TideWe had left Sarah in the arms of Nicholas, the mysterious guy with an unknown past who can control the elements The girl is shocked by the discovery of the true identity of Harry, who is Sean Hannay, a gamekeeper, who is supposed to protect her on behalf of the real Harry, who died, killed by Valaya, and therefore Sean is not really one of her relatives She chases him away, though it hurts and she knows how Sean cares to her Meanwhile, Nicholas the reader also knows him as the son of the King of Shadows, leader of all the demons studied a plan to alienate the poor Sarah, confusing her ideas and inhibiting her ability to dream possible attacks, as well as isolating her from the rest of the world His real aim is to psychologically destroy her and make her malleable to evil, finally making Sarah his bride But Nicholas plans begin to tip over when Sean is back, determined to regain the Sarah s trust and to complete his mission Their relationship will never be the same, complicated by the presence of Elodie, the widow of the real Harry, who seems to be attracted to Sean Sarah knows she needs Sean to help her, so the four of them decide to go to Islay, the historic Midnight Hall, where they will try to shed light on the horde of demonic invasion that swarm upon the earth, discovering at the same time horrifying secrets about the family of which Sarah is the last survivor along with Sean s friends Mike and Niall.NO SPOILERThat s a rather simple summary of the plot, because I don t want to anticipate anything about what happens, which is really a lot Despite the very strong tension created by the love interests of the various characters, the story develops without focusing the main attention on love affairs the ties established gradually between characters are the result of experience, of all they have to deal with and of the revelations about the Midnights past This is a Bildungsroman because in the first episode we saw Sarah come to terms with the loss of parents and step into the fight against the demonic forces Now there is a determined girl, with her own abilities and her inner strength, although she is often caught by insecurities In this second volume, than in the first, we can see women as protagonists, who have an important role not only in the Secret Families, but as true keepers of the power only daughters can hold the ability to dream Tide focuses on the life of Morag and Mairead, respectively Sarah s grandmother and aunt, but also on Elodie and Winter, two figures very different from each other that have much in common with Sarah Elodie is a very interesting character stubborn, smart, sometimes a little nasty she dreams about demons like Sarah does and, like her, has the power to dissolve demons Sarah through the touch of her hands, Elodie with a deadly kiss Winter, however, is a peculiar woman she s like Nicholas, elemental than human, which will be beneficial to Sarah in order to discover the complicated and embarrassing history of the Midnights But if on the one hand we have women leading the way, we can forget about the fabulous Mike and Niall, who give us some of the most hilarious linguistic gags of the novel to be honest, they remain my favorite characters.Once again, Daniela Sacardoti s craftsmanship gives us a YA book in which the point of views are intertwined without breaking the continuity of the narrative The story is fluid and smooth and always leaves you breathless The touch and the care to make every detail important enthrall the reader and keep them glued to the book for pages and pages without wanting to put it down The dialogues are lively and trait well the language differences between the characters and their behaviors, along with moments of reflection and vivid descriptions that allow us to imagine the many demons inhabiting the story as if we were watching a movie The demons are not only the monsters who populate the world, but they are also the heavy burdens that the characters have on their shoulders such as obscure identities, past atrocities or the eternal struggle between what they want and what they must do this is their way to exorcise the whole thing and realize the good that surrounds them and how a moment of happiness can soon disappear.I give Tide the same rating of Dreams because I find it s really hard to write a saga in which you can keep the same narrative pace and tell the story without disappointing the reader Sacerdoti gives us a full bodied, harmonious, exciting, great YA without being out of her style I am anxiously awaiting the final chapter El primer libro lo le hace tres a os y cuando comenc su secuela no me acordaba de casi nada P Pero conforme pasaban las p ginas fui recordando todo y pude leerlo amenamente.A pesar de que algunos pasajes me recordaban a Cazadores de Sombras y sent a que la autora no ten a completamente desarrollado su mundo, tengo que admitir que Marea me fascin por completo, mucho m s que su antecesora.Daniela Sacerdoti maneja un tema que libros como Harry Potter y Cazadores de Sombras tratan pero no tan profundamente como lo hizo Marea que los hijos vemos a los padres como seres perfectos, siendo que en realidad son simples humanos que pueden cometer errores y, a veces, cosas horribles Que los hijos no tienen porqu cometer los mismos errores que sus padres, uno se pertenece a s mismo.Am a Nicholas, lo cual me dej sorprendida, y a veces quer