The Casebook of Bryant & May (Bryant & May #10.5)

The Casebook of Bryant & May (Bryant & May #10.5) The First Graphic Comic Version Of An Arthur Bryant John May Short Story, The Soho Devil , Beautifully Illustrated By Keith Page A Bonus Second Illustrated Short, The Severed Claw, Is Included This High Quality Hardback Also Contains The Essay How To Invent A Mystery Series, Arthur Bryant S Secret Library, The Peculiar Crimes Unit Sketch Gallery, And The Strange Cases Of Bryant May Consisting Of The Covers And First Flyleaf Material Of All Ten BM Novels Published So Far Planned As An Annual Series, The Second Volume Will Contain A Graphic Rendering Of Story The Deptford DemonPlans For Volumes Have Unfortunately Been Shelved

Christopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London, his books contain elements of black comedy, anxiety and social satire As well as novels, he writes short stories, scripts, press articles and reviews.He lives in King s Cross, on the Battlebridge Basin, and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his stories because any one of the events in its two thousand year history can provide ins

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  • Hardcover
  • 98 pages
  • The Casebook of Bryant & May (Bryant & May #10.5)
  • Christopher Fowler
  • English
  • 23 January 2018

10 thoughts on “The Casebook of Bryant & May (Bryant & May #10.5)

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    A great start to what is to be an annual series The Soho Devil is one of award winning Christopher Fowler s fine short Bryant May stories It is beautifully presented by the well known graphic illustator Keith Page The lead Bryant May short story here, and a shorter bonus untold second tale, The Severed Claw, are perfect examples of the many excellent Bryant May text novels and shorts Also included in this hardback is an essay How to Invent a Mystery Series and several other pieces that introduce, and illustrate, the cast of supporting characters in the BM series.This is a handsome book, most detailed, and really enjoyable I m looking forward to next year s volume The Deptford Demon.

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    This was intended as the first annual and is a lovely effort The drawings are by Keith Page and do a wonderful job of evoking both the early days of the unit and the two detectives today There are two cases the Soho Devil and the Severed Claw plus sketches of the Unit members and little bios to go with them, although there are a couple of misplaced descriptions The last view of the severed hand is the sort of thing that creates nervous laughter and shudders.The Soho Devil is a very strange flying bat story that would be terrifying as a movie.The whole thing is fun to read over again and I m sorry there isn t likely to be another.

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    Think those of you who read my reviews may have sussed I m a massive Christopher Fowler fan so, has this graphic novel changed my views No is the short answer he still writes brilliant locked room detective stories, the addition of visuals only serves to enhance your enjoyment Although it can be risky having a visual representation of a character the audience may well think that s not how I thought so so looks ,in this case the artwork was spot on John May looks like William Hartnell in his younger days, I reckon There are 2 stories here, both as convoluted as you d expect from the Peculiar Crimes Unit, also a very good introduction, as well as a summary of the Bryant May novels to date Well worth your time.

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    It was okay One of the guys at the LCS had it in his stack and I asked if it was Christopher Fowler the novelist Then he let me pluck it from his stack, I saw Bryant and May and had my shoppe owner order it for me There were way rough transitions in the narrative, but it ll get me back for future issues There were two page summaries of each of the books and character bios none for April May so I wonder what happens between book 6 10 So every time I start a new book I ll have this for reference I m not sure who the target audience for this OGN is Comics readers that read Bryant and May can t be that large of a pool.

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    I never read or look at comic books, but this is nice to have if you are a fan of the series The two stories in it are pretty good and I am sure they will get better as are released.

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    Great to see how Fowler Page view their characters I missed the playful prose of the novels, but was excited to get two Bryant May stories.

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