CANNOT wait to read it So of course I m reading it RIGHT NOW Ahhhhh flails Goodness gracious, THIS BOOK I feel it in my heart, you guys ANd it s a happy, tingly feeling AH There will definitely be a full review soon And I love Lachlan MY BOY 3 Tight Knit by Allie Brennan Goodness gracious, this book It is cute and sweet and such a beautifully adorable book, I can t help but to smile right now as I think about it It s a story about a boy and a girl and about twenty other things that add together to make this story one that I read seriously fast Honestly, I read this book in about two days, and that s only because I had to go to school If I d had a choice, I would have read it in one sitting We have a couple of characters that are working through their own things Then they meet each other andnormally that s where everything changes but really, everything just gets mixed together Which was great to read Everything was not just magically solved when they met, but things were abe to be dealt with in a different way Character Interview Talia Talia was so cute, I m not going to lie Very skittish, but it was good to watch her work her way into becoming confident and sure of herself as the book progressed Also, to watch her change from having one friend and a douchebag boyfriend to being Hat Girl I love Hat Girl.Lachlan Lachlan is MY BOY At first, he seems like a cliche But then you find out and about him andhe s NOT He s real He s not a punk kid who wants to be nice and blah blah blah There aren t a bunch of rumors about him that aren t true Ha, no He is what he s supposed to be And I LOVED that And I adore him to no end Because even though he IS, he is also a sweetheart Especially toward his grandmother Lachlan Talia These two are so great together, and for each other, there isn t any way to explain this other than perfect Or maybe perfectly imperfect Either way, it works out miraculously I also love both of their relationships with their grandmothers That was so cute Plot GRRRR Everything works out great It s going wonderfully But then there s that pesky little issue that GETS IN THE WAY I m not going to tell you what that issue is But it s there sigh No matter what, though, this story is still fabulous.The ending I LOVE IT So much A great turnaround from where we were when STUFF went down Along with this entire story, this ending just makes me grin so much.Overall, Tight Knit is a fantastically written story by Allie Brennan that makes me smile just thinking about it It s cute and REAL and just plain wonderful I am honestly excited for Allie s next book You can find from me on my blog Just a Booklover

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    I checked out this book at first because I liked the cover and I love knitting, and even though I knew it was a YA and I m really too old for that, I decided I d give it a try and downloaded the sample chapters After reading them, I decided I had to buy it, because I needed to know what would happen to Talia and Lachlan Who cares I m not a YA any We ve all been there at some point in our lives, haven t we Well, I loved the story and the characters don t we all secretly love bad boys and I loved to read how love helped both characters, when they both felt lost and hopeless.I loved seeing the story both through Talia s and Lachlan s eyes, it was funny to see how different and yet alike they were thinking and seeing things.The dialogues are very well crafted and feel real it s definitely not an easy task for a writer and the story is a mixture of drama, fun and love that will keep you turning pages.The writing flows smoothly there are a few typos every now and then, nothing a proofread can t fix and the characters really come to life which is another hard task for a writer.Kudos to the author Her writing s really good and I m happy I discovered this book.PS I couldn t help falling for Lachlanalthough, like I said, I m too old for YA.

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