Manhattan Grimoire

Manhattan GrimoireWell this book is not one I enjoyed To be precise it s one that I felt alienated.This book is not a full lenghted novel but only a novella To me it doesn t matter the size If the book is well written it could be only 100 pages I ve never heard of Sandy DeLuca and this was my first introduction to her Well it was not the most fruitful Even if I didn t enjoy this book maybe I will return sometime later.Throughout the story, Gina, sees morbid visions, demons and other bizarre manifestations She s obsessed, or possessed, and she must find out what happened to her sister at any cost Her sister dissappeared as she was in a strange weird cult religion Through this a massive winter snow storm shuts down New York City, and Mojo DeCanne comes calling for his book of spells, and with him comes lots of blood and murder.The characters are not that good and besides Gina they are pretty futile The good hearted policeman The friend Rico The strange boyfriend And a few other characters The ending was quick and it was quite uninteresting Well the only good thing was a spooky atmosphere, It remind me of reading the Song of Kali by Dan Simmons.As I said this book didn t worked for me but who am I to say it was bad or poorly written or something like that I will try again another book by Sandy DeLuca She s got what it takes. This author was recommended to me by a friend on a sbject of how there aren t really many very good female authors in horror genre And sure enough, DeLuca s good, but not quite my thing The writing reminded me of the vintage Skipp and Spector, even DeLuca s New York seems to be the filthy nightmarish abyss of the 80s and not the prettified though still a nightmarish abyss to me current version Took me a while to get into this book never really enjoyed Skipp and Spector all that much either , just because I didn t care about or like any of the characters, the damaged semibohemian youth, the various society s rejects or fringe dwellers, creepy for sure, but not particularly compelling The book picked up some steam midway through when the detective the one character that doesn t fit it with the rest sets up a backstory That s what made the book From that point on it moves along nicely, crippling blizzard, freaky old building, dark magic, terrifying hallucinations along with some equally terrifying real occurences Family dramas, violence and general creepiness with some seriously spooky vibes Strong story, strong writing, very atmospheric and at times genuinely scary, for a book without any likable characters, this is probably as good as it gets. A Crippling Blizzard, Grisly Discoveries In An Old Church In Harlem, A Small Apartment Building Cut Off By The Mounting Storm, Its Tenants Trapped With A Vicious Killer That May Or May Not Be Human, And An Unholy Manuscript Stolen From A Dead Sorcerer That Could Very Well Hold The Secrets To Opening The Gates Of HellNHATTAN GRIMOIRE, The Terrifying New Novel By Sandy DeLucaGina Has Seen Strange Visions Since Childhood Her Mother Was Considered Insane For Having The Same Affliction, And Before Her Disappearance, Gina S Sister Allie Was Obsessed With Black Magic And Saw Things Too It Eventually Led Her To A Depraved Conjurer Known As Mojo DeCanne, A Man Who Possessed A Book Of Demonic Spells Allie Stole And Hid In Gina S Apartment In The Days Before She Vanished Now, As Manhattan Braces For The Worst Snowstorm In Decades, And Gina S Visions Become Worse, Blurring The Lines Between Nightmare And Reality, Mojo DeCanne Has Come Looking For What Is His In Order To Solve The Mystery Of Her Sister S Disappearance And The Meaning Behind Her Own Shattered Life, Gina Must First Survive The Night And Somehow Stop An Unimaginable Evil From Fulfilling Its Horrific Destiny Darkness Falls On Manhattan The Blizzard Grows Worse And The Lights Go Out Intelligent and haunting. I liked this book I think mainly because the line between reality and supernatural was blurred I never quite knew what was real or if the events happening were in the minds of the characters That part about the not knowing made it a lot credible and creepy for me I liked the characters and really enjoyed their interaction This book was very scary and I don t recommend reading it at night, unless you want nightmares. Story was good, loved the end, the drawback for this was that I couldn t identify with the lead character This is really important to me especially when a story is written in the first person This is not the author s fault The lead just had nothing I could latch onto so I could think of her as me in the story Readers that can I think will enjoy this book immensely.Overall an entertaining, supernatural story After I finished, it s one of the books you grab a coffee and sit at the table and reflect on the whole story s progression to see how the author tied everything all together throughout the novel now that you know how it ends. This book is 134 of 159 copies signed and numbered by Sandy DeLuca. WowThis is the first book I ve read by Sandy DeLuca, and I really liked it It almost has a dreamlike quality as your reading it Eerie and a bit strange but in a good way , it s very surreal and kept me flipping through pages so fast,I had to slow down and reread some portions Now I see why this author is so highly regarded among her peers Good one This was my first DeLuca book and I must say that I really enjoyed it It reminded me a bit of the movie Jacob s Ladder for some reason in a good way This was a very dark and twisted tale It blurred the lines of reality and nightmare as our protagonist Gina tries desperately to get a grip of her sanity and find the strength to fight an old and vengeful evil I am glad I found Sandy DeLuca and look forward to reading from her. 3.5 stars I love Sandy s work and this is a vivid, twisted story but a majority of staccato sentences wore on me after a while Still worth a read, but not my favorite of hers.

Sandy DeLuca has been a painter since 1985 Her worked has been exhibited in college galleries, hair salons, tattoo parlors, bookstores and traditional galleries Her art has been purchased throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe In addition, she has painted cover art and interior art for publications which have reached worldwide audiences.She has been a writer since the late 80 s,

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