a matar a Sarah por hacerlo sufrir Despu s de terminar Marea, muero por leer la tercera parte Firstly I d like to thank Black White Publishing for sending me this paperback to read and give an honest review, I had really been looking forward to reading this after enjoying the first book in the trilogy Dreams.The story began with an interesting prologue which revealed a piece of Sarah s family history, this was something that featured heavily throughout the book and I was pleased to have some of my leftover questions from Dreams answered After the prologue it picked up where the cliffhanger ending from last time had left off Sarah was still being watched and Sean seemed to be stuck in some kind of uncomfortable limbo, until a surprise visitor turned up and told him something he really didn t want to hear.There were times when Sarah seemed lost and slightly bewildered by the events of her life, but her strength from the previous book definitely grew as she learned about her history and this was great to see I felt unsure about Nicholas before and his behaviour this time around troubled me once again, when the truth about him was revealed I can t say that I was too surprised because I had figured it would be something along those lines His plans for Sarah s future were dark and unpleasant but despite this I found myself feeling sorry for him, particularly as the story progressed and I felt like I got to know him better.The whole book had a mysterious feel to it and the author held my interest throughout with the many twists and turns in the storyline With new monsters and demons to defeat Sarah faced much tragedy and in the midst of all this action was a hint of romance that was incredibly complicated but added a warm touch to the story.Once again I enjoyed reading the characters inner thoughts, it really gave a clearer insight into the workings of their minds you always discover the truth with those few little words I also loved how the author had created an exciting power for each member of the group of friends so that when they were together they seemed so powerful.The visit to Islay was my favourite part of the book because it was where the story intensified fierce battles were fought and shocking secrets were discovered, all of this seemed to change the direction of Sarah s thoughts and gave her even strength.The author s descriptive writing made it easy to visualise everything and I would love to see these books come to life as a movie I finished with a smile on my face and I m full of anticipation about the next book, I just can t wait to find out what happens next This was an action packed and imaginative page turner which had me hooked from start to finish. We begin the second book in the Sarah Midnight trilogy with a prologue Sarah, aged 8, is with her grandmother Morag Admonished to protect and preserve the Midnight family, this is the last thing her grandmother shared with her before she went back to where she belonged the sea.Chapter One begins almost where we left Sarah Nicholas is spending a lot of time with her and Sean is on the outside watching over her using one of his skills so that he can t be detected.Sarah is affected by a cloudy mind and loss of appetite when she s with Nicholas She s lost her ability to dream I wanted to shout at her to wake up and see what was happening rather succumbing to his power Guess it s not easy when you re lulled into nothingness It s not long until we find out who Nicholas is and his motive I loved this darkness and how it fits with fairy tales myths I know, although it is unique in itself.Once again there are some terror filled scenes with the Sabha attacking those close to Sarah I was wondering if we would be introduced to otherworldly creatures monsters in this mythology and I wasn t disappointed Characters from Dreams come together Elodie, Niall and Mike alongside Sarah, Nicholas and Sean They all travel to Islay, to the Midnight family home We meet Winter and learn of the Midnight family history These scenes are action packed and the plot takes us deeper until we reach another pivotal point.The love triangle reaches a climax when Sarah finally admits to herself how she feels although this is a relationship that s destined not to be due to the Secret families code How poignant the scene is at the end of this book The finding of the Carmina Prophetica tells us where we ll be heading to in the final part of the trilogy but who is that large bird who when we last saw it, was taking off its mask and afraid of failing Where does this fit in Deception, truths uncovered, a character who I disliked intensely but actually ended up rooting for, terror, action packed scenes, magic and a fabulous mythology and of course the love triangle has kept me riveted I can t wait to see how this will all play out Key knowledge we gained from Dreams is shared so if you read this a while ago, your memory is refreshed or if you re starting the trilogy here, the story will make sense but I would recommend reading Dreams first.I would like to thank Janne Moller from Black White Publishing for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. Estoy sin palabras Es incre ble c mo todo puede cambiar en un solo momento, o con una sola verdad No me creo que Sean y Sarah no puedan estar juntos solo porque el sea un mestizo Algo que me sorprendi es como se sacaron los trapitos al sol sobre los