Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone

Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone I had a difficult time understanding what was going at first but then quickly became absorbed.Electrical technology all over the world ends at one time and it is not an empThere is one man, Gressom, who seems to have an idea of what is going on and he forces Michael Case, the person who understands a new technology to accompany him back to where he lives As Gressom and the Case family walk from New York to Florida, they meet a couple others who come with them even though Gressom is opposed to this Gressom is very secretive only sharing what he wants to share There are many twists and turns with the unexpected waiting at the end of those twists and turnsMany things happen on their journey and I won t tell you or it would spoil the book No Lights One Plan Countless EnemiesDecades In The Future, Michael Case And His Family Watch Helplessly As New York City Goes Dark, Now Only Lit By A Massive Fireball From Their Car To Their Dish Washer, All Modern Technology Has Been Destroyed In A Global Blackout Forced At Gunpoint To Follow The Most Unimaginable Leader On An Unknown Quest, They Travel South Along The Atlantic Coast, Soon Joined By Several Others, All With Different Reasons For Facing The Apocalyptic Landscape Of Former AmericaThe Harsh New World And Its Even Harsher Inhabitants Attempt To Hamper The Group S Progress, While A Far Greater Threat Follows From The North Rumors Of Dark Figures Wielding Fire Is The Only Warning Anyone Ever Gets Before It S Too Late Only The Travelers Enigmatic Leader Knows What Pursues Them And What Really Lies At Their Final Destination And He S Not TellingDarkness On A Pale Blue Stone Is The First Novel In The Pale Blue Stone Series Good PlotThe plot was well developed and thought out The twists and turns were clever, consistent and believable I liked the fact that hints about the plot were dropped at intervals, keeping us guessing, and were revealed later.One problem for me was that the characterisation was patchy sometimes some important stage in the development of the relationships between characters was explored, with good dialogue, but at other times, they were glossed over It was the same with events sometimes the big, dramatic, events might be mentioned briefly, for example, the main incident that kicked off the whole plot, while minor ones might be covered in detail.But the biggest problem was the constant head jumping switching character point of view several times in one paragraph It left me confused and uninvolved and not really knowing who felt what. Review coming soon This book is amazing I m finding to hard to leave a review without spoilers, but I ll do my best As I first started it took awhile to get into, but the farther in I got the better it got It was unpredictable with amazing twists There were a few things that were a bit too convenient, but it was put together in a way that made it believable The ending took me by surprise.This story has amazing character growth and I love that while there are mysterious beings after them, the story focuses on the humans I am really looking forward to further books It just occurred to me that in a world without any devices, reviews wouldn t be possible Nor would ebooks So read this book before the end comes Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone is an interesting concept It absolutely has sci fi leanings, which is fairly obvious considering it takes place in the future Admittedly in the not too distant future, but all the sameIt s a clever idea I can t really say too much without giving away spoilers and I hate hiding my review but I can say that the threat was pretty cool, and when it s finally revealed what they are it was fascinating The we progressed the I was able to predict what was coming, like with Gresson However if I would have tried to guess when I first started reading what was going to happen in the end I would have been completely wrong I liked the characters, for the most part There were a couple that I think weren t really necessary to the plot Jake and Marie come to mind and I could ve done without them, but I really enjoyed the main characters Gresson was definitely enigmatic I liked Lash And Valdez especially was my favorite He was honorable and trustworthy and did his best to help others One thing I wasn t really happy with was the pacing It took way too long to get to the point There were numerous paragraphs that laid out exactly what the people were doing but that didn t really have anything to do with progressing the plot I don t particularly care about how they organized where to meet for council meetings Too much time was spent on recreating a realistic council meeting, going over different topics, a lot of which wasn t necessary When we finally got to see the bad guys, it was too short They only make an appearance within the last like twenty pages It was too little Instead, a majority of the book is spent on Gresson being recognized and the group walking south The big reveal is what makes it worthwhile Again, it was clever, and I figured it out maybe two pages before it was shown to us That s a pretty big deal for me because I can usually predict where a book is going to go much sooner than that chapters and chapters sooner Instead, I was a couple pages ahead Impressive.It s an enjoyable read, and definitely provides a unique insight to humanity The bad guys were especially interesting and by that I mean they pissed me off. I was given this book free, in exchange for an honest review D.T Peterson write and creates an amazing plot that will have your hooked right from the beginning The characters are meaty and well rounded each with their own personality and charm What if the world went dark No technology No luxuries What if a group of people were responsible What if that same group of people could fix it What if by fixing it, they made it better Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone is told by two groups of people one on Earth and one at the I.S.S The group on Earth follow a President that was supposedly assassinated SURPRISE He s back and he s NOT a zombie Hmmm The Pres is careful with what he says and does around his group of people He gives them enough to motivate them on His group needs Michael alive to help But the rest is Confidential and need to know basis The astronaut s can only observe and guess at what is going on They see it s black on Earth and have no communication with Earth But why What happened And what are those fireballs Wait something, look at this I couldn t put this book down I will definitely be reading other books by D.T Peterson.

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