Midnight Ellos, los incre bles Midnight, eran tan despiadados y la verdad sobre la muerte de Mairead me dej en shock Nunca espere en absoluto que quien la matar fuera su propia madre, me dej helada.En fin, me han encantado los personajes y la trama es muy muy atrapante, tanto que no pod a para de leer Todo el mundo creado por Daniela es incre ble, y espero ver much simo m s sobre l en Spirit Sinceramente, espero que Sean y Sarah terminen juntos No soportar a que se quedar n separados, se lo merecen Sin duda, leer el pr ximo libro.PD Nicholas nunca cay bien, pero ahora me dio l stima Espero que encuentre a quien busca y se separe del sufrimiento PD2 Ya quiero conocer al Rey de las Sombras. Si el primero me enamoro no tengo palabras para este.Por mucho que tuviera que hacer deberes el libro me llamaba y me dec a sabes que quieres leerme, hazlo, hazlo, hazlo Y as lo hice Me encanta como Sarah se va haciendo fuerte a lo largo de la historia, como aparecen las cosas, como se reun n los personajes, como siempre hay acci n tanto que a veces ya me daba por ellos Siemplemente me encanto el libro, me gusto hasta el personaje que odiaba y bueno me muero por leer el tercero. Originally posted here scroll down for English propheta in patria un detto che si pu applicare benissimo a Daniela Sacerdoti, italiana che ha scritto e pubblicato in inglese vari libri Di suo lo scorso anno avevo letto Dreams, primo libro della Sarah Midnight Trilogy Si tratta di una YA paranormale che vede per protagonista una ragazza, Sarah, appartenente a una antica famiglia che ha il compito di combattere i demoni I suoi genitori per sono morti e hanno lasciato Sarah indifesa e facile preda di chi la vuole uccidere.Per quanto il primo libro mi fosse piaciuto, avevo faticato un po per entrare nel mondo di Sarah e per stare dietro a tutti i cambi di punti di vista che si alternano per il libro non ho avuto questo problema e, anzi, mi sono goduta pienamente la storia, fino a un finale che mi ha fatto desiderare avere subito tra le mani l ultimo capitolo di questa trilogia.Tide riprendere dove Dreams ci aveva lasciato Sarah ha cacciato via Sean, dopo aver scoperto che questi aveva finto di essere suo cugino Harry per poterla proteggere ora frequenta Nicholas, che per sembra avere una strana influenza su di lei Dopo un chiarimento con Sean, Sarah sente il bisogno di tornare nella casa della sua infanzia, situata su un isola, per poter avere un po di chiarezza E l succederanno eventi che faranno comprendere a Sarah il suo passato.In questo libro si d molto risalto non solo a Sarah, ma anche a tutti gli altri personaggi, da Sean a Elodie, da Nicholas a Winter e sono stata contenta di poter approfondire le personalit complesse di questi personaggi Sarah sicuramente una protagonista molto complicata, con i suoi problemi e le sue manie che la rendono molto umana la sua mania di tenere tutto in ordine e pulito la dice lunga , ma ho apprezzato in maniera particolare Elodie, che, nonostante sia il personaggio che mi piace di meno ha una situazione che me la rende interessante, e Nicholas, tormentato e di fronte a una scelta difficile.Il setting scozzese poi molto suggestivo e cos sono le atmosfere che Daniela Sacerdoti crea La storia ha proprio quell inquietudine che mi piace in un paranormal.L autrice bravissima a dar risalto a tutti i personaggi, a farci entrare nelle loro menti e a utilizzare stili diversi per caratterizzare le loro narrazioni Se nel primo libro avevo trovato questo aspetto difficoltoso, in Tide i cambiamenti di punti di vista avvengono senza problemi e li ho apprezzati perch mi hanno dato modo di poter vedere lo svolgersi della storia, che piena di interessanti sviluppi.Un vero peccato che un autrice italiana non sia pubblicata in Italia ma che debba trovare fortuna all estero La fortuna meritatissima, ma vorrei vederla anche qui La frase che mi ha colpito She didn t want to have anything to do with Sean ever again.She wanted to hear his voice.She wanted him to come back.She wanted him to go away, and disappear forever.She didn t know what she wanted Il libro attualmente inedito in Italia.ENGLISHNo man is a prophet in his own country is a saying that perfectly fits Daniela Sacerdoti, an Italian author who wrote and published novels in English And no, we don t have any of her books in Italy Last year I read Dreams, first book of the Sarah Midnight Trilogy, a paranormal YA The protagonist is Sarah, who belongs to an ancient family who fights demons Her parents are dead now and have left Sarah untrained and unprotected.For as much as I liked the first book, it took me a bit to dive into Sarah s world and follow all the switching POVs, I didn t have this issue with Tide and I could fully appreciate the story, till an ending which made me want the last book RIGHT NOW.Tide picks up where Dreams ended Sarah has thrown away Sean after discovering he pretended to be her cousin Harry in order to protect her now she dates Nicholas, who seems to have a weird influence on her After straightening out things with Sean, Sarah feels like she should go back to her family house, situated in an island, in order to try and understand things.In this book the main focus is not only Sarah, we do get a good look at all the other characters, from Sean to Elodie, from Nicholas to Winter and I m glad we had the change to discover their complex personalities Sarah is such a complicated girl, with her problems and her issues which make her very human the fact that she has to clean everything obsessively speaks volume , but I appreciated Elodie, who has an interesting situation, and Nicholas, tormented and about to take a difficult choice.The Scottish setting is very evocative and so are the atmospheres that Daniela Sacerdoti can create The story has that creepy and eerie feeling that I adore in a paranormal YA The author does a great job with the characters, giving each and every one of them their space We get into their mind and, thanks to the different writing style for each POV, we are able to follow the story through their eyes This was one of the issues I had in Dreams, because I found confusing the alternating POVs, but this time they blend perfectly.It s really a shame that an Italian author is not published in Italy YET I m glad she s published abroad, but I d love to see her here My favourite quote She didn t want to have anything to do with Sean ever again.She wanted to hear his voice.She wanted him to come back.She wanted him to go away, and disappear forever.She didn t know what she wanted. Hooked and waiting fot the last installment Definitivamente este mundo de Familias Secretas, Herederos Secretos, Suraris demonios , Valayas, Eras de los Demonios e hijos del Rey de las Sombras me tiene encantada Cuando le a pasaba p ginas y p ginas porque quer a saber qu pasaba con todos los personajes y todos los secretos que esconde cada uno de ellos Y es que los secretos no son pocos, eh En Marea vemos c mo los personajes que ya conoc amos evolucionan y empiezan a adaptarse a la situaci n en la que se ven inmersos, una situaci n de extremo peligro Adem s, entran en escena otros personajes que apenas hab an tenido protagonismo en el libro anterior Conocemos a Elodie, la viuda de Harry y Heredera Secreta a Mike, Guardabosques y amante del whiskey a Niall, Heredero Secreto Winter Shaw, que es una ni a muy dulce y que tiene que ver con las Familias Secretas e incluso un poco m s a Nicholas Donal , a quien antes conoc amos como Oto o Algo que me gust mucho fueron las interacciones entre Sarah y Sean con Nicholas en Medio Porque, claro, el libro pasado acaba cuando Sarah descubre que Sean se estaba haciendo pasar por Harry para protegerla y, en medio de todo eso, aparece Oto o Nicholas El caso es que al inicio de Marea nos damos cuenta de que Sarah est en una relaci n con Nicholas y eso est matando a Sean, no s lo de celos, sino porque siente que algo no va bien Sin embargo, Sarah se ir dando cuenta poco a poco de qu es eso que est mal y que se ve atra da inevitablemente hacia Sean siempre Respecto a Sean s lo puedo decir que me encanta, pero que odio la actitud que toma despu s de cierta revelaci n pero que lo vuelvo a amar por, eh, algo del final Viva yo por ser vaga y no decir spoilers Me pareci s per interesante que en este libro sigui ramos un poco m s a fondo las historias de Niall, Elodie, Mike y la Familia Midnight, pues nos enteramos un poco m s de c mo funcionan sus vidas, cu les son sus misiones, sus anhelos y, en el caso de los Midnight, de lo rastreros, fr os y crueles que pueden llegar a ser cuando algo no sale como lo esperaban A pesar de que digo que Marea explica much simas cosas, tanto sobre los personajes como sus historias de fondo, a m me deja con m s preguntas que respuestas Es decir, yo quiero saber qui n es ese hombre p jaro demonio, cu l es el sentido del plan del hijo del Rey de las Sombras, por qu Elodie est tramando algo extra o, qu va a pasar con Niall y inserte aqu nombre que no pone Isa because spoilers , c mo van a solucionar todo Sarah y Sean despu s de LA revelaci n Ahhh Es que hay tantas cosas que dioses, el tercer libro creo que ser pico Y, finalmente, llega mi momento cursi de la rese a AM EL FINAL porque se muere de amor para no decir spoilers expl citamente. The Sarah Midnight Triology Continues Sarah Midnight Is No Ordinary Teenager She Is A Demon Hunter, Caught Up In One Of The Deadliest Wars Unknown To Man Orphaned At The Age Of Sixteen, Sarah Learned The Family Trade Of Hunting Without Her Parents To Guide Her But Under The Watchful Eye Of Her Cousin , Who Was Revealed To Be Sean Hannay, No Relative At All, But A Dear Friend Of The Real Harry Midnight Now, In The Exciting Sequel To Dreams , The Fight Continues Sarah And Sean May Have Defeated The Scottish Valaya, But The Rest Of The War Still Rages On, And Sarah, Sean, Nicholas And Their Companions Must Unearth The Identity And Location Of The Enemy The Leader Of The Demons Before The World Plunges Into The Time Of Demons Once Their Quest Leads Them To Sarah S Family Home, The Midnight Mansion In Islay, And There They Discover Horrible Truths About The Demon Ruler, His Plans, And Sarah S Own Personal History Along The Way, Sarah Must Battle Not Only The Demons But Her Hurt Toward Sean And Her Feelings For The Enigmatic Nicholas, Who Has Plans Of His Own

Daniela Sacerdoti is a mother and a writer Born in Naples, but brought up in a small village in the Italian Alps, she lives near Glasgow with her husband and sons She steals time to write when everyone has gone to bed, or before they wake up She s a Primary teacher, but she chose to be at home with her children She loves being with her boys, reading anything she can get her hands on and chatti

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